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I will be brutally honest... I have played about 12 years but never taken poker in any way seriously. Especially and I cannot emphasize this enough with my bankroll management and tournament choices. I am a losing player due to my wild bankroll decisions and reveling in the fact I am in a $109 turbo bounty builder with C.Darwin2, limitless, Bencb etc etc.. so essentially utterly outclassed but I love competition and I get a huge thrill from competing and playing alongside the best in the game. After spewing off a hefty $8k win in 2018 from a few mtt's and winning a tournament live in Vegas, I have decided to try a very constrained and disciplined approach to the game to see if I can actually manage it and also to see whether I can enjoy grinding. My aim is to purely focus on 6 max hyper sng's on Pokerstars and build up my bankroll over a fairly significant period of time without being swayed into blasting it into some mtt's that I am not rolled for. 


The below challenge is obviously ambitious but why dream small. I am going to continue my blog and keep you updated of my progress on the challenge.

Also part of the reasoning of writing the blog is to remain focused on the sng's and to not be swayed into playing mtt's until I am suitably rolled for it. 


Day 1 - I played for 2 hours and made $20 profit, so a solid start and at the $3.5 level I feel that I have an edge but I do need to be wary of certain players who have a LOT more experience and skills in this discipline than I do. I can learn and try to compete and pick my spots to maximize my profit. I will post again when I reach $150 or go bust :classic_laugh:


$70 bankroll TO $1000 HYPER SNG ($35K BR - 850 HOURS) 


$3.5 (6 MAX HYPER) - 15 Games per hour - 10% ROI = $5.25 PER HOUR 
Once BR = $300 move to $7 games ~ 44 hours
$7 games - 15 Games per hour - 8% ROI = $8.4 PER HOUR 
Once BR = $1200 move to $15 games ~ 107 hours
$15 games - 15 Games per hour - 7% ROI = $15.75 PER HOUR 
Once BR = $3600 move to $30 games ~ 152 hours
$30 games - 12 Games per hour - 6% ROI = $21.6 PER HOUR
Once BR = $7500 move to $60 games ~ 180 hours
$60 games - 10 Games per hour - 5% ROI = $30 PER HOUR
Once BR = $10000 move to $100 games ~ 83 hours
$100 games - 8 Games per hour - 5% ROI = $40 PER HOUR
Once BR = $12500 move to $200 games ~ 63 hours
$200 games - 8 Games per hour - 5% ROI = $80 PER HOUR
Once BR = $20000 move to $500 games ~ 94 hours
$500 games - 5 Games per hour - 5% ROI = $125 PER HOUR
Once BR = $35000 move to $1000 games ~ 120 hours
$1000 games - maintain and build


So, I am realllllly new to P5's and it seems a really good place to be. Definitely one of the smallest fish in a big pond and certainly aware of my poker limitations in comparison to the vast majority of the guys on this website. I started playing poker about 5 years ago at university and got engrossed early on. I read and learned a lot from my failings and from others around me too. I then took a break from poker for a few years and have now fully caught the bug again. I would say my strengths lie in non turbo MTT's where patience and discipline are key players in success. I have cashed (top 3) in 3 live tournaments (out of about 10 played) and made roughly $1500 from that. My online "career" has not ran nearly as good as I find it very much more difficult to suss players out, pick my spots and remain as disciplined as I do in real live poker. You can see from my P5's page that I have cashed in a few tournaments on Stars but have yet to final table a big tournament to bolster my BR. I am currently down $175 (mainly through seriously poor BR management, by buying into $44 and $33 tourney's and wiping out massive chunks of my money). I have recently deposited another $100 and I am looking to final table a big MTT and to initially win back my losings, then make over $1000 and ultimately just see where it takes me.

I have devised an experimental MTT strategy which I am going to try out to see how it fares (* I do not endorse this method as it could be as much use as a chocolate fireguard!)... I call it the 1 3 1 5 1.. (1 being very tight, aggressive early tourny style poker play... playing premiums only AA,KK,QQ,JJ,1010,AK,AQ,AJ and that's about it).. (3 being moderately tight, aggressive when required and just willing to see a few more flops and play a bit more poker.. A9, 77, 89, K10).. (5 being borderline hyper aggressive, bullying short stacks, continuation betting, firing many bullets, erratic.. raising with 8 3 suited, 10 4, A 3 etc..).. you might think yeah this is never going to work, this guy is nuts. You might well be right, but I'm going to try it and see how I run.

The method being in a standard non turbo tourney you play "1" for 20 mins, "3" for 20 mins, "1" for 20 mins, "5" for 10 mins and "1" for 20 mins. It's a 1 and a half hour cycle where you go through different gears of play and it forces you to change your style and keep it fresh. This is something I struggle with and really only make the bulk of my chips through pre flop monsters where I get called. Its sustainable to cash but relies on good hands and is hard to final table without changing your style. If playing a turbo then I will half the times limits on each "gear" but the principle remains the same. Obv if you have a bad beat and your stack is crippled or see an obvious spot, you can go off piste from the strategy and play as best suited to that situation but as a rule of thumb I am going to try stick to this method to see how successful it is. When you final table I am going to try halfing the time of the gears so quartering if in a turbo as this will make you very hard to play against and very hard to read.

Another unconventional tactic I am going to employ is the opposite of what a LOT of solid poker players stick to.. it seems it is the "right thing to do" but again makes you very predictable which I think is a real weakness in my game currently. The plan is to raise 67, 78, 89, 910, 10J (ideally suited) by 3 to 4 times the BB (dependent on position, stack and opposition) and to flat call or min raise monsters like AA, KK, AK etc... MADNESS I hear you all screaming and yeah it probably is a lot of the time.. BUT.. and I see it as a big BUT (J lo style) if you raise big with 89 suited and flop comes A J 5 your opponent will likely think you have hit big and is likely that he has a piece of the action too.. if you raise 40-60% of pot after flop falls or check raise him if he acts first it is very likely to put him in a tough position and I can imagine passive players will fold unless holding AK, trips etc.. but if the dream scenario falls where you flop a straight or have a flush draw with straight draw etc or top pair with your 9, then very few players will imagine that you are holding something as weak as 89 after your big pre flop raise. The position could be very lucrative and I think is worth the risk of losing moderately sized pots when your opponent has something strong. (*I wouldn't employ this tactic against a hyper aggressive player or a loose caller as you will get out bullied a lot, at least I know I would).

So the plan is to try the 1 3 1 5 1 tactic, play my big hands and connectors differently and stick to my strengths of patience and discipline and see how I run. I aim to keep you guys posted if interested, so you can laugh at me when it fails miserably or you can cyber pat me on the head if I pull it off even remotely. First blog on here so please leave feedback and if any of you have any really good top tips for me then please fire away, I'm all ears. Tezzza


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