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Finding Your Game




I've been watching some of the Deuces Cracked videos that I downloaded and talking about HHs from my cash game sessions with friends. I'm noticing a difference in my game but not necessarily an improvement. I have more information at my disposal than I did a few months back for sure. I am paying more attention to my bet sizing in hands, thinking more about why I am betting certain amounts, and paying closer attention to my opponent's stack sizes. All of this knowledge doesn't make me a better player though, I need to find a balance.

Watching the videos I've noticed that I am not a particularly aggressive player and I need to open up my game a bit. The videos have shown me the spots in my game where I have been a little weak and where I can improve on my bottom line. Now the question is simply when do I put that knowledge into practice at the tables. This is the part of poker where, "practice makes perfect" applies. The only way to really get better at this game is to site down and grit your teeth through the variance and the rough patches until you learn the best way to play. You have to find your game.

A motivational speaker, who was actually quite a funny man and not the typical speaker, said something I found to be brilliant and very simple, "Knowledge is not power, it's the implementation of that knowledge that is power." Truer words have never been spoken. Knowing how much to bet on a bluff or what hands are good to open with from UTG in a 6max game simply isn't enough, you have to be able to take the next step and gain both a comfort and a confidence in your decision making at the tables. This is a question that each of us needs to answer for ourselves because of the nature of the game. Poker decisions build upon themselves overtime.

If you are someone who plays a nitty style and only get's to showdown with big hands, it might be in your best interest to 3bet a wider range preflop because it's likely your opponents won't be interested in playing the hand with you without a monster. If you're a laggy player than it may be a good idea to check/fold a few more flops when you totally miss because your raises are getting less respect. Two very simple examples but I think the point has been made. The decisions you make at the table are directly effected by the tendencies your opponents see in you. If they think you're a nit, adjust accordingly.

I've been walking this fine line trying to get my game up on it's feet moving forward. I am seeing improvement to be sure, but not results. I know if I stick with it long enough I'll find the right groove eventually. I just need to trust my instincts more and put some faith in the system.



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"Knowledge is not power, it's the implementation of that knowledge that is power."


I'm going to apply this to poker... (got to trust my reads).


But I think going to get more value applying this to even more things in "real life".


Thanks for the good blog.

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I think its great to look back and find leaks in your game. I try to use Snagit cause it can record everything in a window and save it as a WMV.

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