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What is the WSOP?

A tournament series held in Las Vegas every summer. To get recognized on P5s, you just need to win a WSOP bracelet event, it's that easy!

Highest Bracelet-Winning Cashes, All Time

User DateAmountGameBuyin
MastaP89MastaP89 Nov 8th, 2011$8,715,638MainEvent$10,000
jcada99jcada99 Nov 10th, 2009$8,546,435MainEvent$10,000
gregy20723gregy20723 Oct 30th, 2012$8,531,853MainEvent$10,000
dude904dude904 Nov 10th, 2015$7,683,346MainEvent$10,000
TonyG_TonyG_ Jun 29th, 2013$4,830,619NLHE$111,111
tsarrasttsarrast Jul 6th, 2011$1,720,328PlayersChamp$50,000
Johndoe972Johndoe972 Jun 29th, 2014$1,327,083NLHE$1,500
djk123djk123 Jul 2nd, 2010$1,315,518NLHE6$25,000
tsarrasttsarrast Jul 6th, 2016$1,296,097PlayersChamp$50,000
ender555ender555 Jun 30th, 2011$1,158,481NLHE$10,000
gregy20723gregy20723 Jul 5th, 2012$1,136,197NLHE$10,000
TheMasterJ33TheMasterJ33 Jun 14th, 2016$1,065,403NLHE$1,500
AlexKPAlexKP Jun 28th, 2015$927,655PLO$10,000
albarialbari Jun 5th, 2011$874,116NLHE$5,000
neverbluff67neverbluff67 Jun 4th, 2011$851,192HUNLHE$25,000

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