People Are The Problem

By: Assassinato
Published: Nov 4th, 2012
I have to keep music on or I'll probably go insane right now.

I do not know if I am right about anything, but I enjoy writing. It seems to go much faster when I write about something I actually think about, something I can actually pick my teeth with.

I read a book once describing a central problem with consistent growth in humans. We harness the Earth for natural resources. We can only increase our production by one ace to two acres to three acres. However, when we increase as people, we usually have more than one child. We go 1,2,4,8,16,32,64. You cannot actually use a total acre at times. Many of the world's acres are already occupied. Depending on what we consume the yield of units of whatever we're pursuing might not be that large. We're left with increasing the yield through science, but we cannot just double the acres we want.

I have not seen this video in years but I if I remember correctly it pretty accurately explains all of this.

It seems the problem with sustaining a nation is how many people you must care for who cannot take care of themselves. Mental illness seems to increase in packed populations and with the advent of chemical solutions for our lack of resources, in our bleached drinking water and in our artificially enlarged and preserved food stuffs. With a lack of resources and awareness we cannot meet the demand our increasing population puts on us. Politicians are given four years to initiate fixes that may take fifty.

No one wants to touch the topic that decreasing the number of people we have to support may allow us to focus more acutely on those that are here. Note: I did not suggest abortion. There seems to be a large number of people who take real offense with the issue. I'd say the most logical way to approach the problem is abortions become illegal, but birth control should be provided for free to the populace. Pro-Lifers have to concede not creating life would be a way to prevent the ultimate choice of ever taking one in the womb. Pro-Choicers will have to concede abortions except for incidences of rape and health to the mother.

When I suggest this the Republican camp tells me people need to be responsible and pay for their own birth control, damnit. Apparently they have a responsibility to their bodies and they are their own to manage - until they consider an abortion.

This makes no sense to me.

I don't agree with Republicans or Democrats. I believe both camps are hilariously polarized due to the two party system and it ruins it for all of us. I simply am stating what makes no sense to me.

When I asked a Romney supporter I greatly respect why he was supporting him he brought up that Obama is going to be picking Supreme Court justices. These justices, he believes, will legalize gay marriages, which will sanctify a betrayal to what is a true marriage.

I am really really tired of hearing about gay marriage as an issue. I think this is so far beyond what we actually need to be focusing on. I'm not saying Christians don't have a point, nor do gays not deserve rights. Can we please just call it a civil union, give gays all the rights of a true married couple, and be done with it? Christians don't want to give up the meaning of the word, let them keep it. Gays do not want to be left in the cold without benefits when their partner passes. Lend them a coat man, allow them to have those benefits. And can we all stop talking about this and pot, I'm so bored with it.

He also said this entitlement mentality needed to stop in America. I've lived with and known many people who haven't had jobs for years, and I think welfare assisted in that. I would like people to have to be working some kind of job in order to receive benefits, or show some evidence they are looking for a job. However, there is a deficit. This Earth can naturally support one billion people, by many estimates. We have seven times that. We produce most of what we consume with non-renewable resources.

I was genuinely interested when this caring man, this man has given literally tens of years of his life to those who owed nothing to him, said this. A God-fearing man he quoted,

For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." - 2 Thessalonians 3:10

I agree, people need to help themselves, and you will not reap any benefits of this life if you do not put in your full effort, but some people need help.

27 ¶ But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you,
28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you.
29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not to take thy coat also.
30 Give to every man that asketh of thee; and of him that taketh away thy goods ask them not again.
31 And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

—Luke 6:27–31 KJV

That's a quote of Jesus talking by the way. You know, the big guy in Christianity. I'm very confused when conservatives take this "people will not prosper unless they're put to the test" rule. It seems pretty clear we need to help those who may use us.

I think we can come to a compromise that those on this Earth must be assisted, but we can admit this is a costly endeavor to undertake, and people have a right to be less than thrilled about footing the bill.

I would wish we could make this effort to lower the number of people who require critical assistance. This way we could lower the costs for conservatives and allow the liberals to have a more tightly-controlled population to assist.

What solutions could there be? Some radio talk show hosts have suggested this one, and I think it's valid: Offer people incentives to sterilize themselves. Perhaps those on welfare could only continue to receive it if they took their birth control. If they sterilized themselves, they could be paid to do so. Less abortions and fewer mouths to feed through welfare.

A friend of mine who is a genius and is a liberal suggested no 20-something should make a decision that could effect them at 35. They don't know if their 35-year-old self will regret that decision. This does not make sense to me. These same liberals argue for a woman's right to choose whether they abort or not because their body is their right. Surely, most women who take that decision feel some remorse and hormonal drag, but that is their chosen consequences. It is their body. If you disagree that incentive-driven sterilization is immoral than the right to alcohol or cannabis consumption, abortion, sex changes, and tattoos should be illegal. You're not prepared for them in your 20's. You might regret those choices in your 30's.

I also thought of a licensing program for people to have kids. I'm hardly original in this concept, but I think this idea has been batted down for a reason. Other than being Orwellian it would also be horribly difficult to enforce. I just find it funny you need a permit to catch a trout in the streams of the Earth you were born to, but need no legal documentation to create a human life.

I really feel as if in the next 30 years we are going to see many countries take on forms of population control through incentive-driven sterilization programs. I think we should accept the reality before it becomes a necessary and desperate fix for a growing problem. I fear we'll continue to bicker about pot legalization and which holy book we read until a time of intense difficulty arises. Only when we are starving more than ever before will we fully understand the foolishness of spending billions on the exchanging figureheads ritual every four years.

The real problem is right there. We just need to talk about it.

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    1. good read as always man. keep it up. I've thought about this myself from time to time. It's kind of a strange feeling because i sometimes feel like i'm here to spread my seed you know. However, it sometimes feels like: "what's wrong with me if don't make any babies in my lifetime" - would the earth gain from that or just the opposite?.
    2. Comin out of left field here....I think im a older advance model of you? I think our, "thinkstreams" in general are alike...The first line of this hooked me in!!!...That line is, like, a key bro..Literally and metaphorically..For me its cartoons..sometimes a special smoke and cartoons!!!
      Please keep THOSE things at the ready bro at all times..Minds like ours, capable of thinking, globally?, or, "with accurate perceptions" of most things, can be too much at times!! and negative life much stuff can be picked apart many free range civilized bi-peds running around shittin up systems, infrastructures, and social arenas..
      In these latter days, Im 41, I find myself conciously selecting my inputs..ya know, what im gonna be hearing, seeing, thinking etc etc...focusing on the easiest, funnest, least stressfull things..i guess..I mean, theres a bunch of stuff bro...
      I think our next level of existance, will be like the movie "demolition man"...and how it presents the soon future..what do you think about that comment?

      Oh, and 2 the last poster, NO !, you are not here to spread your seed, in case you didnt really know for sure!!lol
    3. As a conservative and a christian I agree with you wholeheartedly on the civil unions issue. I think at some point when churches realize they can't win on the gay marriage issue they may even push this angle. It will be years though. They can win on this issue until after our parents pass away then they can't win on it any more unless there is huge growth. I also can't imagine Christ would be wasting massive amount of time and resources on this issue.
    4. some thoughtful observations here, but you have to remember that people are incredibly creative and resourceful. water, for instance, is not really limited - freshwater is. we WILL get better at harvesting freshwater as demand increases. while arable land is also limited, we are getting better at growing produce indoors and otherwise creating new terrain that a present-centric outlook will not recognize properly. i share your concern, but i'm pretty optimistic, too.
    5. The suggestions here with regards to welfare and sterilization are reasonable, but quite Orwellian. They are a bit too big brother for my appeal. Then again considering the reproduction statistics among those qualifying for government assistance, it might be a good idea to make those who are on a certain standard of government assistance submit to some form of family planning, if not mandatory birth control.

      It would be less Orwellian considering the amount of assistance they are requiring to support their families. I just doubt such a proposal would be politically viable from the Left. After all, China tried the two-child policy and it was a human rights and PR disaster.
    6. I'm not sure you are correct in your underlying assumption that we do not have enough resources to feed the earth. There are many streams of belief out there that there are abundant resources enough to feed 10 or 12 billion. The idea that oil is scarce is possibly a mistruth, as is the idea that the world is warming and even less so that humans are responsible for that so called warming. What you are talking about is a fear based meme which is prevalent in the modern consciousness - be afraid for we are running out of food, space and water. Be afraid and allow the government to come in and look after you. Be afraid and the government will step in and rule and administer and everything will be ok.

      Population on the earth right now can be fed. Good simple organic food could be produced in every locality and urban sprawl and people could be fed. The issue is that we neither have the freedom to do this, nor an idea that it is possible. The world is not overheating, drying up or running out. There is an abundance of all we could ever possibly need. Population control is not the issus. Population education in the matters of simple healthy living is. There is a whole free world out there waiting for us is we know where to look.

      I enjoy your read man and you are a good deep thinker. I suggest a great website called which has some great articles about population control and whole host of other worldly stuff which I think you will find very digestible.

      Keep up the writing
    7. They've been saying for a long time that we are running out of resources, and we've never come close to it. WHICH MEANS WE'RE DUE UP PEOPLE, get to your shelters
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