By: cracker9ball
Published: Jul 4th, 2012
I started my day by running a couple errands and boy was it hot outside. I was up earlier than normal because I had to send my new wheelchair back to the company that made it due to a wheel wobble. The company had Fed-ex picking it up and I am glad they finally showed. They were supposed to be here last week but there was a information gap and my address was given wrong. What was funny was that I went from having no fed-ex guy to having two. The first woke me up at 10am and took the wheelchair that I tell you was not easy to get boxed up. Then around noon I got woke up again by another fed-ex guy and I had to tell him it was already picked up. I had to stop and think for a minute was that really a fed-ex guy I gave my chair to, but before I could bring my conspiracy theory to life about the guy that stole my chair, I realized they simply double booked the pick up. Geez, I wanted to put my glock to use and chase down a wheelchair thief.

So, back to my errand, I live in an apartment and use a laundry service and had to go pick up my laundry. The only thing is I have a wardrobe big enough to clothe a small village and it took me a few trips in my wheelchair to get all the big laundry baskets with wheels on them from my van to my bedroom. Imagine a guy in a wheelchair with one good leg trying to push a laundry basket with plastic wheels down a sidewalk while using his arms to propel the chair and controlling the basket with his foot. I'll be honest my foot doesn't control a basket with plastic wheels and no turning radius very well, the basket does what it wants.

After I got my laundry put away I dove in the shower, okay not really I can't dive. I wheeled to the shower and transferred to my shower bench and took a shower, it was lovely. After my shower I gave a lesson to a promising student that went very well. I' know I have said it before but I really like starting my day with giving lessons it puts me in the right mental place to play. In a way its similar to another practice I have used which is watching a training video before starting a session, it helps to get me thinking correctly and get in the zone.

Today I cashed in 2 out of 20 MTTs and 0 out of 2 satellites. My rough spell is trying to continue but I am about to kick its ass out of my way. I made two final tables today but one was in a small field MTT and I did not make the money so no pic and I will not include it in my totals. I was able to accomplish lowering my buy-ins just a little and I also reduced some distractions and attempted to increase my focus. I believe I played decent overall but I did catch myself making a few mistakes and then tightened up my intensity and pulled it together. A big part of being good at poker is controlling yourself and keeping the intensity and drive up. The last thing you want to do is fall into auto-pilot and be playing your B game.

After my session I was hanging in the poker chat and we had a real intense discussion over a hand that I believe helped all that participated. I don't think I could ever stress enough how important it is to talk poker with other good players on a regular basis. Good luck to all the grinders out there, just keep working hard and the results will come.


If you are interested in taking lessons or need any information contact me at variance101@gmail.com and/or visit http://variance101.com/#.
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