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First Blog/Holdem Manager




Hey guys never written a blog before and I have no idea if anyone reads these things. I just took down the 4 max 3k event for 210k with Gboro780 at the FT and it really felt great. I definitely got in some interesting pots and made some sick bluffs. Hadn't cashed a scoop high event so definitely felt good to take something down all of a sudden.

I'm a big proponent of using holdem manager and credit a lot of my success to it, however, it was not useful in this tourney because of the quality of players. 4 max with Gboro780 was the toughest experience of my poker life, and I got outplayed frequently, it was here I felt holdem manager really didn't help me at all. When you play the top players their statistics matter less and a psychological leveling war definitely matters way more. They will change their play too frequently to allow you to abuse hem.

That being said my success and incredible run at low stakes MTTs is almost entirely due to abusing holdem manager statistics. I'll 12 table and never really look at situations/players other than their HEM numbers in the 5-6 cheap tourneys I'm in. If you're a grinder and you're not using this product and you're not a huge winner.... I'd highly suggest it. I'd also suggest grinding with someone in the community so you can discuss hands after their finished... infinitely helpful. We'll see if I keep up the blog posts. Gl at the tables fellas.

Adam Sherman



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Truly awesome performance-had the privilege to watch maybe an hour of it at the 20 player stage.


That read you made when you had AJ agst JT on a flop of


x T y -and hit the Ace on the turn to win 30k chips and knock out your opponent was sublime.


Congrats and well done!

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