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$500 to $104,000 in One Year Playing Live (Week Two)





Well I guess I was posting wrong. Instead of making a new blog I kept editing the old one. First time blogging sorry.

Week two saw me increasing volume. I ended up logging about 30 hours in 4 days. I increased my roll up to $2700. So next week when I sit down I will only be risking 18.5% of my BR. That is a hell of a lot better than risking the 100% of my BR I did on day one of this challenge. The funny point of the week was on Thursday when I was seated next to an Asian gentleman who whenever he was in a pot would mumble "monkey monkey monkey..." under his breath till the flop came out and then proceed to yell "winner winner chicken dinner" when he won. I know it was very cliché but it made me laugh.

So far so good.

Bankroll - $2700




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