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Hello World! here we go...

I'm 29 years old tournament player from Florida, U.S. Please pardon my poor writing. This blogging took a lot out of me ( literally few months now to man up, write down, open up).

I believe this blog entry will serves a great purpose in my commitment to the game. By open-up publicly like this, i will be exploited, laughed, or even hated but I hope to find 1/1000 genuine friend who will help elevate my game. I've thought about starting PG&C on 2+2; however with my personality, i preferred a smaller but serious population of P5s.

Poker background

I've started playing poker while i was in the U.S Army in 2005. During that period of my life, the money was never a problem. Especially knowing there was high percentage, I might not come home. Poker was my escape. Thus, I never took the game seriously. I've played with lipofund, rounder63, flush_entity, and more. Those whom I considered was my peer now has become accomplished players. Its a really shietty feeling to mention those names. Anyways, those guys work their ass off to get where they are. As for me, I've been a fish for so long. The thing about tournament is you can be a fish and bink few decent scores and think you know whatsup *lol* unlike cash game one will quickly knows if hes winning or the familiar faces flocking to your table once you sat down.

Poker goal

My goal is to turn pro by playing MTTs. I've recently told my wife that i want to pursue poker and give it 101% of my all. The time-frame is to become pro within 5 years. I have one the best supporting system, my wife's family. if i don't make it i know something good will come out of this journey (experience and understand myself). Few months ago, I made some profit from Bovada and carbon which I eventually withdrawn and used up. As for carbon poker, I will not playing on that site again. They had their chance of becoming best U.S market. I will mainly focus on Bovada to build a roll of $30k. Occasionally, i will withdraw some money to put in ACR if the broll reach 15k. You might think i'm midstake or highstake fish at this moment lol. Its just a goal. I'm starting at the bottom playing small stakes. I planned to put 1k in bovada to grind however last week i used the points to ticket and play 5k freeroll and got 4th for $200. Since few days ago I was lucky enough on my last $30 and shipped $10 3k for $750.

My current BR: $650 ( if i busto, my wife is my backer.... :/)

Goal BR to go Pro: $30,000

My Plan of Action

Game Play

I haven't play for few months so I'm going to take it as preloading phase. With such small roll , I will be very selective with Bovy tournament and only play better structured one. Also, I will add in one or 2 sng. Currently, I'm just 4 tabling max. :) after next week I'll buy card catcher and pump in more tables. As of it right now I dont want to completely realize on stats. I know its +ev but i'm trying to build more solid fundamental. still lacks alot and the anonymous shiet not helping at times. Currently Im playing most of $1-5 MTT with 12&15min blind lvl. Mostly, avg field size of 200 or less. This might take sometime to grow a decent roll to play regularly at $10-20. however it will be very beneficial to my development.

Game Study

This has to be the reason why i never took the game serious :D

2 hours of deliberate study

1 spot review of each game

I will do a monthly blog entry. As for updates during the weeks i will just add to each monthly entry.


This blog will hold myself accountable for the commitment I have made with myself and my wife.

Thank you all for reading and thanks to myself for starting the first step ( 3 hrs of deleting finally this one survived :)

Best of luck yall,

Travis ( nickname in the Army) lol


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