Monthly PLB

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What is the Monthly PLB?

The Monthly PLB is a recurring monthly tournament leaderboard exclusively for PocketFivers. The points are calculated using the PocketFives PLB points formula and the leaderboard includes each P5er's top 20 scores.

Highest Winning Monthly PLB Point Totals, All Time

User DatePointsBiggest
C Darwin2C Darwin2 March 20185,343,691,104.54
lena900lena900 May 20187,135.571,414.21
SvZffSvZff September 20175,580.473,303.79
Jovial GentJovial Gent September 20095,521.343,274.14
POTTERPOTTER September 20105,376.043,495.00
lena900lena900 January 20174,655.56539.26
Jymaster0011Jymaster0011 August 20104,638.39866.03
AriadosAriados May 20174,530.36634.87
BeL0WaB0VeBeL0WaB0Ve August 20084,402.83N/A
Fresh_Oo_DFresh_Oo_D May 20144,205.95983.01
mementmorimementmori May 20104,172.75716.68
EuropeanEuropean February 20184,133.54707.11
JownzJownz September 20164,099.123,170.63
cal42688cal42688 May 20134,098.88418.20
PokerKaiserPokerKaiser September 20144,026.65802.55

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