Gonna be a good day

By: cherf
Published: Jul 8th, 2012
I haven't had many good days this year but things look like they're finally beginning to turn. Up 300 at 1-2 within an hour after trapping with aces and other small hands.
Friday after work I came down to borgata with $550 and have about $1250 at the moment after paying off $200 to a friend and room expenses.
The action has been pretty good all week due to Independence Day. I'm feeling better than I've felt in a long time and it's beginning to show. With a short bankroll I have to lock up my wins and hop around tables. Most people would say, then don't even play at all if you're not properly rolled. Although I agree, the fact that my current income from work is so low is forcing me to resolve to other alternatives. Going back to feeling good, that's the number one key to this whole process. No matter how much you're rolled if you're not playing completely clear minded and unemotional then you're handicapping yourself just as much as if you're under rolled. Confidence is the key to this whole thing.

Hopefully will wrap up this trip with a nice 2-5 win to keep it going. Will be keeping updates for my own personal records, sorry in advance if this gets boring. Looking forward to getting my game + roll up to a 5-10 comfort level. Will be tough given my current financial situation, still owe a lot to other friends. The reason why I'm not where I want to be is a combination of previous mental setbacks and associating with -ev people. There's no one to blame but myself but I'm looking at moving forward and getting to the top. We're not getting any younger right?


    1. Add another 300, sitting on 750 in for 150. I'm in bb with Q8h limped pot 4 or 5 way. Kx7 2 hearts, I lead for 7 get minraised to 15 and smooth call, heads up. Turn Jh I check he insta fires 30 I flat. Already planned my river 85 value bet based on how aggro he was on turn or thinking of ch raise but not sure if he's gonna fire again so riv is offsuit 2 before I act he fires 100 out of turn with about 175 more behind I figure he's over valuing his hand here more times than not and if he does have nut flush then he played it well but he had me thinking of just flatting river so I shove he snaps with k7 gg.
    2. 875 running hot, going to 2-5 soon
    3. Was in for 600 at 2-5 after trying to run a bluff but finished the session up 135. Roughly 1700 for the weekend before expenses. Time to beat the traffic back to ny.
    4. NP
    5. Got out of work early today, driving back 1 1/2 hrs for more action
    6. Sitting in a wild 2-5. Apparently you can straddle now at borgata, its creating some huge action along with tilted players busting out of the tournament. I sat with 300, was down to 200 and now ran it up to 1k.
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