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    this is my first ept which i qualified for on ps.es and will posting here each day of what happens mainly so i can look back and bring memories another time

    , but i hope some of u enjoy reading it ,

    i am so tired from traveling all day and managed to get late reg into a small buyin tourney to start things off and settle down b4 the main event to get my eye in and relax was A 300 BUYIN 2 DAY EVENT im sitting around 4th / 5th in chips with 144k average is around 65 so in good shape about 60 left 40 pay and for 1st is 26k so here is to hoping that tommorow i run as good as today

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    Ive been playing and grinding with little results. I was looking for books that help an online player. If you have any recomendations I would truly appreciate.

    I wold also like to know about getting a coach. Would it be worth while to do so??

    Thanks for any help


  1. original: bchampman.blogspot.ca

    My beginning..

    I started playing poker in August 2010, exactly 2 years and 2 months ago. I had just gotten my first IPhone (3GS) and was all gung-ho about getting as many apps as possible. For some reason, I thought getting a poker app was completely necessary as it was something cool to do while sitting out in doctor's offices or on long trips etc. I had never played poker, nor knew the rules, so I'm not sure exactly why, but I downloaded it, and all of a sudden I was loading it up every chance I got.

    I learned the rules quickly and started to play it constantly, a few weeks later I downloaded Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker to my computer where I played play money and freerolls. At the time there was a freeroll promotion called the Lamborghini Freeroll on Stars. I placed in the top 18 out of 10k runners in one to get my 2nd round ticket, and was blown away that I had navigated such a huge field.

    The next one I played, and finished top 2000 out of 20k, getting my finals ticket and earning $20, my first poker profit ever haha.

    In the finals I made top 1k of 20k+ and cashed out another $40. At this point I thought I was a natural poker player of course. I can't even recall how well I must have run to place in those 3 mtts when I literally played nothing else but play money cash games along with it. Needles to say I took my money to 25nl and 50nl cash games and soon it enough, it was all gone.

    At this point, I had come across one of my best friends playing play money on Stars. We will call him Bubbles. Bubbles had quite a lot of play money and had been playing the games for awhile. He told me how him and his dad used to watch the high stakes pros back in the day on Stars. That's when we started our home games, and invited our buddies to get together and play. We used to play in St. Kitts and get loaded every wednesday night while having a 1 table sit n go where we all started with 800bbs and the blinds virtually never went up, yet the game only lasted an hour or two at best. Truly the good old days!

    January 2011, I turned 19, and this meant it was time to step my game up and go play $1/$2 at Casino Niagara. I didn't go initially until early Feb, when Bubbles turned 19 as well. I took about $50 off him and finished up $125 after my QQ cracked his AA and my AA sunk his QQ within 20 hands. It was bitter sweet haha.

    Somewhere around march 2011, I made my first and only real money deposit to this date. I put $30 on Full Tilt and played HUSNGs as well as other random 1 table tournaments. I couldn't find a game that I liked enough to stick with, and eventually I lost it all. (Save $2.15 which I discovered recently when FTP reopened last month, its now $18 hehe)

    April 15th came along, Black Friday, and Bubbles and I were sitting in Casino Niagara for a 200nl session. A few other young guys were talking about the big sites being down. I always wondered if they were any good or had a reason to be actually worried about the sites going down. At the time I didn't, I wasn't an internet kid yet, just a live casual player, no matter how good I thought I was! Not long after this, Bubbles and I found a free league sponsored by WPT. They had amateur leagues across North America and we found one in our own backyard. There were times when we went 5 nights a week consistantly.

    They played a hyper turbo set up, with 12-15 minute blinds, 200/100 starting level and a 10k starting stack. It was extremely fun and a good way to get used to the game, and all I can say about the people we played with is that we made quite a lot of friends, mostly in their 40s-60s, local working men and women who simply loved to come out and drink a few beers, and play and talk poker all night.

    Between january to July 2011, I was working in a greenhouse full time to save for school. In December 2010, I had dropped out of school at York University, and had moved back home. During those months I would work, then go to league nights, then went out and partied with my friends on the weekends. That was my life for 6 months and I could not complain. Working made life simple as my time became limited, but very easy to manage without homework.

    At this point, I messed around online, playing freerolls and play money while consistantly going to league nights. This went on for several months until August 2011. I quit my job, having been accepted to College for Media Design at Fanshawe College, and planned to take August off to start working out (I had been inactive for a long time, sort of because a skiing accident that ripped cartilage in my chest, sort of because I was lazy as shit). Over the past few months, I had worked up a small bankroll on Poker Stars using Part Time Poker and playing small SNG stakes.

    In August, I had a lot of time, so I started going to Casino Niagara to play 200NL about 2-3 times a week. I could tell that I was better than most of the players, and started recognizing regs and how people played, although I had never really worked on my own game. Fortunately, by the end of August I was up around $700, which I kept for beer money going into college haha.

    I started taking up SNGs on Poker Stars, planning on working up a bankroll through the turbo 45 mans. I gained a backer in a guy named Trevor, Who was a fairly good MTT and SNG grinder. I can truly say I learned a lot from him, and tried my best but I was too new to the game of grinding to understand what I needed to do to become a successful poker player. Around january, I had worked up my staking agreement with Trevor to focus on the 4.5 180 man reg speed SNGs. Unfortunately, I did not run very well and could not catch a win. I ended up 75$ down by the end of the stake as I had to rebuild through the 1.5 and 2.5 90 mans, which I had taken to previously and had a very high ROI in. We decided to dissolve the contract, as he was no longer coming online to coach me, and I felt I simply needed a coach to continue to improve my game.

    Although I technically still owe him $75 to this day (I have yet to see him online since February 2011), I had luckily binked a $350 cash by coming 4th in the Big $2.2 on stars, my first MTT final table so when all was done and chopped, I had made him and I both a small profit, which he told me to use to build a bankroll. Even though I finished in good standing, I technically owe him $75, and I will one day go out of my way to track him down and send it to him haha, but mostly because I owe him for the hours of coaching and the faith and belief he had in me to succeed.

    From there I went to a new staking deal, where I would play the 4.5$ and below SNGs and micro MTTs. I won't go too much into detail about this stake, but the group of guys were great, the backer was, for the most part detached and in the dark from the group, and the coach that was hired to run it was less than qualified. I got some good experience in but I was no where near good enough to compete at higher than the 2.5 90 mans I was playing.

    Now I'll be brutally honest about this, I have always been afraid of losing money, digging a hole for myself, and not fully understanding poker helped that feeling in way possible, so I did everything I could to avoid it. But we all know losing is synonymous with poker, and I had a hard run between February 2011 and roughly April 2011. The backer I was with and I agreed to freeze the stake for 2 weeks so I could worry about Finals for Media Design at Fanshawe College (my first year there was one of the best years of my life by the way). At the time, I was down 300$ on the stake, but still had $10 left of my own money to play with while I was on break from the stake and between exams. the other $90 I had withdrawn to buy Battlefield 3 with (one of the best FPS games of all time to date I'd say). I played a few SNGs and found myself with $6.75 when I decided to try something new.

    Zoom had just been released on Poker Stars, and I had a few chances over time to play micro cash for fun, including zoom. I threw my last $6 into zoom 2nl 6max and played aggressive because I assumed everyone would be folding everything but aces. Although this wasn't true, I somehow happened across a strategy that really worked. I 3bet a lot and cbet and didn't give anyone a chance to to get the better of me, I ran like god and value towned everyone in sight. After 3 days of 4 tabling 2nl zoom at 1.4k hands/hour I was up to $52 in 22,000 hands. From there, my MTT days were over. The backer did not want to stake for cash unfortunately, but as I was so lost in SNGs/MTTs, I felt like I had finally found a way to improve myself and make it in poker, once again, thinking that I was good, which was still far from true haha. To this day I still am not sure why, but when we mutually dissolved the SNG stake, he cleared my MU completely. I wish I could thank that backer and shake his hand, though I can no longer remember his name. Long story short, I was very close to quitting poker for good, in debt or not, but he gave me a second chance to find my own way, and that's exactly what I did.

    This brings us to May 2011, when I returned home for the summer to work and further my cash game prowess haha. With $52 on stars and a sweet cash game graph, I started looking for a stake. I came across a couple potential ones, but settled with a guy named Andrew. He was backing in correlation with a group called C-Biscuit poker staking, which had as skype group of over 100 people and a very active chat full of coaches, stakers, stakees and all around good poker players. I started off on merge with a good rakeback deal playing 4nl 6max. This was a whole new beginning for me, the group felt like home, and I was excited start crushing the world of cash games!

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    Since my first blogpost I've been running fine. Coming in 2nd in the $10,20 Hyper HU for about $1K. But I find it difficult to handle the beats sometimes. This is mostly because I'm using very agressive BRM right now. Today I had a okish day money-wise. But it should/could have been much better. Lost a major coinflip at the FT of the $33 6max Turbo. flopping a set with 55 on x5xsss flop against AsQx. Then came in 6th in the $11 6K and 8th in the $16,50 8max. So I cant rly complain that much, but I've been at the last 3 tables of 1K+ fields 6 times today and havent made the last 3 once.

    My last MTT was rly tilting for me. I played quite well if I say so. And this supernova from Poland was just randomly pushing btns. I have him crushed and still he sucks out.

    PokerStars Hand #89194857994: Tournament #641134921, $8.00+$0.80 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXIV (6000/12000) - 2012/11/13 21:53:48 CET [2012/11/13 15:53:48 ET]

    Table '641134921 69' 9-max Seat #9 is the button

    Seat 2: Raaadzio91 (206925 in chips)

    Seat 3: Djwibi (283760 in chips)

    Seat 4: Xandurrrr (428253 in chips)

    Seat 5: bulthaup (123776 in chips)

    Seat 6: UnKnwn2U (122220 in chips)

    Seat 7: pentaxWP (316194 in chips)

    Seat 8: eamonn2009 (287587 in chips)

    Seat 9: vrodrguez1 (693565 in chips)

    Raaadzio91: posts the ante 1200

    Djwibi: posts the ante 1200

    Xandurrrr: posts the ante 1200

    bulthaup: posts the ante 1200

    UnKnwn2U: posts the ante 1200

    pentaxWP: posts the ante 1200

    eamonn2009: posts the ante 1200

    vrodrguez1: posts the ante 1200

    Raaadzio91: posts small blind 6000

    Djwibi: posts big blind 12000

    *** HOLE CARDS ***

    Dealt to Djwibi [Tc Ac]

    Xandurrrr: folds

    bulthaup: folds

    UnKnwn2U: folds

    pentaxWP: folds

    eamonn2009: raises 12000 to 24000

    vrodrguez1: folds

    Raaadzio91: raises 181725 to 205725 and is all-in

    Djwibi: raises 76835 to 282560 and is all-in

    eamonn2009: folds

    Uncalled bet (76835) returned to Djwibi

    *** FLOP *** [8h 8s 6c]

    *** TURN *** [8h 8s 6c] [5d]

    *** RIVER *** [8h 8s 6c 5d] [9d]

    Djwibi said, "omg"

    *** SHOW DOWN ***

    Raaadzio91: shows [6d Ah] (two pair, Eights and Sixes)

    Djwibi: shows [Tc Ac] (a pair of Eights)

    Raaadzio91 collected 445050 from pot

    I honestly dont know how to deal with these kind of beats. I was talking to some guys on sngmentors.com to get some staking. They decided not to take me in because my stats on PS are negative. It made me think. If I win this hand and I end up winning the MTT I have a positive ROI. Because I loose an 80/20 in the endstage im a losing player.

    Poker is strange

  2. I am a nit. No matter what I do, I am a nit when I play poker.

    This is one story, where being a nit was good for my game.

    My most memorable poker game was not a game in which I won a lot. In fact, I ended up losing my stack at the end of the session.

    It was my first time I sat down at a 2/5 cash game during my first poker trip to Vegas.

    Prior to that game, I had started out online. I had read a few poker books, and ventured to local home and low stakes cash games, where I had been reasonably successful playing ABC poker.

    This week in Vegas was a whole different story, though. I had sat down at a bunch of 1/2 or 1/3 tables, where I had played a while but it had always ended in the same way: my Aces or Kings were cracked by some guy who called with J7 suited or 67 off who hit top pair and then kept calling until he hit his second pair on the river. The pattern I noticed was that no matter how much I bet preflop in a 1/2 game, I got at least 4 callers. I started with $100. When I got a premium pair or AK, AQ, I started betting 10 - got 6 callers and a huge pot preflop with at least one caller on my subsequent all in on the flop. Moved to 15, got 5 callers. Moved to 20, and got 4 callers. I NEVER got a preflop fold unless I went all in when I won 3 or 4 bucks.

    Frustrated by this, I decided to see if I would get fewer callers at a 2/5 game. I went to a relatively full table at Caesars. There I started with $300. Most of the other guys at the table had thousands in their stacks. My 25 opening bets, or 2X reraises were better respected, though again I never got a preflop "take it". There, I would get invariably get two or three callers. Flop luck was with me, and I got a lot of folds with my continuation bets. I built up my stack to about $450 when I noticed I would usually only get one caller. Then, I started noticing a pattern: My post flop bet NEVER took down a pot. No matter what the context of the flop (all high cards, all low cards, etc.), my opponent would never fold on the flop. If he was out of position, he would bet at me on the turn, and if he was in position, he would fold or re-raise me on the turn.

    If I had a hand that I thought was ahead, I went all in. If I thought I was behind, I folded. My stack went up and down, as my all ins were rarely called. When they were, I won, doubling up and chopping a couple.

    Here's where the game got memorable: Several times, when I opened, I ended up with the same 2 callers. Or one of them raised, I called, and the second one called behind me. These two guys had played a number of big hands together, and were swapping big chips. When I was in the hand, they tended to focus on me, but were still interested in each other. Neither of them would do anything on the flop, until I acted. If they were ahead of me, they would check. If they were behind me, and I bet, they would call. If one called, the other would call. If I checked, and one was behind me, he would raise. What I noticed was that if the guy in bad position called, he would stare at ME first. If he folded, he stared at me too. I tried to give off no info, and then call, raise or fold accordingly.

    I realized that, even though those guys had huge chips compared to me, I was "running the table" when I was in the hand with two big stacks. They would not act until they knew how I would act. Heads up, they could take me on directly, but when two big stacks were in the hand with me, they had to worry about the other guy as well. Effectively, I drove the action despite being the small stack.

    This is not to say it was smooth sailing. I had to fold QQ to a raise when a K was on the board - I am not sure I would have folded if I had AK. It turns out that one of the two guys had a set and he was really annoyed I folded.

    It was fun! I could use my nittiness to my advantage. I was able to mix in a few squeeze plays and build up my stack a bit. I got in way over my head with Aces and actually was able to fold to a non-obvious straight - again annoying the big stack. I would get to see what the other guy had because the 3rd guy would almost always call.

    I learned a lot about position, bluffing, etc. watching those guys that day.

    As I said at the start, I did actually lose my stack in the end when a different guy (not one of the big stacks) called my AK raise with Q5 suited, flopped two hearts when the AK hearts came, and then called my all in. Oh well, even the 2/5 game has idiots.

  3. I was playing in a $1 Deepstack game. It was starting to get late in the tournament. The blinds we're up to 2000/1000. My pocket Kings lost too Ace 6 crippled me down to 1200 chips. I was under the gun next hand, then getting hit with the blinds. UTG hand was a throw away, my blig blind came Ace Jack. I am already all in. Flop comes A J 6 rainbow turn and river cards nad no effect I take the pot. Up to 5k now. Next hand I get Big Slcik in small blind, when it gets to my turn I shove. Needless to say I won the hand and never looked back. I won that tourny and won 70 bucks.

  4. My first considerable live mulitple table tournament entry was at the Atlantis in Reno Nevada for the World Poker Tour Regional Series also know as the Western Poker Challenge. The months leading up to it I had bank rolled about 3k in live cash games and had another $500 staking package from HWP. There wasn't another place on the globe where I would of rather been when I first sat down at the Saturday $240. The tournament had a large field that swung along the terrace that overlooks the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. I had no expectations and felt aloof and determined. I wasn't completely present but in a haze of disbelief combined with statistics and probabilities. The words of Caro, Brunson, Sklansky, Patten, Sexton, and Greenstein filling my head with ideas I couldn't remember. I was certain the people sitting around the table would know more and see right through me, this wasn't the case.

    I barely watched the average stack numbers or the player count and most times when a table broke I had no idea it was coming. They were slowly moving tables around and closer to the escalator and then back towards the banquet rooms. I felt like a good dog being led blindly towards the final three tables. After six hours I looked up and realized consciously that I had been keeping with the field beautifully. I was above average stack by 30 bbs and the money bubble was looming along with a final table that had nine empty seats and hats on each seat. I wanted that hat almost as much as the money. I had seen a couple guys wearing them from the previous days' tournaments and had inquired about how to buy one. "You have to win it" I was told. I felt determined.

    Guys that I had let bluff me for hours were now short enough for my stack to call. It was gratifying to send them squirming toward the exit. My idea was that I would be eaten alive with superior card playing, but that was just fear. I would agonize over large perentages of my stack to call an all in and when I finally did call they would show down something so pathetic it would surprise me. When we got down to eighteen players the heat really started to escalate. About this time the deck started hitting me in the face. I had 5 hands in a row that were kk, ak, qq, 99, 1010 and an unexpected thing happened. I knew I had to play them but had never considered a scenario where good hands would hit me one after the other. I was terrified and actually begged the dealer to start dealing me horrible cards. Everyone was laughing because of the irony of a poker player asking for bad cards. I was quite vocal and serious with my complaints and was adament that she deal me cards I could easily fold. I had been quite vocal during the entire tournament once I had gotten comfortable. I found that when people were listening to me they would miss pertinent information. I became the sit down comedian. The problem was after I opened three hands straight with large bets the rest of the table was thinking "This guys full of it". I had never been that active the entire tournament. It didn't matter what the others were assuming because I was showing monster holdings! So the sixth and seventh hands after the streak ended I just kept raising like I was on an inferno run of great cards, which I was, minus the last two! By then they believed I was telling the truth anyhow. I won seven hands in a row and had busted two of the fifteen left to get to thirteen players left. More importantly I had enough chips that I knew I would get my beloved final table hat.

    Final table was a romantic tragedy of epic proportions. I was getting steam rolled by seasoned live players and at the time I didn't have the moxie to go for it. That's different now. When we were down to five players left the chip leader (Michael (CA) Cooper) was tired and he said he would even chop for everyone. One 22 year old kid didn't want to. We all have heard this kind of story before? On the next hand "Baby No Chop" pulls a three barrel all in stack bluff that would have been a perfect play if only Heather Landey hadn't hit one of her two outs on the river! He went out fifth and made $125 profit, almost a $2,000 difference. I later talked to him in the pit and he was full of justification and resentment. He never once blamed himself.

    We were down to 4 left and one guy was clearly an underdog and I envisioned him as an Amway salesman that somehow lucked his way there. I actually called him Mr. Amway at one point and he asked me "How did you know that". I argued we give him $400 less and chop up over 2k each. Everyone was fine with it except Mr. Amway who was offended but seemingly agreed with my perception. He was feeling the heat too. I told him that he was probably a Ruby level distributor anyway and that he should consider the $400 pennance for all the poor people he had taken advantage of over the years. I don't know if he thought it was funny, but he said "This kid drives a hard bargain" and acknowledged that he would give an extra $100 from his portion to each of the other four.

    I had the time of my life at that tournament and I couldn't wait to share the news with my friend Jeff Shuman. He had listened and encouraged me on every break, had talked me down from panic on more than one occasion, and had validated my skills deep into the night by waking up to take my phone calls. It was significant for my life at the time and a validatiion I might be able to play higher level poker. I went on to get a second place finish the day after that and couldn't of imagined a greater experience or excitement level doing anything else. Of course I called mom right away for validation and gave her the good news, and cried like a baby. She also said to me, "You called me after your bad beat at the One Drop Satellite crying, and you call me when you win crying." We both laughed at that. What can I say it's an emotional game and holding those emotions in for fourteen hours isn't healthy.

    Aloha a hui hou kakou!

    - Ken Horrell aka Quenched

  5. I have to keep music on or I'll probably go insane right now.

    I do not know if I am right about anything, but I enjoy writing. It seems to go much faster when I write about something I actually think about, something I can actually pick my teeth with.

    I read a book once describing a central problem with consistent growth in humans. We harness the Earth for natural resources. We can only increase our production by one ace to two acres to three acres. However, when we increase as people, we usually have more than one child. We go 1,2,4,8,16,32,64. You cannot actually use a total acre at times. Many of the world's acres are already occupied. Depending on what we consume the yield of units of whatever we're pursuing might not be that large. We're left with increasing the yield through science, but we cannot just double the acres we want.

    I have not seen this video in years but I if I remember correctly it pretty accurately explains all of this.


    It seems the problem with sustaining a nation is how many people you must care for who cannot take care of themselves. Mental illness seems to increase in packed populations and with the advent of chemical solutions for our lack of resources, in our bleached drinking water and in our artificially enlarged and preserved food stuffs. With a lack of resources and awareness we cannot meet the demand our increasing population puts on us. Politicians are given four years to initiate fixes that may take fifty.

    No one wants to touch the topic that decreasing the number of people we have to support may allow us to focus more acutely on those that are here. Note: I did not suggest abortion. There seems to be a large number of people who take real offense with the issue. I'd say the most logical way to approach the problem is abortions become illegal, but birth control should be provided for free to the populace. Pro-Lifers have to concede not creating life would be a way to prevent the ultimate choice of ever taking one in the womb. Pro-Choicers will have to concede abortions except for incidences of rape and health to the mother.

    When I suggest this the Republican camp tells me people need to be responsible and pay for their own birth control, damnit. Apparently they have a responsibility to their bodies and they are their own to manage - until they consider an abortion.

    This makes no sense to me.

    I don't agree with Republicans or Democrats. I believe both camps are hilariously polarized due to the two party system and it ruins it for all of us. I simply am stating what makes no sense to me.

    When I asked a Romney supporter I greatly respect why he was supporting him he brought up that Obama is going to be picking Supreme Court justices. These justices, he believes, will legalize gay marriages, which will sanctify a betrayal to what is a true marriage.

    I am really really tired of hearing about gay marriage as an issue. I think this is so far beyond what we actually need to be focusing on. I'm not saying Christians don't have a point, nor do gays not deserve rights. Can we please just call it a civil union, give gays all the rights of a true married couple, and be done with it? Christians don't want to give up the meaning of the word, let them keep it. Gays do not want to be left in the cold without benefits when their partner passes. Lend them a coat man, allow them to have those benefits. And can we all stop talking about this and pot, I'm so bored with it.

    He also said this entitlement mentality needed to stop in America. I've lived with and known many people who haven't had jobs for years, and I think welfare assisted in that. I would like people to have to be working some kind of job in order to receive benefits, or show some evidence they are looking for a job. However, there is a deficit. This Earth can naturally support one billion people, by many estimates. We have seven times that. We produce most of what we consume with non-renewable resources.


    I was genuinely interested when this caring man, this man has given literally tens of years of his life to those who owed nothing to him, said this. A God-fearing man he quoted,

    For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." - 2 Thessalonians 3:10

    I agree, people need to help themselves, and you will not reap any benefits of this life if you do not put in your full effort, but some people need help.

    27 ¶ But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,

    28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.

    29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also.

    30 Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.

    31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

    —Luke 6:27–31 KJV

    That's a quote of Jesus talking by the way. You know, the big guy in Christianity. I'm very confused when conservatives take this "people will not prosper unless they're put to the test" rule. It seems pretty clear we need to help those who may use us.

    I think we can come to a compromise that those on this Earth must be assisted, but we can admit this is a costly endeavor to undertake, and people have a right to be less than thrilled about footing the bill.

    I would wish we could make this effort to lower the number of people who require critical assistance. This way we could lower the costs for conservatives and allow the liberals to have a more tightly-controlled population to assist.

    What solutions could there be? Some radio talk show hosts have suggested this one, and I think it's valid: Offer people incentives to sterilize themselves. Perhaps those on welfare could only continue to receive it if they took their birth control. If they sterilized themselves, they could be paid to do so. Less abortions and fewer mouths to feed through welfare.

    A friend of mine who is a genius and is a liberal suggested no 20-something should make a decision that could effect them at 35. They don't know if their 35-year-old self will regret that decision. This does not make sense to me. These same liberals argue for a woman's right to choose whether they abort or not because their body is their right. Surely, most women who take that decision feel some remorse and hormonal drag, but that is their chosen consequences. It is their body. If you disagree that incentive-driven sterilization is immoral than the right to alcohol or cannabis consumption, abortion, sex changes, and tattoos should be illegal. You're not prepared for them in your 20's. You might regret those choices in your 30's.

    I also thought of a licensing program for people to have kids. I'm hardly original in this concept, but I think this idea has been batted down for a reason. Other than being Orwellian it would also be horribly difficult to enforce. I just find it funny you need a permit to catch a trout in the streams of the Earth you were born to, but need no legal documentation to create a human life.

    I really feel as if in the next 30 years we are going to see many countries take on forms of population control through incentive-driven sterilization programs. I think we should accept the reality before it becomes a necessary and desperate fix for a growing problem. I fear we'll continue to bicker about pot legalization and which holy book we read until a time of intense difficulty arises. Only when we are starving more than ever before will we fully understand the foolishness of spending billions on the exchanging figureheads ritual every four years.

    The real problem is right there. We just need to talk about it.

    My Plugs: Check out my vids at Pocketfives Training, contact me for lessons at assassinatocoaching@gmail.com, see other stuff I write with my friends at http://www.pokerheadrush.com, and follow my Twitter at TheAssassinato

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    BOVADA Poker Beijing, China. USD $20.00 transaction bet w/ transaction fee's of .75 cents, Int'l 0.17 cents. I do not recommend.

  6. Latest Entry

    I am currently in Huntington NY, flew back from Mexico Tuesday, last session I played was on Sunday, ran pretty deep in 3 majors but couldn't finish em out. My lease in Mexico ran up end of October, and I am moving to a house on the golf course down there. Im pretty pumped to live on a golf course, and work on my game. Just the chipping/putting aspect of golf is an area i rarely ever practice so it will be nice focus on getting better. I played Bethpage Black yesterday and barely got the round due to shorten days and slow ass japanese tourists playing in front of us. But the course was in sick shape as usual and playing as difficult as i can remember. Had my driver working but that was really it. Had a ridiculous shot from like 240 out on a par 5 from the rough that i stuck to 20 ft. Too bad i duffed my 2nd shot 20 yard :(

    Been reflecting recently on my poker career and shit did I try to do this for a living way to soon. I was unprepared for the mental toll this game can inflict on people. Everything up to this point as obviously made me stronger, but the saying is so fuckin true, if i could know what i know now, life woulda been so much easier. I am more of a trial and error/fall on my face and get up kinda guy i guess. Just dealing with downswings/being prepared for them, balancing life outside of poker is something i knew nothing about when i started and probably would have been very usefull to me to undestand that. I def struggle with the balance sometimes and living in another country doesnt really help the cause. Thank AMURICA.

    So Im driving from NY-mexico next monday. Should be an adventure for sure. My plan is to leave monday and hopefully get there on saturday. Sunday is the double major day on stars and then full tilt will be back up. Pretty pumped for all of that.



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    Hi.....i am from Bosnia And herzegovina.....

    Decide to start writte blog because of that i think when i writte i will play on other way and blog will motivate me...

    I play poker 2 years ,,,bust couple of times....deposite just 20-30$ each time.....play without bankroll and bust....

    At this time i will start from 10$....i will deposite for 4days....when i got my salary....

    I will play ss strategy nl2....and some 0.25$ 45man sng.....

    and will start myy challenge tonight....

    gl on the tables

  7. The staking stable had obviously been immediately canceled. I had a good % of my wealth on poker sites at this point, but luckily got my PS money. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking at this time, I understood it completely sucked, but I don't think I truly realized that poker as a source of my income was more or less not an option anymore. My first thoughts all went towards my summer plans, the WSOP. I had intended on renting a house in Vegas for close to three months, playing upwards of $30k-40k in tournaments across WSOP, venetian, and caesar's, however having money locked up online, losing the upcoming months of income, and not being able to sell percentages of action for PS or FTP transfers completely changed the whole plan. Instead of 30k in tournaments, I was playing 7k. Instead of 3 months, I was in Vegas for 3 weeks.

    Between Black Friday and the WSOP I didn't do too much, played live 1/2 and 1/3 and lost between 1-1.5k in the month following black friday. I had a lot of adjustments to make from my online tournament game to live cash games, but really didn't focus on improving cash games quite yet, as I was still focused for my tournament schedule. Vegas was a lot of fun, I stayed with garrr210 and chazley both really cool guys. I played mostly venetians, and only one WSOP event, the $1500 saturday NL event. Prior to the WSOP i hadn't cashed anything, a couple of deep runs but they all fizzled out. I ran pretty well in the WSOP event, and had the most amazing table draw with the average age at the table being right around 40. I chipped up early and cruised to day two.

    Day two did not go nearly as smooth, with trouble even getting there. The restart was later in the afternoon, so I slept in a bit, then headed out of the hotel (Harrah's) rocking my cubs hat, and white hoodie to head next door to Oshea's to pick up Subway for lunch later. Oshea's had 5$ footlongs while the Subway on the other side was like 7$, random but I was being frugal. Anyway, as Im in line at Subway I am next to order and order my subway club on italian herbs and cheese when I get tapped on the shoulder. I turn around, and it is a guy in a suit accompanied by 9 security guards in bright yellow shirts. I'm a little taken aback by this and not even sure what is happening. But they begin questioning me, where I'm coming from etc, asking for my ID and room key. I am complying fully having no idea what the hell is going on, until I finally interrupt his questioning and ask what exactly is it they are asking me all this for. He said he couldn't give details, but there was a complaint last night at Harrah's and I match the description. I proceed to ask what time they said a time that I knew I was at the Rio still playing day 1 of the WSOP. So i tell them I'll do whatever, I just want to get it over ASAP to make it to the RIO in time for the restart, and asked if I could still get my sandwich. The guy in the suit said absolutely not. I persist, saying I already ordered it and don't want to screw them, and to his dismay he let me. (I turn around after this whole conversation to see the whole entire subway staff of about 4 people all standing as close to me as they can watching everything that is happening). So i get my sandwich, and get escorted down the strip by 9 security guards, although they kept persisting I wasn't arrested. By the time we made it to Harrah's it was just me, the guy in the suit, and one security officer. I guess they realized my 5'10 170 build wasn't quite intimidating enough and the rest broke away. They walk me to the middle of the casino floor, I take off my hat, stand there for a minute until they get radio'd in it wasn't me.

    They immediately go into their apology routine, they told me there was someone playing black jack the night before who threatened a cocktail waitress he was going to come back the next day and kill her. I cut their story short telling them I need to make it to the Rio for the restart. In hind sight I could have probably complained and gotten something comped, but this was the last thought on my mind at the time. The main thought was how in the world they would stop me when I look like the most generic person in the world. Average height, build, wearing a baseball hat and a hoodie... but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, I make it to the Rio with about 15 minutes to spare just to find out they pushed back the tournament an hour because of the number of tables still in the Sunday noon event. I then went on to bust about two before the money, AK vs AK < AQ. On the safest xxxx board until the river Q. Probably the most heart breaking runout in my poker career, but I salvaged a couple of cashes the rest of my trip. Cashed the venetian nightly twice, 3rd for $2k and 13th for $400. Not the success I was looking for but not going 0-fer was definitely a plus.

    Coming home from Vegas was the beginning of a transition for me. I enrolled for graduate school to get my MBA, and began looking for jobs. I still played live cash and some online but the success just wasn't there. Online I went through a few backers for tournaments on Merge and more recently Lock. The motivation to study and work at poker had completely diminished. The time put in grinding was minimal, poker had become a chore. And with that my results suffered, I haven't won a tournament in close to a year. And more importantly, I don't want to play poker for a living anymore. I don't want to rely on poker results to pay bills, luxories or anything. I miss enjoying poker and continuing to play how I have been is killing it for me.

    I think a lot of people may be able to relate, poker was a temporary solution for income and a transition from college to the real world. Coming out of college I wasn't ready for a full time job. I was ready to learn more about myself and live my life a little bit. Poker allowed me to do that, it gave me freedoms I never would have had if I immediately got a full time job. It provided me with a sense of accomplishment. Looking back on my plans from college, I never thought poker would be a solution past the summer of 2009. And here I am, 2012 and still stuck with this poker job. Prior to Black Friday I was happy with poker, and success in poker, I really wasn't looking forward to a career after, more dreading it. The past year has changed all of that. I want a full-time job more than anything right now. I want to earn a living working for a reputable company, and possibly play poker on the side as a hobby or supplemental income. I am more driven to be successful in other areas of my life, and I believe this drive was only able to be present with poker being completely dead to me.

    When I was my most successful playing poker, why would I want to work a full time job? Why would I want to work for a company when I could work for myself? That is how I felt, my motivation was non-existent. I really wasn't considering the long gap in my resume as much as I should have been, because somewhere in the back of my mind I wanted to push back "real-life" indefinitely. I wanted to live in this period between college and work, making money working for myself and having fun. In a sick way I think black friday helped me. Without it happening I'm not sure I would ever have felt the drive I need to move on in other aspects of my life, and if I did it would have been many years down the road.

    Mentally I have still thought of poker as my source of income until the past few weeks. I have been losing online, and rarely grinding live. Even without results or practically any income the past few months, I have considered myself still earning a living through poker, not unemployed.. However now I'm considering myself completely unemployed. Luckily I have backers for both so was able to continue playing. Without this backing I would have quit a long time ago. However, I just haven't put up the results for my backers, and I'm in quite a bit of makeup online and live. I'm really ready for something new, finding a job has been really tough so far, and in combination with no success lately with poker has made me feel very helpless. But the root of all of my bad feelings rests simply in my feelings toward poker. It isn't the game I loved anymore, it is a chore I dread and an obligation I feel I must do. Now my primary poker goals are to get out of makeup with my backers, and take a long sabatical away from the game.

    Poker was a fun chapter in my life, but it is now coming to a close. And I am more happy about it than I ever thought I would be.

  8. BINK!

    just chip chopped 3 ways in the 500 at Grand Sierra for 9kish. My biggest ever score live or online. Grinded a 10 BB stack and came back from a 5bb stack most the time. Final Chip counts: me:180k guy1: 400k guy2: 600kish so it was a real good chop. i ran good winning the 3 flips but I played the FT with no showdowns and just picked good shove/reshove spots with a 10-15 BB stack. LETS GO!

    hard work pays off keep grinding guys GL

  9. I am very disappointed in the way I played the tournaments last night as both situations that knocked me out were played based on my knowledge of poker not based on my theory. The hardest part about this entire process is training myself to stop playing poker because that is what gets you in trouble with this flaw in the software. When it seems to be weird to be playing the hand a certain way you have to just believe that it works and not go against it.

    I will try again tonight, but for the most of the situations the theory worked, I need to continue to just play those situations, but the hard part is getting there, these situations dont always come up during the times of the tournament when I really need it to.

  10. Looking to improve my game somewhat this year and in situations where I sometimes struggle....I play FR by the way. Unfortunately in online no limit Texas hold’em then you will be forced to play many more marginal situations than you otherwise may feel comfortable with. For example let us look at a hand example taken from $1-$2 full ring no limit hold’em to show what I mean. It is folded around to you in middle position and you have the Kc-Js.

    Now you have to decide what to do. You have five players left to speak after you which are the button, cut-off, hijack and the two blinds. Now in online no limit hold’em there are some hands that can be played in a multitude of ways. It is not wrong to either call with this hand, raise with it or fold with it. However when you play against better opponents in online poker then you need to change your poker strategy to allow for the fact that your opponents will be watching you more closely.

    So I would look to maybe raise and fold in fairly equal measure. The sort of play that I don’t like in this situation is limping because in online no limit Texas hold’em then an open limp is basically telling your opponents that you do not have a strong hand. So I much prefer raising or folding in this position because limping can allow your opponents to take a shot against you by raising from position.

    Limping is not necessarily a bad play but you can often place yourself into many difficult situations post flop in online poker simply because your opponents have position over you. If you limp with the K-J then you must do so anticipating that someone will attack your limp with position over you. So in order to make the play viable then you need to play a little poker post flop and especially calling down your opponent’s continuation bets and possible second barrels more often.

    If you don’t feel comfortable playing post flop when out of position then raising or folding is the better option and so I would either make it $7 or I would fold. But in online poker then you will get many marginal situations like this but at least if you open raise then you will force many marginal hands or weak hands to make a decision for more money than they may feel comfortable with.

    Let us say that you raise to $7 with K-J and you get called by the button and the pot becomes $17 with the flop coming 9c-5c-2d. Many players say that you should always c-bet into your single opponent who has shown no strength so far. However to always do anything in online poker is very poor poker strategy and especially against observant opponents.

    I would balance my c-bets with boards that could have hit my range and so boards like A-9-8 would be better than 9-5-2 as would say Q-9-4. If the flop looks like it has missed my range or much of my range then the combination of that and the fact that my opponent has position over me means that a check is not a bad poker strategy in no limit Texas hold’em poker.

    Carl Sampson plays online poker at 888poker.com

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    Basically, I'm trying to accomplish 5k by Christmas playing tournaments and sit n gos under $11. I recognise this is going to be difficult but i felt as if my game was suffering as a result of me not having any set goals. I have good understanding a knowledge of the game and have had online and live success previously.

    In a nut shell I have a small bankroll ($500) and due to finacial restraints I cant afford to put more money on. So for once in my life I have to impliment bankroll management haha.

    I normally don't play extrememly low stakes so any helpful information other than 'Everyones shit at these stakes' would be much appreciated.

    I will update this blog after each session or as soon after as possible and hopefully all goes well and I have a nice juicy bankroll by Christmas :)


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    For all the player that are currently playing on Felt Stars, please be aware its a shady site. Cashing out money is impossible in that site. I have been trying to get my money out of there for close to two month now and its still pending approval.

    Please dont deposit in that site take it from me, its the worst site ever for cash outs.

    Wasted too much of my time on that site.

  11. Hello I come just to clarify an issue on Marroca5:

    I responzable I sell myself on the subject of Marroca5 From when I try a scammer or hacker, I do not think that was the way but I sincerely miss having my Disulpa ask and I can only say that this player was made ​​responzable of Some of My Dollars , I wish you the best of luck to this player and again my apologies.

    When Tien and make a mistake to assume it and I'm man enough to take the erros and this is already clear.

    Atte greets Felipe Quiroz Palavecinos


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    i have played on pokerstars for 5 years and when i went to log on last week they said my account had been shut down.I had been accused of switching my ip adress and playing poker in the usa in sept ant oct of 2012 .now i send them a email saying if i had a time machine ike u i woudnt be finding guy that lay 10 cent pker games cheeting in the future .and they send me back if i dont send them all my banking info all my id and my first born they are shuting down my account .so i tells them to go fuck them selfs to keep the hundred dolers like i am giveing my bank info to free a hunderd dollers and all my pesonal id .i mean theese guys are fucked .i say prove i was there playing 10 cent per games they obvisly can not do it so i guess i am the ashole again just warrning all you out there of what they are cappable of and they wont prove you were there its up to you to prove you were not there . if i went for a vaccation to the usa i hope i wouldnt be playing 10 cent poker games .so poker stars go fuck your selfs ope you get it ilke full tilt you scamming mother fuckers !!!!!!!

  12. Whats up everyone. I recently left Miami, Florida to Visit Family in Venezuela and decided to get my online account with Pokerstars unlocked so i can play while im here. Well, it wasnt as easy as i thought. I atleast have family here and got ways to get around but for someone coming from USA to relocate and play i can see how it can be a nightmare. First of all Pokerstars doesnt even help you or answer anything until your in the Country where you are relocating, secondly third world countries are not like USA where there is Wifi practically anywhere you go, so you have to be prepared for crappy internet connections which mostly consist of a pen drive type of aircard that tilts the F$%& out of you since depending of where you are the connection can be horrible.

    I contacted Pokerstars and i began with submitting documents like bank account statements, letter from the bank, country issued ID, utility bill under my aunts name (luckily we share the same last name)....acquiring all these documents isnt very hard but can be very teadious...waiting in long lines since its like the only bank in a 20 mile radious, language barrier and transportation....then comes the waiting game, after you submit everything you pretty much sit and wait until Stars accepts it or asks for more proof which is were things can get frustrating. In alot of third world countries the ease of faxing / scanning / connecting to internet isnt that easy also depending on where you are. After several emails back and forth letting them know that these documents are what i can get and what was given to me, finally i got it all accepted and then you have a phone interview which 2-3 days later you can start playing online again.

    The feeling of being able to log on and start registering was worth all the hassle. I played with what i had in the account which wasnt much and still went through a mine field in a $3 1R 1A which i shoulda won but got 5th.....after i finished playing the first day , i couldnt wait to register and start playing some more.

    i highly suggest you research the country you plan on going too and also look up forums for poker leagues or clubs, casinos where you can meet players to buy chips off online, since in some of these countries depositing can be a mission, not to mention the exchange rate will be horrible as well..... Good luck to everyone.....Unless your in a hand with me....lolGLGLGL

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    I haven't had many good days this year but things look like they're finally beginning to turn. Up 300 at 1-2 within an hour after trapping with aces and other small hands.

    Friday after work I came down to borgata with $550 and have about $1250 at the moment after paying off $200 to a friend and room expenses.

    The action has been pretty good all week due to Independence Day. I'm feeling better than I've felt in a long time and it's beginning to show. With a short bankroll I have to lock up my wins and hop around tables. Most people would say, then don't even play at all if you're not properly rolled. Although I agree, the fact that my current income from work is so low is forcing me to resolve to other alternatives. Going back to feeling good, that's the number one key to this whole process. No matter how much you're rolled if you're not playing completely clear minded and unemotional then you're handicapping yourself just as much as if you're under rolled. Confidence is the key to this whole thing.

    Hopefully will wrap up this trip with a nice 2-5 win to keep it going. Will be keeping updates for my own personal records, sorry in advance if this gets boring. Looking forward to getting my game + roll up to a 5-10 comfort level. Will be tough given my current financial situation, still owe a lot to other friends. The reason why I'm not where I want to be is a combination of previous mental setbacks and associating with -ev people. There's no one to blame but myself but I'm looking at moving forward and getting to the top. We're not getting any younger right?

  13. Since my cash I have been doing a few mtt's each day about 30 in total. I'm not quite sure how to categorize it but I've not cashed one. I've bubbled cashing by 10 places or less in about a dozen events. I decided im not interested in playing to cash I want to play to win. Since if i bust out with a small cash I make $2-3 profit for 2-3hrs of work. Each time i busted though I've had a great stack atleast double the average im just getting caught in situations that imply my opponents to call with the worst hand and catch.

    A couple of examples..

    I have JJ flop came JQQ I raise it they flat call, turn came as a T I move allin they call with QK and river a King.

    I had AK flop came AK3 I check, they bet big (committing themselves) I call they show 45 and catch a 2.

    That's pretty much all i've had this past 2 days, I know it will just require patience to overcome and it wont "keep" happening much longer but its driving me a bit insane. Today I ended up just saying screw it and logged of poker for the better part of the day (11am sat back down at 11pm :p) I just got that annoyed I didn't want to throw away my br.

    I've gone through the entire MicroMillions setup and unfortunately theirs only a few events feasable for me due to timezone and kids etc. I'll be participating in 9 events over the course including the Main Event. Now a few of these events are outside of br management such as $11 and $22 buyins but theres alot of $1-2 so just kind of balancing it that way. Besides these events are designed for people to have a crack and see how it goes.

    I'll be limiting myself to about 5 mtt's a day this month as I want to focus primarily on studying but I'm hoping I can pull in another ship since i'll be doing the 1k max entrants tournaments which is a fairly comfortable field size for me and the timeframe they take much more conducive to my home-life than a 10k entrant tourny.

    Going to wrap up here as im playing in a $4.40 4-max 1,000cap $1k gtd theres only 217 left and I just took another sick beat to put me down to 2/3 avg stack and I hate when that happens. Scratch that just bust out KK vs 77 lol Anyway time for sleep!

  14. Event #9 is at 13 players and winding down. Notables remaining are Amanda Musimeci, Brain Rast, Greg Mueller and Stephen (sizzlin betta) Reynolds.

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    Hi im martin and im 25 ive in bucks ,I have been playing poker for around 3/4 years casually but recently i have been looking to get into it a lot more as im currently out of work so i have more time.

    I enjoy Mtts mostly and I have had a few Mtt cashes over the years my biggest being for $8000 on FTP and one for $7000 on stars but at the time i had to cash them out as i had to get a car and pay bills all the usual malarky! so i couldnt ever keep the money for my bankroll so i could play bigger games which i have always aimed to do.

    I havent had much joy in MTTs lately as i tend to hit the money but go out before final table and the big money or i go just before bubble which can get very frustrating time and time again but i guess it could be worse!!!

    I decided to play a spot of cash over on partypoker recently and have had moderate success at 50/1 nl hold em as the graph shows, its only a small sample as only just started tracking my cash play.

    I tried my hand at PLO but i always seem to get my money in good but get crushed by ppl chasing a flush/ straight etc etc !!! so going to take a step back from that and learn the game a bit more before i lose all my money!!!

    I like to play live when i can only in small local games however i aim to play some bigger events later this year or next year maybe the UKIPT! and maybe just maybe one day i could make the WSOP! i did once get to final table on FTP where top 2 won a package and i busted in 6th was so gutted!!!!

    Decided to start the blog for myself really to track how im doing as its good to note it down and if you decide to follow great i will update as often as possible.

    Also any local players on here know of any good places to play please get in touch as im always inrested in a good live game tourney or cash.

    cool take care and il get back to my game and hopefully crush it!!!(can always hope!)

  15. I just came back from a quick but exciting trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. Last Monday, I was speaking with Adam and Cal from PocketFives about meeting up with them on Friday since they were in Dublin for a convention. We were all excited about meeting up, since even though I have been helping out with the site for a couple of years, due to geographical restraints, we did not have an opportunity to meet face to face.

    Thursday night was the P5s open. As I won the previous one I played on bwin, I felt it was important to try to defend my P5s Open title on WPT Poker. While I failed this time around, it was a good time as always. I also helped out sorting out who would be collecting the prizes and wound up staying up all night since I had to catch a taxi from Vilnius to Kaunas at 3am. 3am comes around, I am apparantly in the wrong meeting point for the Taxi to pick me up, but he came by to where I was anyway and drove me 90 minutes for about 10 euros to Kaunas. I had to fly on Ryanair, which although is a good airline if wanting to fly cheap, it also means you need to fly light and you also have announcements every 10 minutes trying to sell you something or tell you something else irrelevant and results in no sleep on the plane. I call it the flying yellow school bus that treats you like school children. I arrive to Dublin slightly early and cruise through the immigration lines, and had enough time to meet Adam and Cal at their hotel. Originally we were going to meet at the train station since our plan was to go to Belfast for the day. It was great to meet them, we then caught our train from Dublin to Belfast and of course we had to play some poker on the way with a mini poker set that Pokerstars provided to them during the conference. Obviously since I was the only active poker player, I lost my chips before the 2 of them and we had fun talking about PocketFives and life in general during the 2 1/2 hour train ride. I thought I was hustled until I remembered we were playing for play chips. ;)

    We arrive to Belfast in the early afternoon, check out when the buses are leaving to come back to Dublin and set off on our adventure in Belfast. We walked around a bit in the downtown area, and there you can't tell there was any remnants of the civil war that ended over 10 years ago. We stopped off at a pub, but quickly left when it didn't seem like the food would be that great. We then walked a bit further, and wound up at a restaurant that served great pita sandwiches and wound up later on at a coffee shop after that. After we left the coffee shop, my face turned white since I realized I no longer had my passport with me. At this point, it was over a full day without any sleep, so my brain wasn't functioning at 100% capacity. My biggest worry was that I lost it on the street or train. We retraced our steps first to the coffee shop, no luck there, and then were walking to where the restaurant was. On the way to the restaurant we passed the pub where we dropped in for 5 seconds, and as luck would have it, I left it there and the bartender had it behind the bar. We stopped in for our first Guinness of the day to celebrate, and for more good vibes to come. We then ask what the best way to get a tour around Belfast was, and were told it would be via a black cab. We bump into a nice lady sitting in a black Mercedes and for some reason we thought she was maybe giving tours. She was obviously just waiting in the car for her husband, but it seems like many people are connected with many other people in Belfast as it turns out her husband was one of the guys that owned cabs and would find a good tour guide for us. He selected well, and we got along well with our driver. He showed us many a few things about Belfast, and here we got to see the strife that occurred between the Prodestants and Catholics in the country's civil war. While you might not see any problems in the center of town, the rest of Belfast was divided between these 2 groups and some small violence still occurs today. We also saw some sites like where the Titanic was built, Parliment, and some political murals. We asked the driver whether we would be able to make it to the northern tip or Northern Ireland and back in time to catch our train, since Cal read up on the Giant's Causeway. He agreed we would and we agreed upon a reasonable price and set forth further on our journey.

    We had about a 2 hour ride seeing alot of the countryside of Northern Ireland. Here the driver told us a bit more about his country and we also chatted amongst ourselves. We got up near where the Giant's Causeway and walked around near the beach, saw some remnants of where an ancient castle was, and then got back into the cab to go to where the Giant's Causeway was. We get there a little late, but Northern Ireland is light out late this time of year. While Cal and Adam drop into the bathroom, I drop into a bar for a quick Guinness before we set on a small hike down to where the Giant's Causeway was. It is completely amazing to walk down, and then see the ocean coming in at the north. It is absolutely beautiful down there as well, and we were all in awe.



    We spend about an hour touring the Causeway area and then get back into our cab concerned about our time restraints. We found a quick place to get some food, and the driver was cool about us eating it on the way. We head back to Belfast, and when we arrive we realize we have some time to spare, so Cal heads over to the Casino to play a little roulette while Adam and I hit a pub near the bus stations to put down 1 or 2 before our trip back to Dublin. We met some 'interesting' people there, and then had to catch our bus back. I think I slept for an hour on the bus, and after about 43 hours of no sleep, it was probably very needed. We were talking about going out to the Temple Bar area (popular night time area full of energy) before we hit the bus after we got back, but as our bus pulls in at 1:30am, I didn't have much left in me, so we headed back to the hotel and called it a night. Adam and Cal had a flight to catch the next day, and I knew I would have a few days to still see Dublin. It was not a bad way to spend a Friday and will be a trip I will always remember.

    Part 2 will include my time in Dublin with a few poker players and friends.


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