Yearly PLB

About the Badge

What is the Yearly PLB?

The Yearly PLB is a recurring yearly tournament leaderboard exclusively for PocketFivers. The points are calculated using the PocketFives PLB points formula and the leaderboard includes each P5er's top 100 scores.

User DatePointsBiggest
moorman1moorman1 200920,850.97716.74
Gettin DaizeGettin Daize 201020,215.10709.22
moorman1moorman1 200819,454.85575.33
cal42688cal42688 201318,510.04525.50
ch0ppych0ppy 201217,856.55573.11
TheClaimeerTheClaimeer 201417,810.21500.00
Flush_EntityFlush_Entity 201117,639.21629.71
eisenhower1eisenhower1 201517,060.64899.06
SCTrojansSCTrojans 200715,891.92508.92