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Hello, My name is Pawel (Paul or Pablo as you wish).

I am 31yo. I do play poker since middle 2000. I started back in BetAndWin Poker and Paradise Poker era. Started with freerolls and small stakes tournaments. Later i did move to cash games. Mostly played live cash games.

Last couple years i play mostly cash games as: 8-Game Mix, Razz and 6-Max PLO Zoom.

Money which i am winning at those game goes many different ways. Some of them i do Cash Out and spend when i need some money. Rest of moneys i am losing playing No Limit Holdem MTTs (i am fish at NLH) and Slots (thats make me upset cause i know how those games works).

Lets start!

1. First day of my challenge is 1st October. I am starting with $100 - 100 buy-ins for ZOOM PLO2 as i do like to play with 50BB starting stack.

2. Whenever i will get my bankroll up to 70 buy-ins for higher limit of PLO i will move up in stakes. But if my Bankroll drop to 50 buy-ins i will have to move down in stakes.

Example. When i will get my bankroll up to $175=70x$2,50(50BB for PLO5) i will move up from PLO2 to PLO5. If bankroll will drop to $125 then i will move down to PLO2 again. The same pattern will do for higher stakes.

3. I want to play around 2K hands per day.

4. I willl play 4 ZOOM tables at the same time so i can expect to play between 750 and 900 hands per hour. Session shouldn't last longer than 2,5hours each day.

5. I will do updates here twice in a week. Most likely that will be Wednesdays and Sundays.

6. My update will include: Count of played hands, profit, and charts. (Tomorrow will try to configure Omaha Manager cause right now it's tracking only regular PLO tables and doesn't include ZOOM hands).

7. All StarsCoins which i will earn will be converted to real money as soon as I will have 1000 of them avilable (1000 StarsCoins=$10). Each time $10 will be added to bankroll.

8. To be honest i never tried any challenges like this so i don't really know what i should expect. I am guessing it should take me somewhere between 4 and 6 months but I am optymist and I hope i will be able to finish this challenge before end of year.

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