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A new year is dawning and with that most people decide to embark upon a certain goal. Thus, I have decided to follow suit. A small bit of background information before I decide to divulge my plans. I am a 30 year old teacher that also works part time in a bar. I have been playing poker for the best part of 10 years, originally on ipoker but since 2011 or so I have played only on stars. Like most action junkies I crave the big mtt score but with limited time and an ever growing dissatisfaction with the elusiveness of such a score I plan to spend 2017 creating a bankroll. I hope to inspire a few micro stakes grinders and show people that hyper turbo heads up are not 'blind luck'.

My challenge is to see how far I can run 100 dollars to in 12 months. I will be playing primarily hyper turbo heads up games. I have also decided that I can dabble in the bounty builder tournaments (only). When I say dabble, this will be extremely limited until i build a sufficient roll and my challenge progresses. I feel these tournaments are extremely weak. At this exact minute I have nothing in my stars account. I plan to deposit some money over xmas and enjoy the mtt scene. If i get lucky I will continue on from there. If not I will redeposit 100euro on January 6th and begin my strict rules from there.

I am in nyc for new years and return on January 6th so i will begin then. Obviously i need some sort of planned structure to achieve my goal. I usually only play 1hu game at a time. From my initial deposit i was thinking of mixing the 3.50 and 7dollar games until I reach $1200. This is where I plan to implement the 80/60 rule. Essentially I need 80 buy ins to play the level and if I fall to 60 I drop down. This would mean i will need 1200 to start the 15dollar games and 2400 to start the 30s.

Before people start slating me for being extremely naive, i do understand the fluctuations that can occur at these games. I am not extremely tech savvy at uploading charts etc but I know the standard of players at the lowest levels and they are very poor. I am not sure how good my game is but I can make money at the 7s for sure and would be confident at 15s. I have never gone beyond this really. That is the plan this year.

Checking my sharkscope stats for these hyper turbos I have found the following results for the hyper turbo heads up games.

$3.50- 2907 games roi-6.7%

$7 - 6761 games roi-7.5%

$15 - 417 games roi-2.9%

I am not sure how these would match up would similar grinders. What I do know is that I will not be playing insanely huge amounts of games and I will not be multitabling. If you want to have a look at my sng graph here is the link http://www.sharkscope.com/#Player-St...lter=Class:SNG obviously this also includes other games outside the scope of the challenge. Any advice or questions are welcomed. I hope you will follow me on my journey and I look forward to some company along the way.

Month 2 is in the bag and it went reasonably well. I know I struggle with the structure I have set. I also struggle with any slight downswing in the hyper HU games. If i am on a small downswing I switch to the $3.50s which I know is ridiculous. Instead of trying to have an optimal income per hr/game I decide to reduce my variance by playing lower limits. I also incorporated mtts that were out of my initial premise. Although these are within my bankroll they illustrate how I struggle with my initial structure. I certainly know this affected my overall results and when revising how my month went I noticed I only played 50 $10.50 hu tournaments in the month. This is poor. While I hope to refocus in moth 3 I also plan to reduce my overall schedule. I feel I need a small break from poker and plan to take it in week 1 of this month.

However I also have a mini project for week 2 or 3. I plan to implement a full scheduled week. A 'weeks work' sort of idea. I will put my exact schedule up prior to starting; incorporating 40 hours plus and the exact mtts I will play. So month 2 is in the bag and overall it was slightly more profitable then month 1. I started extremely well in the heads up mtts and had a 1st place and a second place in week 1. I also had a few bubbles and then i sort of drifted from these throughout the month thus only playing 50. The hypers went reasonably well too. Again I just have to focus on playing the 7s and stop being such a nit. Thus I ended the month with a bankroll of $2015 and $1075 profit for month 2. Week 1 is going to be slow in month 3 but check back here if you want to see my schedule for the 1 week experiment and to see how it goes. Gl at the tables :)

No doubt this game can be trying. The mental aspect of poker is huge and a side of the game that is often overlooked, especially at the lower limits. Inevitably I have wandered off course. The heads up grind has gotten to me slightly and while i have reduced the number of games played recently I have also dabbled in a number of mtts that originally were not in my plans. I took a small shot outside my roll playing a $33 tournament. Thus I decided to restrict mtts above $22.

The week after my first monthly review went extremely well and I managed 3 good scores in the heads up mtts. This was followed by 3/4 bubbles. :( I then incorporated a few more mtts and reduced heavily my heads up schedule. I plan to continue a reduced heads up schedule until next week and then refocus. I have also decided that I am allowed to play 1 $11 mtt every night I wish. This does not include 1 weekly shot at the big 11 and 1 weekly shot at the big 22. The nightly tournament I plan to incorporate is a $10.50 super knockout mtt in which you get $5 for every knockout. This tournament is extremely fishy. Again incorporating this blog allows me to remain focused and keeps me on track.

I will give my monthly review shortly but for now my bankroll stands at $1730. I am happy with this and hopefully the odd decent mtt score will help me reach my goal but for now gl at the tables :)

I could go in depth into figures and break down everything I played but for a number of reasons I won't do this. While my goal remains the same I have decided to alter my journey. Regards mtts my initial rules will apply (look at blog 1 for these). However I have decided to change my approach to the heads up hypers. This may take me longer to reach my goal but it eliminates the chance of any huge swings that will affect my confidence. In my opinion it is 100% guaranteed that I will complete the challenge at some point. Initially I was met with some skepticism for my perilous bankroll approach but this new approach will indicate how big of a nit I really am. I may be burning money in the long run by not playing higher limits but c'est la vie. Security is a extremely valuable to me. A small downswing at the 7s ultimately brought me to this realisation. Now for my extremely nitty bankroll rules:

I cannot move up to a new level until I have 200 buy ins at that new level and I must move down if I go below 150. Thus I need $1400 to play the 7s. Nitty? An understatement perhaps. However I am content with such rules and they will make each transition smoother and less precarious. So how did month 1 go you ask? Reasonably smooth. A bink in one heads up tournament was extremely beneficial while 4or5 bubbles hurt like mad. An initial heater at the 7s was rewarding while a small downswing both affected my confidence and made me reanalyse my targets and move back to the 3.50s. When all was said and done I ended the month with $945. I guess a profit of roughly $840 any month can't be sniffed at a recreational game. I am looking forward to month 2 and hopefully revisiting the 7s at some point and crushing them :).

Gl at the tables

$100 to 10k challenge

This blog is merely an excuse to keep me on track. It compels me to complete the challenge. I know I am a lazy poker player-I just take it for granted that I can beat the micro stakes heads up games without any work. It has always been the case. My game is full of leaks, it can be lazy, systematic and exploitable. I don't use a hud, have never looked at nash, never review hand history and rarely seek out instructional videos regarding heads up and more importantly hyper turbo heads up. Thus it illustrates anybody can have a small amount of success at this game if they work. I know that if i want to improve my game and move up I will ultimately have to consider all these facets of the game.

I plan to reduce my volume over the coming weeks, it can be very monotonous and can fry your brain. I know downswings are a part of the game but I struggle with such an occurrence. Having had initial success at the 7s I hit a small blip and hit a downswing. Thus I have decided to head back to the $3.50s for a while until I can regain some confidence and bankroll. A short break and reduced volume should help me refocus and ultimately improve my results. My bankroll is now at exactly $800. I don't plan to update too regular. I will just give updates on my roll and what I am playing. :)

2 weeks into this challenge and we have finally had a break through. While I blathered on about the variance of the $10.50 hu tournaments, I knew they would eventually help me progress. During a significant downswing in these tournaments I was able to maintain my bankroll playing the $3.50 hypers. A victory was inevitable and an injection of $300 was greatly welcomed yesterday when I finally binked one of them.

My strict rules did not incorporate any mtts until i reached $550. With the Sunday storm 4th anniversary in 3 weeks time I was hoping to get above $550 by then. To have achieved this well in advance is great news. Hopefully I am not otherwise engaged and can play this event. It will also be nice to play an mtt and get away from the mind boggling format of heads up, even if its just for a few hours a week. I have not gone into any detail on how I play the hyper turbo heads up games. But I do know that most people believe this format to be just pot luck. This is especially true at the lower levels. This is not the case. I intend to look at tactics in a future post.

I think i can comfortably move up to the $7 games. Having looked at my stats online I can see I have an roi of 9% at the $3.50s having played under 900 games. This works out at $0.30 a game. I am happy with this statistic in the hyper format. However looking at the $7 games my results do not appear to be up to scratch. While I have played 375 games I have an roi of only 3% which works out at $0.21. Most of these games are prior to the challenge. Anybody that plays these will realize how small this sample size is. It is funny to think you could make more grinding the $3.50s then you could the $7s. But i know this is not the case. Obviously variance is a huge factor to consider. Despite the jump in buy in the skill level is pretty similar. Hopefully I can get some volume in at this level and improve these stats. I played 5000 games at the $7 last year. I had an roi of 8% which worked out at $0.57 a game. I hope to gain some parity with these figures over the coming months.

My bankroll now sits just above the $600 mark. It is fair to say I have had a relatively straight forward and gradual increase in my bankroll to this point. I have had some minor downswings and gut wrenching bubbles but I am very pleased with my progress. I hope some small stake guys can gain something from these posts, and see how to earn a few bucks. If I can do it—anyone can do it. Gl at the tables.

I want to start by thanking the people who commented on my previous post. I also want to thank Dara O'kearney for his kind tweet. That brings me to two important points. Firstly, I better actually read my blog before I post it. I began this thinking not many people would read it; its purpose was solely to track my progress and keep me focused on my goal. Thus, numerous spelling mistakes were merely me just rambling and typing. No time was spent looking for erroneous grammar or spelling. Time to change that. Secondly, I actually plan to carry this challenge out and hopefully complete it. I had a tendency to start challenges and either get bored or need to cash out. I have enough financial income from bar work and subbing in various schools not to be worried about the money aspect. I don't intend to spend a huge amount of time in front of the screen but during the summer months I should be fit to increase my volume. Poker has indifferently affected my compulsive nature over the years. I want to have a balanced approach to this challenge. For me, poker is a recreational game. However, I want to illustrate to small time grinders what you can achieve at this game no matter how small you play. I don't propose to be a great player. Far from it. What I do believe is that adaptation, diversification, patience and smart bankroll management all contribute to a successful game.

So let's briefly outline my challenge. From my initial 100 deposit I want to reach $10k. Easy? We will see. I have had moderate success both online and live. I have dabbled in many formats from heads up, 6max, 180s, mtts. I have incorporated hypers, turbos and regular speed formats. I have to admit that I have a love for mtts and that elusive big score. But I guess every poker player does. I believe this challenge will work by incorporating my strongest game, heads up poker. A very small range of mtts will be added at a later stage. Hopefully a bink or two will get me over the line. While some of my rules may change (remember I mentioned diversification) these are my initial rules.

100 deposit: initially I will incorporate $3.50 hyper turbo HU games and $10.50 HU knockout tournaments.

At $250. $7 HU hypers and $10.50 HU knockout tournaments.

At $550. $7 HU hypers and $10.50 HU knockout tournaments. At this point I can add 1 big $11 a week.

At 1250 $7 HU hypers and $10.50 HU knockout tournaments. 1 big $11 a week and 1 big $22 a week.

At 2k $7 HU hypers and $10.50 HU knockout tournaments. 1 big $11 a week and 1 big $22 a week and both on a Sunday (if playing) or 1 weekly big $33.

At 3k $15 HU hypers and $10.50 HU knockout tournaments. 1 big $11 a week and 1 big $22 a week and both on a Sunday (if playing) or 1 weekly big $33 and 1 weekly big $55.

These are my initial plans/targets. If at any stage I struggle and drop below my previous target I will go back to these guidelines. For example if I reach $250 and move up to the $7s but struggle and fall back down to $100, I will just drop back to the $3.50s. While I have never done in depth analysis into my results at HU sit and goes I know that I should easily beat the $3.50s and $7s. I could have decided to focus on the turbo structure but I prefer the hypers for numerous reasons which I may explain in a future blog. A few people felt my BRM was initially poor but as you can see from these guidelines I am extremely cautious.

I began the challenge on Monday and despite a $40 dollar downswing and a $100 bubble in one of the HU tournaments I have managed to get my bankroll just over $200. Hopefully I can soon move up. While I expect this to be an extremely long challenge I hope it will inspire small time grinders to seek out small edges and games they can beat, ultimately improving their own game and making a few extra dollars :)

GL at the tables.

This is a logical question that every poker player asks himself at some stage. It is also a question that most players inevitably over estimate their own ability. While I certainly feel that I have an edge in certain games, I know my abilities are limited.

Some poker players are number guys; some are feel guys. There ere numerous types of players. I will not bore you with unnecessary poker slang to heighten your perception of me. What I will say is each to their own. It is every players responsibilty to find a method that works for them. What I will say is 'do not feel you should adapt your game to begrudgingly accept the 're-shove 20 bigs concept.'

I am an avid poker player that enjoys blogs, strategy videos etc. I have been intrigued by Jason Sommervilles recent live streams on twitch. It is fascinating to get an insight into his game. Jason is an exceptional player. Another poker play I rail and follow is Dara O'kearney (slowdoke) on stars. Dara is a huge numbers guy that incorporates a HUD to find plus EV spots; Jason is happy to play small ball pots, call raises with a sub 20bb stack and make decisions on later streets. How these two titans play certainly contrast in many aspects. Before I give you an example of how each player operates, please beware that i know both players are on a different level to me. Although the relevance of each tournament is a factor I am going to exclude this information.

1) Jason is playing a 14bb stack with k10o in the SB. The button min raises covering Jason. Having no HUD Jason elects to call and accordingly check raises all in on a 10h 2d 5d board. The button calls with kd4d and Jason holds.

2)Slowdoke shiips 24bb on the button with A10o facing a mid position min raise and hijack flat call. The initial raiser calls with 88 and Dara bricks. Having watched Jason recently I know he is never taking this high variance line. I also know that Dara is likely shipping the K10o preflop and taking down the pot uncontested. Jason only hits the flop 1in 3 and is possibly burning money in the long run. i know that each spot is just not as black and white as I explained but it would be interesting to hear peoples opinions.

Getting back to my own game and my attempt to advance, i intend to start an exciting challenge.I certainly feel I have an edge in certain games and thus this challenge will attempt to exploit this edge. Discipline has always been an issue but with astute planning I aim to turn a 100euro deposit into $10k. This blog is already too long to go into great detail (I will do that in my next blog). Incorporating mtts and HU games I think this is achievable. My challenge will begin with $3.50 hyper turbo hu games and $10.50 hu knockout tournaments. I know this isn't exactly good bankroll management. But I assure you, I am a nit when it comes to good BRM and you will see this throughout my challenge. I plan to start this challenge later in the week and will give regular updates. My next blog will illustrate how I will attempt to achieve this goal.

Gl at the tables.

Have withdrawn most of my roll in the midst of a downswing and thus I am setting this challenge for motivational purposes. Having left 125 dollars in my account my target is to reach 1k as fast as possible playing turbo hu sit and goes. I will start at $7 dollar and move up to $15 when i get to $450. I will also include the $11 heads up mtts that are bounty tournaments. I will update every sunday and thursday until I reach my target. Wish me luck.

ok so this may be a bit extreme and perhaps unrealistic but I find beating these games pretty easy. I can constantly rebuild my roll focusing entirely on $7dollar hypers and the 10.50 super knockouts (these are awesome) you get 5 dollars for every victory and top 8 get paid with just under $400 if u bink one. I recently completed 100 to 2000 in 4weeks at these games. Obviously the knockout tournaments are huge to complete this. My major problem is putting in time ad volume, thus this challenge will motivate me. I know there is a pretty good chance I could bust my 50 :( anyone want to wager. Even money bet. max bet is 10dollars (I have trust issues). Private message me if interested. I will begin this challenge tomorrow Friday MAY 9TH AND HAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY. You can follow my score on sharkscope or poker prolabs and I will post here if anyones interested.


With 2014 starting I decided I was going to spend more time playing poker and improving my game. I wanted to earn some decent $$$$. 2013 was a poor year in terms of mtts. Although I only had a very small sample size I certainly was not playing optimal. Thus I spent the tail end of 2013 grinding HU. I played mainly $7 and $15 dollar turbos and hyper turbos. With very little study I found these games beatable and thus grinded out over $3000 over 4500 games. I had an roi of 8% in the games bar the 15 dollar hypers which I only played a very small sample.

Thus on the 6th of January I reset my graphs on sharkscope and decided to start improving my game. Lets start with my main objective. I was focusing exclusively on $7 hyper turbo hu games. Initially I started with 2 tables. I was winning but my roi was nowhere near 7/8 per cent. Thus I decided to go back to just one table. After a couple of weeks I found grinding these difficult and my volume significantly decreased. I don't use any HUDs and was wondering if players found these of any benefit. Especially when grinding only one table. I am a bankroll nit and losing definitely effects my mood etc. I have a large bankroll and I know I should be moving up but for some reasons I just decide to stay where all the fish are. Although I don't think the standard at $15 would be much higher. Has anybody any experience of this? so nearly 6 weeks in here is my graph. I don't know how to paste the graph thus the link will have to suffice.


nearly $1000 dollar profit and an roi of 7.4% over 1700 games. I'm happy with this. Not sure what people would consider a good roi here but I can't complain with this especially at hyper turbos.

Ok so my other objective this year was to play a limited number of mtts. I was focusing on 3games. The $10 HU games capped at 256. $5dollar goes to the pot and $5 dollar on each players bounty. Thus if you win 2games you get your $10 back. The other 2 games are both $16.50. One starts at 2.30pm GMT and the other at 10.15. the 10.15 is capped 360 and always fills up and the 2.30pm normally has roughly the same. 300+. The standard in these games is usually very bad and unlike many of the fields you don't have to beat 1000plus fields. A simple ABC strategy will definitely prove profitable in these 2 tournies. So far ive had about 4or 5 final tables in these. Winning twice (1 was a deal). I have dabbled in the odd other mtt and have not spent enough time playing the HU mtts. I also had a major score in one of these other mtts I dabbled in. Playing in the UKIPT is something I always wanted to do but was unwilling to pay the fee. Thus when I entered a 10euro satellite and won into an 82euro satellite I decided to play it out and not unregister. (I was tempted to) Well, I was glad I didn't. After getting aces in v kk and ak preflop I managed to book my seat and not only win a ticket (770euro) but also accommodation and 80euro spending money. Suffice to say after some emails I was able to get the money for the accommodation as I live close to Dublin. Result. Anyhow here are my graphs for my first 5.5 weeks playing mtts. The second graph is mtts and HU together.



Now I know I should be moving up limits and certainly playing more. My volume this last 4weeks has been pathetic. I was wondering perhaps if some people could suggest a challenge or area to focus on. Something that will excite and challenge me. I was thinking of perhaps the $8 180man sng on stars. I have never really played these too often but I would be willing to give them a go. Maybe look at $400 to $4000 challenge. That would give me 50 buyins to start. If I went broke id perhaps have to look elsewhere. I know I have an edge at the lower HU games but at the minute I feel uninspired by them. Maybe its the fact that am playing at $7 when I should be moving up. Any comments or suggestions for challenges etc would be appreciated. If I do undertake oe I will post my results/opinions etc. Oh and wish me luck next week at the ukipt in Dublin.

Gl at the tables

this week went very well. Although I lost a few pound just before I started this post. in two of my all ins I got it in over 90percent favourite and lost. I guess that's poker. Again I am relying on pokerprolabs for my results. I've noticed that some of my statistics for 2/3 days are missing. Although with a bit of math it wont be hard to establish how many buyins I won/lost during this time.


5.50, 8.80x 2, 10.50x 5, 16.50x2, 5.50(2r 1a)

total cost: $118.10

Return: $214.67

profit: +$96.57

$7 hu game:



profit: +$68.30

$15 hu games:



profit: +$315.94

I also made $11 from fpps.

total profit according to stats: $491.81

old bankroll: $1261.89

New bankroll: $1910.22

actual profit: $648.33

So obviously I am missing a relatively large section of results from this period. Either way I m delighted with these results and hope they are somewhat sustainable

On my last blog I alluded to the fact that I had lost the motivation to grind out the 7 dollar hu games. I guess if I didn't have a challenge I might have left games behind me. But the truth is I can make a steady profit at them. So despite my promises in the last blog to go back exclusively to HU games I continued mainly with mtts. so on Friday the 9th of august with my once healthy bankroll down at $707 I had to make the decision to move back to HU, however I was going take in the $15 games. Having spoken to some regs they maintained these games were nearly as soft as the 7. I continued to play a few mtts because I really enjoy them. I keep meaning to get into strategy, would anybody reading this like some idea of my strategy. Also with the move up in stake ive earned more fpps and vpps. I managed to unlock 50 dollars via the vpps and roughly the same in fpps. I have entered sunday storm satellites with my fpps. 6max hyper turbos. its 235fpps and the top 2 get entry worth 11 dollars, I just unreg from the tournament. Not sure how many I have won, maybe 4r5.

Both of these have helped me immensely. I also have restricted my buy in limit to an mtt to 10.50. This allows me to play the heads up tournaments and any thing under. Thus I cant play my favourite 16.50mtt but I will change my limits once I reach a certain point. Over 1600 I think. As we speak I have just come off a 12 game winning streak at the $15. I am just playing a 5dollar mtt 2rebuys 1add on, thus I thought this would be a good time for an update.

My results for the last days are as follows. 9th aug. Bankroll $707

$7 heads up games:

played: 53

won: 30

profit: + $31.60


I played 3 $8.80, 3 $10.50s and 3 $5 (2r+1a) this includes the one I am struggling in at the minute :) I have a huge 0 cashe. However I have not always used the 2rebuys and add on and ive got some money back in the heads up turbos. Therefor, I am not exactly sure what I am down in these. Im not exactly meticulous with recording info. I thoroughly rely on pokerprolabs :) I must be down roughly 90dollars.

$15 heads up games:



profit: + $582.14

lets be honest I don't think its possible to sustain that win rate. however, I am delighted with my initial success at this level. I really enjoy the 15 games. you can see a nice growth in your roll after a few wins. As I said I also released some valuable dollars. As we speak I just went out of the mtt. Got kqdd in for 52bb on a 3810ddd board. he had ad jc turn ace river DIAMOND. As I said, mtts high variance :( my current bankroll now stands at $1261.89. Gl at the tables :)

As i write this my bankroll is $885.32. So i have experienced a huge downswing with regards my challenge. I had it at over $1100. So is this because my heads up game has got bad. The short answer is no. I have struggled in the heads up tournies though. So what is the problem. I got fed up with hu games and started to play some mtts. These are high variance thus my bankroll has suffered. I have even entered a $33 tournie. I had a good chance of cashing in this one and going deep but i lost a standard 60 40 on the bubble. As i write this i have decided to take a short break from the games and only play HU games again. I will reward myself by bringing some mtts into my schedule but only when i reach a certain point in my bankroll. For now i must say goodbye to mtts. Ok so here is my results since my last post.

HU games

played 40 won 20

profit: -11.60

Hu tournies: 16 Cashes:0

list of mtts:








$5.50 + $5


total cost of mtts: $125.50

So as you can see the mtts have caused me a lot of damage. I have put in v. little volume at HU so its time to get back on the grind. To refocus. i am not going to play another game today. I will try and refocus over the next week. I am off to galway next week. Being honest I could do with withdrawing funds but i have a target of 5k so its time for me to get serious again. I can assure you my nexx post will see me close to or above the 1k mark again. :) mtts goodbye for nw :)

Its Tuesday now so I'm a day late with my blog. Also means I have some games played today that are included. Went on the drink yesterday so got no volume in yesterday. The heads up tournaments are so important. I think its time to concentrate hard on these cause a cash can be so important. Its obvious that I can beat the $7 hu games but to see good progress I must cash in the tournaments and unfortunately I didn't this week. I used my fpps to play satellites into the sunday storm. I managed to make $44 off this. I also released $10 via vpps. My next vpp milestone is $50 so that is great news. The bad news is I am in Cork tomorrow and Thursday and workin all weekend so I will get little to no poker in this week. I am also hung over today so that is not good. Ok so here is my results from pokerprolabs.

Hu games: 146


profit: $145.54

Hu tournies: 21

Cashes: 0

So this weeks blog is poor to be honest and not much detail. In the next week or 2 however I will post a much most detailed blog and go into some strategy that I apply. Another profitable week overall and my bankroll is currently $1120.28

This week has taught me a couple of valuable lessons. One being, heads up can be a difficult grind. It can fry your brain. Keeping your concentration and playing optimal is not always easy. I have put in what I would consider a large volume over the first 3weeks of my challenge. Already I feel like I need a break. However, I will persist for one more week and see how it goes. I am away for a few days the week after so a break is inevitable.

Another lesson is that I will experience downswings and I must not change my approach to the game. At one stage during the week I experienced a $120 dollar downswing where I managed to only cash once in17games. It was during this period that I certainly tilted and managed to break the rules of the challenge, I played an $8.80 mtt and busted within 10minutes. I still think this helped me overcome my downswing. The HU tournies are were the moneys is so I must try and get as many of these in as possible.

I have also decided that I am going to move up to the $15 games either at $1500 or $1800. I haven't really spoken of strategy at all during this blog so if you would like some insight just that leave a comment.

Ok so here is a breakdown of my results:

HU games played: 135

won:75 lost:60 Profit: $61.50

(unfortunately there was a problem with results on sharkscope, only 7 games from Saturday and none from sunday were recorded. If this is updated I will let you know)

HU tournies played: 24

Cashes: 2 Bubbles: 2

The cashes amounted for $320. I got to the last 4 both times. Ok, I have a feeling this week is going to be a struggle. So at the end of week 3 my bankroll is $1006.24. I have 1775fpps and 781vpps. So far my profits have been as follows:

week1: $502.10

week2: $67.34

week3: $303.65

Lets hope week 4 can be just as profitable :) gl at the tables

Ok so this was a difficult enough week. Just going to relay the numbers from poker pro labs. At times during the week I played awful, other times I played well. It certainly can be tough at times dealing with bad beats. I was struggling all week to build my bankroll. In fact at one stage I was down nearly 80 dollars for the week. This is my biggest downswing. But in the end I had a positive week. I've come to realise that if I want to see huge leaps in my roll I will have to make a score in the tournies.

I managed to somehow register for a mixed hold'em game and lose a buy in. I also played 2 hu home games against how2donk and managed to win both them. These were 3 dollar games. So basically they cancelled the mixed game. Ok so here is my numbers for the week:

HU games played: 242

Won:138 Lost:104 Profit: $157.96

HU tournies played: 18

Cashes:0 bubbles:2

I actually am happy with my results. I know I can play better at times. Despite struggling at times I am happy to have a +34 week out of 242 games. I lost quite a bit of money in the tournies. However I cant complain here. I know I will cash again and they will be a huge boost to my roll. I also am making plans regarding moving up limits. I am certainly staying on the conservative side regards bankroll management in this regard. I will discuss my plans next week.

Ok so at the end of week 2 my bankroll is $702.59. I also have 1282 fpps :) and 452 vpps. Lets hope next week is huge :) Gl at the tables.

It feels good to finally start playing poker and setting goals. 100euro to $5000. The allure of mtts seems to have subsided for some unknown reason. Perhaps it is due to this blog. I also think the HU tournaments is another major reason, despite the frustration they accounted for this week. When I started this challenge I had no time limit on when to reach my target. If I could get anywhere near it by the end of the year I would be over the moon. Ok, so how did my week go? lets begin. I deposited 100euro on Friday June 14th. This worked out at $133.15. Starting off at $7 dollar games I knew I need a good start. I did not want to see myself falling below $80 and dropping down limits. So to win my first 5 games was certainly helpful. It also gave me a positive attitude for the week. I was happy enough with my game this week, I played hung over one day and tired a couple of times. On both occasions am sure I cost myself money. I know my HU game has certain leaks but I also know that I am a winning player at this level. Its like a sea of fish out there some times. I have been dealing ok with my bad beats. In HU games and the amount I am playing it is inevitable that I will have a long run of bad luck I just hope I deal with it ok and move on. It certainly is not as tilting as getting a bad beat 6hours into an mtt. Ok so I am going to use pokerprolabs to break down my results. They should be accurate enough but my balance will inevitably tell the true story.

I played 17 hu tournamnets this weekend ($10.50) they usually get the full 256 players. It is a knockout tournament and for very player you beat you get 5 dollars. This is where I hope to make huge strides in order to achieve my target. The pay outs go as follows 5to 8 $80. 3 and 4 $160 2nd $256 and the winner $384. The frustrating news for me this week is that I bubbled 6 out of 17 of these. Each time I won 4 games and lost my 5th. Costing me at least $85 dollars most times. I really can't emphasise how frustrating this was. I'm not going ta go deep into it but basically it sucks. The good news is that after 4bubbles I had a cash and a good cash. 1st for $370.54 plus 9bounties (my own included). A sense of relieve and believe both transcended across my body. A healthy bankroll already and definitely well ahead of my target. I did struggle midweek after this win. I hope this week is also a positive week. Here is a break down of my results.

HU games

127 wins out of 221 (entered one hyper and internet went :( down)

- profit= $157.34

Hu tournaments

17 played- 1 win and 6 bubbles.

I also managed to release $10 dollars for vpps. I started the week with 216 fpps and now have 620. So after all that my bankroll is at a very healthy $635.25. I worked all weekend and will be working all next weekend also. So, I will hardly get us much volume in this week but lets hope it's a positive week. Gl at the tables

Lately i've found myself in a rut regards poker. Just under a year ago I was playing pretty regular and doing pretty well. Focusing on small mtts ranging from 5 to 15 dollars I found myself dominating the games and going deep regular in these donkfests. In the space of a month I managed to win 2 500cap 8dollar tournies and 2 360 cap 16.50 dollar tournies. My bankroll was at an all time high of $3300. I think I was below $50 just before the heater. Circumstances around the time resulted in me cashing out. Since then I have deposited a few times with little focus or any attempt at building slowly. A 50 euro deposit would result in playing the 16.50 dollar game I enjoy. However, this is a quick way of blowing a small bankroll. I was playing trying to min cash. I was afraid. It is with this in mind, I have decided to change my perspective and outlook on the game. I have also decided to focus on a game I thoroughly enjoy. Heads up poker. Often I have ventured into this arena with some success. However the allure of an mtt, and that huge 1st prize pay out has often found me shifting bag hoping for a huge payday. I have decided to create this blog in order to keep me focused. Here is my challenge:

On Monday I will deposit 100euro ($125 app.) into my stars account. My target is $5000.


-play exclusively HU on stars.

-Turbo games only

-No mtts allowed (if I want to play mtts I can go to another site, this has always been my major problem. I started this challenge before and had it over $500 when I found myself back at $33 mtts and even $55)

-I can play the $10.50 turbo hu knockout tournament. Its capped at 256 and the winner gets like $380. (roll must be above $80 to play this)

-I will start at $7 games.

Ok so I know this might be very optimistic and I am playing above my roll. Personally I think I should have 75+ buy ins for a game but starting off I can't apply this strategy. If my bankroll falls below 70 Dollars I will drop down to $3.50. Patience is something I have always struggled with but its is necessary if I am to achieve my target. This is a brief description of where I want to go. I feel this blog will keep me focused and hopefully someone shows an interest or gives me their opinion. I will post back regularly to give updates on my progress. Vpps and fpps will also be used and if anybody has any advice regards training videos/strategy I would be more then happy to hear from you. Can I achieve this? lets see :)

advice needed

ok so i don't really know where i'm goin with this..... people say doin a blog keeps ur mind focused and helps u achieve your goals. I guess then this blog should help me achieve my poker goals? The thing is I find it very hard to stick to goals that i set. For instance sticking to bankroll management, sticking to a specific game, be it mtts, cash games, sit and goes etc.

Ive been on pokerstars for about a year now. I have had some moderate success in mtts. had my biggest score last week winning an 8dollar event for $2.5k. Felt it was long overdue to be honest, have had some serious bad luck deep in events but i guess we all go through that. A serious leak i have now eradicated from my game is just throwing money away after a good win. I use to have a decent score and then i'd just throw half my bankroll away by entering mtt after mtt and not taking the game serious. I was like ahh wtf sure its only 10 dollars i'll call an all in with 88 and hope i'm flipping when i really know i can get a better spot. Of course my bankroll is another issue. I constantly have to dip into it for personal use. With a trip to vegas planned in august my recent score was badly needed. anyhow i now have my bankroll at about 1200 dollars. I plan to stick to mtts with a max buy in of 15 dollars. Ive also started to improve my heads up game and I'm finding the 7dollar turbo HU games to be handy to cushion my roll. alot of the players are weak and i definitiely have a huge edge on the field after initially messing about when i first began them. My problem at the minute is not knowing which to stick to. To be honest I think my game suffers when I multi table, i'm beginning to pull up heads up games during a mtt event just to get a bit of action. I think this is affecting my mtt then. anyhow sorry if this is all a bit of a ramble. Poker has been a handy source of income for me this last 3 years. I'm hoping for it to remain that way. I now feel as though i have a bankroll that will allow me to play more events and thus improve my game and win more money (i hope). I know mtts are high variance but there are some major donks out there that should allow me to stay afloat with my bankroll. Anyhow I would really appreciate some feedback, Like should i focus on mtts or heads up games. Cash games are a def no no at the minute. Ive alota stuff going on over the next few months so won't be putting in a huge volume but i'll set a goal of improving my bankroll to 2k by the time i go to vegas. August 25th :) realistically i want to move up in buy-ins and maybe dable in the cash games. anyhow hope you enjoyed this blog. Hopefully some of you will leave a comment and I will definitely be back to update on how i am doing.

gl at the tables, :P

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