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By: cracker9ball
Published: Jul 5th, 2012
Wednesday I started my day with giving a lesson to a very promising student that went very well. After giving the lesson I jumped right into my session for the day. The session went well as far as I was able to follow my plan of following strict buy-in parameters and I played with lots of focus. But, when it comes to my results for the day I can tell you they were subpar. I cashed in 0 out of 24 MTTs and 1 out of 5 satellites. I made it to a few bubbles and got a fairly deep run in the mid-week monster which I got in by winning a satellite, but I got my AA cracked by JJ all-in pre. The satellite win was my only score for the day and hoping to turn it into a deep run with a cash but it wasn't meant to be.

After my session I enjoyed a steak and watched Colombiana for the second time and was very entertained. I know I have been watching a bunch of the WSOP live streams and really enjoy it, it is going to be brutal when its over. It is easy to get used to having the stream available to watch while grinding and I will miss it when the series is over. The one drop stream has been my favorite so far.

Today, Thursday, I started with giving a lesson to another promising student and I may have had one of my best lessons yet. We went over so many good spots and we were constantly on the same page, it was cool. After my lesson I went for food and began to write this blog before starting my session since I didn't get to it last night. I have been on a small downswing but I know I am working hard and my head is still in a good place. Today I will be playing most of my normal schedule but I will play a few less turbos, and a few smaller buy-ins to help reduce the variance some. Up and down swings are just part of the MTT grind and the better we handle it the more success we will see.

Good luck to all the online grinders and everyone still at WSOP, get the money.


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    1. Good read Sir, as ever. Keep working! Gl.
      Greetings from Colombia! =)
    2. Good read Lord9Baller
    3. Thanks for comments guys, gl in Colombia Silvestre27
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