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    Hey all...

    I'm new to Pocket Fives, and I just love this site! It's so informative and educational! As a very low stakes player I have been learning and growing my game. I've just recently started giving Satellite tournaments a go and today I won a 1st stage Satellite for 0.25c at 888 poker, which led me to a $2.20 direct Satellite to the $22.00 Mega Dozen, kicking off in 4 hours. I managed to squeeze in a seat to this tourney! (Yeehaa!) This will probably be my biggest online tournament to date, so wish me luck! I will feedback my progress.

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    Remember the good old days, when you could sign on to Party Poker, PokerStars or Full Tilt and buy into a $10 or $20 tournament and see a $20k first prize?

    This is the type of environment we could have again if states all shared player liquidity. On any given day, the two largest sites in NJ typically have less than 200 seats filled at all of their cash games, often this is 1/1000th of what PokerStars has. I know it is wishful thinking to ever have PokerStars back in the USA. Even if we did, it probably wouldn't open up their global player liquidity to us.

    What we need is for all the legal sites in the USA to have shared player liquidity within their brand as well as some accounting for the origination of their revenues, so states can lay claim on their precious tax dollars. The increased player base would then attract even more players due to a better prize pool. Success begets success.

    Another benefit of an expanded player base would be the re-emergence of Sit&Go's. Currently, they are more sit and less go, with long waiting times before they ever begin.

    DE and NV entered into a pact to share player liquidity. Let's hope their success will prompt NJ and the other states soon to come on board (NY, PA, CT) to join in.

  1. I suspect that I am like many online players....

    I have played cash a lot over the years live with a few tourns thrown in. I have played online more sporadically, won a few k here and there for small stakes and see myself as a good tourney player. I also dont mind the odd sng or dble up.. I also quite like a few other games, Omaha hi lo, mixed games, its all fun....!

    Therein lies some of the problems tho. Initially when I opened my recent stars account I played cash initially to get my feel for the site. Played a few k hands, won a few hundred blinds... easy stuff..

    But then I started playing everything like I allude to above, tourns, sng's etc and bonus chasing. I was playing okay, running about level for a few months, recently for example there was one of the series events, 20 tournaments, low to middle buy ins and I fancied my chances of banking a nice payday in at least one of them.. 20 tourns later and having my KK cracked inside out and upside down in about 15 of them dwindled my ammunition badly..

    I know this is swings, tourn swings are far worse than cash swings. I know this, so why am I not attacking them without a bigger roll? Why is my bankroll now less than 50 bucks when Im one of the better players in my niche? Why can't I get ahead? Why am I running to stand still all the time?

    The professional mindset.. This is something I have to get a grip of because i believe that without it we can not achieve success. it is something i thought I had, yet online hindsite has shown that this isnt the case.

    After losing 90% of my roll I stepped back from the game for a month or so. Firstly I didnt look at poker for a week or two, then I watched a little on tv, then I went back to reading a few good articles, pro's in the game, read their experiences and just listened, often just in the background subconsciously pulling out bits of information. At a certain point I felt the flow start to come mentally and I was grounded again. Now I could analyse my own game in the right frame of mind.

    After going through Holdemmanger2 I broke things down into simple digestible sections. Where did I lose, what times did I lose, is there a pattern, what were my biggest losing hands, how did I play them? Which games gave me the most bb's? I didnt need to be drowning in information but some patterns did arise. I can see where I squander or win. For me I found that mixing up my games was detrimental. I found that shorter sessions up to 3hrs max were my best. I found that I should be winning at cashgames and that tourns really are far more of a lottery.

    So for me now, the obvious way to play is to play my best game in my best structure at the right times and play that 90% of the time. That is the poker, everything else there is recreation.

    That sounds obvious, it IS obvious but how many of us are actually doing it? I haven't stuck to one plan for a single month despite having the intelligence to understand that this is paramount to long term success. Distractions, outside influences, too many games all lead to less than the A game. My aim to play my A game 90% of the time, thats it. To go back to basics this month, for the entire month, that means I get to the end of the month playing only this game! no tourns, sng's, taking a shot, nada, just one single solitary month being disciplined. If I cannot do this, then I am going to stop pretending I am good enough to play poker as a serious supplementary income.

    One month at the very bottom. I have a few bucks, I can top up but won't. Profits mean nothing in this exercise, profits take care of themselves if you play the A game against players that are not. There must be so many players not doing this f I was one myself. No stepping up in stakes even if my winrate is high. Im bottom of the ladder but this time I'm giving it the best footing.

    I will post graphs every few k hands to help enforce that discipline.

    Wish me luck

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    With the WSOP just weeks away, I think its time that we have this conversation. As we all know, Sheldon Adelson and his coalition, Stop Net Gambling, has unleashed an all our war against online gambling, including poker, in all 50 states. We need to send him a message that we will not go down with out a fight.

    I am proposing an all out boycott from all of his properties starting now running through the end of the WSOP series. Personally, I am vowing never to step foot in any of his properties until his proposal is shot down, or he gives up this fight. It would be awesome to see all of his poker tables completely empty for 6 weeks.

    Who is with me???

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    I win some money but , i'm losing too much now a days . I earn about 3K but , lossed already 2k .i usually play 1-11$ MMT game . how i can control it ? please need your advice,,,,,,,,,

  2. Ok. Party Poker Nj and WsopNj, we are ready for 2 to 3 table sit n gos instead of the silly qualifiers in which only one person gets in to a major tourney and second often gets zero or a few dollars. I have finished 2nd many times in the qualifiers due to the allin fests of my competitors. Please add some of these tournies so that we can accumulate some profits on the days we are 2nd and 3rd.

  3. i haven't been playing Poker for about 2 months.

    Never thought i'd be able to do that. I have been doing a lot of sports betting and also started a new online venture and these things have been keeping me busy.

    And of course i listened to the audiobook of The Alchemist. Again.

    Now, before the grinders flame me rather ask why i did this. Because i didn't enjoy the game. It felt as if a played worse every HAND. I had to force myself to play.

    Doesn't that happen in any profession? So, i took some time off. And i actually look forward to start playing again.

    I have done that with businesses i've had. Sold them. Took a break. Started something new. When i had the energy and when the excitement was back.

    No video's, books, forums, podcasts, magazine articles, website articles, tweets, newsletters. Nothing.

    Today i, for the first time in a long time i listened to a podcast. Hell, i am even writing this blog!

    And it's nice to be back.

    So, my rules for playing again: family, good life, enjoy poker.


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    My name is Christian Fields. I am 21 years old, and I have been playing poker on and off for 7 years.

    Let me begin by saying, I fell in love with the game the day I was introduced. Playing Free-roll's on my Dad's account as a 14 year old for hours with the chance to win the $30 top prize, I can remember it too well. Back then, I played the game for fun. I played to learn from my mistakes and I didn't care about the money.

    On July 6th 2008 I qualified as a 15 year old for the Sunday Million on Pokerstars with my Dad's account. At the time, my bankroll was well under-rolled for this tournament however something told me that day it was my time to just take a shot at it. I qualified via an $11 satellite earlier in the day, and the tournament began at 2:30pm Eastern. As the hours passed, I continued to be patient and waited for my spots. With or without the cards, I was making all the right moves that day. Three-betting when I sensed weakness, stealing the blinds when it was available, and calling down bluffs with the utmost confidence.

    As the players dwindled down and I neared the Final Table of the Sunday Million it started to sink in...Each position from here on out is a matter of thousands of dollars, and with that in my head I made a promise to myself to be conservative but smart as this opportunity may not present itself again for a very long time. The field was down to 11 players, and I was sitting somewhere in the middle of those 11 players with regards to chipstacks. My obvious goal was to wait for the final table to present itself, then I could make my moves when it was time...however, I get dealt JK in the SB and there is a raiser in mid position. I call the raise, and everyone else folds. The flop comes JK5 and we are heads-up. The mid-position raiser leads out, and I take my time and decide I don't want to dance with the devil and try to slow play...opting to push-all in I hope he just decides to fold at this point. I get called and the raiser shows AA. The turn comes 2. River comes 5 to pair the board and more importantly, counterfeit my 2 pair of Jacks and Kings. I lose the pot and finish in 11th place for $7131 USD.

    Needles to say at first I was shocked, however I was still pleased with my result. I always considered myself to be gifted when it came to putting things into perspective, and in this instance it was no different. Although I was bummed out that I didn't get a shot at the $171,000 USD first prize, I still considered myself lucky to have made it as deep as I did. I wouldn't have finished in 11th if it wasn't for some fortunate luck of my own along the way. Not to say that I played badly, but to survive a 10 hour tournament with 6000+ entrants requires a bit of luck even for the best of poker players...and I was just a teenage kid in love with a card game at the time. For that reason, I was proud of my achievement. It signified a sign of good things to come in the future for my poker career.

    Now, just to make things clear. The reason I'm writing this blog isn't to brag about how I won 7 grand as a 15 year old...The reason is to share my story as a young lad learning the game of poker. This was by far my most significant score, and one that I will remember forever. However, in this upcoming year it is my goal to surpass this score. I am writing this blog to signify the re-birth of my poker career, as in the past years it has been on the back-burner due to school and work.

    In this upcoming summer I plan to play more poker than I have in the past 2 years. I want to sharpen my game and accumulate a bankroll sufficient enough to start entering live tournaments in the Fall. If you took the time to read this entire blog I hope you've enjoyed my story. Hopefully the poker community will be hearing more of my name in the upcoming years. If not, It's done just fine without me up until this point haha.

    Mr. Fields

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    The Private P5's Freeroll on Borgata is listed for tonight but when i try to register it says "sorry, your not invted to this tournament". Anyone know whats going on???/

  4. Being a professional for over 2 years has definitely changed my perspective on some things.

    Wow, has it really been four months since I’ve done one of these? I swear that the layoff didn’t feel anywhere near that extensive. During my apparently lengthy time away from my keyboard I’ve done a great deal of reflecting on my own ambitions. My attitude regarding the poker industry has changed since I first started this journey 27 months ago. Simply put this is not what I thought it would be. I had the naïve ideas about this game that run rampant in the minds of casual dreamers who see poker in ESPN and think that’s their ticket to greatness. This game is more complex, more difficult, more tiring, and more emotionally challenging than I ever thought possible, to say nothing of the fact that progress can come painfully slowly when it comes at all. All this noise has lead me to an interesting point of self-observation and awareness. My trek has made me wonder what specifically it is that I’m after. What exactly do I want out of this industry?

    Ask any casual poker player what his or her goals are and that person will likely rattle off some commonly held benchmarks. Win a bunch of money, play in a big tournament on TV, travel the circuit and become famous, these are all worthy pursuits yet the best method of execution to attain these standards is incredibly vague. Should you just start playing tournaments at your local casino? Well you can, but there’s a decent chance you’ll never have any real success because of poor structures and too few tournaments available to play in to counteract the variance of the game. Do you just jump in and travel the circuit after you’ve built up a bunch of spare cash from your job? Tournaments get expensive very quickly, particularly when it’s going to cost you a couple thousand just in hotel, food, and travel expenses to be around for a tournament series. Plus it’s going to take you quite a while to build up the kind of money you’d need working almost any regular job. So should you just forget the whole idea? I’ll never be the one to suggest that, but I think it’s important to understand the limitations of setting goals for yourself in poker before you try and take the plunge on any level.

    The reality of this industry is that goals aren’t achieved in a set fashion. You can’t just say something like, “I want to make X amount of money by the end of the month.” Poker doesn’t happen in a set pattern, it’s a game with profound stretches of statistical noise. Live poker in particular is like this because you get to play such a dramatically smaller number of hands than is possible online. People who want this to be their job start treating it like it’s any other industry. They start thinking about how much money they will make and then start planning outwardly from there, just like you would with any other job. The difference is when you’re working a traditional career, you know how much money you are going to make. The terms of your pay are agreed upon prior to you taking the job so you can plan your life around your salary or hourly rate. You know how much money you’ll be pulling in on a week to week basis and you can build your life around that number. Poker happens in the exact opposite order. There are no guarantees about what you’ll make. The planning has to start with how much money you’re going to need on a monthly basis and putting yourself in a game where you have a chance to earn what you need and more so you can eventually “give yourself a raise” by moving up in stakes. There is not set amount of time that any one task is going to take.

    Poker goals can be achieved in a logical fashion, the problem is that it’s a form of logic we aren’t as familiar with. Your ability to achieve anything in the poker world is most reliant on your bankroll. If you don’t have the proper budget then no amount of skill is going to get you to where you need to be. You need to have enough money to give your skills an opportunity to grow and to allow your situation to be governed by those skills rather than just a good run of cards. Poker goals operate under the same kind of logic as basic computer programing. When your bankroll is at a certain level, you need to be playing in games that correspond to it. When your bankroll grows to a point where you can move up in stakes, then you should. It’s like a basic “if…then…” statement in computer programing. If my bankroll is only big enough for 1/2NL then that’s what I’ll play. If my bankroll gets big enough to play 2/5NL then I’ll move up. The amount of time it takes to get from one goal to the next has no bearing on the equation. However long it takes someone to play themselves up in stakes, the goals themselves don’t change.

    This little analogy brings me to an interesting crossroads. Taking my logic one step further, what are the variables I want to focus on for my “ifs” and my “thens?” When I started my career I had the casual player’s mentality when it came to goals for this business. Now that my innocence has been stripped from me (which I think is definitively for the best) what comes in to replace the void? What is it that I want to do? I don’t have as long term of a plan as I once did. I more just have a list of things that I enjoy doing. I enjoy playing poker, even though right now it’s for low dollar amounts that aren’t going to put me on the cover of any magazine. I enjoy writing. This blog is fun for me to do and I’d like to be able to continue along with it even though it isn’t leading anywhere in particular. I love my schedule. I like being able to go to the gym 4 days a week, I like being able to fly out to California and stay with my friends up in the bay area as well as my friends down around LA. I feel like I get more value out of my time now than I ever have at any other point in my life, whether we’re talking about high school, college, or my brief stint as a traditional working man. What I’ve gotten out of these first few years is more than just money (which is a good thing because I’m not exactly breaking the bank with my hourly win rates from the past two years). I don’t really have any idea what I’m doing long term, and to be frank I just couldn’t give a damn less. No one’s life is perfect, and certainly mine is far from ideal, but happiness and peace of mind are hard to come by in this world. I’ve got some, and that’s enough for now.

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    Going to Post the last hands for every event I play.

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    wer kann mir über teamviewer meinen HM2 zum laufen bringen,krieg es einfach nicht hin???

    thx vorab klaus

  5. I'm a little tired, have an interview @ 12 (nothing interesting). I decided I needed to make a blog entailing my poker goals for the month (well, rest of the month/next).


    1: Log 25k cash game hands (big mark for me playing ACR 4-6 tables)

    2: Play solid tournament poker (win big, play smart, exploit!)

    3: Choose my poker path: MTT's or Cash by the end of the month

    4: Stop calling 3-4bs, 3/4betting with JJ/AJ/AQ at the micros (vs people I know I shouldn't) (thanks to Chris for pointing this out to me & how hard its going to be to tell myself that he's got it)

    5: Scoop 150$+ in cash races, forum added games, & rakeback.

    6: Scoop money from Sit & Crush (as well as a seat, if I can handle all this)


    1: Be up to 25NL or close enough to take a shot

    2: Take a week/2 off & review, brush up, & take time off for personal.

    3: OSS tournaments. Hope to play a ton of these & take down some big guarantees. (within BR)

    For analysis:

    Game started at: 2014/2/13 4:39:49

    Game ID: 253409864 0.05/0.10 Cadmium - 6 (Hold'em)

    Seat 4 is the button

    Seat 1: Awsumfun (22.68).

    Seat 2: r0flcopter (13.19).

    Seat 3: jonaldo7 (11.02).

    Seat 4: xTiltedx (5.96).

    Seat 5: Deucelamron (10.36).

    Player Deucelamron has small blind (0.05)

    Player Awsumfun has big blind (0.10)

    Player Deucelamron received a card.

    Player Deucelamron received a card.

    Player Awsumfun received a card.

    Player Awsumfun received a card.

    Player r0flcopter received card: [Qs]

    Player r0flcopter received card: [Js]

    Player jonaldo7 received a card.

    Player jonaldo7 received a card.

    Player xTiltedx received a card.

    Player xTiltedx received a card.

    Player r0flcopter raises (0.30)

    Player jonaldo7 calls (0.30)

    Player xTiltedx folds

    Player Deucelamron folds

    Player Awsumfun folds

    *** FLOP ***: [9c Qh 9d]

    Player r0flcopter checks

    Player jonaldo7 bets (0.30)

    Player r0flcopter calls (0.30)

    *** TURN ***: [9c Qh 9d] [Jh]

    Player r0flcopter checks

    Player jonaldo7 bets (0.70)

    Player r0flcopter calls (0.70)

    *** RIVER ***: [9c Qh 9d Jh] [3d]

    Player r0flcopter checks

    Player jonaldo7 bets (1.50)

    Player r0flcopter calls (1.50)

    Player r0flcopter mucks cards

    ------ Summary ------

    Pot: 5.47. Rake 0.28

    Board: [9c Qh 9d Jh 3d]

    Player Awsumfun does not show cards.Bets: 0.10. Collects: 0. Loses: 0.10.

    Player r0flcopter mucks (does not show: [Qs Js]). Bets: 2.80. Collects: 0. Loses: 2.80.

    *Player jonaldo7 shows: Three Of Kind of 9s [7h 9h]. Bets: 2.80. Collects: 5.47. Wins: 2.67.

    Player xTiltedx does not show cards.Bets: 0. Collects: 0. Wins: 0.

    Player Deucelamron does not show cards.Bets: 0.05. Collects: 0. Loses: 0.05.

    Game ended at: 2014/2/13 4:40:59

    Is there another line we can take that will be better then this? Open for ideas.

  6. Well, where should I start? I suppose I'll start out with where I'm at right now. Last August my wife and I had our first kid, a boy. In October I quit my job and went full time at my local community college for welding, so I'm taking night classes there monday- thursday and I stay home with the baby every day while my wife, a nurse, is at work. Money couldn't be tighter but I can finally see WHERE the end of the road is so to speak. I know my graduation date, and where I'll go from there. Poker will continue to be a side income for me as long as its here, and it will always be something I enjoy.

    I always wanted to play poker full time, and for about 3 years I put serious work into my game and hours upon hours upon hours on the table. I never thought I'd be Moorman, and that was never what I was striving for either. I wanted to play $11r-$26 FO for a living, and honestly I was never closer to attaining that goal than I was on Black Friday. I'd just gotten picked up by a group of guys, and with their coaching it was totally like I could feel a veil being lifted from in front of my eyes. I was seeing things on the table clearer than I ever had before, and if I remember right won almost $15k in the week prior to BF.

    I was a winning poker player, but I never fooled myself and said 100% I will be a successful MTT pro, I just really wanted the opportunity. I was going to do it right though- 6 months living in the bank, 200 BI for my online roll. Without the 6 months living expenses in the bank for my downswings though, I had that "unbalanced life" everyone refers to. I was putting 60-70 hour weeks in at work and another 30+ hours on poker, I just knew I was 1 score away. If I had gotten the opportunity to play for a living and failed, that was something I always told myself I could live with, I just wanted to make sure I did it right when I did.

    I've had quite a bit of time to think about everything since posting a while ago about not being sure if I played too much, but at this point, I'm happy I put that time in.(http://www.pocketfives.com/f10016/did-i-spend-too-much-time-playing-poker-long-649213/) I had a goal, and I knew what I needed to have before I tried achieving that goal. I couldn't have been closer to it, but such is life right? Now I'm just barely playing, and will continue to play on a part time basis, and as such it will always be fun for me when I play since its not what I depend on for irl bills. Right now I'm working on getting out of MU, but poker is something that I know I will now have to look forward to as a side income for me. Final tabled a $11 deep stack last night along with winning a $22 deep stack for $475, so I'm certainly on track. Locks poker schedule is beyond depressing right now, but I plan on plugging away at it, and it shouldn't be too long.

    Let me tell you though, staying at home all day with the 5 month old is incredibly boring lol. I'm not saying that because of the baby, I love him and he's starting to sit up on his own now, and we have fun during the day, but since its currently 5 degrees outside I cant take him out anywhere, and let me tell you, for having some 400 odd channels, there ain't shit on TV all day, and I've already watched all the good movies twice, so right now I guess I'm looking forward to this summer and teaching my son how to walk!

  7. Online poker is becoming a big trend with young adults of the modern world because it is a fun way to interact with other people and make money at the same time. The United States banned online poker for quite some time, but some states are beginning to legalize it once again. If you live in part of the world where online poker is legal, you can use the tips below to make good money while you play.

    Only Play What You Can Afford

    If you have $100 in your online poker account, you need to buy into a table or tournament for $10 or less. That 10% is the ideal investment to make in online poker. Because there is such a risk of facing a bad beat online, you cannot put too much of your money into one game. You have to be able to have some money to receive in case you lose everything in one hand. Learn to put yourself on a budget, and you will have a much higher chance of making money in the long run.


    Play Anything But Hold'Em

    Because most online poker players only know how to play Texas Hold'Em the tables for this game are flooded on all poker rooms. If you learn how to play Omaha, Razz, Stud, or something else along those lines, you may be able to win because you have a limited amount of competition. Some World Series of Poker players never set foot in the main event because there are just too many people to compete against. Of course, you can play Hold'Em if you really want to, but try not to make that your only option. You need to learn to expand your playing field if you want to maximize your chance of winning.

    Take a Break When You Need One

    The great thing about online poker is that you can completely walk away from the computer when you are getting frustrated. You do not have to play any longer than you want to. If you have had a series of bad hands that you need to reflect on, you can take a break and recollect your thoughts. Then you can come back stronger than before.

    Be Patient

    One of the biggest factors in being successful with online poker is being patient in a tournament or poker table. You don't have to play every single hand that comes your way, even if the blinds are low. You can wait for the right times to make the right moves if you want to end up earning money as a whole. If you find yourself getting impatient, use the tip above to take a breather. Then you can return with a new sense of focus.

    Practice Regularly

    As with anything, the only way to be successful with online poker is to practice playing it as often as possible. Don't let this turn into an obsession or an addiction. You still need to be able to live your day to day life outside of the poker community. If you get a free chance to play about 30 minutes at a table, take it. All of that time will add up in the long run. Poker strategies vary from player to player. You have to come up with the ones that are going to work out best for you. Test out the ideas above, and you'll be making money with online poker in no time.

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    When I start my session, I'm all excited.


    I have razorsharp focus. I see everything. I am everything.


    Some of my moves are so awesome, I just have to replay them. I know how the hand ends, but I still get overwhelmed.


    And yes, a bad beat - here and there - I can handle just fine.


    But after a while, I get tired. My sessions are usually close to 12 hours.


    I start to miss vital meta-info. My brain is slowing down and it's hard to keep up.


    Around that time, I don't laugh away the bad beats anymore.


    I start making mistakes in my game. In poker, mistakes cost you.


    I ask God, "God," I say, "Why God? Why me? Why now?"


    But it's useless... another bad session.

    I %$#@ HATE POKER!!111



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    Online WSOP bankroll on Friday 1/24: $2062

    Online WSOP bankroll on Sunday 1/26: $2587.09

    Profit: $525.09

    I remember how back in the original Party Poker/Poker Stars/Full Tilt days how much action you would see on the weekend. The amount of fishy plays and donk bets were too many to count. This is kind of what it felt like the past weekend. Banking just over $500 for a weekend of playing (~5 hours on Saturday, ~3 hours on Sunday), I have to say I'm pretty stoked about it. With how busy my current job is at the moment, I am considering not even playing during the weeknights or dramatically scaling back the amount of time I play on weeknights and divert more time into playing on Saturdays.

    Seems that Saturday (even more so than Sunday) brings out the recreational players that want action. I played the $100 NL HE cash games this weekend.

    I see a lot more short-stackers at the table as well, however these guys obviously do not know how to utilize short-stack strategy and end up calling their stacks away or aggro shoving all-in with mid pair. They were easy to pick off.

    Huge contrast compared to the short-stacking regs back in 2007-2010. Those regs would give me fits, because I could never discern just how strong their hand was.

    I also played MTT's for the first time this sunday, playing in 2 satellites (1 for the 25K Sunday WSOP tourney, and 1 for the 10k Sunday WSOP tourney)

    I ended up placing 21/29 for the 25k satellite, and 29/46 for the 10k satellite. I would like to improve my tournament game more, as of right now its pretty non-existent.

    I have focused so much of my time preparing for cash games that when it comes to tournaments, I feel severely handicapped.

    I'm pretty sure with more experience I can make bigger strides.

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    If you search through the forums, you will find many references to huds. Some people love them and some people hate them. Some people are in between in that they like the software that comes with some HUDs such as Poker Tracker 4 or holdem manager 2 for the evaluation it can give you of your game, rather than for the actual hud.

    Q1. So what does hud stand for?

    A . Heads up display.

    Q2. How does the hud work?

    A. A hud collect the information from the chat box and saves this converting this information into numbers, which will display on the villains currently actual table. For example at a very basic level the hud will record how many hands a villain has played how many times a villain raises and how many times a villain 3-bets.

    Q3. What information can be displayed.

    A. Well what information can you think of relevant to past poker play. Percentage of steal attempts broken down by position yes a hud can do that.

    Q4. Is using a hud cheating?

    A. Interesting question some poker diehards feel the answer to this question should be yes. But obviously the answer is no. However before buying any software it is worth checking if it is allowed by poker stars (or other poker client for those of you in the USA).

    I was looking through a thread “HUD's...are they really worth the investment?”

    You can find the following sentiments

    1. “A HUD, will more than harm you as you will be letting the HUD dictate your plays as you're not sure what to do. Also, with all the fish swimming in 2NL, a HUD is pretty useless”

    2. “I really struggled with a HUD when I first used one, it sent me on tilt and information overload kicked in”

    3. “A HUD can be distracting as you might not know exactly what the information displayed mean”

    4. “I love the HUD. Playing 4 Tables 6Max Zoom. it helps big time especially in steal situations.”

    5. “HUDs give you some information, and that info has value.”

    6. “To stay in the game from a SNG and MTT point of view I find them essential”

    So from this you can see from this list: some people like them some people don't like them.

    I would like to go through and give you my take on each of these six points.

    1. I 100% agree that if you let the hud decide your play this will harm your game, however a hud does not recommend plays, a hud merely displays past data. It is up to the user to decide how to use this data, in the same way a user would decide how to use notes that they have made on a player. The same thing can be said simply of observing the table. Not every player at 2NL is a fish, and a hud can help you decide which ones are.

    2. huds can contain a lot of information, and you should start with only the most basic information. Until you get used to then you can add more information as needed. I currently have three lines of information in my hud. However as a general rule I'm not looking at any of that information to decide how to play one particular hand. Rather I am looking at my position, my stack, have I colour-coded the villain and (when I am on my A game, what is my image. If I add all of this information up and I'm still unsure of what to do and look at the data. One of the more useful features I find is to compare how they are playing this tournament with previous ones.

    3. For sure, if you do not know what the information displayed on your hud means it should not be there. Fortunately in the video section here at PSO there are several videos on hud’s.

    4. I have the following information set up on my hard: steal percentage, for cut off, button and small blind. Fold to steal attempt percentage, and fold to C bet.

    5. If you haven't guessed by now I have to agree with this statement.

    6. I'm not sure, that I can 100% agree with this statement possibly 90%. There are some very successful poker players who do not use a hud and several successful ones that do.

    However my most favourite statement against huds is not found in this particular thread.

    “Huds are cheating, I want to keep the game as it should be played."

    I'm paraphrasing but that was the sentiment.

    I sort of understand the sentiment, it's just I 100% disagree with it. The sentiment is as I understand it that players with a photographic memory, or even just a good memory, should have an advantage over myself, as I have a short term memory problem.

    Yes I understand this is my take on the sentiment and probably not what was intended by the original person. It makes me laugh when I think of how poker has evolved with the onset of online poker. I'm sure, this is not how the game used to be played. I think you could probably say the same of casinos of the World Series of poker, things evolve, sometimes for the good sometimes not.

    So I is a hud, maybe not ideally but let's be honest, you could say that the way I play poker hud or no hud. I love the ability to go back through my hands to look at the tournament or even just to track my bankroll.

    You may love it you may hate it, but I would advise you to research to learn and decide to yourself.

    Grade b


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    I figured I would write a blog about my journey in poker. My goal, just as yours, to be one of the best online poker players and to make bank. I've been playing poker for years and studying hard for the past few weeks. I'm getting into my first tourney in January 2014. I've been learning from one of the best online poker players in the world, reading his "How To Become A Poker Player." Many people don't realize how much poker strategy is behind the curtains. Some people are so good, it's as if they can read through your hand. I want that talent.

    I'm not our here to make a killing, just a living for my wife and children. The Real McCoy will one day be a household name in poker. If not, I'll give them hell as long as I have a chip on the table. I respect you all and do wish the best for your poker careers. I want to help other poker players that are just beginning, helping them in their journey.

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    Latest Entry

    Hi All, I am playing poker with Alias 'IndianShindian' more than 5 years. That's sad in my starting phase I chose 888 poker instead of Pokerstars or Fulltilt. Its not like I have the option its simply not in my knowledge so kept playing on 888. I learned Poker on 888 but don't know what kept me this long with 888 until I heard about Everest Poker.

    After Everest I moved to Celeb poker then william hill so.... and so.... now I am playing only three Poker rooms Pokerstars, Fulltilt & 888. Its been 3+ years with pokerstars, 1+ with fulltilt & <><> infinity years with 888. But couldn't make money nor success. thought that staking can improve my poker skills. So start applying for staking, and finally received one on Fundoopoker.com through Muchospoker.com and keep getting staked for more than 18 months or in between. That didn't help me too, then I moved to advanced software that can help u to make decision with their HUD on and scanner on and calculator on........ except my mind on. I dont know what to read or not. .How to use this software.......... where I can find my leaks, if I find them what to do to correct them. I hated that much stress. It even more stressed then in my staking days, completely irritated. I done everything that I could do improve my Poker skills everything..... except this that I am about to do in my next PARAGRAPH.

    Now my loan History. Its not so Big a slightly very very low. I ask help from Infusion_leo he advised me a nice tip that is working but it required a long time. Now I am broke and playing again with my pennies. But this Time I am asking you guys please..... please........

    Be My Sensei Teach me complete Poker

    PLEASE Poker community coach me as I am a dedicated poker player who wants to be a professional poker player. And Kept that in mind that I cant pay you any money cos I don't have any. please don't refer me any coaching website/videos, I just want.. a real human teach me poker.

  9. A brief introduction. I play very occasional micro-stakes STT and MTTs. I've only recently started playing online again, and even now I don't put in much volume. I'm your typical TAG player, and I'd describe my biggest weakness is my lack of leadership. By that I mean I tend to limp over the finish line and I'm just 'pleased' to make the money. The higher the position, the luckier I feel.

    Things have taken a different turn recently though. I've been playing on PartyPoker more during the last few weeks as I like the smaller tournament fields, and the structure of their micro turbo MTTs, plus the software is pretty swish (I got a badge for making a friend recently! LOL)

    I've only played 8 tourneys on PartyPoker, so I do realise my sample size is smaller than Kevin Connelly, but even so, I couldn't have envisioned such a positive start...


    Again, I realise it's only 8 tourneys in, and of course, in turbos you do need that extra bit of luck. These things even themselves out though. The one I finished 26th in, my A10 ran into A4 and a 4 knocked me out, these things happen.

    On the final table of my most recent victory (for $108), I felt so much more comfortable. Instead of the euphoria of just making the final table, I was relishing the challenge of winning. All the way through the final table, I was confident "Lets win this thang!" was pretty much my mentality. Previously it hasn't been that way, so I really hope I can kick on, build my bankroll more and hopefully get a four-figure score next year.

    Pokerfest started today on PartyPoker, so there could not have been a better time to have hit some turbo form heading into this exciting series!


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    will be posting a blog of my micro millions grind.!

    two events still to play,so il be posting soon.

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    Another busted offices of Bodog in Manila. See link below:


    American online gamblers must quickly remove all their funds from the illegal website www.bovada.lv before the money gets frozen and/or confiscated. It is also unacceptable that a suspected criminal and a US fugitive as Mr. Calvin Ayre @ Calvin Wilson is being tolerated to serve as acting CEO for several months now, particularly in running the business concerns of www.bodog88.com and www.bovada.lv without any complaint from the FCLRC and/or CEZA.

  10. Been in the corporate world for nearly a decade, and on the side, as an online gambler. On the corporate side, financial flow is stable, though earnings is not as much, whilst, being a gamer pays more (even worth my 3 months salary), if lucky. So far, 80% of the time, I am winning.

    After 2 years of actively playing, I consider myself an expert on this field already, which transpired the idea of being full time in this industry. Although a part me of is saying that it is not stable and not push through with it.

    I am posting this concern, in the assumption, that I will get several point of views from my co-gamer, who perhaps have been or have gone through the same situation.

    What are the options here? how can I manage to balance both?


  11. Ok well dunno whether i should post but here goes,been playing poker in general since 06-07 till now mainly on pokerstars,and the odd live comp,

    i live near london and somehow think that i used to win more money when i was a complete novice at the start,i remember winning my first live comp it was a

    100 frreze out at brighton and somehow i managed to mak the ft only two end up heads up with james dempsey little did i know this guy was a hu legend in uk

    i beat him and took down the 3k ish 1st price was on top of world for a bit then came back to a crushing thud soon after i won a few comps down brighton was a lucky venue

    I recently won the big 55 on stars my frist and biggest cash on stars for 12k gave me loads of confidence that i can do it getting through a tough field but if you look at my results on stars they are

    shocking up untl then had maybe 4 fts in total before then biggest cash before this was 11th in sunday 55 for 2k,i wana improve and feel very humble dont wana get a coach

    i prefer chatiing hands with friends etc who play on stars.I just wana be respected rather than the lucky fish who binked the 55 im going vegas in nov for the deepstack and just wana know if anyone knows where im coming from or could offer any helpful advice for the present and future i think my game has potential but dunno something in back of my mind always doubts myself.

    this post isnt a cherp i just want some advice was i lucky or was this years of play finally i came good ???


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