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Recommended Reading and Tools




The following is a list of articles, tools etc that will hopefully enhance your game! Some are by me, and some I just think are good!

Articles by Jennifear:

The Online Tells That Are Most Telling

The Truth About the Withdrawal Curse

Successful Speculating

Tell-Tale Poker

It's Just Not True! The Myths and Falsehoods in Poker

Should You Play Turbo or Regular SNG's

Examining Early SNG Play from a Different View

The Four Ways to Lose a Tournament and How to Avoid Them

Talkin' About Tilt

Advanced SNG bubble play using ICM

The mistakes Low-Limit SNG players are making the most.

Leader of the Stack - HU article

An Introduction to Restealing

Are you getting enough sleep?

Bluffing Article

Good articles not by Jennifear:

Basic Bankroll Management, by Fox

Poker Articles - Advanced Bankroll Management

An Alternate Take on Conventional SNG Strategy, by EpicATC

Nurture Thy Neighbor, by Zpaceman

SNG articles, by Curtains

Coping With No-Limit Hold'em Bullies by Bob Ciaffone

Good SNG Article (Long)

Bullying Bullies, by Daniel Negreanu

Bond18 on Restealing and 4-betting

Bond18 on Position

Bond18 on Ranging

Bond18 on Stack Sizes

To Flip or Not to Flip by Matt Matros

A guide to single table tournaments, by Adam


SNG Confidence Levels

Adjusting play to beat typical low-limit SNG players

Taking advantage of the FEAR of not cashing in a low-limit SNG

Jennifear's BR Management Guide

facing an UTG raise with 99

When to come over the top.........

Problems with going pro

Annette_15: How to play pps in EP with short-med stack.

toughest sng bubble spot, can you really fold here JENNIFEAR plz reply - Pocke

ICM - advice pls - Pocket Fives#3006539

Switching to 18 mans - Pocket Fives

SNGs Are not Solved

Calling on the bubble with AK

Best of Jennifear Vol I

Best of Jennifear Vol II

Best Of Jennifear Vol III

Ryan Fee's 6-max strategy guide

Poker Articles - Tips for Better Multi-Tabling


Jennifear's Poker Palace



Official Poker Rankings



Low Limit starting hands chart

Nash ICM Push/Fold Calculator

Holdem Simulator

ProPokerTools Hold'em Oracle

Popopop Universal Replayer

ICM Calculator: 3 places

ICM Calculator: 5 places

ICM Calculator: 10 places

ICM Poker - Online ICM Applicator

S-C ratings

S-K ratings

Nash Equilibrium Chart

Pushbot Chart

Tournament ICM calculator

Poker tournament analysis tools

DailyVariance Publishing, LLC - FE Equation

Hope that helps!



Recommended Comments

Thanks for ruining my day. I was looking forward to playing today, but now it looks like I'll be reading articles all day.

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