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My Last Mtt Session (Maybe)

Laois Hammer



So the last time i posted a goal on here it came through, the battle of the planets shippage.

Lately ive been having a good run at the 180s on stars building my roll but its not as high as could be as i keep playing mtts with no success so i decided this is my last mtt session unless i go deep of course then it could be the start of some big times.

I broke my bankroll into 3 different sections to see how much i could invest in this last session and heres what il be playing:

$11 15k GTD 8pm - 158090846

$8.80 5k GTD 9pm - 158090881

$5.50 2r1a ($20.50) 10k GTD 9.35pm - 158090888

$2.75 10k GTD 10pm - 158090934

$1.10 2k GTD 11pm - 158090983

$5.50 6Max 5k GTD 11.15pm - 158091004

$1.10 2k GTD 12pm - 158091053

$11 30k GTD 12pm - 158091967

so one time,

'ship it to the hammer'



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