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EPT copenhagan




So, I went to play my first major live event in Copenhagen, Denmark last week. I played in day 1a my first table had Dario Minieri and Claus Nielson which both have had great success in the live poker world.

Within the first hour I had AA,KK and QQ all losing hands but KK was the only one I showed down and crippled me. At the first break I had 2800 chips from the 10k starting stack which had been down to 1250 . At the end of the first hour i had KK in sb with 4 limpers so I raised to 600 at 25/50 and get 2 callers... flop comes Qh9h2d the first caller is a scandi donkface he didnt even know that you need to leave your chips on the table at break lol and the 2nd caller is Claus Nielson who appears to be real solid. I lead out 1250, donk calls, and Nielson folds so its now heads up. turn comes 7d to make double flush draw and this players range is fairly big im thinking Q10 plus and any pocket pair because he had already limp called in a similar spot twice this being his third time. I bet 4k on turn he thinks forever and shoves for 6k so its only 2k for me to call obv i call with KK and the he flips set of 9s. that hand seemed pretty standard just annoying that it happend so early.

After that hand i was down to about 1800 and just grinded playing my stack and picking small spots to pick up chips and stay alive. Finally I get a PERFECT squeeze spot on the button...Hijack raised 3x cutoff calls and im sitting in button with AQ and 37% of my stack in the middle so I shoved, but not instantly because I wanted to entice a call from the 2nd caller. So, I paused for about 30 seconds to make it look like im calculating to see if its a good squeeze spot (obviously I already had this figured out before I was dealt cards) then shove. The intial raiser folds and cutoff calls with A4s. Flop comes A45 I dont improve gg me. It just wasnt my tourney and I had AA,KK,QQ,99,88,AQ all losing pots, so im extremely happy with the way I played and preserved my stack in this deep stack environment.

The next major live tournament I plan to play is the Irish Poker Open march 17-24th, but I might play shooting star at bay101 in northern california next week if I pull some backing together. But, for the next week or so im most likely just going to grind out some online poker and get back in the habbit of playing full time and working on my businesses full time.

Outside of poker over the last month and a half or so I have been in the process of moving from Maryland to Los Angeles. I am renting a 3 br house in hollywood hills and absolutely love it out here so far. I havent had much time to get settled, but the weather is great and the people are awesome, so I cant really complain. Commerce and hustler are juicy as hell, so it should make for some real good times.


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