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4th in UB 100k for 16.2k




After A successful end of december and some decent results in January I finished off the month well. I managed to final tabled the UBOC PLO $215 Cubed for a little over 3k for 9th. I was really dissapointed with my result as I felt I was the best player in the field with 18 to go and just ran bad with 11 left to eek into the FT.

I did however have a great day yesterday with my 4th place finish in the 100k $530. I wasnt even going to play the event as I had no idea how wonderful the blind structure was. I ran great getting it in with 1010 v jj early on and spiking a 10 with like 100 to go. Then once again i had 1010 called a 3 bet. flop was A24..ckck..turn 10 GIN card for me. I bet..he called. River was 3..I shoved and got paid off by JJ. Kind of a surprising call but no complaints.

With about 36 to go I had AK dia in the sb...I was kinda short at 14k and 3 bet all in to a raise and a flat call.. I was up against KK and QQ..I rivered a flush to triple up and put me in top 5. No complaints there. I cruised to the FT. I thought my game went well at the FT. Although I 3 bet all in with A4 suited with 9 left and got called by 1010. Flopped a flush draw and rivered the A. That put me 3/9 in chips and I tightened up there. I had dsands25 to my left and Dipthrong to his left. I was being abused by the #1 player in the world and dipthrong is top 10 too i think. with 4 to go. I flatted in the sb with aq off..looking back on it I wish I had 3 bet there but I was trying to trap. flop was k66 and I was oop there. couldnt do much. Turn was A and I slow played by just flatting a bet once again..river was a harmless card putting a 3 flush on board and the original raiser shoved....i never even thought he back doored the spades but sure enough he did and I was crippled. I had to call there in that spot getting 2-1 on my money. From there I fought but couldnt win my final race as my 33 lost to AJ as board doubled paired 88 and qq and I was counterfitted out.

I feel good about my play though and I will keep it up. Anyone interested in coaching should contact me.





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Congrats man, keep your wife happy, keep poker going:) It is easy winning 5 figures.

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Congrats Justin... feels good doesn't it. I've finaltabled a few tourneys in the last few weeks and things have not gone my way at the ft. Good to hear a motivating story. I'm just going to keep grinding it out, and eventually it will happen and I can experience the thrill of victory on a nice score.


Good for you buddy!!!

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