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Online Poker is Totally Dead for Many Reasons.

1. You can only play legally in a few states in the USA.

2. All the Prize pools are so much lower and the Player Base is super small full of good regs.

3. The Poker Sites with Bigger Player Pools are Non Regulated such as ACR. Do you really think this site could pay anyone that Won? NO theres 0 Money and its illegal and unregulated

4. Less people Depositing cause of poor sites and Constant Bad Press- Full Tilt, Absolute Poker Etc.

5. Check all the Top US Pros ROI. Only the Very Best are making very little money

6. I think most people feel like Online Poker is a Huge Scam See #5

7. The Poker Sites could care less about their Players . Poker Stars taking away Rake Back

8. The Games are all Dried

Suggestions! Never Play on Un Regulated Poker Sites! Don't give these Scumbags your Money. Full Tilt and Absolute Cheated Players and they were Regulated.

Do you really Believe am Un regulated site is Legit? If so you are a Fish Good luck losing all your Money

Play Live at Casinos cause Online Poker is Dead .


If you are playing on Unregulated Poker sites , you are a Fool.

These sites have 0 Integrity and are Untrusted.

All the Data that the Random Card Generators are completely Random are a Complete lie. The Poker site Pay someone to Evaluate this . So its an inside Job.

Hence 0 Bias from the Company that is Rating the Software and Card Generator. All the Hands are Pre set to cause Big Confrontations in re entry period Etc... where you have to buy back in.

You will notice Big Pairs Losing to Smaller Pairs way more than they should. Bad Aces Beating Better Aces its basically a coin flip in most dominated situations.

The Math is so wrong on all of these sites . So you are basically getting Robbed little by Little playing a correct and winning style but the only person who wins in the end are the Robbers.

Also by Playing on any of these Unregulated sites its making it harder for Legal Legit online Gaming.

Don't give these people any of your info. You will be sorry if you do.

All the Reviews for these Unregulated sites are also Paid for by guess Who? the Un regulated site pays for the reviews.

So of course the reviews are good. DUH! Its Called Paid Advertisement.

Heres the Premise of these Sites.

You will win right after a deposit and Most Strong hands hold up but then you will notice a huge shift ,way Larger than any Variance downswing could ever be.

The site is Not making $ if you are winning so thats the whole point. The site Gives you Freebie at 1st to keep you coming back and then take it all back and the site hopes for another Deposit .

This is how all these unregulated sites work.They also have a ton of house players to fill up the spots and the Security on these sites are horrible. Tons of Bots .

I will also state you are a complete fool if you think otherwise. How would you even know? Because their are 0 Checks and Balances on Unregulated sites.

Hence you are being Robbed by someone in someplace that has to operate in some shady Country.

This all seems Legit right? Operating Offshore in a Total Illegal Operation that is Unregulated .Why would you ever want to give these Thieves any of your action? You wouldn't

DON'T DO IT it and If you have $ on these unregulated sites Withdraw your funds immediately. Do you really think these sites would ever have the $ to pay everyone that has Deposited ? No

If everyone went go to withdraw all at once would all the money be there? The answer is Hell no. Your Money is already spent long ago by the CEO of the Company.

They will just bleed you dry and you will never win any money. Once again if you think you will, you are a fool and are Delusional.

Make Poker Great Again don't Play on Unregulated Poker sites .Start a Home game, at least someone you know gets the Money and not some Costa Rican Pimp Selling his Online Trash.


What an Amazing Year in Poker . After being away from the Felt for 9 years for Various Reasons i played my 1st Poker Tournament since 2007.

I flew out to Los Angeles to see Black Sabbath in Feb. at the LA Forum and the show was Amazing.

Then 2 days later me and my old Poker Grinder Buddy Drove down from LA to Vegas to see Sabbath again and Play a couple of the Daily $125 Tournaments at ARIA.







5 Cashes during WSOP - 1 Cash at ARIA - 1 Cash at Cherokee Casino

Buy ins 7K

Cashes 15K

Profit 8k


I was just playing in the ACR OSS 60k and the Tournament Crashed to Technical issues.

I was in for 2 buyins and it was early but i had set the day to the side to play this event.

The Money was refunded to my Account but i find this to be A MAJOR ISSUE.

Say i was Chip Leader on the Money Bubble and into the game 8 Hours. Would my Buy in back be Sufficient for a Cancellation at this point?

ACR software is super Wonky and they should really improve their software if they want to stay in the game.

ACR would have an advantage if Poker Came back to the US keeping their player base. With Issues like this is very Questionable if that would happen.

This is not looking good for ACR . Thoughts?


You know how you just have a gut feeling about Something.

Well as soon as i started playing at Americas Card Room i knew something wasn't right.

Immediately i felt i was playing against Bots and i have read their security with this is lacking.

The CEO of the Company even did a interview that he knew they had tons of Bots and were fixing the Problem.

The Random Card Generator is by Far the Worst Bad Beat Generator ever.

As soon as you Deposit you will Run Good but as soon as you book a Small Score its all downhill from there.

I have been playing on this site for 3 Weeks and Cashed 12 Times with 5 Final Tables with 1 win and am down or just right at even.

I deposited $300 and Won $650+ in Tournaments but i am at $300 still. Does;t add up.

Im playing a High Volume but my game is strong Enough to be up if it wasn't for BAD BEATS and Fish. Somethings Fishy for Sure.

I just honestly Don't Trust this site and i am withdrawing my Money Immediately.

BEWARE OF ACR!!! Just a Gut feeling and for a Poker Player thats a Major Tell.

CHECK MY STATS! Im not just a Donk Bitching about this cause of Variance. I understand all that.

ACR is a JOKE. Don;t waste the Time or Money.


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