started out great, goal of this is to find a backer

By: brentu123
Published: Jun 30th, 2010
just started playing on ft. got a nice score in a 24+2 for 6800. Just started playing sng's. For some reason sharkscope has a shark next to mine. Not sure how i got that with such a small sample. But im mainly a Mtt player. I did have a 27% roi in low limit sng of 2 and 5 dollar. Up like 2300 on those. So anyway, my goal is to get a backer because i think i can be a top player. Ive read the books, then re read them and took notes on them. Ive joined a couple of training sites and watched and watched and watched. Also used the tools they provided. Watching your own game at a later date really helps plug leaks. I have a college degree in business finance. I have also worked in a mill for 6 years. I was in the Marines. So i am not a smug person by far but i am interviewing for a backer. i feel im very well rounded and that works well in poker. i have worn a shirt and tie to work in the corner office, i have sweated 16 hours days in the mill and met people from all over this country in the Corps. Now im playing as ubuckeyfan on fulltilt. Had a great start but i need some volume for a backer to notice. Not sure how they notice but who knows. maybe this will help.


    1. playing in a 24+2. raise utg w kk, mp re raises me and sb goes all in. too much in pot to fold. kk vrs jj vrs 55 and the 55 wins. how can he push with that with that action in front of em. he wasnt short either. would have had 20k. well i still have 4400 and i never give up but that is frustrating.

      another suck out. im gone. i did not tilt though so i chalk it up as a victory
    2. playing a 8+.80 at final table. hit the straight on the turn and the river is AAJT.... T HE CHECKED AND I CHECKED BEHIND AND HE WON WITH ACE RAG. at least i closed the action. that would have made me chip leader. still in it. 9 left, 7 left. chip leader with 6 to go. 4 to go 3rd in chips. heads up and got ak vrs aq all in and lose to the q on the river. he would have been down to nothing. oh boy
    3. another 24+2. got to 6k early and this donk just keeps playing everyhand and then bets pot on flop. so i finally got him nail and check raise all in and he calls when not committed. the flop is akk. i have the ace and he calls with tt and hits ten on the river. i would have had 12k in chips. is full tilt nothing but suck outs. anyway he sucked out like 4 more times in a row so i reported him incase he was cheating. never saw anything like it.
    4. wow took 4 suck outs in that game to finish on the bubble. i also noticed every other best hand lost as well. then i noticed traffic is down on the site. man i hope their not protecting the fish. im sure their not but if they are they will all be in jail sooner or later
    5. at it again today. playing in a 24+2 and 8+.80. talked to my cousin who has been playing a lot longer about all the suck outs. talked a lot about variance and just have to roll with it. well that was quick out in the 24+2. i pfr utg w qq 3x and he flats with 88 which is fine. but he whiffs the set and i bet over 3/4 the pot and he flats. then hits the 8 on the turn. hey cuz you sure this isnt set up so the fish dont get eaten up like on other sites. well still in the 8
      .80 but my confidence is waining. in the 8+.8 the guy chases the inside straight draw and hits. OK

      played in the fifty fifty. i think i took 47 for 130. i won a sng so i go in for 7 bucks. i really needed a pot at the end and the river paired the board so we chopped. that kinda sucks. almost there
    6. well been on a bad run lately. how many 2 outers can they hit in a row. this is getting ridiculas. last night aq on the button. i 3x it and the sb flats with 99. flop is q rag rag rainbow. he checks i bet pot bc this guy is a total donk and i think he will call down anything. he flats. turn another blank. he checks i bet pot and he pushes all in. i put him on kq. yea thats how bad i think he is. i call and he turns over 99. river is the 9. thanks for the continous shulffe ft. oh well thats poker.
    7. took a break from online poker to live poker. just too many bad beats. also i know about 6 guys that play on ft and all are saying the same thing. also noticed ft volume is way down. think they are trying to get the fish to stay. but anyway been killing it at the casino playing 1-2 dollar no limit. i have to admit i dont know much about cash game but here is how you play. you wait for an hour to get a hand. play it aggressively and get paid off when the donk suck out for the 23 time in a row like online. players are really really bad at that level. i dont think anyone even noticed how tight i was playing. i think i might stick to this and dump ft and tournement play forever. yea probally not
    8. decided to play online again. took 1st in an 8 dollar tourney. 106 people. going to grind these out bc the competion seems really bad.
    9. started playing more 8 dollar games. came in 1st and 6th in 2 of em. i think i maybe played like in 6 of em total so good results. the one i came in 6th in i had ak vrs aq and a q hit the river. that was unfortunete. also i played in a 2 dollar one last night. 320 people and i came in 2nd. its really starting to click on how to win these because i lost 3 races in that 2 dollar game and still finished 2nd. learning how to get chips without showdown i think is key
    10. well havent been able to get a backer, not bc im suck just nobody knows me. plus i have been working a lot so havent played a lot. going to play some this weekend
    11. good weekend, made about 2800. could have been a lot better. played in a 50+5 and 11 people left and i was 5th in chips. no one went out for an hour. kk lost to kq, AA lost to 99 etc. it was like 6 bad beats in a row. i would have moved way up if it wasnt for that. i was card dead as well so no spots to even make a play.
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