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September Revisited

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In my last blog I talked about having just finished 2nd in the AP $10k GTD and how it was nice to finally have ended my downswing. Well, September just kept rolling! Two days after that post I final tabled the AP $10k GTD again, this time winning the tournament outright for $2500. The same night I final tabled the Big Double on Full Tilt, unfortunately with less of a good ending, as I ran TT into QQ about 5 hands in.

I managed a couple of other final tables as well to end September with a nice profit and, more importantly, a good confidence boost.

I'll be looking to get some good volume in October and hopefully continue to ride the wave, starting with a session this evening.

Additionally, we are hard at work on some really cool projects for www.tournamentpokeredge.com. I can't wait to start rolling some of these new things out.

On a non-poker note, I saw "The Social Network" this week. When I first heard this movie was being made, I really had my doubts. But all of the reviews and hype convinced me I had to go check it out. Plus I'm a bit fascinated with social media, business and marketing so I thought if nothing else I'd find that aspect of it interesting. As it turns out, the movie is AMAZING. Definitely the best movie I have seen this year and probably up there in my top movies of all time list, although I would hesitate to put a number on it just yet. Tope 50? Probably. Top 20? Have to think about that for a bit. Regardless, go see it.

Until next time, win big!

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