A good Backer. And how I fail at poker.

By: AFink93
Published: Mar 16th, 2010
Thanks to the wonderful internet I was given the opportunity to get backed at a level of poker I wouldn normally never be able to play.. And there are always horror stories about backing and backers.. I would like to say the only horror story here is the horse. I wont give the persons name who backed me unless he wants to comment but he contacted me and we had a deal to play 12/180's. He allowed me to view some HH's of his he viewed some HH's of mine. Basically gave me the tools to suceed.. And I cant do it. Im pretty much a failure at all aspects of life. And this is no different. I win a couple. And its pretty much non stop bullshit after that.. 100 buy in downswing? Twice in 300 games? CMON.. Its bullshit. Doesnt matter what I do.. Get my money in good.. Lose.. Get my money in bad.. Lose.. Flip? lose..

Im sorry I dont take losing very well. You would think I would considering I do it all the time so I should be used to it. But I cant. When you lose 100 games in a row.. You dont see any light at the end of the tunnel.. All you see is your BR go from 2200 to 1200 and you realize that your not going to win ever again and your going to lose all the money.

But in short this is to thank the person who actually took a shot on me and Im sorry I failed and ruined whatever good reputation I have in poker.. Which is fine. I deserve it anyway.. Most likely going to close my accounts.


    1. o man.

      its not how u start its how u finish...

      man up
    2. reputation ruined over a thousand dollar downswing!?

      and doubt your backer was "taking a shot" backing someone in a 12 abi.
    3. Dude...You will grind thru this again....You and I have both been at the top and bottom of this before...Power of positive thinking can get you through...YOU just have to believe it one time sir...GL with life and hit me up if you need anything...
    4. check out "cash plays" podcast this week with the mindset coach, it's really awesome and being as competitive as I am I can see it in your blog. He talks about what things effect us and how, I think it will give you the insight to search for some minor changes to your game (during the downswing) that you hadn't seen before. If you have PT3 check your aggression stats at various points\w various hands, I found that over all I play the same aggression level but push wrong hands harder and some hands less in an inverse to what I normally do when I play well. This makes it nearly impossible to extract value properly, just a thought from my personal nightmares :)

      Don't give up, its never over until you quite. I've been reading your posts for a long while now, You have what it takes, go find it again.
    5. this cant be serious
    6. honestly this is a pretty big whine....man up and keep playing
    7. Listen man, first off if he's a serious backer he knows the sample size it takes to see results regarding volume, if your HH's reveal your playing well then keep making correct decisions and fuck results. You sound like your getting way to emotional about this game which=lack of understanding that this is a "long term" game, I suggest reading Zen and the art of poker, it really gives perspective on where u need to be emotionally in ur approach to the game, i beleive it would transform your game to be honest. It's important to not get to high with the high's and to low with the lows, shit will work out. Nice tunes BTW.
    8. ehhhhh tbh maybe u should just quit. poker is super tough to deal with on a everyday basis and after all these posts u gotta be honest with urself and realize that maybe ur not cut out for it. just because u didnt make a million in poker doesnt mean it was a waste of time but we only got 1 life to live and it sounds like poker makes u a miserable person so u should spend ur time doing other things.
    9. You're too emo AFink.
    10. sexy playlist
    11. I have never talked to you Afink, but I have always rooted for you because you seem like a nice guy. I agree with jalman, poker is just too painful for you. From your posts I can tell you know what you are talking about enough to be able to beat $12/180's. I'm sure you have run bad in your 100 Buyin downswings, but I'm also sure that your extremely negative attitude has played a big role in your losing as well. You seem to take losing harder then anyone and the golden age of online poker is over anyways, so why keep beating your head against the wall. I think you should ban your accounts for awhile and if you feel like playing poker hopefully you live by a casino so you can play some NL or even better try to start a home game with friends. GL in whatever you decide to do.
    12. Afink, dont give up!
    13. Just keep playing them drop limits if your byin is to low. Take some time off ban your account for a week, come back and play poker.
    14. Grow up and when you do, come back to poker with a new mindset. I don't know u but seen you around and your always complaining. Figure it out and quit making posts for sympathy. Thats a start. Were all rooting for you man, take this constructive criticism from everyone.
    15. haha. Std afink post. Wish you luck, but with your attitude you have no chance. A few good players like jalman and cal have echo d what i've always said. GL in future endeavors
    16. i agree w/pinishe........man up and get back on that horse. don't EVER let yourself play a hand where you weren't totally sure what to do and NOT run the HH by a better player

      if you make that a policy there's no way you won't improve immensely
    17. too much negativity. find a new hobby that gives you peace and makes you happy. Find something that is attainable if you put work into it, with no variance to get in your way. It doesnt seem like your mentality is one of a poker player.

      good luck
    18. You cry more then anyone on this site about how bad your luck is sack up already
    19. sux to have 2 100 bi down swings in a row but not as uncommon as you think. get some positive attitude tapes or mental coaching. just another part of the game to learn to accept and deal with. make sure and balance your life outside poker. sleep, eat, exercise etc...

      *slaps ass, get back out there son!
    20. Wow, been on these boards for 3 or 4 years now, and don't think I can name a member more negative than you.

      Good luck in the future, but I don't think you have the attitude it takes to become a winning player.
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