Young Guns


What a week this was! As soon as our first Podcast became available last Thursday, we began receiving feedback from the online poker community. Although we were optimistic about the program’s potential, we never expected the overwhelming initial response it received. Special thanks to Eric Haber (sheets) and Shawn Rice (westtexasman) for making the Podcast an immediate success.

For this week’s show, we’ve lined up interviews with a couple of Young Guns who represent a new wave of youth & talent in the online poker world… Aaron Bartley (GambleAB) and Devin Porter (TranquilChaos).

GambleAB has been a professional poker player for nearly two years (he’s currently 23 years old), and contributes a large part of his success to his family. Back in January 2005, when he made the televised Final Table of the WSOP Circuit event in Atlantic City (he took 5th Place for over $140,000), Aaron’s parents provided a very heart-warming interview on ESPN and were a joy to see when the program aired. Aaron can often be found playing on, where he has his own personalized avatar along with other pros such as Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, and Clonie Gowen.

TranquilChaos became a poker pro in June of 2005 (after quitting his full-time job), and then went on to place 4th in the Aruba WPT tournament only a few months afterwards — collecting $200,000 for his effort. It just so happens that The Travel Channel will be airing Devin’s Final Table appearance this Wednesday night, and we’ll discuss a couple of key hands from that TV Table on this week’s Podcast. Devin’s “turning pro” announcement from June 20th, 2005 can be found at the following link:

Also, this week’s Podcast will include a segment on the Online Tournament Player Rankings. As most P5’s members are aware, the Rankings have been a hot topic of discussion lately, and Adam has agreed to be "on the hot seat” and answer a few e-mail and call-in questions. Remember, if you have any comments or questions for our guests (or Adam), you can leave a voice message for us by calling (206) 203 – 4730, or you can e-mail us at In order to be used on the show, all questions must be received no later than 12:00 Noon CST on Tuesday.

Once again, thanks for making the Podcast a success. We look forward to embracing our commitment to promoting online poker and recognizing the achievements of online poker players.

David Huber