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Hello P5ers! As of last month, I'm officially a member of the 100k club! I'm proud to say that most of the cashes that contributed to this achievement are from tourneys with buy-ins ranging from $1-$33. My Skype group really helped me evolved my game so props to all of them, especially AJ "UncleDrew4MVP" Yowler, Gid "Necks03" Rash, and Thomas "Clutch352" McDaniel for giving me advice and helping me take it to the next level.

I recently returned from the WSOP circuit in New Orleans and had a great time. I played three ring events and min cashed one of them and since this is the last stop of the WSOP circuit season, a ton of circuit pros were there chasing points for a free entry to the 10k WSOPc national championship.

The first ring event I played was the re-entry. Rex Clinkscales was to my left for a bit but was super card dead and busted fairly quickly. I think the highlight of my day one was a huge pot against ring winner, Juan Mendoza: (Blind levels and bet sizes are approximate) I have a 40k stack and at 500/1000 I look down at AJo and open to 3000 from MP. Juan flats. Board runs 346. He checks, I check back because I've been c-betting a lot and I'm not a fan of the board. Turn is a J. He checks. I bet 3500. He reraises to 15000. I think about it for a while and decide to go all in because of his aggro actions earlier in the tourney. He tanks for about 2 minutes and calls with 55 giving him an OESD. The river is a J and now I have 90k. My table broke shortly after that and I ended up on a table with Mina Greco and Maurice Hawkins. Maurice is super talkative and has a play style meant to tilt other players. After a few hands at that new table, I made it to day two and bagged 81.5k.

137 players made it to day two and 135 players would cash. After a few round-for-round hands, an older gentlemen with one of those visors that come with a spiky grey wig, gets up and says "Congrats everybody! I'm the bubble boy!" and everyone in the room cheered. At the 1500/3000 level I'm in LP and call a MP raise to 6000 with QJo. Board is Q5x. I call all the way down to the river and initial raiser has Q2 and I ship a fairly large pot and have a read on this LAGgy individual. A little later I have around 95k and he has about 75k in the 2000/4000 level. He min raises to 8k. I look down at AK and 3 bet him to 25k. He calls pretty quickly. Board runs out J96xxc. He checks and I bet half pot. He calls. Turn is Ac. He checks again and I go all in to apply the pressure on him and to discourage him from chasing draws. He tanks for five minutes and calls with T9cc for mid-pair and a flush draw. The river comes and it's a 5c giving him his flush and crippling me. Funnily enough, I didn't really get to angry because I'm used to all kinds of beats. A few hands later I tilt 3 bet shove my last 20k with AJo from the BB to a solid UTG players raise. He has AQo and I bust for 104th place and a min cash. If that AK hand held, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have made a super deep run in that tourney. All is good though, because I'm super proud of the way I played.

The next day I played in the six max and had a hard starting table with Juan Mendoza and another ring winner, Kevin Sherrill. The three of us kind of avoided each other and outplayed the other three players at our table. I was getting great cards left and right. Allen Kessler ended up at our table but either nitted it up or was card dead so he busted about an hour after he got to my table. There were about 240 entrants and when about 70 of us were left, I went super card dead. I eventually 3 bet shoved another short stack with KTo and his 66 held. GG six max.

That final ring event I played was the mega stack. At first I was a bit card dead and for most of the tournament I was in shove mode. At my second table at the 200/400 level I open shove KTo and run into Kevin Sherill's 44. I spike a K on the river and survive. I move to my third table and Rex Clinkscales is to my right. I shove and 3 bet shove several times and don't get called but then I become card dead again and move to my 4th table with about 12 bigs. Shortly after I get to the table, I open shove with A8cc from MP and an old man with a Bama hat and slightly more chips than me says, "I really shouldn't call you, but I like this hand." and he calls with 86dd. I think to myself "Hell yeah! Got this guy dominated!" Board runs 24xdd giving him a flush draw. Turn is Ad. GG old man.

I'm extremely proud of the way I played and if I was on the right side of variance, the results of the trip would have been much better. Either way, good luck to my fellow players and keep on grinding!

I got back from the Winstar Memorial Day Mini River series late Monday night and wanted to give you guys a trip report.

I've had some great live results over the past few months with the highlights being excellent cash sessions, two second place finishes in a row at CPPT Choctaw, and another instance of run good which occurred at Winstar.

Friday, May 15 - Leave San Antonio around 4 PM. Check in at Comfort Suites Gainesville. I get a three bedroom suite to myself because my buddies couldn't make it. I booked it through HotWire for $100/night which is a decent deal around that area. Hotels around Winstar jack the up the prices due to their proximity to the "Biggest Casino in the World".

I make a quick trip to the nearby Wal-Mart to buy some healthy snacks (Fuji Apples and a small veggie tray) then I head to the casino, meet up with my buddy, AJ Yowler, and we both grinded some 1/2 and 1/3. I lost a little (~$50) after a card dead session and decided to call it a night.

Saturday, May 16 - I wake up at around 1045, meditate a bit, and eat some carrots, broccoli, snap peas, and celery from my veggie tray, then head to the casino at around 1120 to register for the Memorial Day Mini River Event #1 Deepstack ($500). Get registered for the tourney at 1145 and lo and behold, my boy AJ is at the same starting table (good thing he's to my right). It was a pretty sweet table draw as I was only worried about AJ and a seemingly solid young grinder named Austin. However, I was super card dead.

A couple levels into the tourney I overplayed AJo on an A high board. I open raised 3x pre, bet half pot on Axx flop, villain (Austin) in position calls, I fired a second bullet villain calls again, and I check river and of course he throws out a 1/3 pot sized bet at the time. I tank a bit, but end up calling and he tables AQo. How could I have played that hand better? Should I have checked the turn?

After more levels of run bad and with about 10 BB remaining, I 3 bet shove AKo against an OMC with a surprisingly wide opening range. He instacalls and has KK. Good game.

I grind some 1/3 cash for the rest of the night and profit around $100 or so. It would have been around $600 in profit if villains didn't hit two outers, but all is good. During that session, I won a decently sized pot when I 4 bet shipped $240 with AA pre against KK. After I won that hand, I had about $380 which was clearly wrong as 240 x 2 = 480. I didn't really notice until a hand or two afterward. At that point I think to myself, "Damn, is it too late?" About 15 minutes into the next dealers down I have him call the floor over and I discuss what happened and provided him with a time frame on when the hand occurred so they could analyze the video. After about 30 minutes, the floor calls villain and v proceeds to the ATM. Shortly after, he pulls me aside and tells me, "We looked at the video, and yes, the dealer did short you $100. Fortunately the gentleman that was in the hand with you agreed to pay you." He said the $100 he was giving me would be in play and that next time I need to speak up right away. I hooked him up with a red bird for his troubles. Props to the Winstar floor for making the right decision, even if I did take too damn long to say something.

Sunday, May 17th - I wake up at around 1045 refreshed and ready to play in Event 2 ($300). I eat some veggies in my room and scarf down an apple on my drive to the casino. AJ is at my table again! Geez. Justin Kruger came to the table but he was super card dead so I didn't have to worry too much. Krissi McFarland was also there but she busted after about 10 hands. I ran so pure at that table. I was hitting every single board that I played and got all kinds of straights, flushes, sets, boats. I felt unstoppable! After the table breaks, I move to a new table full of OMCs and a Dallas PD officer to my left who turned out to be a pretty cool dude. I took down a couple pots there and they broke us after 45 minutes or so. I was used to being a huge stack at my other tables, so when I saw other big stacks at my third table, I initially worried, but told myself, "It's all good. Just feel these guys out". I picked my spots well and next thing I know, we're at dinner break with ~24 players left. 13 will cash with $9K up top.

At the beginning of the dinner break Joe Bui gave me some intel on some other players at the table. It was definitely valuable as all of his reads were true. For example, a drunk reg to my left was the supreme chip leader at the time. Joe said he would donk it all away. Lo and behold, the villain most definitely spewed it all away. I truly appreciated his advice. I got a DQ mini blizzard for dinner because I wasn't too hungry at the time. After the break, I came back motivated and ready to continue my deep run. I steal a few pots pre and double up a few times as well and eventually we are at the 10 handed final table.

I'm in the worst position as the chip-leading OMC is to my left. After the 10th place player busted. We observed how shallow our stacks were and started discussing a chop. the chop value at the time was around $3000, which was just about the equivalent of 3rd place money. It went something like 9.8K to first, 6.9K to second and 3.XK to third (Those might not be exact, but I'm sure I'm close). Everyone was down for some choppage except the chip leading OMC. Even after two more eliminations he STILL didn't want to chop for around $4K.

A couple more eliminations occur and we became five handed. It's me, OMC McNoChoppy, Joe, OMC who opens 8x pre with Kx and Ax/and loves to 3 bet shove even in 50 BB deep, and a solid grinder named Jay. At the 5000/10000 leve with about 240K in chips I look down at AQo on the button. I open for 25K and OMC Mc8xPre 3 bet shoves for about $200K. I instacall and he has KJ. Flop bricks, Turn bricks, and he spikes a K to become the new chip leader. Variance FTW. I actually get my 40K up to around 120K by winning some pots pre flop and winning an AIPF pot against Joe when my KQ beat his KT.

A few hands later I'm sitting at 128K, I'm on the button, and look down at AJo I raise to 20K. Joe 3 bet shoves all in for 123K. I tank for about 30 seconds and call. He has AKo. I don't improve and now I'm down to 5K in chips. Sorry folks, this sadly is not a "chip and a chair story". I get knocked out next hand and finish 5th place for $2442. I believe I played very well in that tournament and AJ vs AK five handed is a huge cooler. On another note, OMC McNoChop ended up getting 3rd place, lol.

In true degen fashion, I decide to play some 1/2 right after my 12 hour tournament session. It ended up being pretty awesome as I turned $200 into $865. What a great day results-wise. I barely missed a table share of the BBJ during that session. Villain McRunBad opens for $17. Cally McStation calls. Solid Cajun Grinder dude 3 bets to $45. V McRunBad folds and Cally calls. Board is AAJ. Turn is a brick and river is a J. Cally and Cajun both get their stacks in and Cajun has quad aces. V McRunBad says, "I had JJ!" and the whole table moaned in frustration. V McRunBad would have pocketed $25K, Cajun would have got $12.5K and the table shared would have been around $1.8K. So close, but yet so far. I leave the casino at around 4 AM to get some rest before the 11 AM checkout.

Monday, May 19th. -

I pack my things, check out of the hotel and decide to play one last cash session. 1/2 and 1/3 were full, but I was on an emotional high and took a shot at 2/5. Good thing the table was just starting. I hate buying in for $500 when there are massive stacks at the table. I ended up cashing out about $823. After that, I hit I35 South and headed back to San Antonio with my head held high, knowing that I played some damn good poker this past weekend.

I can't wait for WPT in July!

Just got back from the WSOPc at Choctaw. I had a great time and I was very satisfied with my performance.

Here's a day by day breakdown:

Wednesday, Jan 7th (Cash)


Checked in at hotel then hit the cash tables... Profit $133 and head back to get a good nights rest for Ring Event #1 (Megastack).

Thursday, Jan 8th (Event 1)


Registered for Event 1 at around 1159 (start time was 1200)... Was assigned to overflow room.. Played solid poker, had great reads on all villains... The most significant spot of the tourney was when I 3 bet shoved a tight older player 1200/2400 lvl with my AKo and his TT held... We both had ~25k so I feel this was the right move... At the end of that hand, I had just enough to post the ante but only 100 to post as the SB... Aggro middle aged man (AMAM) with deep stack open raised from button with T7o and my ATo held. I eventually turned that into 10k but went super card dead afterward (94, 53 etc)... There was one spot that I probably should have overshoved with JTo even though shoving villain had KJs... Another villain called the all in and I would have hit a straight... That spot still has me thinking a bit...

We get to lvl 1500/3000 w/500 ante and I'm down to 2500... AMAM limps... I look down at K2s and shove... Another villain limps and the flop comes out Kxx I think to myself: "Yessss!" AMAM throws out a bet to get the second villain out of the pot... We flip and he has AA... GG... I bust out around 220/989 (99 cashed)...

I immediately register for the mega satty for Event 3 (10 min blind shovefest donkament) and end up going AIPF with AQs on my fifth hand there... Villain calls with 77 and its showers for the hero... I take a break from cash that night to get my mind right...

Friday, Jan 9th (Nightly and cash)


I spend the day with my wife and baby and take them shopping around Durant... My first poker action of the night starts with the nightly $100 + $25 donkament... At the 100/200 level I have about 2700... Aggro villain open raises about 2.5 times... Calling station flats... I look down at KQs and 3 bet shove... Aggro villain folds and calling station calls pretty quickly with 98o... He hits an 8 and I'm outty...

I played cash at a super fishy table that night, but wasn't able to get in on the action...

Saturday, Jan 10th (Event 3)


I wake up a little early, meditate, get a good workout in, shower, and eat a healthy breakfast... Many pros say to do that routine and it really works wonders! I felt great and full of energy all day long! I had to be a backpack kid that day because there was no dinner break... My first table was very tough and had at least 2 pros. I picked the right spots and had a decent stack when my table broke. My next table was amazing for me. A lot of limpers and for the most part, all of them respected by bets and raises... At one point I have to shove AIPF with AJs... Solid villain calls with AKo... Board runs out 522 I say "5" and lo and behold the 5 comes for a chopped pot. The hero lives! Before the third break I shove with KQs and tight British lady tanks for like 3 minutes but eventually folds her AQo... I had about 20K at the 1200/2400 lvl and older guy in LP open limps... I limp as well with 95o and BB checks... Board comes out 972... I check and both villains check as well... turn is a 5 and I lead out for a little more than the minimum... BB calls and LP folds... river is a 4... I bet slightly more than my turn bet and villain calls... I bag up for day 2 with 32k... I skip cash games for the night to spend time with my family...

Sunday (Day 2 of Event 3 and Event 5)


The first thing I do is research my day 2 table draw... Two old man coffees with WSOPc rings a couple other OMCs with a few cashes and a young grinder with some recent cashes... The two players to my left didn't have a Hendon Mob but the sheet said that the villain two to my left was 2nd in chips with 300K... That would definitely be an obstacle in my plan to exploit the villain to my immediate left who had 27k...

Day two started a little later than originally scheduled and the director announced that with 4k+ entrants, this was the biggest WSOPc event of all time... Around 480 players were left and 427 cashed... The "big stack" of 300k really wasn't a big stack... He had about 30k as well, he just fat fingered it when he bagged... About 10 hands in, I had to shove AKo AIPF and ran into TT and QQ... I turned a K and got up to around 48.5k... After that, there were 431 players left... We went "round for round" (each table had to do one orbit) and the director told everyone to stay in their seats so they could freely move around the room to calculate who would bubble... After the orbit the bubble burst and it was game time! The WSOP blog actually featured one of my tweets, lol...

About 4 hands after the bubble I look down at AA... I raise to 12k... The 300K villain who was really a 30k villain shoved his 25k or so... One OMC calls... Board is 823 rainbow... OMC checks, I shove... He tanks and folds... Other villain shows KQo and I knock him out... At this point I have about 70k... I play a couple hands and get outflopped bringing my stack to around 50K at the 4000/8000 500 ante level... I look down at A8o and open shove from MP... Tightest player on the table (who hasn't played a single pot since the start of day) goes all in as well with about 35K... Everyone else folds... He tables ATo I say "Split pot?" and he says, "Sure". I don't improve and I'm crippled to about 15K...

A few hands later I look down at KTs and insta-open shove... The OMC who I took a side pot from earlier tanks for 30 seconds and says, "Ok, I guess I'll call" as he shows AA (WTF mate...)... I don't improve and I'm outty for a min cash... GG Fo... Looking back on things, maybe I should have waited for a better spot instead of shoving A8o (or was it just unfortunate timing?)... I was just trying to capitalize on my tight image... The good news is that it was a cash in the biggest WSOPc event of all time (4k runners). I head home and "celebrate" at Chili's with my wife and kid.

I felt pretty confident so I registered for Event 5 which started at 5pm... My boy Danny was there and he was super tilted from freshly busting from Event 4 (Ring Event Turboment) and was super spewy... I texted him to "slow down" because we swapped percentages lol... Other than that, the table was pretty boring except an OMC that I met nicknamed "Catman" (He takes care of young lions/tigers) . The table broke and I headed to a more entertaining one. To my right was a rocket scientist who worked at Johnson Space Center and to my left was a male nurse and "AC Boss" Dennis, one of the most entertaining players I've ever sat next to. He told some Walter White-esque stories about his heyday in the 60s and 70s... During my first few hands at the table I won huge pots with AQ, KJ, and AA in that order... I won a decent stack from ring-winner, Tim West as well with my AKo... I check raised him on a turn with a K high board... That felt pretty good, lol...

I got to the first break with 23k from a starting stack of 10k and was feeling on top of the world! At around the 400/800 level Catman joins our table and 2.5x opens... Rocket scientist goes all in for 12K and I iso shove all in with QQ for about 20K... Catman folds his AKo face up and rocket scientist tables AKo... He turns a K and I'm down to 8k... At the 500/1000 level random villain opens to 3.5K... I have about 10K and 3 bet shove with AKo... He tanks for a bit and calls with 33... I don't hit and I'm outty... Gotta win your flips...

I play some cash later that night at a dream table... Super limpy and super loose... Including a Vietnamese dude who had a wad of 100s and kept rebuying every 5 hands or so... I end up profiting $400 and head out...

Monday (Time to leave... Or is it?)


We were supposed to check out but I convinced the wifey to let me play Event 6 (six max)... She says ok and I register about 30 minutes into it... My first table wasn't very noteworthy and it broke pretty quickly... The second table included a big stack OMC and businessman to my left... and a circuit grinder, loose truck driver type, and nit reg to my right... The strangest hand occurred at the 100/200 level... Truck driver shoves all in with about 2.7k... I have TT and 7.5k and for some odd reason I just say "call" instead of iso shoving all in... This actually ended up being a good thing because big stack OMC iso shoved and his AA held up against truck drivers AKo... At this point, I have about 5K and open limp a blind vs blind spot against OMC with 73o (because six max right?)... Board is 763... YESSSS!!! I bet 500 on the flop, OMC calls, turn is an A... I bet 750 on turn... river is a T... I check... OMC bets about 2k... I call and before I can even say "Is my two pair good?" he flips his set of 6s... I probably should have folded that one pre... Shortly after that, our table broke...

My new table was super serious... At this point I have about 2.5K left at the 100/200 25 ante lvl... Lady limps from MP and I look down at KQs and think "Hell yeah, time to shove!" I go all in, she thinks about it for 10 seconds and calls with AQ... I don't improve and it's showers for the hero...

I finish my Choctaw trip with two cash sessions and leave with a profit of $268... When I checked out the following morning, the hotel manager said, "Thank you for your business" and I reply with "You're welcome. See you next year."

"You're not coming back for WPT in July? It will be bigger than this one."

We shall see...

I will be headed to Winstar later this month to play in River Series Event #1 ($350 - 300k Guarantee). I grind micro/low stakes tourneys online and have had some success in recent months thanks to studying the game via P5s, 2p2, and reddit.com/r/poker. I'm a decent live player with final table appearances on many daily tourneys and a 2nd place finish at a Beau Rivage event last year on top of a few thousand in winnings playing 1-2 and 1-3 cash. I bubbled a few WSOPc events as well.

I've been chasing a big live tourney score for a few years now and this is the year that I will finally get it! I send positive thoughts and run good to all of my P5ers out there, especially those on my rail. If any of you are going to be there, we should definitely meet up and hang out for a bit.

I will post a report after my successful trip, but if you want the up-to-date scoop on my Winstar grind, then follow me on Twitter, @TripleFo

Running Great!

I'm currently on a sick heater right now and I love it. Took town two tourneys (Carbon nightly 6-max 1k, and Carbon nightly 2k) in three days and had great results in the other tourneys that I've played recently. It's such an amazing feeling to be on the right side of variance. I wouldn't be where I am today skill-wise if it wasn't for studying the game every day and analyzing my toughest hands by posting them in the forum. Right now I am the best that I have ever been and I will continue to improve because I love the challenge of poker. I'm definitely looking forward to the Sunday grind and I will attempt to satty into the Bovada and Carbon 100ks. I send my positive thoughts out to all my fellow P5ers. See you at the tables!

Over the past few weeks or so, I've been the victim of epic run bad.

It started with me stupidly overplaying Aces. I was having an amazing 1/3 cash session where I was up about $450 and then I got rockets. I raised to $15 preflop and got 3 callers. The board ran out T54. The tightest player on the table led out for $40, I raised to $100, and he shoved all in for about $350 more. I thought about it for a bit and called. Of course he had TT. I should have folded after his 3 bet, but sadly, I overplayed the Aces.

The run bad continued in another 1/3 session a few days after that. At this point I had about $170. I was on the button with KK. UTG straddled for $6 dollars and got several callers. I popped it to $26 dollars and the stradller reraised it to $76. I shoved all in and said, "I hope this isn't the classic KK vs AA bs." It certainly was, and I went busto.

The next day I played in a tourney and was short stack with AKo. Some fishy lady min raised it and I shoved all in. Every time she raised previously, other people shoved on her and she folded. This time she said, "Sorry I have to call you." She flipped over 66 and the race was over when she flopped a set on me.

I gave the Beau Rivage Gulf Coast Poker Championship Event #1 a shot and made a pretty decent run. With 8 BB left, I shoved with A9s into an unopened pot, and lo and behold, someone reraises all in with AK and knocks me out.

I decided to play 1/3 cash that same night to build a tourney bankroll. Old man #1 raises to $13. Old man #2 calls. I look down at KTo and call. The board comes QJ9. OM #1 bets 25, OM #2 calls. I make it $85 and OM#1 shoves and OM#2 folds. Of course I call with the nuts and OM #1 says "I just have a set". The next two cards are 2 and 2 giving him a boat. WTF!

Today I played in Event 3 of the Gulf Coast Poker Championship hoping for some run good. A tilty UTG guy (7,500) raised to 500 at the 100-200 level. I (6,875) call with AsTd and a mega nit (13,000) calls as well. The board is T93 of spades giving me the top pair and the nut flush draw. UTG bets 2,500. I shove, and the mega nit reshoves. UTG folds and mega nit tables KQs. Another spade didn't come out, and that was it for me.

Today I hereby proclaim that my run bad officially ends! From this day forward I will be rewarded for my correct decisions and will not be victimized by variance! The new, run-good laden grind begins today!

Running Hot!

These past two weeks have been awesome for me! I made three final tables on America's DonkRoom, one live final table, and turned 300 into 1500 in the juiciest cash game that I've ever been a part of.

I will continue to study the game, work on my leaks, and make more +EV decisions to continue this success.

Good luck everyone! Positive thoughts to all!

Weekly Goal

I am going to turn $100 into $200 within one week by grinding $5 PLO, $1.50 and $3 ST SNGs, $5 DoN SNGs, and $5 MTTs on America's Cardroom. BRM is something that I haven't really practiced correctly during my poker career, so I am going to strictly stick with these terms in order to reach my goal. And yes, I know playing $5 (or even $3 for that matter tourneys/cash games isn't proper BRM, but ACR is so soft, that I'm confident in my ability to build a nice BR there.

I will reach my goal, run good, and will be tilt proof! Good luck everyone, and see you at the tables!

A few days ago I earned my first live cash by I agreeing to a heads up chop during Event 14 of the Beau Rivage Poker Classic.

When I first got to the tourney floor, I thought it was cancelled (the low turnout was due to the IP concurrently running their WPT series and the fact that it was Easter Sunday), but I was the 10th person to sign up and it basically started as a one table sit n go (definitely my kind of style).

The tourney ended up having 18 entrants and a prize pool of about $3k. I played in the same tourney the Sunday before, and was freezing, so I elected to rock the hoodie/shades look. It must have worked somehow because nobody really wanted to play postflop against me. I got good reads on everyone and a few hours into the tourney, we reached the final table.

Going into the FT, I was either 6th or 7th stack with about 20 BBs or so. I didn't really get involved too much and with five people left, I was the short stack with about 10 BB. I shoved with AQ and beat JJ to double up to around 20 BBs again.

When we got to the money I was clearly the short stack while the other two players had about the same amount of chips. The villain to my right raised almost every time he was on the button, so I defended with decent hands by shoving, unlike the other villain who played too tight 3-handed. I'll always remember the following hand: (Blinds/stacks are estimates)

Blinds 1000/2000 ante 200

Me (SB): 40k

Villain to right (button): 120k

Button raises to 7k

I look down at A8o, recognize his PF aggression, and shove. He tanks for about a minute, but eventually calls and flips KJo

Board is 23Q rainbow, turn is J (I get ready to say "good game", but hope for a miracle on the river), river is A! I double up and celebrate a bit afterwards.

After a few orbits, the villain to the right busts the villain to the left and we are heads up for the remaining 2.5k in the prize pool.

After about 4 anticlimactic hands, I have 80k and he has 140k. He offers to chop the pool 1300/1200. I instantly think "Hell yeah!" but I kind of wanted the trophy and the prestige of actually winning a tournament. After a minute or so of thinking, I agreed to the chop and he ended up "winning" the tourney.

Looking back, I should have went for the win because with those stacks, it was anyone's game, and I'm pretty damn good heads up. But I was so excited about finally cashing, that I took the offer. Either way, I'm super happy about the result of this event (especially after bubbling in the WSOPc at Choctaw a few months ago).

Given the heads up stack situation, what would you all have done? I keep thinking "I should have gone for it!" But that's over and it's on to the next one.

I'll most likely hit up one or two of the IP's WPT events during the next few days.

Good luck everybody! See you at the tables!


Shipped Another!

I just took down my favorite daily tourney, the Merge 1K (used to be 2.5K) $3 rebuy for $515 . Solid play, winning flips, and heads up experience were all factors that led me to victory. I've been doing pretty well in the last month or so and I think reading the forums here and on reddit have really helped to improve my game.

My next goal is to get a 4 figure score and with Poker Maximus III right around the corner, it seems pretty do-able.

I wish epic run-goods and positive thoughts to everyone!

The Grind Continues

Been doing okay recently. Highlights include a couple of FT appearances and winning a Kindle Fire HD for being the highest placed P5s finisher in the Hog Wild Poker Jeremy Ausmus Freeroll. I flopped so many sets and two pairs during that freeroll and played solidly against a super soft field. I might give the HWP Staking Series a try.

I'm Considering taking a trip to Durant, OK for the Scotty Nguyen Dreamcatcher Poker Challenge, because the lower buy-in events have great structures.

Lastly, I am pretty excited for Merge's Poker Maximus III. I would love to find a staker for some of the higher buy-in events, but I'm not sure if I'm "good" enough or how the whole process works.

That's it for now. Good luck everyone!

Another Final Table

Just wrapped up tonight's session with a final table run in the Merge $11 superstack shorthanded turbo. Played solid and picked great spots. Went busto in the sickest way. SamuraiCardMaster's (http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/samuraiplaya/) J3c beat my JJ. Either way, I'm really content with the way I've been playing lately and I finished that tourney in third place for a score of about 257ish.

My next goal is to work my on BRM. I probably need to stay away from the 25 PLO and focus on the tourneys. The grind continues...


I finally binked a tourney on Carbon! (4r, $1500 guarantee, for $471.1) I've been doing pretty well lately and have had a few final table appearances in the past week. I believe that the things that have helped me do well are maintaining focus, stepping up the aggression during and after the money bubble bursts, and knowing about shoving ranges.

I will continue the grind, work on my game, and put in more volume so I won't become a victim of variance.

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