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Turning Things Around at the 180's

By: Degnovic
Published: Aug 13th, 2013
(This is a crosspost from my blog, which you can find at

An update on my recent 180 man challenge or project, which would be more apropriate to call it as I've come to think of it. In my latest update I wrote that I was up to a bad start result wise, but still had a lot of optimism. That optimism was justified as I've been putting in a decent volume the latest week and turned things around, which means that I can now show a profit of about 30 BI's (-ish, as I haven't added up the games on my laptop and primary computer yet).

I'm satisfied with the volume I'm putting in, so I'm going to note that goal as forfilled so far. Another goal that has a checkmark in front of it is the in the money % of at least 18%. I'm pretty sure I'm at or even above 20% now.

I, however, need to adjust a goal as I haven't made as many blog posts recently as I've wanted. I'm going to be a realistic and just scratch the goal, as it seems I'm writing when I feel like writing and can't push it.

Last but not least, I haven't reached my goal of posting hands for analysis. But I actually have engaged in a decent number of HH conversations and recently made contact with some other MTT grinders, plus I've been watching a lot of training videos etc., so I'm actually pretty satisfied with how I progress at the moment. Got to keep it going.

As always, take care and good luck at the tables.


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