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I'm back with an update, as from May 2020, I will be playing only on GGpoker, I am impressed by the software and the range of games on offer. I will starting at 5NL for cash and $5 tourneys, aiming to work my way to a £2.5K roll between now and the end of 2021, so 18 months. I have had problems with bankroll management and a very aggressive strategy. I have had problems playing far far too high and going busto regularly. I know I'm a competent player with lots of experience, previously 3.2% ROI from 9.5k tourney, av buy in $8.50.


I am looking to change this by blogging each week on a Wednesday. This will give a brief update on: 


Feeling of the week out of 10

Hands played/How many hands left

Profit/Loss - BB's

Action plan for following week.


I welcome feedback and comments as I will be posting 3 hands from the weeks sessions, 1 good, 1 bad and 1 where I was not sure of what I should have done for the best (which happens to everyone) as a conversation starter really, but any advice for someone that has been where I am now would be great.


I will be playing 4 days a week, (Friday Saturday, Sunday and Monday) probably 5 hours cash sessions and 4 tourneys.

Name: Adam (Bensy229) on partypoker

Age: 26, soon to be 27

Aim of Blog: To achieve poker greatness, greatness being a small and consistant profit and to continue having fun while doing it.

How to achieve my aim: Starting this blog will be verycathertic and one that will lead me to putting all my thoughts in writing to look back on and hopefully look back on with fondness at the fact I achieved my aim, continuing to listen to others through the forum and to make sure I stay in the game to stay up to date with strategy with good BRM, a schedule (which I have just created) and good discipline.

This is a new chapter in what is an eventful 3-4 years of online poker as a 15-25 Hours a week player, call that semi professional I don't know, I think you would all agree that the lows are way more painful than small wins in this game with uncontrollable variance at times, but why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through crazy swings and consistant pressure to achieve that small edge. I think that there is still a competition element and a fun factor that will never change, for me both of these are still very much apparent, as I look to start again in my quest to achieve my aim. I would urge anyone that if the fun factor or competition goes, you SHOULD NOT play at all. I like boxing and I can draw comparision to boxing, if your fighting for titles money follows, if your fighting just for money you not going to get as much as you think you deserve. In a roundabout way, you need to ask yourself are you playing poker purely for money or do you want the joy of beating a large field. I am not an author or someone that writes blog entry regularly, but this is a helpful tool in order to get everything on the table.

My Start (24/04/17): I will be starting with a $500 roll and playing exculsively on Partypoker, I will be playing $5.50 as my max buy in tournament. I wll be 4 tabling max and I will be playing 3 days a week, 8 hours a day max. I will assess my BR monthly and go from there. I will be commited into blogging after every session maybe with a long rant or a successful day, whatever the day brings it will be documented and I hope that anyone that takes the time to read this can comment and give advice good and bad, both very much welcomed.

Thankyou all and I hope this is the start of my blog (Everything on the table)

PS: this blog is purely off the cuff as it were, so any spelling mistakes noticed, Apologies in advance :)

Everyone in the poker world, I am a newbie at poker blogging, but thank you to the platform that is PocketFives, I am able to record my thoughts and feelings towards my game and the game in general. My name is Adam and I'm 25 (old in the online poker world) but on a personal level I will be setting a goal starting beginning of June 1k - 5k challenge playing 10NL-25NL, with this I look to hopefully set up a stream on twitch in the future, which by the way is a fantastic addition in terms of poker training/advise/thought process from experienced players, easywithaces in particular, MTT/SNG grinder who is great from the channel in my opinion and responses to every question that followers ask, so good job and keep up the good work. The top pros, such as Elky are getting in on the action also with high stakes tourney, bringing you closer to their world, which any poker player could ever dream of. From my experience, I feel that from when I started in 2009, the edge has become smaller now especially in holdem in my opinion and making it harder to make a grind due to the amount of info out there on all types of games. The uphill battle is tough, but the first thing you need to think of is 'do I enjoy the game? if so am I willing to learn more? From a personal view I have said yes to both when considering whether to continue with poker, but how am I going to go about this and I am finally realising what poker is for me, its a business, a way to make money in the long term and to get as many hands in as possible to gain the experience needed. I have already completed 21k hands in 6 days 3-4 tabling 10NL and I am gold ranking on full tilt. I would recommend to anyone that whats to play cash games and I have learn this from previous experience to get a a rakeback deal to make cash gaming profitable. The goal is to go from 1k-5k as I have mentioned, but its not to withdraw this, its important to separate poker money and life money, I know it has been mentioned in bankroll management videos, but I can not highlight enough that this needs to be the case, I put my hands up I am guilty of mixing the two, but this is the road for learning and developing my game, trying new things and properly reviewing hands in the process, which will give me the extra '10%' to my game. LESSON OF THE DAY: VOLUME=REDUCED VARIANCE=SMALL/STEADY PROFIT, NOTE TO SELF!!!! I would love anyone to comment for more advice and also people to chat hands with at the same or similar levels.

Good Luck at the tables.

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