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Irish Poker Open 2008




I arrived in dublin, Ireland on thursday 3/20 to play the 2008 Irish poker open and played Day 1b yesterday. The first half of the day was pretty exciting and I am extremely happy with how well I was playing which wasnt too difficult because the irish are psycho's and terrible at poker I dont care what anyone says this tournament is super weak. They do not fold post flop no matter what which is like a dream for me.

During the 4th blind level at 100/200 I lost 20k pot with 910 on a jq7 raindbow board. I raised preflop from middle position and both the cutoff and button call. I lead 3/4 pot, cutoff reraises 3x, button folds, and I reshove with fold equity and the crazy irish man calls with AJ like a psycho. I couldnt have played this hand any better just bricked the hell out of it. This was the first hand I played at this table sorry for lack of details but typing on iphone is annoying. After this hand I am down to about 2500 at 100/200.

About 15 hands later I reshoved 89o with 2500 left in BB at 100/200 which is a perfect reshove spot since these psycho irish raise with anything and cutoff calls with ak...I bink the flop and double to about 5500.

About an hour later I raised AQ to 800 in the small blind at 150/300 with a 4500 stack and BB shoves with KJ i snap call and flopped an ace. At dinner break through 5 of 8 levels i had 9200 and avg was 12.6k.

I busted day 1 with only 1 min before the day ended. I had been grinding for 4 levels with an M of 4-8 pretty much all day so I couldnt really do a whole lot just played my stack. My busto hand was with an M of 3.8 in BB with A6. Hijack raised 2.5x standard raise and My thinking to stop and go here was it is the absolute last hand before the day is over and if I fold im going into day 2 with an M of 2 so I stop and go with A6 and an M of 3.8 flop comes 1053 rainbow I shove about 3500 into ~3500 flop he calls with AJ I didnt improve.



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