The beginning of a poker career

By: dtools22
Published: Jan 29th, 2009
Hey everyone. My name is Steven DiTullio, I am a junior in college at WPI, and I want to become a professional poker player...same old story right? I've trolled the forums pleanty over the past few years and it always seems someone will post something relating to this. "Should I drop-out of school?", "When do you know that you're good enough?", "What do you need to make a year to be a professional?" and dozens more titles just like these litter the forums and are constantly being recycled over and over. Well, I'm not ashamed to admit these are not thoughts far from my own mind and since I've turned 21 it's been harder and harder to say no. After some thinking I've decided to give this a shot, throw my hat and the ring, and become a professional poker player.

Let me clear up two things right from the get go

1) I have no intention of dropping out of school.

2) This blog is not going to become a "how to become a pro" lesson.

I want to do this blog simply because I know there are many others just like me that would love to take a shot and if they miss so what. They can always go back to grinding away at life until the next opportunity comes, that's half the fun of being young right? Well I feel like this is my time to gamble, sort of. My online BR is at roughly $300, add in another $200 or so for live play and you have my "taking a shot" cash. I play many games other than holdem (Razz being one of my favs) and I am no stranger to MTTs, SNGs, or cash games. I want to take this journey into the realm of a professional and I want to take anyone else along for the ride with me. I don't think I'm there yet, I certainly don't expect to be the next poker overnight hit, but I feel as though this is something I need to do for me.

The past 2 years have been pretty shitty to say the least. Early 2007 I was having trouble adjusting to the college life, was having relationship issues with my girlfriend, and then I got the news before class one morning that my grandmother had a stroke and had to be rushed to the hospital. My world jumped from just being a little uncomfortable to completely turning on it's head. She was in a coma right up until we pulled the plug on Sept 17th. My grandfather was heartbroken. You often see movies now where the grief of losing a spouse is so great that the person simply can't live without them and just let's there own life go. My grandfather stayed around long enough to settle his estate, make sure his wife was buried properly, then he too let go on Dec 25th 2007.

Three weeks or so before he died I remember him telling me to just live your life and let your abilities take you wherever they might. He never really knew how seriously I took the game of poker, but just him saying that made me feel like he understood That's what I feel I'm doing now. I'm going to take poker more seriously and give this everything I have. If I fail so be it, but life is just too short not to try.

If you want to come on this journey with me you are more than welcome to. I will try my best to get a few of these up every week. Eventually I want to get a video blog going as well just to make this a bit more personal and to put a face to the name. I also would like these to be somewhat entertaining and light-hearted so if you read it and think I'm dragging, let me know. I want people to see who I am and I'd like to think it's someone who is funny rather than stoic.

In short, this is who I am, this is what I do, this is what I want to become, and that is what this blog is going to be about. Good luck everyone, and I'll see you at the tables.


    1. Theres a %99 chance you'll be broke within the next 90 days. Having said that, good luck.
    2. I'll take the over on that, who want's action?
    3. Whether you end up broke in 90 days or not, your grandfather was right. In case you only get one life, you need do as many things as possible so that you don't have to wonder later. Trying and failing is always more admirable than being too scared to try at all. Good luck to you.
    4. Thanks cassette.

      "Don't let fear of striking out keep you from swinging."

      -Yogi Berra
    5. Don't get the wrong Idea, I'm not trying to discourage you. As a matter of fact you should definitely take a shot at it. It's just a fact that most people don't make it, and damn near everyone who's ever made a living at this has been broke at some point.
    6. I know what you meant. I agree with you most people simply go broke...I'm obv hoping that will not be the case.

      I'm still taking bets on the over, down to 88 days left!
    7. haha follow bankroll management is all i can say. if you dont do that, then im taking the under fa sho.
    8. DTools, if you want to go big, then that means you have to GO BIG.

      I know that we arent going to be the next Danny N or Jesus, but look up their stories, and their bios for motivation.

      Many professional poker players have gone broke, NUMEROUS times. To be honest, they hardly ever even followed strict bankroll management. Im not saying if your BR is 100, then go play 2 50$ sngs, but what Im saying is, the higher limits you play, the more experience youll get. Sure youll go broke, I gaurentee you that you'll go broke, but it happens to everyone and dont let it discourage you. Other than that, go for it.
    9. In general, BR management to me means, "Don't play with scared money." If you feel comfortable at the stakes then don't worry about the BR and just play.

      My live roll is $200 and I put it all on a $4/8 game at Foxwoods. That is not the most intellegent thing on the planet but the game is great and I'm comfortable there. Online with $300 I play $25 NL mixing in some SNGs and MTTs along the way (micro stakes for those). Not uber tight BR management but not bad I don't think.
    10. hm...

      you should try to give poker a shot as a profession with a 500 $ BR.

      give it a shot as a hobby and if you make it to 15-20k BR give it a shot as a proffesion. ;)
    11. do you have a life bankroll set aside? if not there is almost zero chance you can make enough money to live off with a 500 dollar poker roll.
    12. Go for it man! Grandpa was right... gotta live life and whats the worst that could happen? You go broke so what, start again ! GL GL
    13. *should not try
    14. Dude,

      I'vetalked over aim with you countless times, i've staked you in sngs and tournys and I know your a solid winning player.

      And with careful study of the game and dedication I know you can do this.

      Keep me posted and if your ever looking for some kind of backin i'm sure we could hammer something out.
    15. Yes I do have money set aside for real world expenses. Plus now that I am still in college my parents help me pay for things like books still. The money I have set aside is just poker money and I'm not using it to survive, though I would love to pay some bills with it.
    16. 0zone0, you sir are the shit
    17. keep it up bro u have my aim anytime u wanna talk poker let me know gl with this
    18. Good Luck bro from a fellow college student....kick ass on the tables
    19. good luck dtools. im also a college student that has the exact same mindset as you and am pursuing poker as my main profession while finishing up my degree. hell, if we're taking a shot, this is probably the best time! (as long as you can be responsible about school)

      the only advice i can offer you is that not playing with scared money is not enough. variance is a bitch and if you multitable (4+ at a time) i would recommend 200 buyins to any mtt! it will definitely make you feel safer and play better even through the rough patches. good luck to you!
    20. dtools, games selection is gonna be key.... find a game you can 9table profitably and crush them... with your roll i would play either $2 180 man turbos, $4.40 180 mans, and maybe the $5 mtt sngs (27-45-90 mans)... and work your way up

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