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    "The two main goals of a professional gambler are to increase their bankroll and improve their quality of life"

    -Mike Sexton

    One of a Kind: The Rise and Fall of Stu Ungar

    Hi I'm Mike, 1st time poster, long time lurker. I've recently decided to play because of the ease of deposits and withdrawals. I'm traditionally a live game player but I relocated about 4 years ago and the closest casino is about 2 hours away. I've played on a few different sites, but every time I decided to cash out, it became a process. Checks would take weeks to months to arrive, and I wound up getting banned from Western Union and Moneygram for frequently doing transactions with questionable countries. Pre Black Friday I was able to just link a debit card from an internet specific bank and withdrawals were credited in a matter of 2 days at the most.

    I treat these sites as my own in house poker room. I don't multi-table, I don't use a hud or tracking software, and I keep my playing to a minimum. Oh and I only play on my phone and my iPad... I know what a lot of you might be thinking, but my approach is to play no different than I was if I were playing live, and try to earn enough money to eventually make taking the trip to those distant casinos worth it.

    Well that's my current goal. My previous goal was to earn enough for a new piece of tech to play on, which is what I'm typing this on now.

    I'm hoping that blogging my progress will invite different perspectives and constructive criticisms that will assist in evaluating my play and prepare me to play the best possible poker.

    In future blog posts I'm going to go through and break down my play schedule, bankroll perspective, and various other topics that coincide with the Pocket Fives community.

  1. Today is an amazing day for my poker game, I will put some stats at the end for anyone interested. I literally can not lose a hand today and the cards keep coming one after the other. Today I have been playing micro-stakes cash tables and low stakes SnGs on ACR (WPN) and it was the second time a very strange thing happened while I was playing. This happened once before for about 30 minutes only, but today it has been happening all day and I can only describe it as some kind of ZONE but with very specific things happening regarding my play and thought process.

    Of course I have heard of being "in the zone" before, and I have been in the zone many times doing certain things like playing guitar, painting a car, bowling, writing code, racing gokarts etc. but never like this playing poker.

    I noticed the cards were coming in good early today during a $3.00 9 max regular SnG. A higher stake for me which I was playing only because I had done well in a bunch of other $1.50 9 max regular SnGs earlier so I took the shot and took first, eventualy moving up to the $5 game with the same success.

    The day and the cards got better and better and this weird phenomenon took over my playing awareness. First I noticed that the HUD was in my way and had to shut it down. Then I stopped thinking about opening ranges. Then I lost track of bet sizing. I figured I am just among the fish at a good table but it spread to my other games with regs that usually beat me at least half the time. I am now multi-tabling 3 games (soon to be 5 and I usually play one game at a time).

    Then I realized the strangest thing, my strategy on all games turned into playing just about every hand, or so it seemed (71%). Now I am just trying to figure out how best to get the other players to put their money on the table so I could take it. It really felt amazing and I wondered how many good players experience this often?

    After a good hour of straights, flushes, set after set, aces, kings, all colors matching holy crap! I had to make some adjustments to make sure I was getting all the value I could from my lucky streak. Added a couple more games to my screen and the cards continued to fall in my favor for the better part of three hours.

    I mean I was not even concerned with my own cards, only what will make these people part with more money/chips. Once I realized what I was doing, I toned it down a bit get more value from this great streak of cards or luck or whatever it was that was happening and the end result (if even over at this point, only stopped playing to take a break and write this, get some food/water).

    So I guess my question is, can I expect more of this?

    Doe sit have something to do with all the work I have been putting into my game?

    or is it a perfect storm of luck, variance, fish and I better buy a T-shirt because it will never happen again?

    I look forward to any of your experiences with this type of "in the zone" playing. So, my bank roll was entirely depleted this morning when I started playing down to a few dollars of the original $50 I deposited 29 days ago and now is up to around $50. Stupid pocket change for most of you but a great accomplishment for me as I have never come back from nothing before, always a slow gradual declining chart regarding winnings.

    As an overall update regarding me becoming a winning player, I have definitely leveled off my winnings graph chart. I think for the month I am at worst, a break even player which is huge for me. I think the difference between me and a winning player is very little and I am tweaking my game daily. Here are the things I did this month to improve my game:

    Watched any videos I could find created by Assassinatto, I think his non-poker videos helped me even more than his great poker instruction videos. If you have not seen him in the DFW Rap Battle vs Plan Nein, you are really missing something great. Not often you see a prof. poker player putting themselves out there like this without being hammered - very inspiring to me.

    Wrote a detailed personal email to Assassinato thanking him for the videos and shared a bit about my game/journey, how he inspired me. Even if he does not read it, I made the effort and shit like this affects your game and state of mind.

    Sharkscope searched and studied most of my SnG opponents, looked at their game habits, stats, ability compared to mine etc. got a visual of what kind of players they really are. Kept that visual with me as I played them.

    Looked through better players newsfeeds on P5 went through their cashing histories, then sharkscope charts, this is enlightening and inspiring to see how well less-capable players do because of game choice and other factors, & how poorly some great players do due to game choice.

    Followed my strict bankroll management plan (except for todAy)

    Stopped playing when I am doing poorly

    Telling myself I can fold any hand any time without stress

    Accepted PokerTracker4 data is incomplete and incorrect when using on WPN or ACR - I still use it for some basic data mining and the up side is that I am not half as bad of a poker player as I thought originally. PT4 had not logged/imported my (correct) winnings (among other important elements) for hundreds of SnGs. Check your PT4 data, my data had a 76% error rate. Only way to remedy is to manually enter all the data. I inquired about this, they blame others, say it is impossible to fix, this is in spite of the correct data being imported by numerous other sources/apps like here on P5, sharkscope etc. I'm over it, it's not scottish, it's crap.

    Tried to help a couple people in the P5 forums

    Shared some hand histories with a friend and studied a lot on my own through replayer

    Studied other players lives outside of the cardroom via blogs, news, other research - this help me not feel so alienated from better players. They are just like you and me.

    Till next time - and I am headed back for more taking candy from babies...

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    When I reached my 1st target of $1k (this took a while!) after a slog through the micros I decided to concentrate on MTT´s for a bit. After a rather lovely heater 4 month heater I tripled + my roll to $3.5k. After which I decided I would have a serious go at this poker business.

    I wanted to be a stay at home mum who was at home during the hols and when the kids get sick. I loved the flexibility and as the average local wage (rural Europe) was Euros 500 PER MONTH for a 40 hour week, ANY income for me would have been a bonus.

    Kids went back to school and I started in earnest, 3 days and 2 nights and a min of 2 review/study sessions per week.

    Day 1 the downswing started and continued for 600 games, for me the worst one ever. Not all of this was variance but a chunk of bad play tilt after 300 games. Worked on, of course. I know I still have a lot to learn but my EV line faced north whilst my winning line went south. The upswing did arrive but so did another downswing which is where I am currently.

    Lessons to be learned from this:

    1) NEVER EVER underestimated how many buy ins you need as a cushion. Unfortuately I didn´t move down soon enough as I kept expecting the upswing! I never had a double dipper down before! Then I read if you multitable take the square root of the number of tables you play x 100 as the number of average buyin needed.......whoa......I only had 150 buy ins and I should of had 245!

    The feeling that you may actually go broke is far far worse than losing the same but still having a good bankroll left.

    2) As a mature student of poker I never really suffered from tilt. NEVER EVER take this for granted. Learn the techniques & understand the problems regardless because everyone will suffer TILT at some point in some form.

    3) Plan your time wisely and be realistic. I was amazed when I read Rihard4a manages ~ 650 MTT`s per month and this is why I think I failed. Part time does not allow enough MTT´s to be played to ride though any downswing fast enough or to build my ROI (currently at 20%) to be able to pay myself any income.

    My kids break up from school tomorrow and well, many apologies for the self indulgent post but this is my letter of resignation and I needed to spell it out for myself.

    I will continue to play and study but only as a hobby with no financial expectation. Thanks for all your replies to my posts & Happy Holidays!!

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    Hey what's going on guys, welcome to my poker blog. I've been playing a lot of casino poker lately and have decided to start blogging about sessions for my own record keeping and in case anyone is interested. I play a pretty standard tight aggressive game and right now I'm playing 1/2. I only play cash.

    We sit in pretty good shape today. I'm going to cash nicely in the hours promotion which is very cool. So far today I'm up $167 in a few hours on pretty standard plays, the big one was flopping a set of 3s and cracking my opponent's aces. Queens held on a relatively harmless board for another nice one. The action was pretty dead at the first table so I moved, and since then I've been running good, there's some decent action on this one. Opponent selection is essential, imo.

    Let's play some fuckin cards.

    FYI this is post is actually from 5.29, I'm bringing the posts from another site over to here so the first few will be a little backdated.


  2. Hello P5ers! As of last month, I'm officially a member of the 100k club! I'm proud to say that most of the cashes that contributed to this achievement are from tourneys with buy-ins ranging from $1-$33. My Skype group really helped me evolved my game so props to all of them, especially AJ "UncleDrew4MVP" Yowler, Gid "Necks03" Rash, and Thomas "Clutch352" McDaniel for giving me advice and helping me take it to the next level.

    I recently returned from the WSOP circuit in New Orleans and had a great time. I played three ring events and min cashed one of them and since this is the last stop of the WSOP circuit season, a ton of circuit pros were there chasing points for a free entry to the 10k WSOPc national championship.

    The first ring event I played was the re-entry. Rex Clinkscales was to my left for a bit but was super card dead and busted fairly quickly. I think the highlight of my day one was a huge pot against ring winner, Juan Mendoza: (Blind levels and bet sizes are approximate) I have a 40k stack and at 500/1000 I look down at AJo and open to 3000 from MP. Juan flats. Board runs 346. He checks, I check back because I've been c-betting a lot and I'm not a fan of the board. Turn is a J. He checks. I bet 3500. He reraises to 15000. I think about it for a while and decide to go all in because of his aggro actions earlier in the tourney. He tanks for about 2 minutes and calls with 55 giving him an OESD. The river is a J and now I have 90k. My table broke shortly after that and I ended up on a table with Mina Greco and Maurice Hawkins. Maurice is super talkative and has a play style meant to tilt other players. After a few hands at that new table, I made it to day two and bagged 81.5k.

    137 players made it to day two and 135 players would cash. After a few round-for-round hands, an older gentlemen with one of those visors that come with a spiky grey wig, gets up and says "Congrats everybody! I'm the bubble boy!" and everyone in the room cheered. At the 1500/3000 level I'm in LP and call a MP raise to 6000 with QJo. Board is Q5x. I call all the way down to the river and initial raiser has Q2 and I ship a fairly large pot and have a read on this LAGgy individual. A little later I have around 95k and he has about 75k in the 2000/4000 level. He min raises to 8k. I look down at AK and 3 bet him to 25k. He calls pretty quickly. Board runs out J96xxc. He checks and I bet half pot. He calls. Turn is Ac. He checks again and I go all in to apply the pressure on him and to discourage him from chasing draws. He tanks for five minutes and calls with T9cc for mid-pair and a flush draw. The river comes and it's a 5c giving him his flush and crippling me. Funnily enough, I didn't really get to angry because I'm used to all kinds of beats. A few hands later I tilt 3 bet shove my last 20k with AJo from the BB to a solid UTG players raise. He has AQo and I bust for 104th place and a min cash. If that AK hand held, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have made a super deep run in that tourney. All is good though, because I'm super proud of the way I played.

    The next day I played in the six max and had a hard starting table with Juan Mendoza and another ring winner, Kevin Sherrill. The three of us kind of avoided each other and outplayed the other three players at our table. I was getting great cards left and right. Allen Kessler ended up at our table but either nitted it up or was card dead so he busted about an hour after he got to my table. There were about 240 entrants and when about 70 of us were left, I went super card dead. I eventually 3 bet shoved another short stack with KTo and his 66 held. GG six max.

    That final ring event I played was the mega stack. At first I was a bit card dead and for most of the tournament I was in shove mode. At my second table at the 200/400 level I open shove KTo and run into Kevin Sherill's 44. I spike a K on the river and survive. I move to my third table and Rex Clinkscales is to my right. I shove and 3 bet shove several times and don't get called but then I become card dead again and move to my 4th table with about 12 bigs. Shortly after I get to the table, I open shove with A8cc from MP and an old man with a Bama hat and slightly more chips than me says, "I really shouldn't call you, but I like this hand." and he calls with 86dd. I think to myself "Hell yeah! Got this guy dominated!" Board runs 24xdd giving him a flush draw. Turn is Ad. GG old man.

    I'm extremely proud of the way I played and if I was on the right side of variance, the results of the trip would have been much better. Either way, good luck to my fellow players and keep on grinding!

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    This will be to track tournaments and cash game sessions.

  3. After the mortification of discovering my stupid first blog post ended up on the front page I wondered how I might redeem myself. I have a list of the top ten things that have been most detrimental to my play. Here are the first five. The second five will come in another post.

    1: SnG Starting Hand Charts.

    While starting hand charts may be a good thing for the beginner/novice in my personal experience sticking to them rigidly was disastrous for my game. I would sit there folding nearly every hand and when I did get a 'good starting hand' it would end up losing to someone that had played a suited connector, pocket pair and/or other decent speculative hand. Obviously they are a good guideline as to what makes up a decent hand but if you approach the game as I did initially with a starting hand chart, too much passivity and not much else you will probably be in for quite a bad time.

    2: Being too passive.

    It took me a long time to find the raise button. I must have had TPTK post flop on many occasions and not raised the pot as I was afraid to put more money in because someone might have had a better hand. This fear of better hands became a self fulfilling prophecy as people would suck out on me when they made their monster on the turn or river because I let them get free cards when I should have been making it too expensive for them to draw another card.

    3: Believing people had made their hand.

    I did this post flop all the time. If someone bet then I would take it as a given that they had made their hand and nearly always fold and if I didn't fold I would just call hoping to hit some miracle card on the turn that would make me a monster thus allowing me to be brave enough to actually bet. This was and is a losing strategy.

    4: Not knowing/understanding position and range.

    All the experts will tell you that position is king and they are right. I sort of understood position and its relationship to ranges when I first stated to play but it was a very shallow sort of knowledge. I think that it is probably one of those things that you can read about but it only starts to really make sense once you have been playing for a while and paying a lot of attention to where you are on the table and what you are doing there.

    5: Thinking I was better than I was and blaming my losses on bad cards/bad luck.

    This was a big one for me. I guess I must have a big ego. if you look at the above four points it should be obvious that I was the sort of player considered to be an ATM by my opponents. I lost consistently for a very long time(embarrassing just how much and for how long) but no matter what happened it was never my fault. It was always bad cards, the other player is a luck box, and I am far too clever and smart to lose so consistently. I essentially blamed everything but myself for my bad results. It took a lot of self reflection to overcome my ego but when I managed to do so I actually began to learn and improve.

    Note: I am not an expert player by any means. I consider myself fairly average these days but that is a hell of a lot better than being the know-it-all loser that I used to be. I hope the above points might help someone in their quest to improve their game. It's pretty standard stuff but it had to be practically kicked into my brain.

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    Hi all, and welcome to my first ever blog entry. Very exciting.

    Now, above all, let's meet: my name is Katrina, I'm coming from Latvia, though currently studying, running my company and living at the heart of England. I love it. The choice to move was about as impulsive as everything is do in life – and there's the challenge. Patience.

    I love cards, taking risks and the good old adrenaline rush. The game won my heart over a couple of years ago, mostly playing with friends, then trying out the online side of it. Almost none of my activity on Pokerstars shows here in the stats, probably because of the overly low-stake tournaments I choose while learning. I don't know.

    Although I understand the rules and basic strategies, I consider myself a beginner, of total winnings less than $100. I am probably making other players happy to sit next to me, as they usually win. I do want to get serious, and now I have more time and resources than ever before, so I believe I am ready to put them to good use, learning and growing constantly. I love challenges and new milestones, so personal daily and weekly goals are a must. With impulsiveness comes a habit of leaving things quickly, though, if I do not meet the requirements. I intend to work on it, and that's a challenge bigger than the game: staying on something long enough to ever succeed...

    Well, that got very serious. Enough about me. I'd love to hear from you – if anyone's out there reading this. Meanwhile, I'll be gathering more info on setting proper goals. Let's hope this is just a brief intro for something huge.

    Stay tuned x

  4. Latest Entry

    Haven't written one of these in forever, so I figured I would update you with my life. Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary of me shipping the Cardplayer tourney in Oklahoma for 30k so what better time than now? Unfortunately, Cardplayer isn't running the tourney this year but Poker Night in America is doing a similar tourney ($125 200k guarantee the week of Apr 15-17) that I will play. It's also my birthday weekend, so definitely excited and looking forward to it.

    Poker wise the start of 2016 has been pretty challenging. The hardest part is simply finding the time to grind. I'm still taking classes for my masters in Accounting at Texas State (3 classes this semester, 3 nights a week) so that severely hampers the time I can devote. In addition to that I have a serious gf now with 2 kids and trying to help her out and balance it all can be a challenge. Having said that, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Despite this I've still been able to play for a living and have had some success. Most of my volume has come in the night owls that start at midnight on Carbon. I had 5 top 4 in the 109 night owls including 2 ships last month for 1551 and 1274. The other highlight in March was taking 3rd in the big 33 for 1332. Unfortunately I only got to play 2 sundays last month but hopefully can get more in the next few months.

    I guess the thing I'm most excited for in poker is playing live this summer in Vegas. I booked a one way ticket down there on June 1st but plan on staying for about 12 days. I'll be playing the Collossus, PH 600$ milly, and WSOP milly maker. In between I'll be playing some cash and some of the nightly tourneys. It will be exciting to completely immerse myself in the life for a few weeks and I always feel like that kid getting called up from AAA baseball trying to prove himself in the majors whenever I get to Vegas. Cashing a WSOP event is one of my major goals and something I have dreamt about since I first started playing poker as a kid. I hope to see some of you reading this down here and look forward to following the next breakout story. With that I'd like to give a shoutout to my friends on skype and the amoney twitch peeps who are always there for support and push me to do the best that I can. One of my good friends in the poker world shipped a bovy major last month for over 30k and it made me hungry and reminisced on how great it feels. Having some success can be a double edged sword as the more we have, the harder we can be on ourselves.

    Whenever I feel negative, I try and put things in perspective. I've been able to play a game I love for a living for a year and a half and quite frankly that's hard to do. I recently heard the guy that finished 2nd in the Collossus last year is now broke after winning 365k, yet here I am still grinding. I'm trying to be smarter as I get older especially with people I care about now and have branched out in trying to put more in savings as well as investing in stocks. Not sure how long I'll play poker for my career as I graduate with my masters in Accounting next year and then start to prep for the CPA. I feel like Kobe going down the stretch of his retirement year and just trying to appreciate everything the game has given me (the ability to pick my own hours, travel, and challenge myself mentally at the highest level).

    I don't want to keep on rambling, but in closing thank you everybody for your continued support and I love this community. It's amazing how I can go to a tourney and be seated right next to Drew Peacoq and feel like I already know him. May you experience good luck on the felts, and even more in the game of life. GET BUCKETS!!

  5. (I updated my blog with screenshots of my Feb 9th twitter which show dissection of the contract. Please go there to see the tweets. www.tristancre8ive.blogspot.com)

    First things first, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Tristan Wade. I have been a part of the poker community for over twelve years (playing and more.) Involved with, and consulting for, the present best mid-major poker tour (DeepStacks) for over five years. If there is one thing you should never have to question about me, it's how much I care about poker and the growth of the game. I haven't been handed anything from poker. Nobody has gifted me sponsorships, thrown money at me to be a part of a company, or anything like that. You probably haven't had that happen to you either. I have busted my ass, and continue to do so, to make a positive impact on the poker industry and the game of poker. Most people have no idea about that.

    Being that I was actually eligible for the GPL draft, I looked into it. I have known the leagues founder, Alexander Dreyfus, for over three years. I have information that most people don't, but I still did my due diligence regarding the draft and the contract associated with it. I read through it once, then a couple days later, dissected the contract while live tweeting about it. I raised many questions and points that ANYONE who signed the contract should know and care about. I was simply looking out for my fellow poker-playing-peers and making it known what they are getting themselves into. Many people signed the contract without reading it.

    A few days have passed, and some of that excitement has blown over. The only person connected to the GPL who reached out to me was Dreyfus. Nobody else. I was working on getting on a Skype/Twitch stream with Mr. Dreyfus so we could discuss the issues with the contract. If schedules match up, that still might happen. I'd love to reach more players who signed the contract and don't know what it fully entails. This is where my gripe lies. Now I see other people who are connected with the GPL coming forward and giving their two cents on the topic.

    I take exception when any of the biggest names in poker use their platform to spread bad information or altered opinions to the public. After all, they have the biggest reach, right?

    I found it disgraceful that Daniel Negreanu would write a blog about the recent GPL questions, gently touch on the topic, and not say one thing that actually had to do with the topic at hand. I believe this shows his disconnection with the actual poker community.

    Negreanu mentions that he has "one of the best poker business minds available to read any and all contracts that come across my desk." Then goes on to say "I haven't read the contract personally. I saw a few excerpts from it that some players raised issue with."

    Well Daniel, why didn't you have your super agent read the contract for you and tell you how awful it is? Why didn't you look at it yourself? How can you expect to talk about a contract or a topic that you put no energy or effort into researching? You are one of the hosts for the GPL draft (so in some way you are connected to it), you should have taken some time to see what your fellow poker players are signing up for. Instead of talking about the direct issue with the contract, you sidestep the whole conversation and talk about contract generalities, your upbringing in poker with sponsorships, and how the state of the industry has changed in the year 2016. You end your blog saying "when a free roll is dropped in your lap with either no, or minimal risk, it seems like it might be worthwhile to give it a shot."

    You didn't actually read the contract. You don't even know what the players are giving or receiving... but since you put it that way, SIGN ME UP!!

    Daniel Negreanu is one of the biggest names in the poker world, and he wrote a half-ass blog about the GPL. Defending and encouraging sign up with absolutely no information on the topic. You are poker's true hero. Way to be responsible with your voice and platform, particularly when it comes to something of this magnitude, and involves all of your poker playing comrades.

    I have seen other people involved with the GPL come to the leagues defense as well. After all, this is what they are contractually obligated to do. Why aren't they concerned about the contract? They too have a platform that many people pay attention to. Are they misleading others?


    Back to the main point of this piece...

    I am all for the growth of poker. Nobody should EVER question that about me. I hope new ventures come, ideas are birthed, and the game can continue to reach more people while entering a healthy, legal, space. Hell, I even wish success upon the GPL and those involved. After all, I was considering being a part of it too...


    I am under the belief that things should be done the right way. I am completely against poker players being taken advantage of. This is what I understand is happening if you signed the standard GPL Player's contract. The team managers have different contracts and more incentive. Maybe some of the players who are in the draft have a different contract than the one posted on the site. I strongly encourage anyone who signed into this agreement get with a lawyer immediately and go through it. You will see how one sided the contract is. It should scare you. Don't blindly follow your poker friends because you trust them and think they are reputable. Find out for yourself. If, after all of that, you are still interested, then I wish you success. I only had your best interest at heart.

    **Paul Oresteen (who has been in the poker/media world for a while) took heed to my tweets and created some of his own. He reached out to two lawyer friends and had them go through the contract. We will most likely use a platform other than twitter (blog, video, twitch, etc), to give more input and dissect parts of the contract. Many of the 203 eligible players still have no idea what they signed into.

    ***The contract is public, and can be found here (GPL league site.)

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    Giving it a bash this week, looks like a bit of fun with some serious prizes to be had.

    Wish me luck.

    NuttySquirrel - Americas Card Room -

    I have noticed that there is another player that goes by the name of NuttySquirrel on other card rooms -- That is not me !! - The only NuttySquirrel that belongs to me is on Americas Card Room .


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    First of all, let me introduce myself and what is this my new blog all about.

    I am Kenad, from a small town called Bijelo Polje in a small country called Montenegro.

    At the moment I am working as a waiter on the coast in a nice touristic town for a full-time job, and for years I have been engaged in poker.

    My dream is to become a successful poker player, and eventually to quit this hard job that I'm doing, and dedicate more time to poker and myself and the things I love doing since I don't have much time because it's a very demanding job... I will be posting here the start of my journey and my progress and I hope that with your help and comments on my mistakes and suggestions I will finally improve as a player and that I will get better results with time. To start with I will post my cash and tournaments graphs from holdem manager and sharkscope so you can see how bad I am actually doing in poker, mainly for my poor bankroll management.

    I hope that these blog series will be interesting for you and that your feedback will help, and who knows, maybe one day this big downswing will be a thing of the past. I am looking forward for your suggestions on which games to play, which stakes and we will be analyzing hands and the overall strategy together.

    You can view my graphs and my blog here : http://www.makeanupline.blogspot.com

  7. Hello young world. Its been a minute since I have done one of these thang.

    I hope the new year found you guys in good health and spirit, oh and not broke.

    Let me just dive into the deep blue called "POKERSTARS."

    After announcing its rape on the "highrollers" I have noticed a ton of BS promotions running on PIMPstars, that will not only distract, but try to make it seem as if they are doing something to compensate the grinds for their new formats.

    I will be focusing on the "CASH QUESTS" in particular since that's the one the PIMPs got me into.

    So... $10NL it is then. I've always thought 10NL would have better players. OH WAS I WRONG. It seems as if this is where all the "stations" "NEMOS" call home. So you are rewarded a "random generated" prize that range from a 1$-->10k, which broken down into numbers mean you have a 90+ percent to hit 1$ or $2.50 which blows my mind given all that you can lose by chasing these Quest task,,, that go from win wth a boat or get a flush... to as small as just being dealt 3s. IMO I think these promotions are garbage, and do nothing for the true players. Just more revenue for PIMPstars. At the end of the day we choose where we play. And at first when I saw all these "rich kids" complaining about super nova... it's now that I realize they had a point.

    The way companies treat loyal customers just goes to show that the rich will always have ppl chase their "dreams" with no true reward in sight. Thanks for taking the time to read. May great things happen for the real players... And for you station chu chu chuuuuuuuuuuu :)

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    • 103

    Recent Entries

    I will try to make me the biggest bankroll can never cash out before December 31, 2016 on Winamax.fr

    I will start with 200 Euros

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    • 108

    Recent Entries

    Just finished up the big $33 on ACR. 5th place feels like a loss as always, but this one hurt a little more.

    482 Entrants: 2,410,000 Chips in play.

    5 Players left.

    Clementebomba69 - 850k

    Mjbern23 - 380k

    4babyface - 269K

    me (Onlinesavings5) - 530K

    lazumbera1 - 333K

    Blinds are 5 and 10K.

    Action folds to me on the button with KK. I raise to 22,873 expecting action from the BB,

    Clementebomba69. Action I received! He 3 bets to 58,672. After 20 seconds of deliberation, I 4 bet to 158,879.

    Clementebomba69 shoves his 850K in the middle and I gladly oblige. He flips over 88. Flop - 5 2 4 - Turn comes Q - River drops............ 8 of clubs!!!!!!

    Clementebomba69 walks away with 1.35Mill in chips and basically a walk to heads up.

    Cashing $674 never felt so dreadful with 2.6K up top!! Have to love this game!

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    Recent Entries

    I have been playing on Americas room for 6 mos now. Seems like their random card generator is non existent. Bad Beat after beat. Any one else question their consistency or have this problem @ Americas Cardroom. Thank you for your feedback.

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    Recent Entries

    Hello World! here we go...

    I'm 29 years old tournament player from Florida, U.S. Please pardon my poor writing. This blogging took a lot out of me ( literally few months now to man up, write down, open up).

    I believe this blog entry will serves a great purpose in my commitment to the game. By open-up publicly like this, i will be exploited, laughed, or even hated but I hope to find 1/1000 genuine friend who will help elevate my game. I've thought about starting PG&C on 2+2; however with my personality, i preferred a smaller but serious population of P5s.

    Poker background

    I've started playing poker while i was in the U.S Army in 2005. During that period of my life, the money was never a problem. Especially knowing there was high percentage, I might not come home. Poker was my escape. Thus, I never took the game seriously. I've played with lipofund, rounder63, flush_entity, and more. Those whom I considered was my peer now has become accomplished players. Its a really shietty feeling to mention those names. Anyways, those guys work their ass off to get where they are. As for me, I've been a fish for so long. The thing about tournament is you can be a fish and bink few decent scores and think you know whatsup *lol* unlike cash game one will quickly knows if hes winning or the familiar faces flocking to your table once you sat down.

    Poker goal

    My goal is to turn pro by playing MTTs. I've recently told my wife that i want to pursue poker and give it 101% of my all. The time-frame is to become pro within 5 years. I have one the best supporting system, my wife's family. if i don't make it i know something good will come out of this journey (experience and understand myself). Few months ago, I made some profit from Bovada and carbon which I eventually withdrawn and used up. As for carbon poker, I will not playing on that site again. They had their chance of becoming best U.S market. I will mainly focus on Bovada to build a roll of $30k. Occasionally, i will withdraw some money to put in ACR if the broll reach 15k. You might think i'm midstake or highstake fish at this moment lol. Its just a goal. I'm starting at the bottom playing small stakes. I planned to put 1k in bovada to grind however last week i used the points to ticket and play 5k freeroll and got 4th for $200. Since few days ago I was lucky enough on my last $30 and shipped $10 3k for $750.

    My current BR: $650 ( if i busto, my wife is my backer.... :/)

    Goal BR to go Pro: $30,000

    My Plan of Action

    Game Play

    I haven't play for few months so I'm going to take it as preloading phase. With such small roll , I will be very selective with Bovy tournament and only play better structured one. Also, I will add in one or 2 sng. Currently, I'm just 4 tabling max. :) after next week I'll buy card catcher and pump in more tables. As of it right now I dont want to completely realize on stats. I know its +ev but i'm trying to build more solid fundamental. still lacks alot and the anonymous shiet not helping at times. Currently Im playing most of $1-5 MTT with 12&15min blind lvl. Mostly, avg field size of 200 or less. This might take sometime to grow a decent roll to play regularly at $10-20. however it will be very beneficial to my development.

    Game Study

    This has to be the reason why i never took the game serious :D

    2 hours of deliberate study

    1 spot review of each game

    I will do a monthly blog entry. As for updates during the weeks i will just add to each monthly entry.


    This blog will hold myself accountable for the commitment I have made with myself and my wife.

    Thank you all for reading and thanks to myself for starting the first step ( 3 hrs of deleting finally this one survived :)

    Best of luck yall,

    Travis ( nickname in the Army) lol

  8. Ok so this is a bit unusual for me to post something like this but I'd like to also get an idea from people.

    Besides poker, I have always enjoyed betting on sports. Whether that be football, darts, tennis or horse racing. As like everyone else I was always determined to make more money to enjoy life a little more and also take an extra holiday here and there. I'd heard of a thing called matched betting but I was always unsure on how it worked or even how you made money from this. After I returned from New York in April 2015 I decided to sign up to a matched betting site and give it a whirl. The tutorials and guides were helpful but I didn't really understand it fully. Months later I found out that one of my good friends in London had bought a property and also invested in a new car through Matched betting! Things are so much easier and clearer when a friend can help and explain things in person rather than reading guides! I think the biggest positive was that he owned his own matched betting website.

    The purpose of matched betting enables you to make £1000-£2000 profit each month. Depending on how experienced you are, I've seen people make £5-7k which is impressive.

    I'm sure everyone's seen lots of tipsters and crap all over the Internet and got bored!

    Over the last year I've made just over £18,000 through matched betting which has enabled me to do so many different things, including buying a new Audi! my reason for the post is to just help anyone out there make some extra money and just to also get matched betting noticed more! Bookies Constantly offer free bets to customers and it's just making sure people know how to extract the most value, very much like

    Poker ????

    Through the link below you will be able to find videos and simple step by step guides that make it very simple. Also my good friends Matt and Jess are on hand 24/7 for any questions or Skype chats to help people get the experience and start raking in the money.

    I have provided 2 links below just so people have quick access to the site. It takes 2 Minutes to sign up and straight away you can make £45 in a matter of minutes. If anybody has any questions they can message me directly or just reply to

    This blog.

    Hope this is useful to some people! Happy Monday and enjoy the poker grind.


  9. So, here is Amsterdam.

    1. We are arriving. The plots of land are separated from each other by the channels.


    2. The airport surprises you with the fact that the majority of the taxis in it are the Tesla cars.


    3. This photo has it all, everything that characterizes Amsterdam: the channels, the flowers, the bicycles, the gingerbread houses.


    4. It is nice near the channels.


    5. The architecture though is terribly monotonous.


    This is one of my main complaints about Amsterdam. The city offers its guests a very rich visual range, so bright that in a couple of hours of walking through the center the eyes start dazzling and the head aching. At the same time the buildings of architectural value are almost absent.

    Houses are disgustingly shiny and glossy in the sun, they are all perfectly restored and cleaned with the shampoo. Together with the similarity of the development and petty-bourgeois spirit of commercialism, that emanates from every house, there arises a feeling of the theatre props or a suburban shopping center (those are very fashionable now, so to say, "cities" where each house is a shopping pavilion).

    6. ? channel.


    7. Sometimes you can comes across something original, but it is either ridiculous ...


    8. ... or opulent-cake like.


    9. However, I am exaggerating. There are some very cozy examples.


    10. And sometimes there are very interesting examplars from the different eras.


    To be continued...

  10. It's been awhile since i had much to say on here. Last update was my goals for 2015. While I don't remember what was mentioned there. Some goals have been met I'm sure. While others probably haven't. That's the nature of goals. You set them high and in a good year you'll be right in the middle.

    Those that know me know that I'm a very huge Texas Rangers fan. Ive been following them closely since i knew what baseball was. I went to my first game when i was about 5 and was hooked. My first game was a game in which Nolan Ryan pitched against the Seattle Mariners and i don't remember the end result, I do remember a hit batter and a bench clearing brawl. When i was in elementary school my mother always told me that I was strange because most kids would eat their breakfast and watch cartoons. I would eat my breakfast and watch sportscenter. I was always drawn to the competition and the game of baseball and while i write this, I'm waiting on a guy from a local news crew to come over to my house to interview me about the Rangers and the playoffs.

    Anyways, Something that has caught my attention lately, and i'm sure it's something that has gone on for a long time and will never end. the term "good" or "bad" in poker. For some reason we like to stereotype everyone to they're either "good" or they're "bad". My thought is that bad players in general do some things well, and good players do some things very bad. Me for example. I consider myself a good player (who doesn't though) But there are some parts of my game that aren't very good. I'll be the first to admit that i absolutely suck in the early game of tournaments. If you add three plus two you'll get 5, and what i mean is that I'm also not very good at cash games. But I also know that if i can get past the early game of tournaments I have a good chance of making good money in tournaments.

    I guess in general I just don't like people being classified as "good" "bad" "awful" "horrible" etc. Someone can be great at ranging people, but not be very good at executing against said range. What makes someone "good"? Is it the amount of money they've made in the game? It shouldn't be. Vietcong01 won back to back Sunday Millions is July of 2007. Many who played against him would classify him as not a great player. But he was able to do something that not many people have done, and money wise one could certainly argue that he is good.

    There's times when ill see someone make a play on bovada and have the thought "WTF is this dude doing" and It's easy to just overlook them as a moron (i'm as guilty as anyone) But i think when we do this. We are really providing ourselves a real disservice here.

    Hope you are all doing well!

  11. Hey fellow grinders whas up ? Thought i would give a big and nice update here about past 5 weeks grind and some personnal views on how to grind more effectively.

    Results have been great shipped a lot of mtt's moved up a bit in stakes you can find my recent scores on my profile but the biggest ones where :

    1st in the tornado 109$ for 3.x k

    1st in the lightning 109$ for 4.x k

    2nd in the thunder 55$ for 2k

    a lot of other nice scores also.

    Let 's get to my thoughts...

    Grinding online MTT's can become very tough when you run bad obv nothing new here, but it can also get very unmotivating if you just look at graphs when running bad. So I think that looking at graphs should be done weekly/ or even monthly at least you will have normally a decent volume at this point and will probably see ups and downs in the graph. Whereas if you take a look every day it will happen so often that after 4 days you see only down down down down and start getting unmotivated, or even worse, play to min cash instead of trying to go deep in tourneys, both things will affect your ROI and will lead to an even worse graph and at this point you will find yourself in a vicious cercle. So stop watch your graphs or watch them only when you are crushing it will motivate you even more

    Other than that, you should make a schedule (I mean not just for poker) and stick to it, by doing that you will have time free/ time to grind/ time to study and that is going to help you not to get lazy or just play FIFA or watch series whatever your addiction is. You might find it hard to follow it due to unexpected events that will suddenly emerge, but better sometimes not be able to follow it is much better than not having one at all. You will find yourself playing poker because it is on your schedule as a regular job, not just out of boredom front of your PC

    I hope someone will find a + in those advice.



  12. **View my full blog at: adamsapple19.blogspot.com for additional information and annual profit**

    **Follow me on Twitter @Adamsapple19**

    Been a bit since my last post. I've really been putting in heavy volume and the results weren't such that I much felt like posting.

    As stated in my last post, I continue to decipher the evolution of the online game since Black Friday. It's been an incredible couple of months, a period of time where I could have pretty easily thrown in the towel on more than one occasion.

    I have been struggling slightly with updating my techniques to adapt to this new "crazy" MTT environment. There are a lot more players out there who understand the game incredibly well and a lot of players who think they do but in reality they are just spewy.

    Regardless of which player type, the result is higher variance and a realization that very few of the strategies that brought me much success and consistency pre-Black Friday are consistently successful now. Couple that with the fact I'm limited to playing on a site with anonymous screen names, thus complicating the decision making process hand by hand. I can't even put a simple note on a player for when I run into them again in another tourney. Substantial handicap to say the least.

    Well, I spent the overwhelming majority of August digging a ridiculous hole it seemed I would never get out of. On top of the above adjustments, I have been running ridiculously below expectation. Without complaining too much about bad beats/variance, I'll just say I have literally never run worse in my poker career in +EV situations.

    I was approx. -4.5K for August going into Sunday the 30th. I was 700 MTTs deep into the month and running horribly, even beginning to question Bovada's legitimacy (I've only been on the site for 2 months). My confidence was low. I chose to play anyway and, thankfully, pulled out a 4th in the $22 10K guarantee and 2nd in the Sunday $44 25k Guarantee for 4.8K. In one fell swoop I was able to finish the month in the black somehow. Incredibly relieving. The graph up top clearly illustrates my frustrations. The month-to-month data is updated as well, just click the graph.

    September has thus far started out more promising, though I know I am still running below expectation. At some point variance will correct itself and I'll go on a nice run. In Real Estate, it's "Location, Location, Location". In MTTs, it's "Volume, Volume, Volume".

    Last night I finished 3rd (again) in the $33 Turbo 5K guarantee (gonna have to win that one one of these days...) and also won the $44 6max 3K guarantee for 1.3K (got 2nd in this tourney 11 days ago on August 22nd). Below are some screenshots of some recent tourneys, including the 2nd place score in the 25K.

    So here's hoping September yields results closer to expectation as I continue to reintegrate myself back into the online MTT scene, handicapped as it may be for my situation. Still looking to accumulate a lot more data to determine long-term expectations in this limiting environment.

    Good luck out there guys and remember.. Perseverance is Paramount.

    p><p> <img src=[/img]

    p><p> <img src=[/img]

    p><p> <img src=[/img]

    p><p> <img src=[/img]

  13. Latest Entry

    I had a goal of making ten thousand dollars this summer. Right now I'm in the bottom of the ninth bases loaded 2 outs, down probably about 10 runs...

    Adding up my poker profit from the past few months of summer, I come to a grand total of $4,103.25. My classes for the fall semester will be starting on Monday Morning, giving me one last Sunday to make it all happen. I plan on playing a full schedule on Bovada starting around 4 in the afternoon, and plan on going till the last hyper turbos run in the middle of the night. IT is a long shot to try and more than double my entire simmer profit, but tonight alone I made 2 final tables, so I am going in with the maximum amount of confidence.

    I may stretch my bankroll management to its limits to try and achieve this, but sometimes its not about the money, its about achieving a goal. For anyone playing on sunday, good luck at the tables, stay focused and keep your eye on the prize.


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