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    I didn't play as much poker as I had hoped to since my last blog. I went into September thinking I was going to play my little heart out, but as life has things always seem to get in the way. Time has gone by so fast since moving to Montreal and everything still feels so new. I've been filling my mornings with French classes and my afternoons exploring the city and playing a bit of poker here and there.

    I played a few games at the Montreal Poker Festival at Playground. I cashed in event #1 ($ 135 + 15 No Limit Hold'em - Re-Entry 100k gtd). I made it to day two in the main with a 20bb stack but busted before the money. Three hands in on day two my table broke, next I sat down at the new table and within three hands I looked down at AKs for a very short day. My cab driver a few nights before told me about facebook contest and that I should enter for a free seat, I didn't expect to win it, but I thought what the hell it won't hurt me to click like. So I was pretty ecstatic for the free seat into a 1k buyin that I was not planning on playing.

    On day one of the main event I had a guy at my table that had a Playground poker patch on. Now I know that patches mean next to nothing yet my background in advertising makes me cringe at that thought of someone representing a company that acts so rude to people they had never met. Scratch that it is fine if they are an ass-hole as long as they are funny this guy wasn't. He did nothing but give me a headache and I was way across the table. He annoyed everyone at the table and criticized every hand, giving a full hand replay with his coaches corner of how bad each hand was played. Well sort of, he often got the action, and the suit of cards wrong. Companies should start easing back on the patches, use people that are amazing and we want to prove we can beat them or that make the table fun and even when you lose you want to jump in another game. This guy did nothing but make me wonder why Playground would give him a patch, I'm still really hoping he got it from winning a satellite in. The guy was so rude that Dmoongirl (one of the Full Tilt ambassadors) was at our table and she actually told him he needed to stop. A few hands later he let his emotions get to him and gift wrapped her his chips.

    Mentally this month has been really hard on me. I mentioned my depression/anxiety before but when having to deal with it I've always had health insurance. I don't now and I can't get it for three months so I'm finding out why so many people go without being treated. I finally gave in and found a new therapist here in Montreal. I don't know why I thought that part of my life was over when I moved but it isn't. I kind of had high hopes I guess. On day one of event 1 I was happy until the day ended and we were asked to count and bag our chips. Everyone started to get up and moving around and I don't know what happened, but I had a panic attack. I couldn't perform the simplest task of counting my own chips. My brain just shut down completely, I froze. I could hardly breath yet my mind was racing trying figure some way out. Luckily for me the staff at Playground are awesome and one of the floorman came by and helped me out without making me feel anymore like an idiot.

    Online poker for me this month has been blah. Most people I talk to about poker tell me I need to put in more volume if I want to do well. For some reason I have a hard time doing it. I thought writing a blog would help me to put in volume but I so far it hasn't. So I'm trying to think of a creative way to force myself to put in the volume in for a month. I know once I prove to myself that I can, it will be easy to repeat. Right now I'm just holding myself back. Honestly, I'm not sure if mentally I stop myself from putting in the volume so that I still have the excuse that I haven't put in volume and I can still have the dream of being awesome at poker. The rest of October I am going to be taking it easy, enjoy the Canadian Thanksgiving and try to find that creative way for November to force myself to get over it and just put in that volume I need. I have my first French exam in two weeks and I want to focus on that and play poker just to relax.

  2. While playing in a tournament, as the number of tables decreases, we find ourselves in different situations. I want to present such a situation in which I found myself today.

    Hero is in the final 3 tables with a stack well above the average(consider atleast 1/3rd above the average)

    Table is quite passive

    Villain throughout the tournament has been following one single pattern- he plays loose but at times goes passive. When he plays he bluffs and semi bluffs sometimes betting big with nothing at all. His stack is slightly above the average.

    In one of the hands, In the pre flop,Hero raises

    Others fold, villain calls

    Hero hits the bottom pair, villain raises, hero calls

    After the turn there is a pair in the community cards(the highest pair there), villain raises, hero calls with 2 pairs

    After the river, villain raises again and hero calls

    Villain wins with 2 pairs with a higher 2nd pair

    Hero gets broke


    Here, villain's raising pattern was the same as before.


  3. Poker should be treated just like any other job. You should be making money if you consider it your job. Even if you love it, it doesnt mean you should continue to pursue it if you cant beat the games.

    I had a good discussion with a college friend about this the other day, and he made sure to tell me not to play with too much emotion. If you arent making money over a 8-12 month period, its time to move on.

    The 2013 poker year has had its ups and downs for me this year. I started out playing on 3 American poker room networks and Ipoker, a more competitive European Ipoker network through a VPN.

    I started out the year on a 8k downswing and I was pretty frustrated. Poker isnt for the weak of heart. It is something where youre committing yourself to 50-60 hours a week and some months youre not even winning.

    Since May, I havent had a losing month and I am up about 22,000 playing mid stakes MTTS. Hopefully I keep improving. With runitonce.com in my arsenal I am confident that I will. I am going to be trying to become a world class player by the time I am 24 to 25 and if I am not printing 40-60,000 dollars in profit by then, I am moving on to something else. I feel blessed and lucky to have this opportunity already! Gl out there, enjoy life because for some us we're not here very long.


  4. 8-26-13

    Had a pretty good Sunday, no huge scores but a few cashes in the hundreds thanks to the big guaranteed deepstack mtts. I'll take a small winning Sunday over a losing session any day.

    I played the 109 with a coupon and cashed, got fairly deep but I think I was a little tight in a few spots instead of gambling like I usually do, Once I get more experience with so many better and aggressive players I think I'll do better. I really like grinding Sundays with all the big prizes and the better structures. I'll be playing a lot more sattys to get in the big ones while I keep playing within my bankroll for direct buyins.

    Reading a few books for study and watching videos on DTB now. Still reading forums which is probably the most relaxed form of studying as I'm currently super entertained by lotgrinder's thread!

    I'm close to clearing the next tier in VIP points so thats gonna be really cool, once I make it i can trade 10k points for like $250, thats gonna really pad the roll. So far I'm on track to be making that extra $250.00 at the end of each month. Thatd be pretty sick to get to the next tier and make $700.00

    Sunday Notable Scores

    $109 $50K [Deep] - 36th $321.00

    $33 $25K [Deep] - 59th $116.00

    $3.30 $250 GTD - 2nd $74.00

    Todays Notable Scores

    $2K Gtd - [6-Max, Deep, Turbo] $11.00 - 3rd - $391.55

    $1.5K Gtd - [Deep, Turbo] $5.50 - 1st - $459.24

    ***I'm finally in the green for this month!!!***

    Bankroll: $1754.99

  5. (This is a crosspost from my blog, which you can find at www.degnovic.com/)

    An update on my recent 180 man challenge or project, which would be more apropriate to call it as I've come to think of it. In my latest update I wrote that I was up to a bad start result wise, but still had a lot of optimism. That optimism was justified as I've been putting in a decent volume the latest week and turned things around, which means that I can now show a profit of about 30 BI's (-ish, as I haven't added up the games on my laptop and primary computer yet).

    I'm satisfied with the volume I'm putting in, so I'm going to note that goal as forfilled so far. Another goal that has a checkmark in front of it is the in the money % of at least 18%. I'm pretty sure I'm at or even above 20% now.

    I, however, need to adjust a goal as I haven't made as many blog posts recently as I've wanted. I'm going to be a realistic and just scratch the goal, as it seems I'm writing when I feel like writing and can't push it.

    Last but not least, I haven't reached my goal of posting hands for analysis. But I actually have engaged in a decent number of HH conversations and recently made contact with some other MTT grinders, plus I've been watching a lot of training videos etc., so I'm actually pretty satisfied with how I progress at the moment. Got to keep it going.

    As always, take care and good luck at the tables.

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    Date: 30.7-10.11 ( i hope i ll achieve it )

    Starting Br: 0€

    Task #1 : Freerolls sng ( 0,05€-0,02€ top 3) = and Mtt up to 5€

    Task #2 : Double or nothing 0,50€ up to 25€

    Task #3 : DoN 1€, SnG 30 man & mtt 2€ up to 200€

    Task #4: DoN 3-5€, SnG 30 man & mtt 1-5€ up to 2000€

    More when / if i reach that point :D

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    Hi Everybody,

    My name is Steven Tea, 9 Months ago I was a broke living in Cambodia

    Here is proof of how I lived during this time:


    As you can see, I didn't have a bed I wore the same clothes almost every single day and I literally lost complete contact with almost everyone and mainly talked to no one for a year.

    I also think myself that I came across as a douche during that time, and was very sarcastic and watching it. It was just literally me just venting everything out during the time when I was finally able to have enough money to finally get out.

    I had a cousin who I talked with sometimes that let me have that place to sleep in temporarily during my journey to become a highstakes poker professional

    I also couldn't afford food, I use to starve myself to sleep OR I use to eat 25cent cooked ramen noodles 3x a day.. sometimes I wouldn't because I had to be careful for every dollar. Also there was a week

    where I couldn't afford shampoo.

    So how does someone who is BROKE with 65$ To his name end up Making it to High stakes?

    March 5th, 2012:

    So there I was I bought a laptop $529, A plane ticket $656, a mouse $65, and a laptop cooler $40, and spent $500 of my own money with my friends before I left. So heading to Cambodia I had $1910, I was scared I didn’t think that was enough I was extremely worried, but everything was already done it was what I had to work with. I had no plans of coming back, and if I didn’t succeed my parents would have to pay for my flight back considering I wouldn’t really have enough funds to go back to California and I couldn’t let that happen. My initial plan was to make a $1000 deposit online, and the rest to pay for rent to cover for about 4 months, and as you know most of your original plans don’t work out as you expected. I got my bank account, I kept trying to make deposits online from Cambodia to poker stars, they kept rejecting it, I couldn’t deposit past $65 us dollars, but I told myself I didn’t do it just once, I did it twice before, and I know I can do it for the third time and it wasn’t because I was that good of a player it’s because I really had motivation and really wanted to make it, so I told myself YOU CAN and YOU WILL do this. So that’s what I did I worked from the very bottom and wanted to reach to the top by the time I came back.

    I set guidelines playing only $1 buy ins max until a certain amount and so on. I played about 10 hours a day, every single day and in about a month of playing 45-man SNG and 180 man SNGs I built my roll to $825. It was hard work for very little pay, but I thought it was worth it I learned a valuable lesson and really took in what hard work means. I felt satisfied and expected now that I had more money I could start playing bigger buy ins and would be able to make more money in the near future. Within 2 weeks after saying that to myself, I went on a huge heater I made $1.4k and my roll was standing strong at $2250 I was proud of myself and thought I was doing really well and really thought I could reach my goals. And then the inevitable came, with no self-control and a huge ego and deciding not to drop down in stakes a huge downswing comes where I almost lose everything I played nonstop and had two -$1k

    days. There I was with $200 left in my account my self-esteem destroyed, everything I worked for gone. I was about ready to pack up my bags call it quits and go home after 5 weeks of trying. I talked to my friends told them what happened and told them I may give up, I talked to all of them and one particular person changed my mindset, and gave me a reason to continue and not give up and remember everything I worked for and the troubles I knew I would face for making such a huge challenge. Although I probably never would have left in the first place, it was still a good slap in the face to keep me motivated and stop mourning over what already happened, so I decided to continue, but I decided I was going to be extremely careful with the money this time and not lose control, but before I started playing I decided I really needed to study poker which is something I never really did. I got a deuces cracked free trial and used those 7 days watching 180 man videos and really trying to understand it, my goal was to make 3k in 180 mans before I started taking shots at tournaments. So after this new knowledge, I played 180 mans every single day $2 buy in only till I hit $1k to ensure I will not go broke. In about a week of playing 10 hours a day I made $1000 to build my roll to $1200, my plan was to start playing the $3rebuys and the $8 buy ins, and if I dropped below $800 I would restart luckily things went well for me I won enough to build up my roll to $3000. So there I was feeling extremely accomplished from 5 weeks building everything to $2k then bombing everything and having $200, and then rebuilding it in 2 weeks back up to $3000. I felt unstoppable, and this was only the beginning, I began playing tournaments nonstop and built my roll to about $11.5k in about 3 more weeks.

    Mid June 2012- Now

    Decided the Variance was too crazy, and have been working on the cash games since and haven't really gotten anywhere in six max for about 3 months it was definitely a mentality thing and I still have a ton of mentality issues theres something inside me I don't know what, but I still hope to overcome everything and eventually make it. After the pretty much break even season after paying for coaching/breaking even at 6max cash I had to work to earn gordons trust so he would be able to teach me everything he knows at heads up cash games. He makes me do certains test and the contract can end anytime i **** up, and I know im at my final straw I really do try my best not to mess up and I already have but hes given me a couple of chances time is running out and my chances to succeed is running out if I keep ****ing up. Anyways I ended up switching to HU cash 13 days ago, and I'm doing ok now and hope to have a 30K/40K roll by the end of the year probably a bit too optimistic, but we'll see .

    Plans for 2013 is actually to continue playing poker, I really do miss my friends and family and I do want to see them.

    End of 2012:


    So as you see I didn't even make it close to the 30-40K roll by the end of the year. lol

    But This year 2013 I made my breakthrough.


    I made it through the struggles, and I was always told the struggles define you.

    Ask me Anything.

  6. Ok guys I am going to attempt to make things a bit more exciting for the monthly contest. Each week I will post an update and review of all players making deep runs ect. Obviously Sunday will be the most covered with screenshots,video ect once I get the hang of it! So I hope everyone enjoys it; And most of all let's get deep and make some money! This Sunday will be our official coverage day, and as usual it all depends on how I am working ect. ect. But for the most part, and over time I will get better!

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    Poker is a word that just gives a sensation to me. My education is chartered accountancy, by profession i am an actor.Acting is my passion and it is in my blood.Talking about something in blood, poker does reside there.I have been playing poker since 5 years, this game has shown that dreams to me which are out of the limits of the dreams.I am more than good at this game but i have not managed to make that much money out of it, and that is why my money doesn't speak. The time has come where i will make it not just good but great.Got that grip over the game that i can teach at this point of time, i just have to play to my rules and strategy, i can crush the biggest field with the highest level of money.This blog is starting to my career as a professional poker, till today i was learning the game but today i have reached to the level where i can say that time has come where i say " hey poker world i am coming, with the name indianavatar".The learning period was a struggle where mistakes were made and frustration at a 100% level but that all will pay up now.

    Goa is also my recent target, where i want to make my mark and show off my skills to the local crowd.This is very exciting as i know there have been great players playing so good and grinding so much that to make a mark today is very challenging but this is what i want to show to the world that this game has other dimension also.This untapped source has been discovered and which has to be used to become the best.I am not here for money but i am here to show that i am the best.I am publicly announcing is to tell you people i know that i am the best and i am not just lucky.

    Today i lost around 300$ playing on average 15$ tourneys but then i realized that i every tournament i lost i have learnt the mistake and cleared my strategy and gave me the confidence that it is a mistake which makes me lose and that mistake can be avoided and now that would be avoided every time which will help me to win every time.I have been playing on 888 poker but i am going toe shift to poker stars because that is where the real money lies.Currently i have 170$ at 888 poker but then i will make around 500 here then transfer 300 to poker stars and make some money which has some value.i am eagerly waiting to play at poker stars. I started from 20$ then made to 515 in a month but now i am down to 170 but i will soon make 500 and then will play at poker stars.

    So the real journey begins today, every man for himself, best of luck to all you guys.

  7. Five months since I first arrived in Rosarito Beach, Mexico. This place has taught me so much and enhanced my passion for traveling the world to see places, people, and culture you don't always get living in Southwest North Carolina. I have been through many up and many downs on my first experience living out of the country. There were times where we could laugh and drink all night and times were we would just throw our head down on the table and stare at the floor over an Ace on the river. I've met people from all over the country, from different aspects of the world. I've been introduced to Avocado for the first time, seen civilian military, as well as a fair share of shake downs by the Mexican Police.

    I will miss my plain bedroom with two pictures of the Rosarito Mountains in the back. I will miss the times with friends I have met from Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Wisconsin, Alabama, Ohio, California, and a whole lot more. The ATV rides through the Mountains, the beach days, and the nights were we all just sat around talking about life. These people have made an impact on my life and made me realize that I'm not alone. These People don't laugh at your vision for life here or say that you are crazy for not heading to work at Wells Fargo or Bank Of America. We all are coming from the same place and trying to accomplish one thing. Wake up tomorrow because we know tomorrow's isn't guaranteed.

    I have accomplished here what I set out to do!

    There are many that would believe the previous statement is about monetary value. This couldn't be farther from the truth. Money makes the world go round but what really makes me feel alive is knowing, it's all on me. I make my schedule, I decide when I should be done for the day, and then when I feel that I have worked hard enough, I work harder. This isn't a joyride. You have to work your butt off to get better every single day or, I promise you, you will get left behind. The pros will always out-weigh the cons in self-employment. I didn't realize this for a while but it struck me last year, around this same time, my father asked me to go out to brunch with my Aunt. I had to turn this down because I was working for a company that I couldn't take off. How is this right? We stress importance of family and spending time with your loved ones, but we never have the opportunity to do this because somebody is controlling us and telling us when and where to go.

    Now, you might think that I had to move to Mexico and still can't spend time with my family or eat brunch with my Father and Aunt, but Poker is a means to an end for me. I don't care about the missed brunches this year, I want to have brunches for the next 10 years. There are many different reasons that make my fellow Poker Players choose to do this for a living, but it all comes back to the simple statement of "freedom". It's a rare thing these days to have freedom to do what you please. If we charged 4 hours of freedom per gallon of gas instead of $4 per gallon, how amazing would this world be?

    I will be embarking on a new adventure to Las Vegas this summer. I can't wait for the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

    "If people aren't laughing at your goals, then your goals are too small".

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    It's only been 3 weeks since I did any blogging, meh. I was in Durant in April and had a less than amazing 0-12 MTT series and about break-even at cash. Hey, cant win them all, but it was a disappointing series. Nevertheless I came back to Tulsa planning to take a couple days off then get back to grinding, but I got a nasty head cold and was completely out of it for two weeks. I don't get sick often, but it seems when I do, I get really sick. So I grinded out a cold watching a bazillion movies and emptying my DVR, and finally got to feeling better. Unluckily we are having some of that odd Oklahoma weather and I am still running into a ton of hot/cold situations so I hope to keep the cold away.

    This last week I have played a few sessions of cash, a freeroll, and a weekly tournament. The freeroll was a bust, the tournament was a bust, but I did have a couple decent cash sessions to make a profit. I will probably be mostly playing some cash trying to increase my WSOP bankroll, but I will be playing the Main event of a series in Siloam Springs this weekend. It's a $350 20k that usually has a decent turnout. Other than that my next couple weeks will mostly be full of cash games and preparation for WSOP. I fly out the 29th and plan on staying for the whole series. I am still ironing out all the details but I am excited for another WSOP.

    I went to the WSOP in 2011 for 32 days and thoroughly enjoyed it. My trip was planned for 2 weeks there, one week back, and then I planned to fly back for the main for a week. Once I was there I couldn't leave with all that action so I changed some flights and stayed. Last year I was forced to miss the WSOP and hated every minute of it. The WSOP is just one of the things a poker player should try not to miss, the action is everywhere and amazing. This year my plan is to go for the whole thing and I hope to have some break out moments.

    Good luck to all the grinders out there and I hope most of you get to experience the WSOP, even if just for a week or a weekend.

    If you are interested in taking poker lessons or would like any information visit http://variance101.com/# or email me at variance101@gmail.com. #TeamVariance101

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    wtf bovada!! is everyone shut out too??

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    This post is to say hello to everyone! I’ve decided to start my own poker blog and this is its very beginning)


    Surely I want to tell you about myself. I’m a 23 years old girl from Minsk, Belarus. Few people abroad

    know about this country but it’s worth being visited because of beautiful nature and kind people.

    I have some hobbies of course and I’ll tell about them in next posts. Right now you can have a look at my

    photo, this is me and one of my tattoos, oh yeah, I like tattoos very much and have some)

    I’m a freelancer so there’s no need to wake up early in the morning, go to office, stay there till 5-6 p.m.,

    watch TV in the evening and the next day repeat it again. Fuck yeah! I do things when I want and when

    I’m able to.

    Me and poker

    For the first time I played poker 3-4 years ago with guys at a party not for money but just for

    matches :trollface: Then I tried an online game and spent some months on Internet playing for virtual

    money. I played all days and nights long it was a great experience! I didn’t tried to upgrade my skills, just

    trusted an intuition.

    I haven’t played for nearly 2 years but some time ago I felt an interest again and a serious thought to

    start playing came to me. Luckily one of my friends offered me a help so now he teaches me many

    different interesting poker things. Frankly speaking a serious part of studying started only some days ago

    and now I can say little about my game.

    I’ll show you my results during 2 days of playing. 3 second places and no the first ones. (Kris Drunk on PokerStars)

    Me and goals for this month

    I hate winter; it’s very hard for me to survive( During last months I was passionately waiting for the spring

    and that was the only thing that kept me alive. And now I’m full of energy and

    wanna do many cool things! I’ve set some goals for April and step by step achieve them!

    1. To change a hairstyle and maybe do some light body modification (tattoo\piercing);

    2. To restart visiting French classes;

    3. To try playing oriental drums!

    4. To begin reading Freudian “Psychoanalysisâ€;

    5. To have more parties with strangers – I’m a bit tired of my so-called friends;

    6. To purchase a new bike! And ride more than in previous years;

    7. To make piece not war) Sometimes I practice volunteering.

    What concerns poker, there’re some objectives either:

    1. Play minimum 200 SNGs with ROI at least 10 %;

    2. To find out with my coach what starts are better to display and how to operate them;

    3. To find out is the SNG Wizard a useful tool for a serious SNG player.

    4. Try to find cool layout to play more comfortable (my coach recommended me)

    5. To play 4 tables simultaneously. Can I? ))

    This is it for today! Thanks for reading – there were so many letters in the text)

    Stay in touch!

    P.s. and my lucky tattoo ))


  9. Latest Entry

    **** The pictures from my blog dont seem to post here on PocketFives, but you can check them out on my blog site: http://www.thebrokenchip.com/author/paul/ *****

    March started off so well that I began getting ahead of myself and was envisioning another $10K month.

    I had come back from Montreal after getting fourth in a tournament for $1500 and continued grinding at my local casino. Since the Montreal trip, I rattled off five consecutive winning sessions and had pushed myself to be up $6500 with only one week left in the month. I wanted to hit $10K for the month so badly to try and recover the lost time/money from February, so I decided to take four days off work during Easter weekend and go back to Montreal looking for some higher stakes action.

    I arrived Thursday night and made my way to the Montreal casino poker room. Although there are many options for poker in Montreal, I like the casino the best simply because you regularly see blackjack/baccarat players passing some time by playing poker, a game they are only familiar with from seeing it on television. Whereas the other card rooms are solely poker rooms and therefore if someone is taking the time to drive specifically to that place, then they are obviously not a beginner.

    Anyways, my first day went alright and I booked a small $600 win in a 2/5NL game. On the Friday, I decided to accomplish one of my goals and take a shot at 5/10NL. I was on the table when it first opened around 6pm and it started out okay. I was able to pick up a few pots by C-betting and semi bluffing, but as the night wore on, the average age at the table decreased and all of a sudden it was clear that the game was filled with online grinders. I should have walked away, but my ego made me stay and try to beat the game. I triple barrel bluffed with A high and got caught on the river after a 3-4 minute tank by my opponent and then lost a flip with AK vs queens all in pre flop. Just like that I was stuck $2800 and decided to call it a night before losing anymore.

    The next day I made my way to Playground Poker club for some more 2/5NL action. They were running a 5/10NL game but after the heavy loss the day before, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to play my A-game at that table. The action at my table was also really good and I was able to get a quick double up when I flopped a set against aces and we got the money in on the turn. We ran the river out three times and I was able to fade the two outer each time and scooped the pot.

    Later on, I got into huge pot but have been debating whether or not I played it correctly or missed value. Effective stacks are roughly $1500. After a few limpers, I raised on the button with 8♦ 10♦ to $25 and two limpers called. We saw a 7♠ 3♣ 9♠ flop and one limper bet $50, the other limper called and I raised to $175 to which both players called. The 6♣ fell on the turn to which the short stack player shoved for his last $150, the other player called and I made it $450. This time, the player gave a pretty long speech about how he knows I have 8-10 but has to call anyways. He put in the extra $300 and instantly checked dark. The river came the 3♦ and the action was left to me. I took two minutes deliberating about what he could have in this situation that I could get value from, but I was worried that he had a set. I checked and the short stack player mucked his missed flush draw, while my other opponent tabled 5♣ 8♣ for a straight with a flush draw on the turn.

    I plan on showing my friends the write up of that hand because I am really not sure if I should have shoved river, but to be honest, I never put him on a gut shot straight draw on the flop. Either way I booked a really nice win that night but still left Montreal on Sunday down for my trip.

    Here is a look at my stack at the end of the night:073

    Here is a look at my goals for March:

    [x] Play 20 hours a week – I finished the month with 90.75 hours played.

    [x] Reduce spending while playing – Only twice did I order food/beers while playing in march (outside of the places that offered free beer/food while playing)

    [x ] Travel somewhere new – First time playing at El Jumelgi and I’ve already booked 10 days in Atlantic City in April from the 5th – 15th so I’ll definitely be playing new places next month.

    [ ] Begin staking other players – Not too many opportunities came up, but when they do, I’ll look to get involved.

    [ ] Reduce spewing at lower limits – I was down $867 playing 1/2NL and 1/2PLO

    [x] Eliminate Gambling – I didn’t play a single hand of blackjack or a single roll of craps!

    [x] Post weekly on The Broken Chip – So far I’ve kept this promise

    [x] Take shots – I played 5/10 but it didn’t end the way I’d hoped.

    Here is my 2013 graph thus far:

    Some stats: In March I played 90.75 hours and needed $256 for hotels/gas expenses. I finished the month with a $4613 profit giving me an hourly of $48.02 after my expenses. However for the year I am only up $5192 with $322 expensed and an hourly of only $27.24. If I’m going to pursue this poker career, I’m really going to need to increase my hourly over the next couple of months.

    Be sure to follow me on Twitter over April as I have a road trip planned to Atlantic City where I’ll be stopping off at Sands Bethlehem, Harrah’s Philadelphia, and Mount Airy Casino on the way and I’ll be tweeting a lot each day.

  10. If you're reading this, and you're not my parents, then chances are you play a lot of poker. Bordering on too much poker, even. Not only do you play a ton, but I'm sure you think about poker a ton as well. Whether it's when driving or showering it's an easy and productive (+ev) thing to think about. But, in sum, you spend a lot of hours on the game both actively (playing), and passively (thinking, or maybe dealing, watching on TV etc). I want to spend this strategy blog discussing something that is both completely unrelated and fully related to strategy of poker - taking breaks.

    Everything that I said hypothetically above definitely applies to myself as much as anyone else. And, as I write this, I have just come off a 10 day break from poker. Now, to be totally honest, I played 1 quick live session in Charles Town, and a couple online tournaments, probably 5-7 hours in sum over those 10 days. But, different from other times in my schedule when I might have just played light volume, I immersed myself back in the real world and spent no time thinking about poker.

    When I say "back in the real world", I mean I spent my days as a semi-normal human being. My activities included hanging out with my parents, hanging out with my old friends (who do not play), and playing tour guide in Maryland and DC to a friend who made the trip with me. I got a little religion (it was Passover), lots of social interaction, saw some art, and even got a little exercise. It was incredibly healthy.

    If as I'm narrating this you're scratching your head wondering why I don't normally do these things, that's probably a really good thing! You are probably still living in the real world, and not in the poker world. But if you're wondering how I'm spending all this time -EV just relaxing essentially, you've been spending too much time in the poker world! It's time to go on a vacation somewhere and disconnect!

    I think like this too. Playing is +EV. But, you can't just play forever in a vacuum. Doesn't matter how good you are or how long you've played. After awhile your game just starts to get a little stale. Your brain just starts to go downhill a little. Usually the answer to some little hitch in your game is to play a bit more and just power through it. But in this case, the problem has kind of been caused by prolonged play, and you've got to step away. Yes, you will theoretically cost yourself a little bit of expected value, but by stepping away you allow your mind/brain to recuperate, and when you return you will be much sharper. And by being much sharper, you will be gigantically +EV in your play. Enough, in my opinion, to easily justify the time away from the table. I know this all sounds silly, but I'm just trying to show, ad nauseum, how +EV breaks can be.

    I also think it's really important to know yourself. Be real with yourself about your personality. If you're like me, and it's going to be tough for you to moderate your "normalness" and big volume poker play then you've got to set time in the future to go spend time with people fully out of poker. It is SO important to keep 1 foot in the real world. Or if when you're taking your break you still feel those thoughts about poker creeping into your life, you haven't gotten far enough away. Go find some culture, or some religion, or some just natural beauty in nature or land terrain.

    I'm starting full time play again on Friday when I go to WSOPC North Carolina. I'm eager to play, and the tournaments, though small, don't feel like a drag. My attitude is positive, and my mind is clear. I feel healthier than I have in awhile. I attribute all of this to my break, and I have no doubt that some sick poker results will come next.

  11. Does anyone know what happened to SixthSense19?? He used to play a lot in Pokerstars and FTP and its been like a year since he hasnt been seen...

    I ask because there is a trash posts/comments in facebook accusing him of multi-accounting

  12. Latest Entry

    It's finally happened. The day I've been waiting for nearly two years has come.

    I just got off the phone with Stars and my account is reactivated. FTP was a bit quicker and required less verification to reactivate. I had 200k FTP points so I converted them to SNG tickets, played 6max turbos and HUsngs and ended up with $1100 after playing them all. Just shipped $850 of it to stars, approved in 15 minutes.

    Pokerstars, you are grand.

    A little background info on this move: My girlfriend of four years has always wanted to get her Masters, naturally I encouraged her when she brought up the idea of going overseas. Then everything just fell into place from there. She found a school in Bournemouth, UK and got accepted. Her loan got approved, and here we are. I flew in on Jan 25, we lived in a sub-par hotel for a week (don't stay at Trouville Hotel if your're in Bournemouth!) until we got an apartment situated. At first everything was slow going, the landlord removed our fridge and washing machine right before we moved in (this one really sucked), the broadband company couldn't get my wifi setup for almost two weeks, we didn't have a bed to sleep on (rigged a floor bed with 4 thick blankets, I know this sounds so ghetto), but after two weeks things are finally getting good. All those problems have been solved, we just need a little more furniture around the place and it'll be nice.

    We flew our 18 month old female Weimaraner named Luna over with us also, which is crazy. That was the most expensive part of the trip with a price tag of $3k. But without her, it was a deal breaker for Whitney (my gf obv). Gotta do what you gotta do. Plus its nice having her here and she likes it, there's a big park nearby that's perfect for her.

    Things are so different here than in the States. It's rare to see a dog on a leash, except in very highly populated public places. At the park, basically no dogs are on leashes except ours since she's insane. But that's cool, dogs roam free and its Canine Country there. You would never see that in the States, someone would call the cops because "there's a dog off of its leash! OMG!" The only place it would be accepted is at a fenced off dog park.

    It was weird getting used to people driving on the wrong side of the road. The other day I saw a five year old in the left front seat of a car as I walked by and for a minute i was like "WTF!" then I realized...he was the passenger.

    Hotel service is just not the same, at least at the Trouville , or as we began to call it "Troll-ville" Hotel. Our first room was a hallway with a closet at the end it seemed like. There was a big leak in the ceiling and it smelled horrendous. The shower head spewed water everywhere and the wifi basically didn't work at all. We complained and got a better room. It was better, but we found a used handkerchief under the pillow, a long black hair in the shower (we're both blond), and breakfast was only available for a 1.5 hour window each morning. We showed up a minute late and were turned away. I had the "Do Not Disturb" sign on my window and Housekeeping still felt the need to knock on my door around 10 am. This was fun because I was in a deep sleep and they woke both Luna and I up, she is very protective and proceeded to bark, and let me tell you her bark is very loud. Thank god we got out of that place.

    Our apartment is in a decent spot, half a mile from a lot of restaurants, many of which are open late which is great. Whitney has made a few friends at school so far and we all went out on the town a couple times the first two weekends. We ended up at a club called "LoLaLo" which is pretty tight. Her Turkish friend Ali apparently has gotten in good with the management there so we were able to skip the line and get access to VIP tables for free which was really sick. Later that night we saw Ali scoping out this girl in the crowd...sure enough he made his move and of course it worked, hes Turkish! The funniest part was that this chic was...as Whitney's friend so eloquently put it- "girthy!" Lets just say she was thick. But these hilarious skinny Asian guys who were in our group were watching them dancing and as Ali went in for the kill one of the was like "Ali! Nooooo!!" as Ali successfully made his move with this chic I saw them making out, Asian dude was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing...best part of the night for sure.

    Bournemouth is right on the Southern Coast of the UK, so the beach is about 1.5 miles from our apartment, which is dope. I love being close to the ocean, I've taken Luna there a few times and ran down the beach with her, doesn't get much better than that. The Ocean air is invigorating, an almost spiritual experience. Maybe this is because I am from land locked Illinois. I'm sure it'll be even better in the summer, as right now is the coldest part of the year here.

    So good times so far here in Bournemouth, UK. Really excited to play a Sunday schedule today on PS and FTP. So stoked to be back in action.

    I'll post some pics too so that I don't have to gtfo. If anyone is around here and wants to grab a pint, holla at me. And if I know you IRL, you better come visit you scrubs.



    At LoLaLo...view from VIP tables:


    Luna had one too many Stellas...





    Whitney and Luna...


    Until next time, good luck at the tables, I'll see you at the online felts my friends.

    - Ninemil

  13. What is the most inexpensive set up that I can purchase through ebay to set up a two monitor set up......thank you!

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    Recent Entries

    I started playing poker for a living around 2009-2010. I always knew how to play ABC poker but never knew what a 3-4 bet was until I was taught better. I was taught the ins and outs of poker. I took every peice of advice I could gather in and turned and tweaked my game that benefited my runs etc. I never thought poker would be a part of my life, but it has. It's sad I live for the game, but it's always been a passion of mine. I went from shit jobs making maybe 1k a month to depsiting 330 on full tilt poker. Made 1,500 first night, took 1,500 and turned into 10k in a week. Quit my job very next day after shipping a nice 30 r for 4-5k. Played full time and had racked up over 50k in wins. Before all this, before poker I was coming off a hard time in my life already considering the friends I had at the time were not the best people to be hanging out with. Went from doing hardcore drugs and doing jail time countless times before I really learned my lesson after going to jail for 3 months for Burglary of Vechiles. I haven't done drugs or committed a crime since 05. I feel content with my life changing for where it is now. I learned that you do have a choice in life no matter what anyone says or what life wants to throw at you. I never once in my life thought I'd ever be given the opporunity to grind poker full time and make the money I did. I have a passion of poker I cannot explain, but life took it's turn on me few months prior to black friday and I went completly broke. Backers at the time took me to Vegas for the 2010 WSOP grind. Did okay, made a few runs, but I knew if I didn't come up over the summer then I would need to get a job. Didn't go go as planned and ended up getting a job. I worked as a call center agent for 18 months. I recenntly was let go, actually the day after x-mass. While I was working this job, I had rediclious runs online/live as well. Was one hand in the red river main event in OKC from changing my life once again, was 21 ppl left and lost with KK to AQ os for 1 mil chips. First was 651k. There has been so many runs I've been close to winning over 6 figure scores, it is very frustrating but I know eventually my time will come because giving up isn't an option. Currently I am living in my apartment with my last month here because I am completly broke, also am not running as good as I wish I could be online. Although 500-1k scores are not bad I am in MU with my current backer and scores like that don't cut it down to make me profit. Waiting out for a few opportunites to arise to possible grind down in Mexcio. Few factors that need to be compromised and I know it will take time until that option is available. So currently just grinding what I can with what I got, will be seilling most of my belongings and be moving to Albama with my parents at the end of this month or mid March, possibly find a part time job, unless a oppournity comes up. It sucks to go from always having a 50-80k bankroll to going bust, not once but several times. So what I am trying to say is if you are out there having a rough time with poker, or life in general...things do better no matter what as long as you have the right mind set and the strive to continue to work hard and never give up. My poker names, also my motto in life has been Never Lose Focus. It has always stuck with me even with my times have been great and also when they've been like what I am going thru. Life has taken me down crazy path's, but I know in the end myself and you if you are having a difficult time just take a breathe because everyday is a new day and anything can happen. We all make mistakes in life and we all have hard times but hopefully this inspires anyone out there because honestly...I am broke, hardly have any money in my account, don't get to do what I want to do, don't have the luxury to even go out and see a movie with my friends or have a drink or two, but I am alive and I am full of potential and so are you. Never Lose Focus guys...

    Thanks for taking the time to read this blog.


  14. Latest Entry

    I have an addictive personality. The other day I was online reading some articles and I found this one written by this woman, who claims she is addicted to food. Crazy! It makes perfect sense. When feeling down a lot of people use all sorts of things to take their mind off their lives and their troubles. Food can taste so good it does make me feel better. I love salt, sugar, and anything fried. It satisfies you and fills you up. Now, who wouldn't want to be satisfied and fulfilled in life? I hope we all are someday.

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    I have been trolling around the poker community for quite sometime now. I'm currently on a break from The Grind! figure i take a moment and refresh myself from the exhausting grind.

    I finally get what blogging really does for a grinder: formulating ideas, venting, documenting, and relaxation. Thus, i decided to make one myself :) It has been a week since i have decided to be come a full-time sng grinder. As I expected from reading numerous grinders' blogs, NOT EZ!!! the ups and downs. bad beat after bad beat. On the upside, i have triple my BR since my first initial deposit. however, the work doesn't stop there. There has been alot of changes on merge network as for rack-backs to VIP program. But, I will not let it distract me. " work with what you have, not work with what you wish you have" - i believe Donald H. Rumsfeld quoted that during the early days of Iraqi war. In other words, I have dream of being able to register on pokerstars and fulltilt and play again, just to see the prize pool would make me happy. Unfortunately, thats not the case for small time grinders that are still living the great ole U.S. of A. anyways, so much thing to say but i gotta wrap this up. call it a day for blogging! lol

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    I have been grinding away on Lock poker in the US for the past month and a half now. I solely have been playing the 80 cent hyper turbo 6-max SNG with the goal of moving up from the bottom once I acquire the right amount of bankroll. I have since ran up my bankroll to the point where I can now move up in stakes which is the $1.50 games. Here now lies the problem. Where there was a constant amount of people playing the 80 cent games in the $1.50 games there isn't.

    I think in the last hour and a half that I've been watching the games not one $1.50 games has ran. I would've liked to have continued to play the hyper turbo 6-max SNGs but I think it would be a great waste of time just waiting for a game to come up. So although I had a path set for myself in my poker career to move up in stakes in the 6-max hyper turbos I have to change that path. I almost have a feeling of failure since I just started on my goal and a month and a half later I have to change my goal completely. I know in the end that I'm making the right decision but now have to come up with an alternative path for my poker career.

    I have to go where the people are and it seems that there are a lot of people playing HU. Now it wasn't my first choice to play HU but if I want to play poker I have to be willing to play the games that everyone else is playing. I know that playing HU comes with a lot more variance but I'm willing to cope with that since the HU games have people playing at almost all levels.

    Thanks for reading everyone and happy grinding.

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    on jan. 2nd I invested my last dollar in a 88c sat. for the big $4.40 on pokerstars . 10 hours later I cashed $2135 for 5th place after a deal on the f.t. YEEHA.

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    Heres the thing - like most people on this site, I would consider myself a good poker player. I have always beaten my home games and done well in small stakes live tourneys. The one thing that has been missing is consistently winning and playing well.

    There are 2 massive things I have learnt which seem so obvious you will probably gag just reading them....but I think it is important for me to state it.

    The fisrt biggest change for me this year has been learning that to play well at poker for 30 hours a week (whether it is MTT's, SnG's or Cash), you cannot be working 40/50hours per week somewhere else. Luckily I have been given an oportunity to travel for a few years with a different project I am involved in, and my free time can be dedicated to playing, studying and reviewing poker.

    This is fundamental to my relative success this year.

    The second biggest thing for me to completely grasp is bankroll managment.

    While I have grasped it, I recently set aside $3k as freeroll buy into any level tourney cash. I blew it in less than a week. For someone who's average buy in is $30, that is a hectic amount of tourneys to fail in when I have an average return of of almost 15% on my investment in any poker game.

    But you see, I bought into $200 turbos, $100 turbo rebuys, $100 SnG's and MTT's from $30 up to $162.

    Mentaly I decided that I could afford to risk the $3k in a very aggresive manner. And while I suffered badly at the hands of variance, it is not unusual to see such a quick disappearance of $3k when you are playing mid to high stakes games.

    So the conclusion is that your bank roll needs to be managed with an understanding that 100 buy ins can easily evaporate. Factor in tilt, variance, tiredness and good old fashioned horrendously bad play, and there is not a lot of room for success!!

    If you are starting out the year and are reading this then you are in a good place. Pocket fives and Deuces Cracked are the places where I have learnt some great lessons this last year.

    Next stop for me is San Francisco where I will be renewing my love of the live game.

    Bring it on

  15. Thought i would make another blog as things are going so well at the minute..

    I am still on a ridic heater i am onto my 15th continuous winning session, and on Sunday i binked the $221r1a for $11k while also making deep runs in the bigger 109, 54 turbo and coming 3rd in a $26 12.5k gtd on ftp for about $2.2k. Sunday was awesome probably my 2nd best Sunday and i hope there is more to come like that! and am currently $32k up this month or something, absolutely crazy!

    I feel i am playing super well at the minute as well as running good, i have managed to pay of all my makeup which was alot! and now am able to withdraw a nice bit of profit for myself so everyone is happy and as you can see i am playing higher stakes Rlog has put me on up to 55's, 11's and 8rx2's i feel totally comfortable at this level and know i can crush it so bring on the next few weeks see how it goes.

    I have withdrawn my profit from sunday and will be putting it in a seperate account so when i have saved enough money i would like to take a break from my job and give poker a go. I think it would be hard as i have been through the hard times but i know it can be very rewarding but lets see how the next few months goes. I wont be getting ahead of myself anyway.

    Hopefully my heater will spread across to my friends who play aswell (mcandrews) so they can start running good :P

    To end it massive congrats to Geraldo for coming 5th in the FTOPS main for $140k, He played so well and crushed them all wp sir.


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