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On last Sunday of January this happened and it was so sweet !




Its been a long long time since I had a nice big score in a single freeroll tournament.Poker being “Fun”& G@mes!Brings me to the time when I use to play playmoney poker for a year for fun and accumulated millions of play chips before I decided to play real money games.If isn’t fun and theres no passion I wont stick around .I also bought a gaming laptop recently to play pc games because its fun(prolly got influenced by twitch and also remembering as a kid when I use to play on sega mega drive,Atari etc),but only play when I have spare time and am bored,so thats rarely(no passion to be a gamer on twitch or otherwise).






Sunday 3kfreeroll win.png

I have only played two 1 Mllion Gtd Tournaments up till now.

The first one being on Pokerstars a 11$ buyin in 2013 with the result being busto as below in the boom player,


The second one was the God of the Arena Main Event on 888 poker on Oct 14 ,2018 ,with a 55$ buyin..[ATTACH]596202[/ATTACH]

2 major Flips =[ATTACH]596200[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]596201[/ATTACH]

for a min cash,P5s have not been tracking the God of the Arena series prolly cause its new and not part of their regular schedule.

I have been coming close to qualifying for a seat for the 1M gtd on ACR ,so will keep grinding.

Third times th3 ch4rm so we'll see.


I played my first ever live tournament this august which happened to be the Unibet Open Bucharest main event , I won a 2k euro package(buyin,travel exp,hotel) from a freeoll,anyways it was the highest buyin(1100euros) I have played.However I did make a bad hero call .It happened to be day 1a of the main event and my connecting flight was delayed by 3 hrs so I landed at like 3 am the day I was scheduled to play ,play started at 11am I late regged at the last level which was 7 hrs late since I slept like 5 hours & I had breakfast and then was hanging with my family who came with me for a vacay since we went to turkey afterwards.I think it was a combination of being tired and jet lagged even though that shouldnt matter if you dont make mistakes chances you bust will be less.I was yawning through out the tournament,I was short stack after the bad call and went all in 3 times for double ups with a short stack before the bust a7 loses to 33 (it was prolly 1hr before end of day 1A & the guy who busted me finished 5th for like 25k).Well I did meet some unibet pros, I met Dara O' Kearney at breakfast on day of play .The next day I met David Vanderheyden (who I follow on twitch)and his family and David Lappin(follow on twitch) and his family and Espen Uhlen Jorstad(uhlenpoker on twitch) and also on my way back I also happened to recognize and meet 888 poker pro Sophia lovgren in the elevator where she was going to play on day 1b and I was going to my room.I wished her luck ,while I went to duck lol.Later when I went to the restaurant for dinner I met Ian simpson who I also like and follow on twitch who invited me to join his table and met wacky jaxon (P5S Moderator)who joined too.There were 2 player partys in which Molly Bloom was also invited,but the first one was on the day I busted and was too sleepy and 2nd one was on the day I had gone to see DRACULAS PALACE in Translyvannia called Bran Castle which is the biggest castle which is far from Bucharest and I was tired by the time I got back.The day before I visited the most crowded beach I have ever been too called Mamaia beach.The trip to Turkey was amazing too,visited many tourist attractions,most suprising is seeing Moses's Cane (the one that seperated the sea with the help of God) from the egyptian army it was at Topkapi Palace they also had John The Baptist hand armour and other sacred stuff.But no one is allowed to take pictures there since its sacred.


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