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first wsop shootout played great:)




So I got into Vegas last night and I'm at a house with a bunch of my buddies which is awesome. I played my first wsop event today. I busted 4th in the 5k wsop shootout but I'm really happy about my play. I had Scott Seiver, Rafe Furst, Lex Veldhaus and John Channing at my table. I got to 4 handed with Channing and 2 guys I didn't recognize although one had two final tables and was a pro from New Zealand (Kurt something maybe?).

I had 40 bbs vs 55bbs with two 25bb stacks at 500/1k. in BB I get AK and sb ships 55k over my 3 bet with AJ. Board obv runs out JA446 and that's it for me but I felt great about my play all day.

Not gonna give big updates until something great happens. Gl at the table all.



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