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This afternoon I did the unthinkable. I traded my T$ for cash and then withdrew all of my remaining cash from my Pokerstars account.

I have played on the site since 2005, with estimated winnings in excess of $100,000 in close to 8,000 tournaments. I have earned close to $15,000 in profit over the years.

Recently, I have found that for someone who works, tournaments with 2 hour or longer buy ins did not work. I did not have 4 to 10 hours of time to play a tournament.

Star Coins, and the total disintegration of the rewards program ended my play. The new program is even worse.

I take issue with rewards and loyalty programs being based on luck and randomized prizes. Poker players control random events by making good decisions. Pokerstars now rewards luck and chance.

Please withdraw all funds from your account, and send Pokerstars a message when you do telling them that "Skylardog told me to close my account."



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