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Sooooo exhausted!!!!!




So I spent this ENTIRE weekend playing SNGs. Trying to make that money before Vegas.

Unfortunately the site that I play on makes it hard to multi-table and I am forced to run 6 SNGS at a time for a sesh. I made a goal to play 100 SNGs from Saturday until Sunday at midnight. Well, its 10:15 PM and I just got done w/ my 100th SNG.

The stats for the weekend are:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 100 $7 $24 27% $712 Hot xxxxx 6/14/2008 6/15/2008 x

I'm definitely not dissapointed. I had a few cold runs but for the most part kept the heat on.

Only $1,800 more to reach my goal and I have exactly two weeks to do it. This means I will not be taking any nights off until the goal has been reached and also more than likely committing the entire next weekend to SNGs as well. Luckily I dont have much of a life here so its not that hard to do.

Well, I guess I'm gonna fuck around in OT for a while before I pass out. Got some retarded ass mandatory department meeting tomorrow morning. My boss is a total cunt so depending on how she comes off, I may just walk the fuck out. I mean, I've never understood why bosses think because they are your boss is gives them a right to be a total fuckin CUNT. Imo, it takes giving respect to earn respect and thats how I will always be.

God I have a fucking bad headache right now, been staring at a computer screen for 2 days straight prob has something to do with that.

Peace out bitches!



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