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Good morning and Happy Friday.... Well maybe not morning maybe not Friday but that's where I am right now :-)

So I have not found time to work on Razz. A shit ton of life changing is happening right now and it excites and scares me.

I will be finding more time to work on my Razz goal. I did receive my vegas money from Black Chip.

I know my purpose in life and where my true passion is... Started splitting my days into two days,

5 hours of sleep 7-8 work 5 hours of sleep 7-8 hours of work so now I get to have two days every day.

Feeling Good and Feeling Strong!

Conan: Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women!

Very Successful: Making my own trail.

Well they are being slow about allowing me to withdrawal.

I started planning and researching the Razz game structures and winning players from previous years.

Moving in this new direction has its challenges with the resources on Razz being limited.

Putting together a new daily routine and planning to still focus a lot of my time on the O8 games.

Here we go... I did a withdrawal (Actually waiting on them to certifies withdrawals for me but its in process)

got my $750 back and the $1100 entry into the Razz mega satellite.


Switching to hard core training and learning everything I can about Razz.

Basically its stud played for the low A 2 3 4 5 being the best hand.

8 players.. Actually never seen the community card for seventh street dealt but one exists in mythology.

Played in a limit betting format.

Seems simple enough.

Self Controlled Fail -$460 ....Eh mainly I mean I left my self with 200 bones

Alright I tried to run and now I am back to crawling.

Sunday has good tournaments however it seems to be the biggest drain currently.

Going to take a step back haven't fully decided to stop playing on Sunday but may have to go that rout.

Seem to be making the most ground in the HS Wednesday game.

However there was a couple weeks it didn't run and thinking I need to keep my buy in costs down.

So going to play satellites into the bigger games instead of direct buy ins.

Half way back to the full grind on working out and reading.

The current book I am reading is like walking threw a foot of water.

But slowly steadily getting threw it.

Really starting to look like I wont make the 10K needed to direct buy in to my goal tournament.

My back up plan is to just play the mega satellite and see if I can win my way into the damn thing.

Also there will be an Omaha tournament going around the same time that I will most likely be playing.

Two shots at a bracelet got my room booked. Vegas or bust baby!

Semi-Bluff +136.10

Well really kind of fucked it up this week on all fronts.

didnt exercise.

didnt read.

Okay I exercised and read a little but it was marginal.

Any how biggest down swing didnt play my best.

On a happy note I did my first team hand reviews for a tournment with a new freind.

It was very insightful and he was able to see obviouse flaws in my game that I was seemingly blind to.

Really helps to have another mind to bounce things back and forth with.

Its no joke when the pros say having a study buddy and group to think with is very helpful in inproving.

Also got to enjoy a nice fire and some beer and a big juicy steak in the company of a nice lady.

Fail: -$936.48

Well hit a bump in the road.

Took a shot at the 10/20 stud hi/lo cash game -460 but it was fun.

That game ended up having a movement of about $100 + or - for each hand played out.

Played a little live but really holdem is not my game and I am finding it more profitable and fun to play online.

However I do plan to give some bigger live tournaments a try this year.

Really would like to play some live O8 but because of the wacky laws here it will probably have to be fixed limit or spread limit.

So even tho I am gong to mark this as a fail really these last couple of just been marked based on if I actually increased the roll or not.

This really isn't totally accurate because this week I got back on the work out grind and started reading again and had let those things kind of slip the last 3 weeks prior to this.

Any how still wasted like 6 or 7 hours this week and just feel I have not played my best but still feel successful in that I am pushing and training harder.

Also one week no cigs so giving that a go again.

Just a heads up "Application of no-limit holdem" by Matthew Janda is the worst poker book I have read so far. Its a very hard read that is confusing and I don't think it would be helpful for anyone who is not already very good at holdem. Save it for last maybe I don't know.

Fail: -347.80

Alright well the WSOP schedule is out so the hard date for having the 10k can be established.

One thing that I dont really understand is why the two Razz events are like a month apart.

Seems like you would want to get all the Razz players at the same time.

So this forces me to really pick between the 10K and 1.5K event.

Also the link is busted for the 10K Razz structure sheet.

Its actually all good signs that no one is really even thinking about this variant.

Tue, Jun 13th 3:00 PM

Like 3 good months. Getting a little worried about getting the money off the site in time even if I do make it.

Didnt get to go play live this week. Starting that next week and will be forced to play holdem.

Holdem is the hardest and Razz is the easiest poker variant.

So I am kind of side tracking my self with the holdem but think any playing live is going to help the cause.

I had forgotten how brutal a game razz is lol

Only place I have found to play for fake chips in cash game format is on poker stars.

Damn I wish I could just play the real money games on there.

Any how first 300 practice hands took 2h30m and I have a lot of things I need to work on.

Hopefully I can get it all some what organized.




Hands Delt 300

4th Street 99 of 300 (33%)

5th Street 69 of 300 (23%)

6th street 55 of 300 (18%)

showdown 28

won at showdown 17 of 28(60%)

won without showdown - 35

Plus had a $300 flip in the high stakes Wednesday game got it in fav 86/14 and well the four ten came on the turn and the river. out 3rd.

No first place this week but F-It I almost am settled into a new home and going to hunker down. Kind of worried about running out of time.

Success: +684.30

Getting ever closer to that 10K tournament entry.

Didn't get to play much this week. Life and all.

Did get a first place so that is always fun.

Its all coming together. I did burn $100 on a holder tournament made two mistakes.

Going to start playing more live and find some Razz to play some where.

Currently thinking I am going to have to play Razz for play money. But practice is practice.

Success: +459.02

*WARNING* This is an extremely negative post!

Well I read this book by Tommy Angelo called Elements of Poker and it was a great book.

It made me laugh and got me feeling good for a moment. Moments over.

Anyhow because everyone is pretty much useless fucks you can just skip to the end of the book to the last couple of pages.

Just start reading the section on breathing and there is like 10 pages left in the book after that.

I burned a few hundred dollars out of my roll but I guess I still made a profit the last couple of weeks.

Really still don’t have the patience or discipline to be the best poker player.

This week in the eighty-dollar high roller thing I got my stack up to 40K in chips and I could have just hit sit out and would have made money.

Instead I got greedy and kept playing and lost like 200 bucks.

Then that night I was having dinner with this chick and she was talking like she does and I tried to convers about the stupid shit she was talking about

well she got mad. Really I didn’t need to expend any effort or do anything but sit there and let her talk.

Just trying fucked me. I would have succeeded by not doing a damn thing in both instances.

Way back when I was a kid my own mom turned me into the cops for a victimless crime.

I don’t want to hurt or even really think about any other retched humans.

Don’t give a fuck about them. She did this thinking it was a good thing to try and help me in some fucked up way.

I guess it has helped me to realize all humans are worthless pieces of shit.

Yeah idiot I am including myself when I say all humans. I too am cursed with being a fucking human.

But all things being equal it’s all good rite. I do love my mom.

It’s the people who act like they are good who you really have to keep an eye on.

So I guess I need to be more stupid and not try and just let the world take me to where ever.

I need to be heartless and ruthless.

I hope everyone dies and the funny thing is you all are going to die ha.

Going to make this world kill me bring on the suffering and pain one day I will die and be released at least that’s guaranteed.

Okay well so I made a couple bucks and was unable to fold when it was full house over full house.

Sounds like a hard spot to fold in but really I should have known better.

It was just so obvious and I wanted a bigger stack and didn’t stop and think about it.

Really shows me that I have a lot of work left to do on my poker game.

If someone actually wants to see the hand I will do a write up just let me know.

FAIL: +1126.88

Well I actually won something, I really do enjoy getting first place.

Started thinking about Omaha hands as sequences has really helped me up my straights game.

Two things

1) There is limited action for Hi\Lo ... Thinking I will need to eventually actually learn how to play just the high version.

It just seems way more swingy and higher variance like holdem. Need more patience I guess.

2) Got to a final table and played like an idiot busted first and really should have made way more this week.

I was on a big draw and it was a higher stakes game so the person nails me on the turn and I just gambled and didn't hit my draw.

Maybe they where bluffing but I really dont think so. And well I folded away 75% or so of my stack on the shit river card.

Still had some left could have buckled down and played harder but I pissed it all away on the very next hand.

Just completely lost control and need to learn from this. Ugh.

Big turn bets when on a draw and I have a large stack and the other big stack is betting pot into me are fing bad.

But of course if I had made my draw... Ugh. Just damn it.

Success: +641.02

control. Its hard and has a snow ball type of affect on results.

Was going to do chores and what not get some things straight but played poker instead.

Not having the control to do the things I dont like clearly told me I would not have control when playing poker.

But if I had the control I would have not played poker and then would not have needed the control to win.


Success: +76.53

Well I have been slacking off.

Taking advice gleamed from Doug and Alec to play the game you enjoy playing and find non saturated markets.

I feel like it will be a good shift and decided to focus pretty much exclusively on Omaha Hi/Lo.

Dropping the free roles didn't play in any.

Quitting smoking again.

Getting back into my schedule that has been thrown off by snow and holidays.

"Some times I think its a sin when I feel like I am winning when I am losing again" ~Gorden Lightfoot

Using the new year as motivation for getting back on track.

Fail: -74.76

Well a lot of advice is saying don't have a monetary goal within an amount of time.

So lets do number of hands 758 this week not including tournaments or 7 stud Hi/Lo.

I have got tracking software now and purged all my previous hands and just started from this week.

It said I was up like $70 for cash games so I must have really burnt a lot playing tournaments.

Any how hand count can be a fun new stat.

TO 10K WSOP Razz Championship Event 2017 really would like to play this but probably just have to

play the smaller version of this with a bigger field and less of a starting stack. Its interesting

how the cheaper things seem to be way more hard and gambly... Why is that good for poker. Just

whatever yeah less money means less resources to run a massive game except for online they should be

really playing with numbers more starting stack level times players per table... Ugh I do love tournments

but they do seem to be a drain and well guess I am going to try and stick primarily to cash games.

Well I was able to start failing again so that's probably a good a thing. Totally rethinking my schedule and

approach to this problem. Deposited 450 bucks going to start playing for more than nothing and try to stay away from

tournaments but they are just so damn fun.


Hand Count:758

$10 Free Role: place>150

Last week I took the easy way out and deposited a fresh $100 into my Black Chip poker.

I feel really conflicted about it because i took the easy way out and I failed to fail.

If I am to afraid to fail on this BS exercise or to weak to fail then how will I be able to face filer when it is going to really matter.

Or to put it another way by gong easy on my self I take away the strength and learning that failure brings.

So as punishment I have decided to force my self to play in at least one of these $10 free rolls every week.

Actually just one a week unless I win it then I will play another one. I need to focus on not having any emotions while playing these free tournaments.

I find my self having huge emotional swings while playing poker so that's something I need to seriously work on.

Also the one I played this week I got 160ish place and its just because I gave up and stopped giving it my all.

In some instances 160ish would be acceptable but only if I have tried my best so I think there is a lot to be gained from these.

Wasted 4 or 5 hours this week and I am now smoking again. I know and can feel how much smoking is holding me back however quitting is on the bottom of my priority list at the moment.

The play pin games where good to me and I had a lot of fun. Combining cash and tournament is the greatest thing ever.

Here in black-hawk they are only aloud to do spread limit games not no-limit.

They should totally run these cage match type tournaments so people can play no-limit cash.

It also prevents people from doing the hit and run and actually forces them to play some poker.

Really think this format could catch on and appeal to both cash and tournament players.

$10 Free Roll: 160ish

Success: +53.30

Well I broke down and pissed the whole roll away.

I watch Jaime Staples Vlog and he is like the opposite of a motivational speaker he does more self reflecting then preaching I really enjoy that. In one of the recent ones he almost broke down and got a pizza and slacked off but didn’t. It was very encouraging but I have come to realize that has to be done over and over and over again it doesn’t get easier its fcking impossible lol. Any how I totally broke down I got the pizza put candy bars on it and pissed in my girlfriend’s soup.

It just takes one bad day to lose everything....

It made me think of Archie Karas also build it up and watch it burn.

Not that this little joke of a run compares to his in any way just a thing.

Oh well I rolled around in the pain embraced it and am going to keep trying FckIt.

Its time to start from $100 again.

Which is exciting because I totally want to try these 10 dollar cage games they have on Fridays.

Going to have more bank roll control this time except for one of these ten dollar tourneys lol

Fail: -4.40

Read "More Holdem Excellence" By Lou Krieger lots of stuff I have seen before I think people stole it from this book it was written in 1997.

Any how the intro about the American dream made me want to cry.

Tilted away dollars in the cash games and failed to cash in the freerole.

Wasted four hours this week.

It was a hard week my reality is testing me.

At one point had the roll up to 8 dollars but I played really badly and didn't leave the table when i should have.

semi-failed : +0.42 hey its the magic number

Well I got 3rd place in the $10 freerole.

I did read a different book than the Harrington's cash games but then picked back up his book and am like half way threw it... Its not bad some good stuff you should read it.

Advanced the roll using stud hi\lo and Omaha hi/lo cash games.

However I still feel like i failed this week first I wasted like 3 hours need to tighten up the schedule.

Second and the real fail is my lack of bankroll management. This is the biggest thing holding me back and if i can tighten this up and never fail to have good bankroll management then this little exercise will pay off most handsomely.

What I did was when I got up to $4 I went and put %50 of the roll down on a 2 dollar heads up hyper Omaha hi\lo game... I did lose but even if i had one it was a huge mistake.

What words what images will make me feel... Will crush me.

Fail: +$2.48 should have been more like 4.48

Got tenth for a min cash in the $10 so not on the leader board no free tournament tickets this week.

However I did get $0.55 for the min cash.

Took that to the micro cash game tables and pushed it up to $1.50.

So this brings up an interesting thing that I have run into lately...

First some guy named Doug was talking about how cash games are harder than tournaments.

Then recently I started reading Harringtons book on cash games and he says the same thing in his intro.

Let me just throw my two cents out there... This notion that they are harder is just stupid.

I will explain it the way I would to a five year old,

What's harder a game where you have unlimited lives or one where you have one life?

What's harder a game where you have to beat all the other players or one where you can just wound a player and run away like a coward and still win?

Besides these obvious points Harringtons analyses of a high stakes cash game hand in his intro I felt was not good.

Honestly would love to hear this guy Doug analyze the same hand....

Any how it took 3 weeks to get 55 cents from the tournament and 3 days to get twice that from the cash games.

And yes I am prepared to lose it all now that I have run my mouth haha

Wasted like half a day this week.

There was something else oh well cant remember now.

Success: +$1.50 :-)

Wasted two days this week. Need to learn to say NO more and be more disciplined and patient.

Really if I had stuck to my plan i would have cashed for something in the $10 freerole however I did not fold and got trapped then just called off my stack to the aggressive big stack who flopped better than me in a limped pot on my blind sad really. Free learning experience. Next week I am using auto fold more sticking to my plans and saying NO to partying!

Fail: got 19th in $10 free role improved over only 3 players this week grin...

Alright well I stopped smoking. Its been two weeks and that saved me $100.

Thinking I would deposit the $100 and try again but that seems like the easy way out.

Looking into it these $10 free roles Black Chip poker has like every 30 min seem do able.

Really the great thing about them is if you place in them a couple times during the week you can get a free tournament ticket.

If you do the best for the week you can get a ticket into their big game on sunday.

Bink that big game on sunday and bam I would be damn near my 10K goal.

So going to give that a shot. I have a strategy coming together to win these things.

but they do only pay like $2.50 or less and only top 10 spots.

So well when I get some of those pennies I have decided to open up my play to the cash games.

Also oddly my stats stopped being tracked for other sites lol but whatever screw this sites rankings any how.

And on a side note there are some nice looking free roles particularly the cards chat one but I really dislike cards chat so screw that also.

But yeah I guess some cash games could be alright a easy way to make a few cents after I bink a couple of these $10 free roles.

One thing is the "got to talk poker" I have never checked out that site but they have a stud tournament that they run its like $2.50.

Actually will probably do that if its not to hard to get the password after I win some of these $10 free roles.

Fail: Best so far 27th place in the $10 free role after two nights of trying.

Entry 15 : From 0 TO 10K WSOP Razz Championship Event 2017

Date Tourney name Tourney ID Buy In Tourney fee Wins Tournament Profit

9/12/2016 1:01:05 PM $0.25 PLO R/A 6-Max 6071348 0.25 0.02 0.00 -0.27

9/8/2016 7:03:36 PM $100 GTD 6035585 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

9/6/2016 8:41:53 PM $1.50 Turbo 9-Max 6033932 1.50 0.09 0.00 -1.59

9/6/2016 8:18:21 PM $100 GTD 6014346 0.10 0.01 0.00 -0.11

9/5/2016 8:49:12 PM $100 GTD 6004959 0.10 0.01 0.00 -0.11

9/5/2016 8:48:51 PM Micro Monday - $150 GTD NLO8 R/A 6005046 0.25 0.03 0.00 -0.78

9/2/2016 9:40:14 PM $1.50 Turbo 9-Max 5994875 1.50 0.09 0.00 -1.59

9/2/2016 8:32:53 PM $100 GTD PLO 6-Max 5977254 1.00 0.10 0.00 -1.10

9/2/2016 7:29:41 PM $100 GTD 5977234 0.20 0.02 0.00 -0.22

Deaths sweet embrace...

Fail -$5.86

Date Tourney name Tourney ID Buy In Tourney fee Wins Tournament Profit

9/1/2016 8:31:07 PM $100 GTD 5968283 0.10 0.01 0.28 0.17

9/1/2016 8:07:18 PM $100 GTD PLO 6-Max 5968300 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

9/1/2016 7:02:36 PM TURBO10 - $100 GTD MEGA STACK 5968269 1.00 0.10 0.00 -1.10

Its getting dark to dark to see.

LOL any how going to drag this thing out and move down to ten cent tournaments.

Fail -$0.93

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