By: Assassinato
Published: Feb 22nd, 2012
I haven't been playing much lately. I had a pretty meh Saturday where I played a full schedule. Guess it had to happen sometime. I was having two weeks there where every day my backers and I had to keep redoing chop reports, because I kept just running amazing. Now, I strung together two losing sessions, about time. Sunday I didn't even play.

My girlfriend had a performance she'd been working on for months, and I'd feel real lame missing that. She's an awesome girlfriend for a poker player, always coming over to my house on Sundays to make sure I actually cooked something for myself. She helps me take care of a lot of things that would be difficult for me in Costa Rica, due to my subpar Spanish. She's always looking to help me achieve my professional goals. So, even though she told me she'd be fine with me playing Sunday, I didn't feel that great anyway, and I figured it was a good time to not grind half-assed and instead go support her. It turned out to be a good time.

Monday I took care of some lessons and some other things I've just been putting off. My girlfriend came over and called a dozen or so houses I looked up on a Costa Rican classifieds site. Thank God for that. I'm sure I'd navigate around the gringo prices but I feel so awkward speaking in Spanish on the phone. Guess I'll have to get used to it eventually.

Today I'm going to an appointment then checking out a possible new house. Hopefully I'll be home in time to play a small session with the Super Tuesday. Tomorrow I got meetings and then hopefully a full Wednesday Stars session. Thursday and Friday I'm going to try to fit a lot of lessons I've been putting off in and a lot of viewings of homes around here. If you have a lesson outstanding with me or you want to get a new one, hit me up at and we'll try to book something during those times.

I'm also uploading a bunch of videos I shot of me playing on Sunday, a month or two back. I cut down the number of tables and tried to talk through all the interesting hands. If nothing else it should be a valuable tool for a lot of poker players, just to look over a professional's shoulder as he grinds through a Sunday. I hope the audio and everything turned out okay. Now that I think of it I should probably notify Pocketfives Training I uploaded those.

Still going to finish my WCOOP series, just kind of lost motivation for a while there. I think it's a great HH for review because I put myself in so many weird spots, and just having to work through those spots teaches you a lot about poker. It annoys me watching however because I really played subpar and did some call downs that are just terrible, and it's annoying to watch yourself not play your best in one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

I called a few of the electronics specialists in Costa Rica, seeing if I could get my world domination poker rig set up for a little cheaper. It's not looking like they have what I need. I'm probably going to end up ordering everything through Amazon and paying my first born in import taxes. It's that or I have to wait till the next time I'm in the states to pick everything up. How much I would save on electronics it's almost worth a quick jaunt to LA, but with time lost it ends up being way more expensive. If anybody's coming to San Jose from the states and wants to make a couple hundred for picking up some things, and then taking a taxi here to my place, hit me up. I'll obviously pay whatever overweight baggage fees you'll incur. Since I don't trust people you'd have to buy the things yourself and then have me pay you back here in cash, plus your fee, but you know I'm trustable :)

I'm real excited to have the money to set myself up a little more. I had a lot of good times in this mountain home, got a lot done and undid a lot of damage from Black Friday, and I'm sad to leave it. It was relaxed here, very good for the nerves. It'll be nice to go to a different place.

I'm really looking forward to making the new office. Right now, my one monitor, it's just a mess when I try to run three sites. I've been real appreciative for the Stars grind, but I'm looking forward to expanding. I've never really taken online poker this seriously. I was kind of out of it my whole career. Poker was just always how I made money, it was just what I did. The last couple years, as my half-assed approach to the game finally started meeting its deserved result, I finally started getting into studying, spending a lot of time teaching, working on other business ventures.

When I work out now in the mornings I don't even listen to music anymore. There's just so much to plan and develop, so much going on now, so much to think about. I'm real grateful just to be that into my job now.

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