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By: cracker9ball
Published: Mar 6th, 2013
So let's get caught up! My last blog was after winning the partners tournament, since then I played a few more tournaments and was lucky enough to have some more success. The partners tournament was Wednesday and the 150k Day1a was Thursday at 10am. We played until about 3am Thursday morning so even though I had every intention to make Day 1a it just didn't happen. Instead I slept all day and went and played a mega satellite that night. The satellite was a bust and I managed to get back home and get a little rest for Day 1b. Friday 10am came pretty fast but I was ready to build a chip stack. We started with 10k and I peaked at 80k at dinner break after 6 hours of play.

After dinner I made it another couple hours but was sent to the showers when my Q10 lost to K8 in a wild hand around 7:15pm and play was ending at 9:30pm. In the hand UTG+1, a weak middle age fish with about 60k opens to 5k at 1k/2k. The loose calling middle aged woman in UTG+2 with about 100k calls, fold, fold, and a very solid grinder calls 5k out of a 45k stack. I am next to act and have 27k and move all-in expecting to get through if I get past the first guy. Well, the first guy calls with K8o and the other two fold. The flop is 9J3 flopping me an open ended straight draw, but then it comes brick, brick and I am out. I was kind of surprised at the guy calling with K8. I had not been at the table all that long and did not have the best read on him. I simply could not resist a spot where I felt I had just enough fold equity to shove and pick up a nice pot. Oh well, cant win them all. I went on home and got some rest and was prepared to try again the next morning.

Saturday I was able to make it through with 127k and we would be coming back to a 4k big blind on Sunday. There was 54 players returning and we were ITM. I feel I really played well and got my stack up to about 400k when I lost a 800k chip pot for the chip lead and went out 19th. In this pot I was on the Button and an aggro player was in the big blind. I have history with this player as we played together Saturday and in other mtts. He had recently been moved to my table and had won about 8 out of 10 hands in a row and had 3bet me off two opens. At the time I had a very nice stack compared to the field with 390k but the big blind was 16k so truly I had 24bbs. I had A5cc and opened with a plan of shoving all my chips in if he 3 bet me again. I open to 35k, he 3bets to 95k, and I shove. He tank calls and has QQ and flops a Q. Good game me. I am not upset with my play I just feel as if the scenario played out perfect for the villain.

I busted around 1:30pm and the main event started at 4pm. Me and a friend went to the buffet and toyed around the casino and then I got myself ready to attack the last event of the series. The Main Event was a $550 offering a 15k starting stack and 40min levels. The mtt got 70 players and paid 7 spots with bottom money being $1400 and top money being a little over $12k. I went into the final table with the chip lead but lost a few hands and got unlucky verse a couple short stacks and was quickly 10 of 10. I got back to the grind and got down to 3 handed when the other two players wanted to chop 3 ways. I am not the biggest fan of chopping and asked who would get the ipad that goes to the winner and the chip leader said he wanted it. I said I wouldn't do that and offered that we all take 2nd place money and play for the remaining about 2k and the iPad. They both agreed and then I got 3rd. Shortly after they chopped the remaining money and the MTT was over.

It truly was a great series for me as I managed two 3-way chops, two outright wins and a 19th place in the 150k. I feel as I am playing well and I am excited to keep tackling 2013. I was also lucky enough to pick up a few new students and have been busy with Variance101 too.

Since the series I have played two 3 hour sessions of 1/2 NL at Riverspirit and managed to win two buy-ins each day. It sure is nice when things are going well, I do not plan on taking it for granted but instead to worn harder and be smarter. Good luck to all the grinders, make sure your IBR is on point!

If you are interested in taking poker lessons or would like any information visit http://variance101.com/# or email me at variance101@gmail.com.
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