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2 weeks ago i had it all, it was a dream come true i finally had a bankroll for 1/2 live poker. Im sitting in the casino bathroom 19 years old counting my 45 hundred dollar bills after walking in there with 300 dollars and grinding up from nothing to being easily rolled and haveing my 1/2 poker careerer set up for me after trying for the last 5 months to get something going. I go broke 3 days later

at this point all i have to do is play a simple system. buy in the game for 200 play solid and if im tilted play later. I did the opposite i bought in for 200 played horrible and kept on rebuying. i stacked off 1400 dollars playing 2/5 knowingly playing horrible. raising every hand flatting 40 dollar raises ect ect. going allin pre with k8 off going all in happily with flush draw with horrendous odds. just throwing my money and my poker carerer away not even thinking. I was playing like it was play money i dont know whats wrong with me. go to the 1010 game play solid for a little then i blow my whole stack making moron plays. All i needed to do was play solid 1/2 instead im donating my poker bankroll with no way of getting it back no back up and my mind was somewhere else i wish i knew where it was. Now i have no bankroll. im waiting for my next pay check (300) and i don't even wanna play 1/2 again. I just wanna slap it online and follow the poker commandments and play 10/25 cent grind up the levels as i should honestly i feel like i could be at 1/2 at no time only problem is im afraid i wont ever get the cashout and it will be a wasted effort and im still chaseing the dream of bein back in the casino grinding the big game. but with no money wat the fuck can i do?

walking into the casino with 300 and trying to grind 1/2 seems like a disaster, yeah thats how i got to 4 grand the first time but with variance seems like im on the downside right now and imma go busto and be sidelined and theres nothing worse as a poker player (im sure pros can relate) then not being able to do ur job or play the game.

so i need a vote on the blog from poker players that have been in my shoes before going busto. DO i play 1/2 live and hope to run good and just stay playing 1/2 untill i have saved enough to advanced to 2/5 or do I risk the 300 online grind 5/10c to 10c/25c to 25c/50c to 50c/1$ till 1/2 then cash it out and go live? note not playing dosent really work for me i dont wanna wait 40 weeks to save up 4 grand i need to be in the game. but whats smarter live short or comfortably playing online?

So i had a crazy last few days in my poker carreer. I played my first 24 hours str8. I turned my 300 dollar roll into 3100 now (was 4600 did something stupid) this is how i did it. won 1000 dollars playing 15/30 limit. won 500 playing 2/5. won about 1700 in 1/2. so that puts me at about 3200. and i won about 1200 in black jack but i lost all of that back in black jack yesturday in the high rollers room in 4 minutes. So after dominateing the poker and getting lucky at black jack I swang from almost 4700 to 3100 in just a couple of minutes playing high stakes black jack.

my plan is to just play 1/2 and hopefullly 3100 is enough. ill update and let u know if i go busto or pull it off

I am making a blog for myself and for you people for one reason, I wanna blow up in the poker world and get myself popular in the poker world.

I am 19 years old and My goal In life is to become a pro poker player from nothing. I've done A lot of losing so it really just seems as if i'm a gambler addict to some and others I am just looked at as a shitty poker player with no skills and others have never even heard of me and to them I would be nothing but a random donk if we ever met at a poker table. I honestly don't even have all that much experience compared to other good players at this point in my life/career, But I have experienced the worst of the worst downs, and that experience of losing is more useful to me and will make me better so i am happy to have gone through it.

I am starting a new slate in other words at this point. And this blog will track how fast I actually blow up. (GET BIG BUILDING A ROLL FROM SCRATCH)

As of now I have 0 dollars to my name and i owe people money. As of now my income is min. wage working full time for the company rite aid. Tomorrow I will be receiving a check for 450 dollars. After paying off debts and putting money away for food and entertainment or what not, I will then have about 150 dollars to put towards a poker bankroll. I would love to go to the casino and play some 1/2, but with my experience that is one of the worst things i could do (MY AA could lose to AA and I am done for good). Putting it in a bank account would be smart but I am going to do the 2nd smartest thing (maybe the first idk) ANd work that money on carbon poker playing the micro mtts. Depositing only 25 of it at a time. Last time i played carbon poker i lost my 99 dollar bankroll playing black jack in a matter of minutes. I now look at black jack or any game besides poker the same way i look at a lot-terry machine (morons play it only/people that don't understand or have no intentions of being a pro gambler play it) So I wont even play these games once from here on out because it is not worth my time or dollar and if i where to get addicted which i have many times before and decide not to stop my risk of ruin needs to be looked at as 100 percent for playing even one game of any of those gambling games.

SO i will be on carbon poker grinding it up as much as I can while working full time and my goal is to hit the live casino as soon as I have gathered enough of a poker bankroll through working full time and through grinding hard on the carbon poker website. I am not sure yet exactly how much money i need to gather before I make my first shot but my first goal is to at least hit the 800 point before I even think about going to the live 1/2 game.

So Everybody wish me luck I will be updating this blog monthly on average with how everything is going. ONLY I CAN BEAT MYSELF AND I WILL NOT I WILL BE THE CHAMPION,

see yah around I hope to be impressing some big poker names out there before I am even 20

gl all

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