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By: cracker9ball
Published: Jul 8th, 2012
Today I cashed in 2 out of 22 MTTs and 0 out of 6 satellites. I was able to make 2 final tables and get a win in the $11 rebuy 1.75k deepstack. My day actually seemed to be going similar to the last week as I had two bubbles and an early FT that I ended in 9th place in, But, I knew I could believe in myself and if I kept my head straight and kept grinding with optimal play that the results would come. Luckily at least one good result came today and it was really neeeded. My BR was diminishing quickly and even though I was lowering my average buy-in a little each day, the losses were adding up. My recent post about staying the course and continuing to grind what we believe we are profitable has even more merit now. I feel a responsibility to my students and I have been trying to lead by example, I feel that if you work hard and stay committed you will see results.

I would like to say GOOD GAME to Justin Gardenhire the 9th place finisher in the WSOP NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. I would also like to wish GOOD LUCK to Huy Nguyen who is in the final 8 playing for the bracelet.

I am hoping for a great Sunday tomorrow. I am in both Tourney King freerolls, a 5k Invitational freeroll, and I satellites in to the 125k. I will also be playing most of my normal Sunday schedule and plan on giving the day my best. Good luck to all the grinders, get the money.

If you are interested in taking lessons or need any information contact me at


    1. Good luck cracker!
    2. Thanks bro, good luck to you as well sir!
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