Where has the Chicken Been?

By: Chickenbrad
Published: May 1st, 2009
I haven't blogged in awhile so I guess I should give an update.

I have still been going strong online, however I have changed my preference a bit as far as what games I am playing. After a couple months of primarily playing MTTs and 45 players sit and gos on Tilt, I have moved over to sit and gos on stars as well.

The original reason is that I found a backer on stars. Even though I have a winning record, it's easier when you don't have to keep a 200 buy in safety net in case you run bad.

I "Run Goot" if you will, and I purchased a 3 month sharkscope subscrition to use their tournament selector. I think the software brought my RIO up slightly, but not enough to make it profitable since my volume is relitively low.

I played 130 sit and gos/satellites for my backer at an average buy in of $17 and showed a profit of $560 over a 2 week period. No, I'm not that good in real life

I also have a backer to play >$13 MTTs on tilt, but that isn't going so well. I went 19 tournies in a row without a cash at one point(4 of those a bubble finish 2 or less from the money). However overall I'm satisfied with my play.

As some of you saw, I decided to go to the Wildhorse Spring Poker Round Up for 4 days last week. I was only able to bring about $1500 for play, which would have been fine for me, but I also partially bankrolled a buddy of mine "Muck it fish" on this site.

We didn't have any success in the MTTs, however we did well in the satellites. We each played 3 single table satellites, he went 3 for 3 and I went 1 for 3. We also both won the Mega satellite, which netted us enough to cover all our MTT buy ins and we pocketed a bit of cash as well.

In the shootout event I drew the same table as Barbara Enright, which was nice because she chatted with the players and told stories the whole time. She was quite aggressive, and in one hand she raised from the cutoff 6 handed and I 3 bet shoved A5s from the big blind. She open mucked pocket 9s, and all I could say was "You give me way too much credit".

I also got knocked out of the omaha event by another 'pro', some 80 year old guy I'd never heard of wearing a cowboy hat. I got to spin their bonus wheel and won a copy of Vince Burgio's book 'pasta, pizza, and poker'(not necessarily in that order). I tried for the next 2 days to find him to try and get it signed, but I never saw him. Oh well.

Even though it sounds bad, the trip was a huge success. We both played quite a bit of cash NLH, mostly 2/5 Blind, and just crushed it. After we counted everything and figured in expences we were +$4700. Needles to say it was great for us because we were expecting to come out like $400-$600 ahead each.

What's also great is before we left I made a stipulation that if I was to bankroll him for the trip and we were successful, it was mandatory that a portion of the profits had to go back into the bankroll for another tournament trip within a few months.

He couldn't wait to go again and booked a trip right away. Him and I, along with another local pro, will be attending the Nevada State Poker Champioship in Reno, NV next week(where I used to live!). After that we may attend the Orleans tourney in vegas and then possibly the WSOP(for side games and satellites, we arent buying into 2k events with a 10k bankroll).

Wish us the best on our trip!

Oh yeah, if you run into 3 professional poker players from somewhere called 'Bend, Oregon', don't be too quick to assume their just a couple of donks from the ass crack of nowhere...
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