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In today's online poker environment one of the biggest worries for players is if they are playing against a real player or a bot. I fear that there COULD be a botting issue on Global Poker.


I have played a million+ hands on Global Poker (I don't have an exact number because they do not allow tracking software) from small stakes 50NL all the way up to 2000NL. What I find weird in my entire time playing on the site is that I have never been contacted by Global Poker about bots that they have found. I have seen a few players I suspected being bots suddenly disappear after playing non stop. I am writing this in hopes to get a little transparency from the site.


Since we are not allowed to use HUDs on Global Poker, the players are unable to track players. While it is nice not having HUDs because it creates a good environment for recreational players, it does create an obvious problem that we are unable to use data to find bots.


On other sites, the players have almost always been the ones to bring botting to light because the site has no incentive to do so.


If you look up poker botting websites, you will find that each of the botting sites promote Global Poker as a site with a low risk for getting caught. A LOW RISK! This is worrisome for obvious reasons.

Again, because we can not use HUDs on this site, it is impossible for me to bring data forward to help prove the issue.


There's two things that could be happening and both are troubling to me:

1) Global Poker is doing nothing about bots or don't have the resources to catch them.
2) They do catch bots but they don't tell the players about them.


While both of these things are scary, I do think number two is more likely. I'm sure the company has ways to find bots, most likely they have a team doing this. I'm sure they ban them constantly. If that's the case, what is being done with the funds? I have never talked to any player on the site that has been issued a refund because of botting. Are the funds being pocketed to the company? I find it hard to believe that if bots have been found, I would not have been refunded something considering I am probably a top 10 volume player on the site.


This article isn't meant to put down Global Poker. From my experience they are a very good site for US players. However, I am writing this to get their attention and hopefully encourage them to be more transparent going forward. If you play on Global Poker or any online poker site, please share this article. The only way we will be able to get transparency going forward is to put pressure on the sites themselves.




It's good to be back on US soil after two months in Europe. I absolutely love everything about Europe, but nearing the end of my journey I started to get exhausted from the travel. It's always good to get back home and take a short break to regroup and get the mind and body feeling good again.

For the past week of being home, I have been considering my exit from poker. Each day I come up with something new. But today I am questioning why I am questioning my future. I've determined that there is something about being in my hometown that makes me feel like I have to do what everyone is doing (get a "real" job, buy a house, find a wife, have kids, ect...).

However, the past couple of days I have the fire lit under me again. I'm ready to compete, and put all my hard work to the test. Poker has been the one thing over the past 15 years that I haven't given up. I have spent thousands of hours studying this game and thousands of hours playing this game. Constantly, I am learning and thinking about how I can play hands/spots better and exploit my opponents.

The passion is still there. I absolutely love poker. I still strive to be the best. I still love the competition.

People laughed behind my back when they found out that I was playing poker for a living. They will never understand. I hope they continue to doubt me, because it's one of the main reasons I am able to succeeded. I find it sad that people waste their energy rooting against me and waiting for me to fail instead of finding ways to change their life for the better, but to each their own. Most people have given up on their dream, I have not.

If I come off a bit arrogant sometimes, it's because I worked really hard for this. I typically put in 80 hours a week in some form, just to make sure I have enough money for the month to pay the bills. I didn't have natural talent like so many of the successful poker players. I had to work really hard for this. I am proud of my success and will continue to strive for more.

My goals haven't change even though my surroundings are trying to talk me into change. I will be a champion. I will win World Series of Poker Rings. I will win a major tournament. I will continue to travel to the world while fulfilling my dream. But even if I don't get those things, I will never give up on this dream!

You can not stop me!

If you are unhappy with your current situation, here are a few things I hope will help.

Don't let the people closet to you scare you away from what you are doing. They don't understand what you are trying to accomplish and so often they try to talk you out of something because they themselves were never able to take a risk and even attempt to accomplish their goals.

Stay focused. This is what you want. There are going to be moments of pain. It will not be easy. You will not get to the end goal if you're distracted. You have to work on your goal everyday. If you truly want it, there is no reason to take a day off. Don't take baby steps, take leaps. But understand that even with taking leaps, this goal will take time. be prepared for the long haul

If the main fear for accomplishing your goal is the financial burden, find ways to simplify your life. Don't buy the $7 Starbucks everyday. Get rid of subscription services like Netflix (it's going to distract you from your goal anyways). Sell your vehicle. Live in a cheaper apartment/house or live free and travel around from different cheap AirBnb's. Move to a cheaper country. If you work digitally, you can live in places like Thailand for under $500 a month.

People will judge you. As soon as you start reaching for something that seems unobtainable to others, they will judge you. They will wait for you to fail. Use this as motivation and tell yourself, "I must succeed".

But Chris, It's easy for you to say...

Just stop. There is a way. It's easy to come up with excuses why you can't do something. That's what 99% of people do and that's why they get stuck working some job they hate with no life fulfillment. You are different. You're the 1% that will find a way.


Don't make it all about money. I hate the cliche, but it's true, money will not make you happy. You need to find something that you truly enjoy. If you make $20,000 a year from it or $200,000 a year from it, it shouldn't matter. Remember, this is what you want. The financial aspect is just the payoff for your passion.

Chris 'Professional Homeless Poker Player' Perkins



I am not sure where I left off with my last blog post but I'm sure a lot has happened since then.

The Irish Open was an unbelievable experience. The resort that the event took place in was wonderful and the people made it very special.

In my first event I played, I was lucky enough to play with a legend, Niall Farrell! He even bought me a beer. A really funny and nice guy to be around. CHEERS!

Also, during this event, I met wackyJaxon (long time PocketfFiver and now doing media for Poker News). He did a short interview with me during the first break of the 6max event. Keep in mind, I was a couple Guinness deep so go easy on me :)


I played three 2/5 cash game sessions in Dublin and profited in all of them.

I played 6 or 7 tournaments and while I had a lot of deep runs, I only cashed one tournament. Luckily, I got second place in the mini main event for 9,200EURO! Here's a picture from the final table (I'm in seat 2 with the green hoodie):


My honest review of the Irish Poker Open:

Venue: A-

The CityWest Hotel is beautiful. The food was above average and the service inside the restaurants was very good.

Dealers: B-

It was hit or miss with the dealers. Most of them were very good at dealing, but many of them seem to not want to be there. It ruins the experience for me when the dealers seem unhappy and not willing to socialize. Having said that, I understand they are working long hard hours and it is a very tough thing to do day in and day out.

Floor: B+

I had no real issues with the floor managers. Everything seemed fairly smooth. If you had a question, it got answered in a timely manner. All were very respectful to me.

Drink Servers: D

It was really hard to get service while playing. Similar to the dealers, the servers seemed to not be very happy or excited about their job. They were under staffed and would never check up on their customers, even after I would give BIG tips. Hopefully something changes for next years event.

Action: B+

The cash game action was pretty good. If I do it again next year, I wouldn't start my cash game session until after 9:00pm. That's when the action seemed to really pick up. Also, the Norwegians bring the fun!

I forgot to mention, I got on the featured table in Event #1 6max. When I got to the table, I think there were 25 players left and 17 made the money. If you interested in seeing some of it, you can watch it here: I sit down at around 3:30 into video.


Where am I now?

Currently, I am on the top bunk, in a hostel, in Amsterdam. I have been here for 3 days and am leaving tomorrow. During my few days here, I have felt somewhat under the weather and have only played one 2/5 cash session. I made 600euros in that session which helps pay for my trip.

Tomorrow I leave Amsterdam to go to Rotterdam. It looks to be about an hour south of Amsterdam. This wasn't originally planned, but a German player told me about this series in Rotterdam while I was in Ireland and it seemed like a decent stop. Send me a message if you will be at this series.

Here is the Rotterdam Poker Series Schedule:



I hope that someone out there, grinding low stakes, reads this and is given hope. For the longest time I dreamed to be able to do this. Things ave now fallen into place. YOU CAN DO THIS TOO! I am not special in any way other than the fact that I have a will to win and am obsessive with surviving in this game/life. Work hard, stay balanced, live for the moment, take risks, DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Chris Perkins


It's 5:30pm right now in Galway, Ireland. I have been staying at an amazing hostel here for three days called the Galway City Hostel (pictured below).


I just finished watching Dublin beat Scotland in a big rugby game at the pub below where I'm staying with some local friends that I met last night. Another bucket list item to cross off the list.

Last night was the first time I've got to play live poker in Ireland. The casino was very interesting. It is certainly not the type of casino I am accustom to in the United States. It was a small room with just a few tables. Only 1/2 was running but it had no max buyin so the game did start to get bigger by the end of the night. Long story short, the players were very fun to play with and I ended the night +$550 over about 7 hours of play. I had lots of fun playing and I'm excited to get back to Dublin to start the Irish Poker Open.

I really love Galway. The people are great, the city is beautiful, you can walk everywhere, and did I mention the city is beautiful? Don't believe me? Look for yourself...









The Irish really love to drink. There is a pub on every corner and the atmosphere has just be incredible. I have drank more Guinness in the past 5 days than I ever have in my entire life. I have a feeling tonight will be no different :)

Also, shoutout to my two new buds from Manchester. I had a blast with these guys my first night in Galway!


Sorry if this blog isn't very detailed. I am trying spend as little of time possible on these types of things so I'm not taking too much time away from the whole experience.

Dream Big and Take Risks!

Chris Perkins

Follow My Journey:




It's only 4 days away!

When I booked my flight to Dubllin, Ireland back in October it felt like this day was never going to come. Now it is getting real. I'm all packed and ready for this 2-3 month journey through Europe.

I will traveling like a minimalist for this trip. I'm only taking a small backpack with 2 pairs of pants, a few shirts, some underwear, a laptop, and a kindle.

I know what you're thinking, "this guy is crazy!". You might be right, but I think traveling with just the essentials will be a great experience and I will appreciate the idea of militaristic travel a lot during this experience.

The first leg of the trip will consist of 16 days in Ireland (2 days in Dublin, 5 days in Galway, and 9 more days in Dublin).

While I am in Galway, I plan on taking a trip to the Cliffs of Moher. I posted a picture below for the people who may not be familiar with it.


After I head back to Dublin from Galway, the work will begin. The 2018 Irish Poker Open will start with a €350 6max tournament at the City West Hotel. Just days later will be the start of the main event of the Irish Open, a €1150 tournament (30K starting stack and 60 minute levels). I did not know this but the Irish Poker Open is the longest running poker tournament other than the WSOP Main Event. Check out the venue:


During my time in Dublin, I will accidentally be there for St. Patricks Day! Now that is something I never thought I would do. I can't wait to celebrate the holiday in the place that founded the holiday.

After my stay in Ireland, I am visiting Amsterdam > Brussels > Namur > Gent > Barcelona > I'm not sure where after that...

This trip will be exhausting but a growing experience for me. The fact that I am lucky enough to do what I love and travel while doing it is something I do not take for granted. I realize that there are micro stakes players who dream about doing something like this, I know because I was one of them.

Finally, I remember reading poker players blogs back in the day about all the incredible things and places they were going. My feeling at the time was that the person was just trying to brag. If I ever come off like that, I am sorry. That is not my intention. The truth is, I am just a dumb kid who got lucky to find something that he could make a living from and not hate everyday because of some terrible job. I may not be rich, money may be tight for me sometimes, and my future may be uncertain, but I am truly happy because of the freedom that this life has given me. I hope this motivates some of you to do the same thing. I know it cliche, but almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Stay gold,

Chris Perkins


It's been a while ladies and gents!

Before I get started I just want to say thank you to anyone who has ever rooted for my success or rooted me on during my live and online sweats.

This year has been absolutely crazy. It started with me playing 90% online poker and ended with me playing 90% live poker. I have traveled more this year than ever before, playing poker in 7 different states and numerous cities. I have spent the most time in Las Vegas and Tampa but I wouldn't call either of them home at this time.


To keep up with my latest Poker Travels, go to https://www.safeonlinebets.com/



I have now played in three WSOPC series. New Orleans, Hollywood, and Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood). No ring yet but I have come pretty damn close on numerous occasions. I made my first final table on my recent trip to Vegas. Finishing in second place was not fun but I was really happy for Neil Scott who won the ring. For those that don't know, Neil has followed the circuit for years and has more cashes than anyone without a ring. He made a deal a few years ago that he wouldn't cut his hair until he won the ring. He is now able to do that and donate his long locks to benefit kids with cancer.

Picture is the Final Table of the World Series of Poker Circuit Event #4 at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada



My plan for the rest of the year is to play as much live cash as I can and play the Seminole Hardrock Tampa Series in early December. My goal is to finish strong. This has been the best year I have ever had with poker but it is still below some of my stretch goals.

Dublin, Ireland 2018

I am excited to finally get to travel abroad in 2018. I will be going to Dublin, Ireland for the Irish Open!

This is a stop I have always wanted to check out. The best part is, I will be in Ireland for 16 days so I will get to do a lot of traveling around the whole country. I will be traveling alone so if anyone is looking to backpack, check out the schedule: http://www.irishpokeropen.com/events-2018/

Thailand or Europe...

I want to take a break from normal life for a while. After I'm done with Ireland, I am considering either backpacking Europe and playing live and online poker along the way or going to Thailand and chill out on the beach playing online poker. Which one would you guys do? I am leaning towards maybe going to 1 or 2 countries in Europe and then going to Thailand for a couple months to grind online. Either way, I expect to be back in time for WSOP but who knows...?

This Ride

I don't know what else I can give to you guys. This year has been so great and so terrible at the same time. Sometimes I go through poker depression but I always stay grateful for being able to do this for a living. The freedom is worth every painful downswing. I do worry about my future but I try to block that out as much as I can. Whatever happens going forward, even if I lose it all, I have already won. This adventure has been out of this world!

Thanks again PocketFives community!

Chris Perkins




I don't know what to say. It's 5:18 a.m. here in Tampa Bay, Florida. I just finished a successful 7 hour, 2/5 cash game session, ending up +$2000. But I am feeling empty.

Tonight was the first time I saw the evil side of what I consider a fun game. Typically I play online poker so I never have to see the bad players or gamblers in person as they consistently lose playing far from optimal.

There was a man, a lawyer, probably in his mid 50's. Someone who probably makes more money than I will ever make in my life. He sat down with the table max of $800 and played every hand, raising every pot, and he quickly ran it up to $4000. For 3 hours he seemed unbeatable and was having a good time. Then in the matter of minutes, the man proceeded to lose it all. He didn't seemed phased. He re-bought and continued to play. He went on to lose another three buyins before declaring he was done. He walked away to most of the tables disappointment. This was a great spot for any poker player to add to their bankroll.

After about ten minutes, he returned and lost another buyin. Again he said "I'm done" and the table looked disappointed once again. One player at the table knew him quite well and said "he will be back, he has a disease" while smirking. Less than 5 minutes passed this time and he returned and he asked a player at the table if he could write him a check for another buyin. The player agreed and he sat down to play once again. This is when I started to feel bad. I no longer wanted to win. My guilt for the game kicked in. What am I doing with my life? I preach equality in the world and disgust for the rich who don't give back, but here I am with 6 other players at this table, preying on the weak. Someone who can't control himself. Someone who may or may not have the money to lose.

I can't quit this game. I've worked too hard to get to this point. But is this what my life has become? Am I just another filthy human stealing from those who are weaker than myself?

Poker was never my end game in life. I have a bigger purpose than this. I know that I have to continue with my goals in this game, but I don't ever want to forget what I saw tonight. When I am done with this game, I vow to do something positive in this world. Something that not only makes me feel good, but something that makes others lives better.

This is an ugly game we play.

Chris Perkins


Hey guys,

Tomorrow is when the real journey starts. The first 4 months of turning "PRO" have been unbelievable and it's about to get better.

I am leaving for Jacksonville tomorrow for the BestBet Poker series. I will be there for 8 days and playing the $1,100 200K GTD to round up the trip.

After Jacksonville, I will be flying directly to New Orleans. This was sort of a last minute trip. New Orleans has been on my bucket list for years and this seemed like the perfect time to go. My flight was super cheap from Jax > NO and the WSOPC is going on while I am there. I will playing event #1 & #3. Both are $365 ring events. This will leave me with 3 days of no poker and a lot of time to explore this sweet town!

May 14th I am going from New Orleans to Tampa Bay. This will be my home until I leave for Las Vegas on May 30th. There are a few good casinos around where I will be staying and a few decent one off live tournaments. This will also give me time to just relax before what will probably be a very long busy summer.

Vegas (May30th - July 13th)

Thank you all for the support! It really means the world to me when you guys send encouraging messages on here, Twitter, YouTube. Since I will be traveling along, if anyone will be at these places please let me know. I will be looking to have some fun away from the poker table to try to stay sane. :)

See you guys soon!

Chris Perkins


This past Friday, I decided to work from home as I occasionally do. I got a phone call from the office manager where I work, and he did not sound like he had good news. He had to give me the unfortunate news that I was being laid off from my job. A whole stream of emotions hit me. I was happy, scared, excited, and everything in between.

For those who don’t know, I was planning on leaving my job in April to play poker full-time. So while this may be a blessing in disguise it still threw me off guard. Part of me feels like I failed. I was at this job for over 4 years, but did I not do enough to make them need me? Could I have done more? I honestly believe that I had not put 100% into this job because it was not my passion. My passion is poker. I know that is hard for some people to understand, but I truly love this game. I love the competition aspect. I love trying to solve problems. But most of all I love that I can be my own boss and do what I want, when I want.

Going forward is NOT going to be easy. My plan for quitting my job and playing poker full-time in April was financially thought out down to every penny I would need. Being laid off earlier than the April target date has made me have to rethink and replan everything going forward.


I am all set here. Luckily, I had a really good 2016 as far as poker goes and money is not a huge issues. I am certainly not swimming in the benjamins, but I do have an adequate amount to live (frugally) and play the stakes I need to.

Since November, I have gotten two offers for staking. I am still unsure if this is something I want to proceed with. I do think it would be good for my development because I would get coaching along with the backing. But giving up %50 equity in all of my tournaments seems somewhat crazy right now. Going out and paying for individual coaching seems like my plan. This could change, but as of now I will be playing on my own dime.

For those who don’t know, I have been streaming poker on Twitch since early 2016. I want to give a big shoutout to our Twitch family at twitch.tv/chrisp200. If you haven’t already checked it out, YOU SHOULD! Now that I will have more time, I will be creating a lot more content on Twitch and Youtube. Follow the YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CHRISP200

Intertops Poker Sponsorship

In November of 2016, I signed on as the second player to be sponsored to Intertops Poker. Along with my good friend and fellow poker player Tim O’Keefe (aka 2fit2fold), we are going to continue to try to grow the site. For those that may not be aware, Intertops as a company, has been taking bets for over 30 years, and they have been taking online bets since 1996. They have one of the best reputations in the business. While the poker site may not have as much traffic as we would like, the traffic they do have is filled with a lot of recreational players. I think Intertops Poker is good for newer players who aren’t looking for huge tournaments. This is a place you can slowly build a bankroll without risking too much.

Going Forward

With all of this said, I am now in a place where I control my own destiny. I can ruin this opportunity by not giving it 110%. Or I can succeed and prove to everyone and more importantly myself, that I can survive playing the game that I love.

My main focuses over the next year is working out, consistently studying poker, and saving money by preparing inexpensive healthy meals. I will be moving out to Las Vegas in May for three months. After that, I will either stay in Vegas if I enjoy it or go elsewhere (possibly outside of the county).

I am ready for this challenge. 2017 is going to be a crazy year. I could fall flat on my face, or I could finally have the huge success I have been waiting for. Hopefully, you guys are ready to come along for the ride with me!

Thanks for all of the support! I look forward to this adventure.

Giddy Up

Chris Perkins

Blog: http://killthevariance.com/blog/chris-perkins-i-lost-my-job-and-im-not-even-that-mad-about-it.html

P.S. After I was laid off on Friday, I made a deep run in the 35K. Unfortunately, I took 10th place when 1st place was more than $6,700 (see screenshot). Yesterday, I went on to final table the 50K with $14,000 for 1st. I ended up taking 8th in this tournament (see screenshot). The good news in all of this is that I am getting deep, playing smart poker, and the scores will come!




I know we still have one more month until 2017, but where did 2016 go? What a year it was!

This was by far the most exciting year for me as far as poker goes. I started off 2016 with a $14,000 upswing and started playing more live poker with immediate success.

I was able to travel to some beautiful places this year, thanks to Intertops Poker and their small/soft live satellites. Winning packages on Intertops to both Seefeld Austria and St. Martin, I can look back and call this year a success. I met so many new great people in the poker world and have grown my existing relationships.

I started streaming on twitch @ twitch.tv/chrisp200 in March of 2016. I usually stream at least two times a week but there were some months where I didn't stream at all. But Twitch has been such a blessing. Online poker is a bit of a lonely/depressing thing to do all the time by yourself. Twitch has allowed me to meet new people with like minded interest and give back to players starting out.

I think the biggest lesson of the year for me can be summed up in one word. BALANCE (I'm not going to go into it anymore than that).


Anyways, I just wanted to check in with you guys and thank everyone in this community. I have been a member of PocketFives since 2008, and while it may not be what it used to be, it is still my favorite poker community and one of the main ways I got decent at poker.


Chris Perkins



Where Have You Been?

I can't believe I let myself fizzle out of blogging. There is too much to cover about the last few months to post in one blog but I will do my best to sum it up.

Online Poker - Has been very good to us. We have had a lot of four figure scores and a handful of chances at five figure scores. Some of my recent deep runs have been converted to highlight videos on my YouTube channel.

Live Poker - I haven't played live poker since the WSOP. I was only out there for a week, but it was a good time and a nice break from the online grind. This coming year, I hope to go out for the whole month.

Twitch twitch.tv/chrisp200 - The Twitch stream has been rolling along. I started in March from scratch and now have a pretty decent following. There was a stretch from June-August where I wasn't streaming but I am back on it regularly now.

What's Upcoming?

I will be playing some live poker, continuing to grind online, and starting to grow my YouTube channel. For a full rundown of everything going on this month in the world of poker for me, check out my first ever VLOG!

I'll try to finish the year strong with a few more blog posts here on PocketFives.

Hope all is well. Giddy Up!


Chris Perkins




Home Sweet Home

Although I've been home for almost three weeks now, I want to start by saying it's great to be home!

What happened in Austria?

For those who don't know, I was fortunate enough to win a live poker package to the CAPT event in Seefeld, Austria. Intertops treated myself and all of the online qualifiers like kings. The trip was extremely enjoyable but stressful at the same time. The stress came from adjusting to the time difference (7 hours) and traveling in a foreign country by myself without knowing a lick of German. The enjoyment came from playing poker in a foreign place and meeting some great people in the process.

Without going into too much detail about the tournaments I played, I will just say I went 0 for 4 in tournaments. I had two deep runs in some side events but got coolered and out flipped late in both. I felt good in the Main Event but I was eliminated day one unfortunately. I could not fold AA on a J high board. All the money got in on the turn and the villain showed JJ. I was really upset with myself at the time because I was pretty sure he had to have a set the way it played out and we were so deep that I could have easily folded. It hurt for about a day but I am over it now.

I didn't do much site seeing while I was in Europe, but I did do a lot of walking around the towns. Austria is a beautiful country and the people for the most part, were extremely nice (nicer than Americans IMO).

I became close with the other Intertops online qualifier Tim O'Keefe. He is a professional player who travels a lot to play live poker. Him and I kind of stuck together while we were there because we were probably the only two Americans in the whole town. Luckily, the Intertops Rep was fluent in English and German and helped us both feel comfortable when going to restaurants and bars.

If I could do it all over again, I would have not flown into Zurich, Switerland. I would have flown right into Innsbruck and saved myself the stress. This was my first time in Europe and while riding the train through the gorgeous mountains was amazing, the stress of getting on and off at the right places got to me.

The day the Intertops crew said goodbye was a little sad. I told Tim jokingly I would see him in St. Marteen because Intertops was running online satellites and I had already won a seat, but he had not won a seat yet.

Home Sweet Home

It took me a couple days to get back into the swing of things. My biological clock was all screwed up from the travel. That Sunday I started to stream on Twitch and it just happened to be the last day to qualify for the TKPT tournament in St. Marteen. I pulled the tournament up to see how Tim was doing and he just started crushing. We watched the entire final table on stream and Tim won the package! It's pretty crazy that him and I both won a package to Austria and St. Marteen via Intertops poker. Now, him and I have one more adventure to look forward to. There will be four of us representing Intertops at the live event at the end of April.


Streaming on Twitch has given me a new appreciation for online poker. Put simply, I absolutely love it. Not only do I love interacting with other poker players while I play, but I feel that I play more solid when I stream. I have had multiple final tables on twitch and one outright win in the $88 7.5K on ACR for $1,800. If you are interested, please come check me out and follow my stream @ http://www.twitch.tv/chrisp200. I have been doing a bunch of giveaways on my stream for small bankrolls and action for my St. Marteen tournament. I don't know where Twitch will go from here for me, but I only see myself doing it more. I just ordered a badass computer, microphone, and second monitor strictly for poker and twitch, so come join!

What's Next?

The Pittsburgh Poker Open started this past weekend. I have not played an event yet but I will be playing on Wednesday. The tournament is a $230, 6 starting flights, deep stack tournament that I think should be pretty big for the buyin. I will be playing 2 or 3 flights. The main event of the tournament is a $1,100 tournament for Poker Night in America, which I will also be playing. I am going to try to play a lot of satellites to it, but either way, I am playing it. Below is the link to the entire schedule.


That's all I have for now. Run good, stay positive, and win the monies.


Chris Perkins - chrisp200




With this post, I am NOT going to focus on any hands, tournament wins or losses, my successes or failures, or any travel experiences. This post is going to focus on women in the poker industry and the advantages and disadvantages that they face. If this doesn't sound interesting to you, then you should probably just stop reading now.

Yesterday I woke up after a long Sunday grind. I went to Twitter and somehow landed on a players profile and started reading their recent tweets. This player just happened to be female. As I read through her tweets, I thought she seemed pretty funny and interesting. Suddenly, I read a tweet that she posted that made me a little upset at the time. The Tweet basically said that the live final table she was at, expected her and all other participants to take pictures with the WPT girls. She refused.

Before I go any further, I just want to say that her comment does not bother me now, but it did hit a nerve at the time. I did however, decide to take to twitter and I posted this:

Obv we want women in poker but for for the love of god, please leave the feminist beliefs outside the game.

— Chris (@the_chrisp200) March 14, 2016


What's up everyone?

Everyday for the past week has felt like Christmas eve. For those who don't know, this Tuesday I will be taking my poker journey overseas to Seefled, Austria. I don't think I could be more excited for the tournament. Prior to leaving on Tuesday, I will be playing a bunch of small local live tournaments as a preparation.

My Mental State

I can't stop thinking about the tournament in Austria. For the past few days I have been feeling like I am going to do really well. The structure of this event is by far the best live tournament structure I have played with 50,000 starting stack and 60 minute blind levels. This structure favors my style so much. I really think this is going to be the tournament that is going to allow me more freedom with poker. I don't know why I am getting that feeling, but this just seems like my time.

The Doubt Creeps In

Although I feel like I am going to do really well, I have also been experiencing a lot of moments of doubts:

What if I punt off all my chips?

What if I get a bad table draw?

What if I run into a big cooler early?

What if the field is not as soft as I expect it to be?

What if I'm too jet lagged to play well?

What if I don't meet the expectations of my friends, family, and fellow poker players?

What if I brick all the local tournaments prior to leaving for Europe and am doubting my game?

All of these things have been running through my mind but I am trying to block them out. I don't know how to get rid of these fears, but I am going to have another coaching session tomorrow with CardRunners Pro John Gonzalez to hopefully help me overcome these negative thoughts and help me feel more prepared for the CAPT Main Event. I know most people would say "just enjoy the trip and don't think about the tournament" and I want to do that, but my overall goal for this trip is to win the main event and anything less will be a failure to me.

I want to be able to tell my story in real time to anyone who cares about this trip and how I do. Make sure you are following me on Twitter @the_chrisp200 for all the updates. I will be posting pictures, videos, and chip updates of the entire experience and would love to have all your support.

Since My Last Post

Since my last blog post, I had my first coaching session which was incredibly helpful in finding some of my leaks. I want to make coaching a regular thing, if for nothing else to stay mentally focused during the downswings.

Online Results:

5th - BIG10 - $15,000 GTD for $1,398

3rd - BIG10 - $10,000 GTD for $1,398

3rd - BIG10 - $25,000 GTD for $2,518

In addition to these scores, I also won a package to the TKPT Main Event in St. Marteen on Intertops Poker. The event is $1,100 buyin with a 100K GTD Prize Pool.


Live Results:

I played the $225 Deepstack at Rivers Casino but I busted in level 5 in a spot where I should have pot controlled and not had all my chips in the middle.

Although poker has been good to me lately, I still feel like I am making really crucial mistakes. I have been unable to close out a tournament and have felt very spewy in spots.

My live schedule over the next few days leading up to Austria looks like this:

2/19 $100+$15+$5

2/20 $200+$20+$5 Rivers Casino Deepstack

2/21 $80+$20 Three Rivers Poker Classic EVENT#1

2/21 $80+$20 Three Rivers Poker Classic EVENT#2

2/22 $170+$30 Three Rivers Poker Classic EVENT#3

2/22 $125+$25 Three Rivers Poker Classic EVENT#4

If any of you will be playing any of these events, come say hi. I am hoping to gain some confidence playing these small tournaments before I leave.

Thank you for the support and stay positive.

Chris Perkins



It has been a week.

Trying to recover from my High Five series disgrace, I moved down in stakes and played a lot less tables this week. I put money on Bovada and Carbon and now have a modest bankroll on both.

I had a deep run in the Carbon $11 7k GTD on Friday but lost a flip late that would have given me heaps. On Saturday, I woke up early to play the 9a.m. $55 Satellite tournament at Rivers Casino. I won one of the seven seats to the monthly $550 without much of a sweat. The $550 started at 12:15, with a 25K starting stack and 40 minute blind levels. This is the perfect structure for my style. Unfortunately we ran into it early (WARNING: BAD BEAT STORY COMING).

Blinds 75/150

I don't know exact stack sizes but it was early and everyone was playing tight, so everyone was around 25k.

UTG: Raise to 400



Hero: Calls with Jc8c

SB: Call

BB: Call

Pot: 2400

Flop: J 2 8rainbow

UTG: bets 1300



Hero: calls

SB: calls

BB: Fold

Pot: 6300

Turn: J 2 8 2

SB: Check

UTG: Check

Hero: bets 3000

SB: Calls

UTG: Folds

Pot: 12,300

River: J 2 8 2 J

SB: Checks

Hero: I bet 5k into the pot (my thoughts was that any 'J' is calling and possibly and crying call from a '2'. I thought if I bet more than he could probably find a fold with a '2')

To my surprise sb does not call but instead...

SB: Raise 7K More


I tanked and honestly thought about just calling because he either had a 'J' or he had 22. If it was later in the tournament I think it is an easy jam but this early I don't know if theres any difference in having 35k chips vs 50k+ in chips.

I ended up jamming and he snap called, I said "do you have quads" and he shook his head yes and I showed the table the sickness. I had 2k left and lost it a few hands later.

My Redemption

Since I satellited into the tournament, I was able to re-enter. I was pretty tilted but I was ready to go. Twelve hours later I was at the final table and was one of the chip leaders. 13k up top. I ended up taking 5th for $3,375 after getting bossed around by some old man.

Updated 2016 Live Results

Week #1: -$225

Week #2: +$1690

Week #3: -$225

Week #4: NA

Week #5: +$3,375


We need to get back to some online results. They are coming! Lots of deep runs in the past week.

After I get back from Austria, I have decided to play the Hollywood Poker Open Main Event in Toledo, Ohio. The tournament is $150,000 GTD with a $1,115 buyin. It has a great structure and should be a good one to play after coming home from the CAPT.


I hope all is well. Please let me know what I can do to make this blog more interesting and good luck at the tables.

Chris Perkins


Chris Perkins Medium Blog


Taking the Next Step

"I Run So Bad"

If you talk to any poker player they usually have one thing in common, they all think they are extremely unlucky. I'm guilty of this train of thought but instead of accepting this as true, from now on I will be finding solutions of why I am getting unlucky. Coaching, hand history reviews, and training videos will be a part of my routine from here on out. The simple reason being: how can I blame losing stretches on being unlucky if I am not going to put in the work to improve?

The High Five Series

Americas Card Room hosted their High Five series this past week and it was extremely fun. I had some deep runs but nothing to write home about. I won four seats to the Main Event $420,000 GTD, but I was unable to get anything going in it.

Live Poker

Unfortunalty I was unable to play the Deepstack at Rivers Casino on Saturday this week because we had a crazy snow storm here in Pittsburgh. Rather than risk my life trying to get to the casino where probably only 20 other players would show up, I decided to stay home and grind online. This coming weekend is the $525 monthly Deepstack and I will be partaking in that if weather permits.


Part of improving in poker involves surrounding yourself with the right people. I have decided to get coaching from one of the best crushers on the US sites. Even though I have played for many years, I have never had a one on one coaching session. If successful, I want to make it a bi weekly thing. Not only for my poker game but also my mental game.

Carbon Poker

Somewhere along the line Carbon Poker became soft again. For the longest time it was the hardest site in the US. Cashouts seem to have improved and with ACR becoming more difficult, I will be moving a lot of my action over to Carbon.

Flight is Booked

Last night I booked my trip to the CAPT tournament in Austria. I will be flying from Pittsburgh > Chicago > Zurich, Switzerland on February 23rd. From Zurich, I will be taking a bus to Innsbruck, Austria. I will make sure to take a ton of pictures and videos to post in the blog and on social media.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Positive.

Chris Perkins - chrisp200


Medium Blog


The past month has been unbelievable for me poker wise. Prior to December, I hadn't really played much poker since my pathetic showing at the WSOP. I feel like that time off from the game got me rejuvenated and excited to play. While the results have been there, I am still noticing a lot of leaks in my game. Most of the leaks I am noticing deal with late game play, but I do feel like I am slowly correcting them.

One of my many New Years Resolutions was to play more live poker. I live about ten minutes from Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh so it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish it. So far I have played three live tournaments, all of which were the Saturday Deepstack tournaments. I've cashed in one of the three tournaments, taking 4th for about $1,700. And while I think I have played well, the two times I have been eliminated have been on river bluffs that I know I shouldn't be making against live players. The play is pretty bad and all I have to do is play solid poker and the results will come.

Coming from an online poker background, I find it extremely hard to not get bored when playing live. Folding for an hour and the obnoxious player tanks just frustrate me to no end. This is a leak I am going to fix. To fix this, I want to make sure I am always mentally prepared for the live grind. Getting a good nights sleep and exercising in the morning will be my routine from here on out. Anyone have any advice on how not to punt during a live tournament?

Now to the good news...

I was fortunate enough to win an online satellite on Intertops Poker to the CAPT Main Event in Seefeld, Austria. This is the second live satellite I have won on their site and this will be my first time ever traveling to Europe. The event is a €2,160 buyin with €800,000 guaranteed on February 25th. As of now, I don't know the structure of the tournament, but I do know that players get a 50k starting stack, so I have to imagine the structure is pretty good. My plan is to travel around Austria and possibly Germany while I am there. I want to take full advantage of this opportunity because I know this may be the only time I ever get to be in Europe.


I look forward to sharing my experiences with you guys.

Chris Perkins



Recently a popular poker training website signed on a new “professional” to do videos for their paid subscription holders. To my shock, the player they had signed was someone that I had played with countless times and had never seen him as anything more than an average to a below average mid-stakes nitty player.

Before I get into this, I want to make it clear that I am not outing the site or the player that has been signed because I do not think it’s important. I think the site owners are generally good people and I have nothing, on a personal level, to say bad about the newly signed “pro”.

The player in question has only been a winning player for about four months. Let that sink in for a second.


If you have ever played poker with even a small amount of seriousness, you will know that winning over a span of four months could be accomplished by just about anyone. But what’s worse about this is that prior to his end of the year run of being a “winning player”, he had only been playing poker for a year. Throughout that year the player was thousands of dollars below profitability. Does this sound like someone you would want to spend money on for poker training?

Why Did a Training Site Sign This Guy?

That is the question I have been asking myself since I found out about it.

The only reasonable explanation for the signing is that the site saw an opportunity to leverage the players fame from other areas of life to gain new paid subscribers. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the player in question is semi famous, mostly on social media, which adds significant promotional value to the site.

“So What? They are doing what’s is best for business.”

That is what I thought at first as well. In my head, I said it would be like having someone famous endorse your product like Peyton Manning and Papa Johns or Mila Kunis and Jim Beam. No big deal right?

But as I thought a little more about it I realized that this is completely different from those companies. Those companies are using a personality to promote a product, which is fine. But this site is claiming that the player is a professional to not only promote their product but also to teach paying subscribers how to play poker.

Moral of the story, be careful who you are taking advice from and always research the player to make sure they are someone who is actually teaching you the right things.


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