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So I won the 22 cubed today on pokerstars... here were some highlight hands proving I rig pstars maybe....

First off heads up the guy played great and I just outplay him here though. I only got it in cause I knew what was coming.... He just should fold turn obviously.

PokerStars Game #45481545079: Tournament #315010537, $20+$2 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXXII (40000/80000) - 2010/06/13 20:12:45 PT [2010/06/13 23:12:45 ET]

Table '315010537 138' 9-max Seat #8 is the button

Seat 7: squee451 (5258509 in chips)

Seat 8: MrDennyCrane (7038491 in chips)

squee451: posts the ante 8000

MrDennyCrane: posts the ante 8000

MrDennyCrane: posts small blind 40000

squee451: posts big blind 80000

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to squee451 [5d 5s]

MrDennyCrane: raises 80000 to 160000

squee451: raises 320000 to 480000

MrDennyCrane: calls 320000

*** FLOP *** [7h 5c Kc]

squee451: bets 480000

MrDennyCrane: calls 480000

*** TURN *** [7h 5c Kc] [Jc]

squee451: checks

MrDennyCrane: bets 888888

squee451: raises 3401621 to 4290509 and is all-in

MrDennyCrane: calls 3401621

*** RIVER *** [7h 5c Kc Jc] [5h]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

squee451: shows [5d 5s] (four of a kind, Fives)

MrDennyCrane: shows [7c 7d] (a full house, Sevens full of Fives)

squee451 collected 10517018 from pot

*** SUMMARY ***

Total pot 10517018 | Rake 0

Board [7h 5c Kc Jc 5h]

Seat 7: squee451 (big blind) showed [5d 5s] and won (10517018) with four of a kind, Fives

Seat 8: MrDennyCrane (button) (small blind) showed [7c 7d] and lost with a full house, Sevens full of Fives

Last hand of tourney... note when I say gg... shady yes?

PokerStars Game #45481596931: Tournament #315010537, $20+$2 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXXII (40000/80000) - 2010/06/13 20:14:45 PT [2010/06/13 23:14:45 ET]

Table '315010537 138' 9-max Seat #8 is the button

Seat 7: squee451 (10741018 in chips)

Seat 8: MrDennyCrane (1555982 in chips)

squee451: posts the ante 8000

MrDennyCrane: posts the ante 8000

MrDennyCrane: posts small blind 40000

squee451: posts big blind 80000

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to squee451 [Ks 8h]

MrDennyCrane: raises 80000 to 160000

squee451: raises 6320000 to 6480000

MrDennyCrane: calls 1387982 and is all-in

Uncalled bet (4932018) returned to squee451

*** FLOP *** [2s 9c 9h]

*** TURN *** [2s 9c 9h] [4s]

squee451 said, "gg"

*** RIVER *** [2s 9c 9h 4s] [8c]

*** SHOW DOWN ***

squee451: shows [Ks 8h] (two pair, Nines and Eights)

MrDennyCrane: shows [Qh Ac] (a pair of Nines)

MrDennyCrane said, "lol"

squee451 collected 3111964 from pot

This is what someone posted about me on a website I routinely visit. when he took peoples money who were staking him.

"I became obsessed with watching Squee play not because I was trying to learn but because I am/was sure he had learned of a flaw in subroutines of the pokerstars RNG and was exploiting it. I mean how could one player play the same amount of tournaments with the same avg buy in with a 700k difference? Especially when getting it in for his whole stack bad REGULARLY....

I still don't buy it. His graphs don't look like other players graphs on stars. He jokes constantly about being a cheater in the chat box.

I began making weird plays/investigating the 1,000,000 + HHs I have on HEM trying to exploit the glitch myself losing a shyt ton of money doing so."

I don't rig pokerstars software.... although all recent success might point to the contrary. I've been enjoying the WSOP and playing live poker and hope I continue to enjoy myself doing so until I leave Vegas midway through july. Losing a bunch of money live right now and living the life.

Run as well as me guys,



I got 45th in PLHE event good for 4k out of a 680 person field. I played with Muckducks, Charder, and Dareyou2call who all played excellent. I ran very well and picked up aces at the right time a few times and got a few chips off some good bluffs. I maintain people play horrible live, just horrible (me included). I busted my whole stack trying to bluff charder on 675a with j9s, he tank called the shove with a9 bvb. It was a good game and a bad bluff in the end. He made a great call and I hope he wins it.

I'm going to play online all sunday, and party it up in Vegas tonight and tomorrow. Plan on playing sundays most of the time in vegas. Next WSOP event will be 1500 6 handed nlhe on monday, if I lose that I'm off to the 5k event to really get down a lot of money playing live donkaments. 50/50 this is my only cash this series I really ran well in this tourney.

-3k in WSOP so far plan to end about -25k. Follow me on squee451 on twitter if you guys want.

GL at the tables,

Adam Sherman


So I got into Vegas last night and I'm at a house with a bunch of my buddies which is awesome. I played my first wsop event today. I busted 4th in the 5k wsop shootout but I'm really happy about my play. I had Scott Seiver, Rafe Furst, Lex Veldhaus and John Channing at my table. I got to 4 handed with Channing and 2 guys I didn't recognize although one had two final tables and was a pro from New Zealand (Kurt something maybe?).

I had 40 bbs vs 55bbs with two 25bb stacks at 500/1k. in BB I get AK and sb ships 55k over my 3 bet with AJ. Board obv runs out JA446 and that's it for me but I felt great about my play all day.

Not gonna give big updates until something great happens. Gl at the table all.


So right now I'm vacationing and seeing a bunch of my friends in Washington D.C. and New York City and I'm having an amazing time. I took a helicopter tour of NYC, saw a broadway play, and got to see jim gaffigan do a surprise spot at the Gotham Comedy Club (BTW double jack and cokes are 18$, that's how they get you).

It's great to take a break and it's great to feel that my hard work has been way overly rewarded. I can't believe I'm ranked in the top 12 online worldwide this year. I feel i may deserve top 50 but I look down the list and see quite a few players I'm learning from and can't seem to beat consistently.

I read herschelw's blog recently and he talks about how live players and some tourney players overvalue their tournament life and try to put their opponents on a specific hand and not a range of hands. This is spot-on analysis I couldn't agree with more. His quote from Deeb is epic and true "If you're not getting it in behind, you're not getting it in enough." I try to switch my game from LAG-TAG alot during a tourney but being afraid to get it in behind against top LAG players is going to hurt long-run profits.

I have a student who I think has been making some mistakes in high-buyin tourneys 50-200$ tourneys. He worries about cashing and fails to shove things like KJ on the button with 10bbs or AJ over a 2.5x loose raiser and a loose caller with 15 bbs. I've told him repeatedly about needing to put his tourney life at risk in these situations but at the high buyins near the bubble he doesn't seem to be doing it... I don't know what to do with that. I don't want to cut him off cause he's profitable (especially between 11-55$ tourneys) but I don't want to move him up or have him play the big ones cause he's just scared money at this point.

One of my better students is running terribly... a -13k downswing and I've never seen anyone lose more AK/AK flush situations or run TT-AK into AA 20-30 bbs deep. It's so gross as someone who runs so well to watch that happen to a student, but I'm ready to drop 30k on him cause I can see from HH he's playing profitably. Not looking for any new students now, but if I am in the future will be in Blog. If you guys have advice for getting over these downswings or trying to help scared money let me know.

Win all your flips guys.

Adam Sherman




sinergio: can we play plssss?

squee451: sorry sir... I feel I'm more pissed about this than sexseen and he got screwed

SexSeen: i really dont fell its fair to play until i have my time bank

SexSeen: its 100% stars fault and not ok to punish me for your mistake

squee451: 100% agreed

HostNicholaP [support]: OK Players, we sincerely apologise for the recent error regarding the tournament break. The event will resume in 2 minutes. Thank You.

SexSeen: what about my time bank?

squee451: whats happening with timebank pls'?

sinergio: looool

squee451: I want to hear he's getting every second lost back to his timebank

sinergio: timebank pls

SexSeen: you really just not answering the question?

squee451: I can't believe this

squee451: I'm doing a screenshot

squee451: just epic fails

SexSeen: you have a mod here, and your just ignoring the problem. is that real?

HostNicholaP [support]: The event will play out as per usual. If you wish to discuss the matter, please email us at support after the tournament. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to reset a players time bank. We sincerely apologise for this.

SexSeen: pause the touney as start a new one with same stacks

SexSeen: then we all get new timebanks

squee451: COME ON MOD

SexSeen: i cant believe your considering punishing me for your mistake



SexSeen: can you at least get a superoir to comment on this?

HostNicholaP [support]: OK, we're about to resume the tournament! Good Luck All.

squee451: in teh WSOP do they randomly start up again 15 min breaks in 5 mins

Dealer: Vingtcent, it's your turn. You have 14 seconds to act

Dealer: Player Vingtcent has requested TIME

Dealer: Game #44111142154: Vingtcent wins pot (6,625)

squee451: wtf?

SexSeen: i hate you stars

Vingtcent: very lame :(

SexSeen: every person here says its nuts

Dealer: SexSeen, it's your turn. You have 14 seconds to act

SexSeen: and ur stil doing it

Dealer: sinergio, it's your turn. You have 14 seconds to act

Dealer: Game #44111152988: calamitas wins pot (42,875)

Dealer: Hand-for-Hand play is in progress. The next hand will be dealt when hands at the other tables are completed

squee451: this is going all over the web

Vingtcent: if the software is incapable of reset i'm not sure what they can do though

squee451: we'll see 2+2 and community reaction


squee451: and not TIME BNAK reset ability

Dealer: Game #44111175339: squee451 wins pot (7,875)

Dealer: Game #44111181553: squee451 wins pot (32,875)

Dealer: Hand-for-Hand play is in progress. The next hand will be dealt when hands at the other tables are completed

There was a 15 min break. A mod manually unpaused it with 2 players left... and one player lost 240 secs on timebank in a 6100$ event. They then said they can't/won't restore it. Please e-mail them and let them know how mad you are about this... it wasn't me but if it can happen to him it can happen to anyone...


Hey guys never written a blog before and I have no idea if anyone reads these things. I just took down the 4 max 3k event for 210k with Gboro780 at the FT and it really felt great. I definitely got in some interesting pots and made some sick bluffs. Hadn't cashed a scoop high event so definitely felt good to take something down all of a sudden.

I'm a big proponent of using holdem manager and credit a lot of my success to it, however, it was not useful in this tourney because of the quality of players. 4 max with Gboro780 was the toughest experience of my poker life, and I got outplayed frequently, it was here I felt holdem manager really didn't help me at all. When you play the top players their statistics matter less and a psychological leveling war definitely matters way more. They will change their play too frequently to allow you to abuse hem.

That being said my success and incredible run at low stakes MTTs is almost entirely due to abusing holdem manager statistics. I'll 12 table and never really look at situations/players other than their HEM numbers in the 5-6 cheap tourneys I'm in. If you're a grinder and you're not using this product and you're not a huge winner.... I'd highly suggest it. I'd also suggest grinding with someone in the community so you can discuss hands after their finished... infinitely helpful. We'll see if I keep up the blog posts. Gl at the tables fellas.

Adam Sherman



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