Chop Suey

By: cracker9ball
Published: Feb 24th, 2013
Well, I managed a 3-way chop in the 7pm $130 at Hard Rock Tulsa in the Oklahoma State Championship of Poker Series. This was just a nightly tournament but it was still fun to go deep and get a chop. I was an early hold out on the chop as I do not like to chop with several players unless it benefits me. But once we got three handed I was 3 of 3 on chips and told the other two I would chop now. The chop was for better than 2nd place money and the average stack was 20bbs or so. It was a fun final table as two of my friends where there and they both made the money finishing 8th and 7th.

Ok State Championships started Thursday and goes through next Sunday. There are still several decent MTTs and over the weekend there is a 150k guaranteed with three starting days that should make for a great tournament. For the most part the schedule consists of a $60 10am MTT, a $45 4pm satty and a nightly $130 that is usually NL but is 6max one night and crazy pineapple tomorrow.

I did have one crazy situation tonight. We had a player abandon his hand before it was his turn so I asked the dealer to warn him. The dealer refused because he is a lazy turd who could care less about anything to do with Oklahoma Poker and improving it. When the player returned I asked again and got another no, so I asked him to call the floor. Its just ridiculous, when you players that don't know the rules its easily fixed if the dealers will politely tell them. Then they know and it helps them. But instead, we had another player do the same thing 1 min after the other guy returned. Then the floor, who I think is a BJ supervisor filling in, barely handled it right and there was still confusion. So now the dealer is pissed at me and when I accidentally exposed my cards because they flipped over when mucking from UTG pre flop 1st to act, he calls the floor on me for exposing my cards with action pending. This same "new floor" comes and starts to give me a penalty even though they never give a penalty for exposed cards when its done when folding by mistake like that unless a repeat offender. The dealer wait till she starts to tell me that I am on penalty and then says, "it was on accident." What a vindictive shit head.

We pre tip for chips in these MTTs and the dealers act like it sometimes. A no point should a dealer be vindictive and acting like that. One of the other factors is I know this guy from before the casino for several years, then we worked together at the casino for almost 4 years, and now he has dealt to me for another 5 years and I find that sometimes if you have past with people they just refuse to treat you as a customer. I hate that. If I am a paying customer I would appreciate getting treated like one. Luckily I was able to talk to a solid floor man who handled the problem and helped the MTT function proper. We can't let a bad seed or two spoil everything so we move on. Hope that dealer has a good evening and a great week next week. I forgive you sir.

Well, I wanted to blog since something positive happened and I felt my last couple blogs where lacking on some positivity. It felt good having a little uptick tonight even though it was just a small cheap nightly.

Variance101 is still kicking along and going pretty well. I picked up a couple new students this last week and should be giving a lesson tomorrow. Make sure to go to and check out my articles to get an idea of where I am coming from and some of the topics I like to talk about.

If you are interested in taking poker lessons or would like any information visit or email me at
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