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45th in PLHE for 4k




I got 45th in PLHE event good for 4k out of a 680 person field. I played with Muckducks, Charder, and Dareyou2call who all played excellent. I ran very well and picked up aces at the right time a few times and got a few chips off some good bluffs. I maintain people play horrible live, just horrible (me included). I busted my whole stack trying to bluff charder on 675a with j9s, he tank called the shove with a9 bvb. It was a good game and a bad bluff in the end. He made a great call and I hope he wins it.

I'm going to play online all sunday, and party it up in Vegas tonight and tomorrow. Plan on playing sundays most of the time in vegas. Next WSOP event will be 1500 6 handed nlhe on monday, if I lose that I'm off to the 5k event to really get down a lot of money playing live donkaments. 50/50 this is my only cash this series I really ran well in this tourney.

-3k in WSOP so far plan to end about -25k. Follow me on squee451 on twitter if you guys want.

GL at the tables,

Adam Sherman



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