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I started streaming in January of 2015. It was pretty much the beginning of the giant rush to stream online poker. Everyday more people we're streaming and for the next few months I felt like more noise in a very crowded and loud room. After a few months and some success I decided to take a break. There were numerous reasons why I decided to take a break, but I'm glad I did.

I'm now back and I'm streaming at my own pace. Less people are streaming poker and I think word finally got around. “There's no money in streaming poker.” Sure JCarver makes money, but he's been doing it for 3 years. PokerStaples and then a few smaller streamers probably make some money, but I doubt its life changing for any of them.

So why did I get back into streaming? The short answer is it's fun. There's other reasons why, but before I get into them, let me get one point across. I've streamed for hundreds of hours and have made no money. I did get a free PocketFives hat, which I really like, so yay for me. Hundreds of hours of work for a hat.

Probably the biggest reason why I came back to streaming is because of the few people who did show up all the time. There is an extreme amount of entertainment options in the world today, yet a few people decided to spend a few hours with me every stream. That still astonishes me.

Before I was a streamer I was a complete nobody in poker. I never made an effort and no one took notice of me, so I started from scratch. Than out of no where people showed up and supported me and encouraged me. Complete strangers are now my poker buddies. When I have a bad night they are there to help me feel better. A few streams ago I had a losing night. I lost a few hundred dollars, which is pretty normal for me, but something weird happened. Something that has never happened to me before. I lost money playing poker and still had fun. The banter with the chat was solid and I had a good time. Without streaming I don't think its possible for me to have fun losing money in poker.

Another reason I came back to streaming is because it brought out a side of me that I liked. I'm not much of a talker, unless I'm around close friends or close family. I'm not an outspoken person and I usual quiet down around people I'm uncomfortable with. However, streaming has made me much more confident in myself. Instead of being scared of saying something wrong or stumbling through my words, I am now much more confident in myself. I realize now that mispronouncing a word or saying something wrong isn't really a big deal. I do it all the time on stream and guess what, no one cares.

Believe it or not, streaming is addictive. It's a place where I can act out my inner goofball. Poker is often very serious because let's face it, there is a lot of money on the line. But when I am streaming, poker becomes fun again and I can use drops from “Step Brothers” or “Rounders” or from whatever. I put on a little show and I want to keep doing it. I seriously get a performance high. Also, there's nothing like winning a big tournament with people watching and then congratulating you. Believe me it's fun and it's something you don't want to stop.

The final reason I came back to streaming is because it keeps me from losing focus. Yes, there is a lot of other things to worry about during a live stream, like music, sound quality, trolls, and just randomness. However, you don't want to make bad plays in front of people who are watching. Therefore, you think about every decision, which would probably help a tremendous amount of poker players. The mere act of expressing your feelings on a hand will make you play better.

I want to thank a few people for showing up all the time and making my stream a fun place to be.

My moderators: NolimitNJ, Inourtell, JPRiverzzz, sixohnine. Also, BooshSquad, MuckDaRags, VetsStadium, and everyone else. Also, thanks to David for setting up PocketFives TV and letting me stream. If I forgot you, I'm sorry and come yell at me in chat.

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