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Full Disclosure... I went through a messy divorce this past year, lost my father and grandfather all in the same time period. My bankroll suffered indirectly. My play wasn't up to par , mixed with a downswing , and playing above my bankroll just lead to disastrous results. Now I could sit around and say boo hoo look at me , But I grinded through and came out stronger because of it. I made adjustments in my life and got focused. I feel better and got out of a toxic situation. My health is better, I eat better and I have more fun. When it came to poker, I used discipline and sought new motivation for my game. My game was more self centered before but now I realize that long term, I am doing this for my 2 little boys. I plan to pay my mortgage, so they will always have a home , and pay for their college or trades in life one day through these earnings. My career is still a priority, but in today's world one salary is not enough and poker is my supplemental career. When I talk about my kids , poker and work, people always say... "I don't know how you do it". The answer is simple though. It's about discipline. Having kids, while pursuing a dream is a hard endeavor. Below I listed some tips on how to succeed in the Dad/ Poker world. ( This goes for Moms as well)

1.) Kids come first - this needs to be number one. You need to put your kids first. This means attending their soccer practices, back to school nights , birthday parties etc. We only have so much time in our lives and we need to help these little guys/gals out. If your putting a card game ahead of your kids schedule then its never going to work. And before you say " well I need to make this money to help them" ... Watch the Eric Seidel pokerography. His kids are interviewed and say he never missed a high school sports game a day in their lives. Eric is one of the top players in the world and he can do it.

2.) Eat Better / Exercise More - If you are like me, and your work full time, and play almost full time , then your health is going to take a toll. Kids in general will make you sleep less. I have found though by eating better and making exercise a part of your daily routine , I have more energy and can sleep less and still feel more energetic. This is a huge challenge for a lot of people. My recommendation is making prop bets to get started ( I currently have a bounty on my head, if people catch me eating certain carb foods on certain days I have to pay them cash ) Money motivates us and this helps. On days I can't go to the gym , I run around the back yard with my kids, play soccer with them, jump on the trampoline or work out in my basement. Involve your kids in your exercise and you accomplish 2 things in once. Family time and Exercise.

3.) Wait til the kids are asleep... this is huge. Trying to play while your kids are running around , screaming , breaking stuff or making a mess is going to be a disaster. I do not start playing at night until my kids go to bed. It allows me to focus more and actually unwind for the day. Trying to watch your kids and play just doesn't work. Make a set bed time every night and stick to it.

4.)Time management .. laying clothes out, pre packing ... Creating time to play is a must. This means when the kids are coloring, doing homework or watching TV, I am making lunches , laying out clothes for the next day, checking book bags etc. By pre planning and getting things set up for the rest of the week , you will create more time to play . So when you start playing online , you don't have to worry about something you forgot to do for their school the next day. Create more time by becoming more organized.

5.) Naps ... This is the ultimate secret. When my kids nap, I nap. A good 25 min power nap will do wonders for your health and well being. There is a lot of good studies out there that say the same thing. Learn to squeeze in a good nap. Put down your phone, turn off the TV and just learn to nap or relax. Sometimes I will get 2 - 15- 20 min naps in a day and pays off wonderfully when putting in some late nights on the felt.

Dad life is hard. Work Harder!

If you never have been to Atlantic City , this is a quick guide to some poker rooms. Believe it or not , there is only 5 places to play poker in AC. At the height of the boom there was a dozen. This is my list of the 5 best places to play from 1st to last. Each room has some form of the bad beat. All these rooms are listed on the Bravo app.

1.) Borgata - 40 tables This is a no brainer. The biggest cash games in the city are offered here. The room is clean, the staff is generally knowledgeable , and they offered the best ran tournament series in the area. Wifi is good . BorgataPoker.com is also linked directly to the casino . You can play online poker and cash out at the live cages. Only downside is that rooms and food are more expensive here. room # 609-317-7412

2.) Wsop Room - Wild West - 42 tables ( in between Caesars and Ballys ) - Ballys and Caesars used to have their own room and then combined. Good Saturday night daily tournament. cash games are generally 1-2 / 2-5 . WIFI is decent A lot of open seating and good overflow from the wild west bars on the weekend. Also Wsop online cashouts are available next door at Caesars cage. Downfall room is a little complicated to find, if it's your first time there, also some riff raff tends to pour in from the boardwalk. room # 609-340-1148

3.) Harrahs - 40 tables - this is associated with Caesars properties. They share a bad beat with the WSOP room . generally 1/2 games , some 2/5 on the weekends . Good service, good staff in a good atmosphere. I generally prefer playing cash here because I prefer to stay at this property. This is also the home of the Wsop circuit event every spring. Downfall no online cage cash out for wsop.com , Only 1 live series a year. room #609-441-5938

4.) Golden Nugget - 10 tables - 1/2 games , some low limit games. Good daily low level tournaments for beginners. play 3 hours daily and get a free buffet every day , Downside no online poker , small room. Room #609-441-8332

5.)Tropicana - 22 tables ( this number may of shrunk ) 1/2 games , good small buy in daily tournaments ( not a lot players though) This casino is good to grind low limit cash games on Friday and Saturday nights. lot of overflow from the bars and clubs of bad players. down fall , no online poker, not a lot of variety of games. room # 609-340-4171

Even though AC has taken a hit in the economy , these rooms have seemed to withstood the storm. Pokerstars has partnered with Resorts casino and held their first live tournament series there. There is no daily poker room in resorts yet but I wouldn't be surprised to see a small one open in the future.

I once read a book, in which Doyle said that he caught a lot of flack for publishing Super Systems. Players didn't like the fact that he was selling the secrets of the game. I heard the same thing about Twitch as well. I myself was skeptical but just like all technology and knowledge, it's all out there, and either your ahead of the learning curve , or your behind. I've compiled 5 reasons that I found to be good reasons on starting a Twitch stream.

1.) Accountability : Since starting my stream , I have had my biggest online win to this date. In October, I took down a GSSS event. I did this all while being on stream. I've learned to work on accountability . When no one is looking, it's easy to gamble in spots we know we shouldn't. When people are watching it makes for smarter play IMO.

2.) Talking out your problems : , not just clicking and praying. I've become less robotic in my actions and now seem to analyze situations more then the past. I found this to be a great way to get through harder spots. When I talk to my viewers , I'm not seen as a crazy person ( Up for debate ) because I'm expected to talk. But this has also transferred to my live game as well. I don't speak out loud while playing live, but I see myself walking through tough situations by talking to myself in my head and really working out the problems. Since starting my stream I have also had my biggest live cash to date. ( With bigger ones to come soon!)

3.) Network Creation backers / investors : In a future blog I will talk more about creating a network of backers but for now, I will touch on the subject. Having a twitch has given me more exposure and has helped me attract new backers. Having a stream allows backers or potential investors to see how you play and can put a face behind a name. Backers are more comfortable investing with someone they feel a connection to. Someone that they can trust.

4.) Learning : through instant feedback and chat on stream, it has allowed me to educate myself in situations I normally wouldn't think twice about. Having open lines of communication between your viewers will allow you to grow in the game. Sometimes, I have gotten bad advice as well, but I am able to explain why this is bad or why I think they are wrong. That alone has made clarity towards why I was making plays , that I didn't really understand in the past. I've adapted to the game by teaching myself and listening to other players.

5.) Its fun : It really is entertaining. I find myself laughing more and enjoying the conversations that are had on stream . Online Poker can turn you into a zombie sometimes, so being able to show some personality and emotions are nice. I tried to be unique so every week I host live Trivia about random topics. The viewers really seem to enjoy interacting while playing a quiz game.

If you have any questions about setting up your stream, or would like to just stop by ,

I stream poker and trivia every Wednesday night 10pm EST . You can 'Follow' for free at http://www.twitch.Tv/Eatahoagie/profile


With the arrival of NJ Pokerstars in 2016 , and hopefully constructive legislature in PA and CA, I think this year we can expect to see some rebirth in the USA for the game we love. A lot of times on this site I see people pointing at the sites , companies and saying... what they can do better or what should be done... But besides playing , how many of us have actually done anything to promote or grow the game. It's not solely on the sites ( even though I think they could be doing more) Some of you will read this and say ... " I play all the time", or "I shouldn't have to do anything to promote this game". Well you are right . You don't have to do anything . Though I feel that being an ambassador to this game and being able to represent it in a positive light is one of the highest honors you can retain.

One of the healthiest things we can do for the game is to introduce new players. Though the problems I see among newer people I encounter is that there isn't any personal settings someone can learn the game. Newer , younger players pretty much only can learn the game by going to a casino or playing online. Both of which can be confusing or intimidating among these people. A lot of us, myself included, started playing in small home games. I decided to make a list of 12 goals for 2016 to help us promote our game to newer players. If everyone tried to achieve one goal a month I think you may see some small ripple effects from it. I introduce to you" The 2016 NJ P5 Challenge"

1.) Host a small stakes home cash game, maybe do this during a fight night on TV or during a big sporting event to invite newer players. Keep the game small so no one loses their shirt

2.)Buy/Wear some poker attire to wear outside of poker arena. Wear to Work , Gym , Bar etc. I cant tell you how many times someone has sparked convo with me at the gym when I wear my old Pokerstars beanie

3.)Lend a beginner a poker book

4.)host or play in a charity event in your local area for a good cause

5.)Lend a friend the movie rounders

6.)organize a micro cash/tournament among friends to be played online.

7.)take a beginner to the casino to play 2/4 or 1/2 , and help explain to him the basics

8.)Give a free coaching session to a buddy

9.) Have them create a P5 account and twitch account to introduce them to the online community

10.)host a small tournament as part of a date night. Invite significant others and turn it into a couples challenge.

11.)take some friends to a free " bar league"

12.) take a newb to a small daily casino tournament and stake them.

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