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October and November are going to be fun over on my Twitch stream.  I'm running a leaderboard competition for my home games on Americas Card Room. It's easy...compete in all of my home games for the months of Oct/Nov. Score points. Win!  We'll crown the winner on my annual charity stream on November 30th and the winner will receive a free entry in to every one of my home games for all off 2022!

The charity stream is always a good time. Over the past years we have raised nearly $20,000 for animal rescue. Looking forward to making this years stream the biggest one yet. Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, stay safe out there and good luck at the tables!



On Tuesday, March 16th I will be doing a 24 hour Twitch poker stream to mark 365 days in Covid lockdown. It's been a crazy year, but we made the best of a bad situation. We will have tons of giveaways and will likely mix in some other games and content as well. Anything to stay awake.


Come hang out! You can find me HERE.  We will also be having our homegame that night, so if you dont have an account SIGN UP!


February was one of my biggest months in terms of hours streamed on Twitch. In addition to streaming for Americas Cardroom I also had the opportunity to some streams for Ignition. Good times were had and we made some decent runs. Time will tell how much volume we dedicate to it long term.


OSSCUB3D is in full swing so no real sign of slowing down in the coming weeks. March should be a super heavy month of streaming, then perhaps we take a little time off in April. Much of it will depend on how much the country starts to open up from COVID. I don't see being able to do much until summer, so if the lockdown continues, we will just keep on grinding.


Been making regular appearances on the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast, so if you have not checked that out I encourage you do do so.  Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and wherever else you enjoy consuming your podcasts.


In the meantime, follow me on Twitter and Instagram and we will see you in the poker streets.



When Black Friday hit one year to the day after launching Tournament Poker Edge, you would not have been able to convince me that there would be an even stranger year for poker coming nearly a decade later. But here we are.


I've taken this time to do a ton of streaming on my twitch channel since, well, what the hell else is there to do? It's been an absolute blast. Met a ton of cool people, had some good memories and has allowed me to stay somewhat social in a time where it is pretty difficult to stay social. 


Hopefully this pandemic comes to an end sooner than later. In the meantime, feel free to swing by the channel and say hello! We have a a private viewer homegame on Tuesday nights and a social hour on Sunday nights. Bring your own booze!


Cheers and stay safe out there.





After a decent first half of the WSOP (managed a cash in the Millionaire Maker) I headed home to North Carolina to spend a bit of time with the family and drink a few beers by the pool. It has been a great week of rest and relaxation, but it is time to get back to the Vegas house and get back on the grind.

I head back tomorrow morning and will be there throughout the Main Event. I have 3 events left on my schedule. The Monster Stack, the Little One for One Drop and the Main Event. I'll also be mixing in some Rio Dailys on off days.

Could not be more exited about the Monster Stack. Starting a live WSOP event with 600bbs sounds like a blast. Going to do my best not to go all Reggie Roby on my stack. And of course the Main Event is...well...the Main Event.

The only down side to this time of year is not being able to play online as much as I would like. I did get in a Sunday session yesterday. Binked one $33 on True but managed to essentially bubble both majors, so it was a bit of a brutal Sunday. I've played a bit from Vegas, but not a ton. I'll certainly try and get some sessions in (including WSOP.com) while I am out there for three more weeks.

Then when I return I'll get back on the Online grind heavy. Gotta hold on to that #1 spot in NC!


Titling this blog entry "2013 WSOP" is a bit misleading, because I don't plan to play any WSOP events this summer. I have a full schedule of about 12-14 Venetian Deepstack events. I love that series, plus it is much more with my poker bankroll.

I had originally intended to get in to Las Vegas on 6/3 and start my grind on 6/4. But I ended up coming in to town a bit early and decided to go ahead and jump right in by entering the Venetian $600 event that was starting the day after I flew in. Marc Alioto played it with me as well.

For the first 6-8 levels of the tournament my chip stack was up and down like a yo-yo. Then I went on a quick little heater and ran it up from 6K to 42K and finally I had some chips to work with. Last hand before dinner I had like 115K and would have had about 15K more going in to dinner but I lost AT to KQ knocking me down to ~100K at dinner. Still well above average though.

Then I went on a serious dry spell that was a combination of card deadness and just not winning any of the hands I played. As the bubble approached I was getting quite short. I found AKhh on the stone bubble and open shoved, getting called by JJ. Luckily there was a King in the window and I was able to double up and get in to the money. I still did not have a ton of chips though and basically just push/folding my way along as people kept getting knocked out. Eventually we reached the final table and Marc and I were both still in. Marc had a much healthier stack than I did, as I was the short stack t the final table, but there were a few other guys who were pretty short as well.

At the final table the next day, we lost one person right away as he got it in JJ vs AK and lost the flip. Unfortunately I would go out a bit later when I got it in with KJ vs A7 and could not find the required paint to double up.

Obviously I would have liked to finish higher (and win) but it's hard to be too disappointed about starting off the summer with a final table. Creates some momentum and confidence for the rest of the series. Next event will be the Venetian $500 on Tuesday.

More updates to come!

For up to the minute updates, follow me on Twitter.


In seven days I will be packing up my jeep and making the drive from North Carolina to Las Vegas. If all goes as planned I will arrive just in time to pick up bigdogpckt5s at the airport. We'll head over and move in to our new house for the summer before going back to the airport to pick up aznAllin007 and DannyN13. I suspect we'll be having In N Out Burger for dinner!

The grind starts the very next day with the first $400 Venetian Deepstack event. Hopefully one or more of us can make a nice run in that and get the summer off to a good start. My basic schedule is all set and I'll be playing at least 15 events with a few more likely sprinkled in, but I really wanted to set aside time to get a lot of marketing done this summer, so I left plenty of days off in my schedule.

I plan to give plenty of updates on the trip across the country via Twitter and might even try and knock out a few vlogs along the way so make sure you follow along!

Good luck to everyone else making the trip! Hope to see all of you at the tables soon!



I've recovered from my trip to Atlantic City for the World Series of Poker Circuit Event at Casesars. Had an amazing time hanging with the crew up there! Several of us made nice runs and cashes in tournaments, which was great to see. And, of course, it was a blast railing those guys.

While I had an amazing time, poker could have been better. I think all of my big hands and bust out spots were pretty standard. I made my deepest run in Day 1B of Event 2. I managed to work my stack up to $27K at 600/1200 which was a workable stack at that point, but then I lost two really crucial flips. One where I opened from MP with AJdd and an 8bb stack shoved with 66. Lost that flip. Then lost 88 to AK a short time later to cripple me.

All in all, I am happy with how I played though and was stoked that some other guys had a bit of success.

Going to spend the rest of March grinding Poker Maximus, and then am going to take it kind of easy on the poker front until I leave for Las Vegas on May 25th to spend the summer out there for the WSOP.

Good luck to everyone else grinding Maximus!!


WSOPC Atlantic City

On March 2nd myself and a bunch of friends (bigdogpckt5s, RonFezBuddy, TTwist, Cougars4444, etc) are heading to Atlantic City to play a couple of World Series of Poker Circuit Events. Should be a fun time, so if you are heading up there towards the beginning of the series, make sure that you say hello.

I'm also super busy gearing up for this summer's World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. We have the house booked that we will be living in for the summer. We decided to get a place with a pool this year, so should make for some good parties and BBQs. Looking forward to grinding a bunch of Venetian Deepstack events and some WSOP events. Probably mix in a few Caesars events as well. It should be a fun summer as I'll be living with Bigdog, Marc Alioto, DannyN13 and Cougars4444. Always a good time with those dudes.

Would be great to meet more P5ers this year, so if you are going to be out there for the summer, say what's up.

in the meantime, make sure you are following me on Twitter @derektenbusch as I will be tweeting updates from the circuit event in March and of course all summer long in Las Vegas.

Until next time,



Vegas So Far

I arrived in Las Vegas on May 29th excited to start the mega grind. I primarily played Venetian Deepstacks, Caesars Megastacks and a couple other random events. I had 3 cashes in June including a 10th place finish in a Venetian $550 for $4002 but otherwise was a pretty disappointing month. I flew home to NC for a few days to take a break and celebrate my birthday with family before coming back out to Las Vegas two days ago.

I've only been here two days, but so far I dont feel very welcome back! I started off with a Caesars Megastack $240 tourney and got off to a great start but then lost KK

Today I played a $550 satty to the WSOP main event and it went about as bad as possible.

Still a bit of time to save July though as I am playing the Venetian $1k tomorrow followed by a $340 and possibly the Caesars Megastack Main Event which looks like it could be fun with a starting stack of 50K and 60 minute levels.

Let's hope the rest of the trip goes a bit better!

If you are bored and want to sweat I'm on Twitter @derektenbusch

Good luck to the rest of you out here grinding away.


2011 is already off to a good start on the poker front. I've been working hard on my game and have had a bunch of deep runs and final tables to show for it. While the big win has eluded me so far, I did have a 3rd place finish in the Stars $18k GTD for $2,000 and a 3rd place in the Full Tilt Turbo Fiddy for $2500 plus a few other fairly big 3 digit scores. All nice bank roll additions when you are grinding mid-stakes. So from a poker standpoint, I feel more ready for 2011 than I have for any year in the past. So watch those videos. Hit the strategy forums. Do everything you need to do to take your game to the next level…and let's CRUSH IT!

I would be remiss if I did not make a few "poker resolutions for the new year" so here are a few things I want to work on this year.

(1) Blog more. I'd really like to try and post a blog a week, but at least every two weeks. It helps me keep my game in perspective and helps me think more constructively about what I need to be doing to improve my game.

(2) Post more hands in the strategy forum. I'm still improving every day. And I need to take better advantage of the fact that I can get my hands looked at my some of the best pros in tournament poker. Not to mention, there are members who are better tournament players than I am, and I need to be learning from them as well.

(3) Review one Hand History a week. I've let this slip a bit in the past few months because the site keeps me so busy. But if it means cutting one session per week out of my playing time, I really need to find time to be reviewing my game more.

So those are some of my goals for 2011. What are yours?


Atlantic City Bound

On Thursday I head to Atlantic City for the WSOP Circuit Event at Harrah’s. Looking forward to playing some live poker and meeting up with a bunch of peeps. TTwist, RonFezBuddy and bigdogpckt5s will be in town crushing the events (good game field). Rumor has it we might see a Wein appearance as well!!

I have a packed schedule. I get in on Thursday and will be playing the $80+20 at the Borgata that evening. Friday I’ll be playing the $170+30 at the Borgata. If you have not played at the Borgata, i suggest checking it out. Structures are always pretty good, good turnouts and its a really nice poker room. Then the WSOPC starts on Saturday and I will be playing the first 5 events (3 of them are ring events).

I’ll be tweeting regular updates so make sure you are following me @derektenbusch.

Time for some rungood!!!


In my last blog I talked about having just finished 2nd in the AP $10k GTD and how it was nice to finally have ended my downswing. Well, September just kept rolling! Two days after that post I final tabled the AP $10k GTD again, this time winning the tournament outright for $2500. The same night I final tabled the Big Double on Full Tilt, unfortunately with less of a good ending, as I ran TT into QQ about 5 hands in.

I managed a couple of other final tables as well to end September with a nice profit and, more importantly, a good confidence boost.

I'll be looking to get some good volume in October and hopefully continue to ride the wave, starting with a session this evening.

Additionally, we are hard at work on some really cool projects for www.tournamentpokeredge.com. I can't wait to start rolling some of these new things out.

On a non-poker note, I saw "The Social Network" this week. When I first heard this movie was being made, I really had my doubts. But all of the reviews and hype convinced me I had to go check it out. Plus I'm a bit fascinated with social media, business and marketing so I thought if nothing else I'd find that aspect of it interesting. As it turns out, the movie is AMAZING. Definitely the best movie I have seen this year and probably up there in my top movies of all time list, although I would hesitate to put a number on it just yet. Tope 50? Probably. Top 20? Have to think about that for a bit. Regardless, go see it.

Until next time, win big!



September was looking pretty awful there for a bit. I was in the middle of a fairly large downswing and just seemed to be running terribly. I kept telling myself to just keep grinding. And so I did…

Finally on Tuesday I broke through with a decent score. 2nd in the Absoute Poker $10k GTD for $2,213.06. The cash eliminated the entire downswing and now I feel really good about getting back to the grind and trying to finish September off strong.

I’m also in the process of planning a bunch of travel. I have already book by December trip to Atlantic City for the WSOP Circuit event. In October I’m heading to Virginia for the Central Michigan vs. Virginia Teach game. I am a CMU alumni so really looking forward to seeing them play for the first time in 15 years. In November my wife and I are heading to South Carolina to hang out with one of my best friends (and drummer in my former band). And now I’m strongly considering heading to the Bahamas in January for the PCA.

In the meantime, I'm having a blast working on www.tournamentpokeredge.com and grinding the poker. Good luck at the tables!!


MSOP Event #5

Took 5th in the Mini Series of Poker Event #5 for $3200.

Was nice to get another win under my belt. These MSOPs are super soft so hopefully I can get another nice score in one of them. The Main Event should be an awesome tournament.


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