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If you read my last blog, I discussed how I turned a really bad run and 87 cents left over into a personal challenge. I won a bunch of SnG's used alot of bankroll management and displine to try to not take "the big shot".

A couple weeks ago, I reached a mile stone. I was down (yes down from $940) to $860 and my wife was wanting to go to dinner for a friday. Since I didn't want to play a MTT since I didn't ahve time or a SnG since I was running pretty bad, I played a .50/1 cash game. I haven't played a cash game in 4 or 5 months cause I'm big on reading players, and I think online cash games above and beyond tougher than live cash games. I actually perfer live cash games over tourney's but I think online, MTT's are the way to go.

I decided to play it and Alan Boston was at the table, a well-known Radio Personality. I didn't get star struck cause I think with all the players at the table, people try to get brave and try to impress the pro's with crazy moves and that's exactly what was going on. After 15 or 20 minutes of folding, a wild player raised from early postion to $4, I had 9's in the BB and flopped a set to his KK's and doubled up. I got right back to $940.

A couple days later, I played a $3 tourney, a little buzzed, and there were 1,583 players. After a huge rush of cards, I had 1.7 mil in chips to 2nd place having 420k with 15 left. At the final table, I got pretty unlcuky in some spots and finished 6th for $198. This finally propelled me to $1,176. This propelled me past 1k, my first milestone, and I'm ready to say that by the end of this year, I want 5k. my biggest cashou was 1k after 1 big tourney win, but I want a nice one. I will continue to use bankroll management and to aviod the bad runs. It happens to all of us, you just need to learn how to beat the bad beats.

I hope this inspires some of you to do the same and to use displine to get to your goals. Good luck at the tables.


Ferguson Challenge

After a couple 4 figure scores back in May - July live and online. I went in a bad 3 month dry streak where I couldn't cash for anything and became sub par in cash games.

I took week or so off poker and then on a wednesday I was off from work, I logged on FTP and saw I had 87 cents. This was November 8th. I was going to deposit but saw that had enough to play .01/.02 games. I ran it up to $2.93. Enough for a $2 SnG which I won for $9. played a $5 SnG and came in 3rd for $9. Won my weekly HORSE game on FTP for $45. came in 2nd in a 90 ply $6 tourney for $88. and now today on January 9th, I have $994. I want this to be $5K by the end of the year.

I love the 90 player SnG's but MTT are where big things can happen. I don't play cash games online due to lack of displine. ( I lost $600 on 1 hand playing way above my head). Anyone for any advice or similar goal. let me know, I wanna challenge myself with someone possibly, especially in the Florida Area. Thanks for reading.



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